The Female

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Chapter 13 - Feeding


My lungs feel like they are on fire each time I inhale, the organ expanding painfully until I cannot stand it any longer and they collapse beneath the weight of my body.

This is the worst I’ve felt in over a hundred years, and if I weren’t such a goddamn gentleman, I’d be balls deep in my female right now. I contemplate shifting to one of the Demon brothels for a quick fuck, but I know that I don’t have the strength to make it there.

I’ll be stuck between dimensions until either Silas or Alex takes pity and fishes me out. Again.

Blinking slowly, I let my eyes fall shut as I reach out my mind for a willing victim. The Shadows don’t offer enough to fill me, but they’ll give just enough that I can shift to the nearest whorehouse in one piece.

With a pained groan, I slide past Charlie’s bedroom, my inner Incubus pulling me towards her sweet, sleeping mind. It would be so easy to slip inside and feed on her. She was so receptive to my touch earlier, desperate to please me and the others. I bet I could even pull enough essense from her to have me back on my feet.

I’d still be hungry, sure, but functioning.

It takes every inch of willpower I have to continue moving. I promised her that I would leave her dreams alone tonight, and I refuse to go back on my word. Silas’s mind calls to me as I prowl through the hallways, his body strong and ripe for the taking.

There’s a danger that comes with slipping into a Fate’s mind, though, and the last thing I want is to get trapped in the Fated world. They would tear me apart the first chance they got.

My lips purse as I move towards Alex, my Incubus and I debating whether or not to seek him out. It’s clear he’s sleeping by the softness of his mind, and despite his clear stance on me feeding on him, the temptation is almost too much to resist.

He’s gotten better at telling when it is me controlling his dreams but is still easy to trick. The bond between us cuts back his mind’s resistance, unintentionally forcing his body to welcome my intrusions.

With a moan, I inch closer to him. He would taste so good. He always does.

Making up my mind, I travel into his bedroom and slip into his consciousness. There’s almost no resistance from him as I hide in the depths of his mind, my Incubus and I finding his dream quickly.

I watch from the shadows as Alex dreams about his father, my eyes darting away as I am exposed to something I know he wouldn’t want me to see. Flinching at the noise, I manipulate his mind and move him to his office.

It takes him a moment to adjust to the change of scenery, confusion flashing through his eyes as his mind creates a storyline around the shift. With a dulled sigh, he straightens up and begins to sort through the papers on his desk, his gaze filtering over the pages as he gets to work.

I resist the urge to laugh at his response to my manipulation. Alex has never been one for creativity, and I suppose I should not be surprised that he would choose to do paperwork even in his dream state.

Turning towards the door, I stare at it for a moment before Charlie comes rushing through it. I’m unhappy with how long it takes me to conjure her and hope that my slower reactions don’t tip Alex off to the fact that I am here.

Alex looks up from his desk in surprise as the human comes barreling inside, her footsteps loud as she stomps to the front of his desk. His expression gives away nothing as he sets his paperwork back down, but I can hear his pulse pick up in response.

“I didn’t know you were back.” Charlie states, crossing her arms over her chest in anger.

Alex quirks a brow at her, clearly not understanding what she’s talking about.

“I never left.” He replies, reigning in his essence as he speaks.

My lips turn upwards as he does this, happy that he is attempting to bring my female comfort even in his dream state. I was worried that he would refuse to repress it around her, but when I asked, he readily agreed, claiming that the last thing he wants is the smell of her sour fear stinking up the place.

He’s got a soft spot for her.

Charlie scoffs at Alex’s response, her foot tapping impatiently against the ground. “Why didn’t you come and find me when you got back?”

Alex shakes his head, his confusion growing as he tries to make sense of what’s happening. His dream state tends to make him a bit slow, but with a chuckle I note that this is extreme even for him.

Turning my attention to Charlie, I make her begin to tear up. Almost immediately she complies, fat tears welling in her waterline as her bottom lip trembles slightly. Alex has never been smooth around women, and crying ones make him incredibly nervous.

“I-,” He starts, pausing to lick his lips as Charlie sniffles and angrily wipes at her cheeks. “I don’t know.”

His eyes go comically wide as Charlie stomps around his desk and up to his body. He remains frozen as she pushes back his chair and plops down on his lap with a huff.

I watch with mild interest as Alex’s mind catches up to his body, his heart hammering in his chest as he tries to push her away. What he fails to realize is that I am in control here and that she will not be moving until I am fed.

I kick up her mild tears as he tries to get her off of him, turning her soundless crying into loud sobs. Alex halts immediately, his hands freezing where they rest on her thighs.

“Why don’t you ever want to have sex with me anymore?” Charlie moans, shoving at his chest in anger.

A small part of me almost feels guilty as Alex fumbles around trying to comfort her, his hands moving to her shoulders before sliding up to hold her cheeks. He wipes at the tears with his thumbs, shaking his head in response to her accusations.

“No, no, don’t say that. You’re beautiful.” He assures her softly. “I just can’t touch you.”

Frowning, Charlie grabs his wrists and moves his hands down to her breasts. Alex visibly gulps as she presses him against her, the sweet scent of his arousal filling the air. I hold back a moan as I feel it seeping into me, my hands clenching into fists by my side as I have Charlie drop her hands to his hips.

“You’re touching me now, aren’t you?” Charlie moans, her fingertips slipping up the hem of his shirt and brushing against his bare skin.

Alex’s hips twitch as she continues her teasing, his resolve cracking as she grinds herself against him.

“Please, Alex.” She whispers, leaning in so her lips graze across his ear. “I want you to make me feel good.”

His arousal tastes so good as he cracks and rips down the thin straps of Charlie’s dress, exposing her chest to the air. I watch as his black eyes slip closed and a choked moan escapes him at the sight of her.

He keeps his eyes closed as he explores her body with his hands, stroking over her skin and playing with her taut nipples.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” He murmurs, voice hoarse. “You can’t touch me.”

Charlie hums, reaching for his zipper.

“I don’t care. I love you.” She admits.

I cringe as he pulls back at her words, his eyes springing open as he looks at her with disgust. He knows.

Alex makes no efforts to push her back as he looks around for me, his eyes narrowing as they meet mine. It’s next to impossible to spot an Incubus in the dream world accidentally, but if you know what you’re looking for, it’s hard for us to stay hidden.

He knows me well enough to search in the dark, hazy corners of his dream.

As he moves to stand, I summon ropes to wrap around his wrists and ankles. He grunts as I tie him down, betrayal heavy in his eyes as he stares at me.

“Fuck you.” He snaps.

I shrug, smirking despite the pain that still courses through every inch of my body.

“I’m the one in charge in this realm.” I remind him, tightening the straps for dramatic effect.

There’s a flare of power in the space as Alex releases the full extent of his essense, his gaze not once wavering from me at the silent threat. I’m not foolish enough not to realize that he could easily break through the straps if he wanted, especially considering my weakened state.

My shoulders roll forward as I remove the bonds, my Incubus forcing me to take their clothing with them in a last-ditch attempt to seduce Alex. I’m so hungry. All I want him to do is cum.

Alex turns away from me as he takes notice of his now naked state, his arousal spiking as Charlie rubs her bare body against his. She moans and rubs her wet slit against his hardened cock, her movements timid and shy in the way that I know they would be in real life.

She’s submissive and eager to please. Alex will love her.

His jaw clenches shut as she touches him, his breath choppy as he grabs her hips and sets her on his desk. He’s on his feet the moment she is out of his lap, his body distanced from hers as he settles his glare on me once more.

My eyes fall shut in defeat as he holds her at an arms distance, my body practically curling in on itself as I realize that I wasted the last bits of my energy for this failed seduction attempt. I should have just gone to one of the shadows. They would never dare to send me away.

If anything, they would feel honored that I chose to feed off of them.

I can practically feel Alex’s stare as he looks over my body, probably enraged at the sight of my sunken cheeks and skeletal frame. He’ll grow angry that I’ve let myself get this far. He always does.

“You tapped into my essense for the first time tonight.” He murmurs after a moment of tense silence.

I nod, remaining quiet. I don’t want to talk about it. What I did is shameful enough as it is, and the last thing I want is to hear Alex’s condescending assurances that I am welcome to his reserves whenever I want.

I’m a grown man, and I refuse to let myself become a whore to a stronger Demon as so many of my kind love to do.

“What happened?” He continues to probe.

I shrug, waving in the general direction of Charlie’s room.

“My female misses her family and home. I was shifting to her realm to bring her belongings here.” I explain, happy to prove that I’m a good caretaker.

Alex sighs quietly at my explanation, his mind opening up to me despite my clear desire not to take the handout. I can feel him trying to share himself with me but I reject it, shoving away the essense that I know would fill me immediately.

“Take it, Gray.” He grunts.

I shake my head, refusing. The silence between us is tense as Alex waits for me to change my mind, his anger growing as I resist. The wooden desk cracks beneath his hands as he slams his fists down on it, his eyes flashing over to Charlie as she jumps at the sudden impact.

She remains still as she meets his gaze, her legs dangling off the edge of the desk as she waits patiently for him to take her.

His lips purse as he looks over her bare form, his attention lingering in the space where her thighs meet. I made sure that she was nice and wet when she was grinding herself against his cock, and I know that that moisture has not faded during the time of our argument.

My spirits lift as Alex turns to look at me in defeat, his hands moving to rest on Charlie’s thighs as he steps between them.

“You’ve created her for me, yeah? This isn’t her spirit in my dream?” Alex questions.

I grunt, offended that he thinks that I would pull her into his dream like this.

“I would never trick you into bonding yourself to anybody, Alexander.” I snap. “Of course I created her.”

At that, Alex nods, accepting my answer as truth as he drops his hand to his softened cock and begins to stroke himself into hardness. Still angry that he thinks so little of me to question that, I force Charlie to remain still instead of seducing him as the women I create usually do.

Not that she needs to, though. Despite Alex’s attitude, I can tell that he is attracted to her. Her naked body alone is enough to get him going.

Within seconds Alex is pushing her back on the desk and lining himself up with her entrance. I lick my lips and moan as he plunges himself inside of her, his thick cock filling her in one hard thrust.

Knowing that he is under no expectations to make this pleasurable for her, he wastes no time beginning to fuck her, his hips smacking into the backs of her thighs as he hooks her ankles around his shoulders.

He rams into her so hard that he would break her pelvis if she were real, and I wince as I make her moan and beg him for more.

If he ever does try to touch her in real life, I will have to teach him to be gentle. The only women he’s ever had experience with are the ones I create for him, and luckily for him, he can’t bring them any harm.

Alex drops his head into her neck as he uses Charlie, rutting into her quickly as he tries to reach his completion as soon as possible. I fall to my knees at the energy he gives off, soaking it all up with greedy moans.

Wanting to draw this out for myself, I have Charlie beg him to slow down.

“Please, I want to cum.” I hear her voice ring out into the room. “I want you to make love to me.”

Alex curses, a nasty expletive thrown in my direction as he slows his movements. Charlie gasps in response to the new tempo, her voice hoarse as she encourages Alex to enjoy this new pace.

My mouth falls open as I continue to breathe in the essense that Ales gives off, overwhelmed by the intensity as it heals my exhausted muscles.

“You feel so fucking good.” Alex moans into Charlie’s neck, his hips picking up speed as his orgasm approaches.

I watch his hands tense up where they hold her thighs, his fingertips digging into her flesh as he uses her for his pleasure. He’s going to cum so hard. I can feel it building inside of him as if it was my own, and unable to resist, I reach down and palm myself as I watch him thrusting into her.

Although I know that she’s not real, I can’t help but feel aroused at the sight of her and Alex together. I want us to all be one big family, and that starts with Alex and Silas accepting her as their female.

Realistically I know that Alex will never bond himself with her, but I would still love to watch him pleasure her. As long as he is not touched, it won’t trigger his curse.

She would love to be pampered by the three of us.

Alex groans and throws his head back as he spills himself inside of her, his body pulsating with delicious energy that I eagerly soak up. I step forward as I absorb it into my body, my skin tingling as it fills me.

His forehead is damp with sweat as he pulls himself away from Charlie, a frown spreading over his face as she lays beneath him sated. There’s an insecurity in his eye as he turns to face me, the emotion surprising.

“Would she have enjoyed that as much as this one did?” He probes.

I try to keep the surprise out of my face as I take in what he’s just asked, shocked that he even cares. He’s never bothered with that before.

“Probably not.” I admit. “You were too rough, and you made no attempts to please her.”

Alex hums, eyeing her thoughtfully before shrugging and stepping away. He looks me up and down as he evaluates my current state, a quiet grunt emerging from his throat as he seemingly determines that I am up to his health standards.

With a tense nod, he turns back to Charlie and shoos her off his desk. I have half a mind to ask him if he’d like me to teach him how to please her, but not wanting to push my luck, I have her vanish into the shadows of his dream.

I’m going to take it as a good sign that he’s taken it upon himself to worry about her enjoyment of their sex and hope that this means that he would be open to touching the real-life her.

Either that or he wakes in the morning pretending like his moment of worry never occurred. I already know that he will be furious with me for sneaking into his dreams.

He’s always so soft and kind in here, but the moment he’s back in the real world he acts so cold. From the short memories I’ve seen of him and his father, I understand why he feels the need to maintain that callous facade, but I wish that he trusted me enough to show me the same kindness outside of this realm.

“It’s time for you to leave, Gray.” Alex murmurs, sitting back down in his chair and picking up the papers on his desk as if this never happened.

I hesitate for a moment, opening my mouth to apologize, before scoffing and slipping back into my own body.


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