The Female

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Chapter 21 - Sleep


My heart is practically beating out of my chest as I lay in the center of Gray’s bed. It’s surprisingly comfortable, and I pull myself up into a sitting position as I lean back against the headboard.

The dress I wore on our date tangles around my thighs and bunches at my waist, and I take a moment to straighten it out before continuing my search around his room. I thought I took it off before bed, but as I rub at my eyes I figure I must have forgotten.

Did he carry me in here after I fell asleep? It’s the only explanation that makes sense. And if he did, then where is he?

The room is dark as I look around, the moonlight streaming in through the window giving only enough light for me to make out the vague shapes of his furniture. I don’t remember him feeding on me tonight, and wonder if he somehow took my memory of it.

I’m going to be pissed if he can do that yet chose not to the first time he slipped inside of my dream.

My eyes narrow as I search around the large bed for any signs of Gray’s form, feeling both relieved and disheartened as I note that I’m in here by myself. I feel a tightening in my chest as I search the room again, almost frantic. What if he left to go feed on somebody else?

Did he not think that my offer was genuine? Has he carried me to his bed in an attempt to soften the blow? My jealousy spikes as my thoughts lead me to wonder why he chose another woman over me. I’ve never asked if being a human means that I can’t feed him as well as another, stronger breed, and am beginning to regret that.

“Where has your mind wandered to that’s made you so angry? I thought that the mystery of waking up in my bed alone would turn you on.” Gray speaks up.

My head snaps towards the direction of his voice, my stiff posture relaxing in relief that he is here with me. He stands in the corner of the room, hidden almost entirely by the shadows.

If it weren’t for him speaking, I don’t think I would have ever spotted him.

I watch through wide eyes as he steps towards me, his features materializing as the moonlight touches his body. Instinctively, I tuck my legs up beneath my body as he crawls onto the bed, his movements almost predatory.

“Why am I in your bed?” I question. “I thought you were going to feed on me in my dream.”

Despite my attempts to sound confident, my voice comes out in a whisper. I don’t know how comfortable I am feeding him outside of my subconscious. It feels different when it’s just a dream, the knowledge that it’s not real bringing me comfort.

“You are dreaming, Charlie. I thought you would appreciate the sense of normalcy over the confusion of our last feed.” Gray finally responds.

I stare at him wearily, unsure how much I believe him. This feels so real, a far cry from how I felt the last time. As if he can feel my hesitation, Gray chuckles and gestures to my body. Following his line of sight, I glance down at myself with a gasp.

He’s taken my clothing.

I scramble to grab the forgotten covers off the bed, my cheeks flaming as I rush to cover myself. Gray remains patient by my feet as I pull the sheet away and glance down at my naked body.

This is not what I look like.

My eyebrows furrow as I glance over the changed slope of my breasts and unmarred skin. It’s hard to tell in the dark, but it even looks like the stretch marks along my thighs and hips have been removed. Why did he change my body?

“Do you not like the way I look?” I tease, trying and failing to keep the hurt out of my voice.

Gray detects it anyways, a frown taking over his features as he crawls up and tugs at the sheet. My grip tightens on it before I sigh and let it go. He’s already seen everything anyway.

“I’ve only seen you naked at the auction and admittedly wasn’t paying much attention. I had to make some guesses to fill in the gaps of what I don’t know.” He explains, reaching forward and trailing his finger down the side of my breast. “Tell me what I’ve gotten wrong.”

I blink, unsure how to explain to him what my body truly looks like. The differences he’s made are slight, and it would be hard to fix every one of them.

“I don’t understand why my mind doesn’t fill in those gaps for you. It’s my dream.” I ask.

Gray smiles, his hand trailing up my leg. “My presence in your mind takes that ability from you. I’m in control of every aspect here, including how you look.”

My lips twitch upwards at his words, relieved that he hasn’t chosen to change me and remove features that he doesn’t like.

“Would you like me to go look at your body? It’ll be quick.” He asks, his hand lightly squeezing my thigh. “I want you to feel comfortable.”

Does he mean leaving my dream to look at my sleeping body? The excited gleam in his eye answers my question, yet despite how weird I feel about it, I find myself nodding my head yes.

If I’m going to be feeding him from now on, I’d at least like to do it in my own body.

Gray’s smile softens, his eyes slipping shut as he bends and presses a gentle kiss to the skin directly below my belly button. I gulp, nervous about how close his face is to my sex, but he’s gone before I can move away.

Alone once more, I bring my knees up to my chest and wrap my legs around them in a hug. He didn’t give me my clothing back, but I don’t bother covering myself up. It’s not like he’s not going to see everything anyway.

With a shaky breath, I note that the real-life him is probably entering my bedroom right now, his footsteps light as he creeps over to my bed. I’m not sure how he plans to do this without waking me, but figure that he’s an Incubus and has ways to keep me asleep.

I shiver and tighten my hold on myself as a cold breeze suddenly covers my skin, an audible gasp falling from my lips as I feel hands on my body just seconds later. Is he touching me?

I release and stretch out my legs in shock, speechless as my skin changes before my very eyes. The adjustments are minor, and a slight tingling sensation spreads through me as my body hair changes and my blemishes begin to appear.

I smile slightly as the warmth from his hands moves over a large scar on my thigh, the touch feather-light. It’s gone seconds later, replaced by a tight hold on my hips. Despite the intimacy of the action, I don’t find myself uncomfortable as I feel the soft tingles begin to spread across my back.

The sensation fades away as the hands are removed, and the cool chill that came over my body disappears as well. I assume that it’s due to him covering the real me with my sheets, and take that as a sign to slip under his covers and wait for his return.

He doesn’t disappoint, reappearing on the bed mere seconds later.

I gulp as he crawls his body on top of mine, his clothing disappearing as he pulls back the sheet I’ve hidden under and slides beneath it.

“We can stay covered if you prefer.” He explains, pressing a small kiss to my cheek. I can feel myself blush as he pushes my hair back behind my ear, a gesture that I’m learning to associate with him.

“Do you feel better?” He asks, gesturing to my body. “I hope you don’t mind but I adjusted your position in bed too. You were all twisted about, and it looked uncomfortable.”

I nod before letting out a nervous laugh. I’ve always been bad about my sleeping positions, frequently waking with back and hip pain.

Gray stares at me intently as I shift, painfully aware of how close his naked body is to mine. He promised that he wouldn’t do anything beyond touching me with his mouth and hands, and as much as I want to trust him, a small part of me is still scared.

I shudder as his hand closes the space between us and he touches my waist, his fingers wrapping around my hip bone and pressing into my back. He wastes no time trailing it lower, grazing down the outside of my thigh before reaching my knee and pausing.

My body is rigid as I lay on my back and stare at him in terror, unsure what the expectation is of me. Am I supposed to touch him back? I don’t even know how.

Gray’s eyes soften as he seems to sense my fear, his face nearing mine before he connects his lips with mine. I visibly relax as he kisses me, happy to have something to focus on that isn’t his wandering hands.

My body warms as he leans over me and deepens the kiss. A quiet moan slips from his lips as I lift my head and press mine harder against his. He’s quick to reciprocate, his chest pressing down on mine before he starts to move his hand again.

His actions are teasing, his fingertips running up and down the inside of my thigh. They trail a little bit higher each time before infuriatingly dropping back to my knee.

I thought that the point of this was to get me off. Isn’t he supposed to actually touch me for that to happen?

My core clenches, and I spread my legs a bit to give him more room. His lips twitch against mine before he gives in to my wishes and drags his hand up towards the apex of my thighs.

My hips jerk towards him of their own accord, a blush warming my cheeks at my brazen actions. Gray seems to enjoy it as he pulls away with a groan and buries his face in my neck.

I feel some of his essense slip out of him as he runs his pointer finger along my slit, but he pulls back on it almost immediately.

“Sorry.” He mumbles before clearing his throat. “Didn’t mean to do that.”

Frowning, I pull my neck away from his mouth’s reach.

“Is it hard to hold it back?” I question.

Gray shrugs, his gaze meeting mine before he sheepishly nods his head yes.

I gulp, mind racing as I think over my next words. I already agreed to this and want him to get his fill tonight. The last thing I want is him needing to go out and seek nourishment elsewhere.

“Just your hands and mouth?” I ask, wanting confirmation that he intends to take this no further.

If I tell him it’s okay to release his essense, I don’t doubt that I’ll end up begging him for more. It makes me crazed, and I don’t want him going beyond our agreed plan just because I ask for it in a lust-induced craze.

“Of course. I’ll only do to you what you agree with in your waked state.” He confirms.

My lips purse as I absorb this information, pleased by it.

“Then, well,” I start, bravely reaching up to grip his cheeks. “You don’t have to hold it back. I’m okay with what we agreed to, and as long as you don’t let me embarrass myself then I’m not going to be upset.”

Gray stares at me blankly for a minute before relaxing. I wasn’t even aware of how tense his body was, but as he melts into the mattress I realize just how much he was struggling. His intoxicating scent hits me with my next breath, my body sagging beneath his as my eyes roll back.

So fucking good.

My hole clenches around the air as I jerk my hips up towards his hand, desperate for him to soothe the deep ache that’s settled within my body. I need him, and every inch of my body is desperate for the pleasure that I know only he can bring me.

I’m about to open my mouth and beg when he climbs on top of me and cages me in. The insides of his thighs press against the outsides of mine, and his hard cock grazes against my skin.

The feel of his shaft touching me has me quivering, my muscles taut in anticipation as he crawls down until his face is level with my pussy. I gasp as he grabs my thighs and pulls them open for him, his mouth connecting with my wet heat seconds later.

The explosion of euphoria is too much as his tongue strokes over my clit, and I squeeze my legs around his head as I rock up against him.

“Fuck.” I choke out, my hands grabbing and twisting into his hair as I hold onto him for dear life. “That’s- oh,”

My words are cut off as he closes his mouth around my sensitive nub and sucks, his tongue simultaneously flicking it as he wiggles his hand between my thighs and fucks two of his fingers into me.

The wetness is audible as he sloppily licks me, his face practically buried between my folds as he eats me like a starving man. He’s relentless as he pulls back and runs the flat of his tongue from my entrance back up my clit, his movements long and painfully slow.

“Please, please, it feels so good.” I cry out, bucking up against his mouth until he gives in and brings his focus back on the spot that makes my toes curl.

His hand on my hip tightens as he pins me down to put a forceful stop to my gyrating. I can see the sheets around his hips moving as he rubs himself against the mattress, and the knowledge that he’s finding pleasure in this is enough to push me over the edge.

He continues to flick his tongue over my clit as I tense up and cry out, his actions coming to an abrupt pause as he pulls back and bites my thigh. I flinch at the sharp pain, watching curiously as he pants against me.

“So fucking amazing.” He groans as he finally releases me. “You feed me so well, baby.”

I preen under the compliment, my confidence soaring with the knowledge that I can fill him with what he needs.

Despite the pullback of his essence, the lust remains strong in the air and urges me for more. Without thinking, I spin around and push Gray onto his back. He laughs as he falls onto the mattress, a lazy smile on his face as he throws out his arms and relaxes.

I don’t notice him tense as I climb on top of him, but it becomes incredibly apparent as I grab his cock and begin to stroke it. His eyes narrow as he watches me, the smirk on his face returning as I take a moment to explore him.

I’ve never touched a man like this before, and note with satisfaction that I enjoy the feel of his hard, silky length.

My nerves are on fire and my swollen clit throbs as I throw my leg over his waist and straddle him. With another deep inhale, I’m losing all sense of modesty I may have had and taking charge to get what I want.

Ignoring the hard look in his eyes, I try to emulate what I’ve read about in my books and point his cock straight up in the air before trying to lift myself over it.

I’m stopped by painful hands on my waist. Glancing up, my eyes immediately begin to water as I see Gray’s unhappy expression. Is he not going to let me have him?

His lips soften at my impending tears, and the hands on my hips loosen before one is removed and placed over mine. I glance down at where he’s holding me, excited as he slots his fingers between mine. I like the sight of us both holding his cock.

With gentle movements, he pushes it down until it lays flat on his belly.

“Sit on it this way.” He urges, his fingers prying their way beneath my palm and pulling my hand off of him.

I frown but do as he says and sit on the side of his shaft. He reaches between my thighs and spreads my lips just enough that his cock sits nestled up against my core.

“I’m only letting you do this so you don’t cry. Don’t be getting all pissy with me tomorrow.” He chuckles. “Now, lean forward a bit.”

His hands return to my hips and help guide my movements, flexing and pulling me forward before relaxing and pushing me back. The angle has my clit rubbing directly on his shaft, and my arousal keeps the motions slick and smooth.

I cry out as he pulls me forward more than usual and my clit gets caught on his cockhead. It feels so good, and without his guidance I begin to rock myself just against his thick tip. He twitches below me, his essence once more pouring out of him as he struggles to hold it back.

I greedily breathe in the lust he emits, panting as he pushes up on his elbows and connects his mouth with mine. The kiss is sloppy, all tongue and teeth, before he gives up and attacks my neck. He sucks harshly on the skin, his teeth digging in and biting me before he releases and licks over the sore spot.

“I can feel your cunt spasming against me. It so badly wants me inside of it.” He breathes into my neck, his hips bucking beneath mine. “But I’m not going to give it to you. You’re going to have to cum on me knowing that you won’t get to feel even an inch of my fat cock inside of you.”

Gray lets out a gruff, humorless laugh before continuing.

“Can you feel it? Can you feel the thickness inside of you?” He probes.

I gasp, the sudden fullness inside of me putting me into a frenzied state as I urgently begin to tremble against him.

“You’re all mine. Cum for me.” Gray groans, throwing his head back straining his neck as he continues to use his hands to guide me.

The pressure inside of me continues to build as I drop my chest against his and let him do all the work. He does so happily, his arms wrapping around my back and holding me to him as he thrusts his hips against mine.

My mouth falls open in a silent moan as I’m pushed over the edge, my hole clenching around the imaginary fullness that Gray has created inside of me as I sag against him. Unlike before, he doesn’t pull back and put a halt to our actions.

I’m flipped onto my belly before I’ve completely come down, my face smashed into the pillows as Gray pushes my thighs together and shoves his cock between them.

I twitch as his length pushes its way between my lips and rubs against my sensitive clit, but make no complaints as he begins to desperately fuck my thighs.

He’s practically growling as he grabs a handful of my hair and rips my head to the side. The roughness feels good, and I can’t stop the throaty moan that escapes me as he buries his face in my exposed neck and pants into it.

“Fuck, I told myself that I wasn’t going to cum tonight. I was going to make this all about you.” He cries out, his hips picking up speed and practically slamming into my ass at this point. “But you, my naughty fucking female, just had to rub your soft little pussy against my cock until I cracked.”

His hips stutter, but he doesn’t let it deter him as he finds his pace quickly and continues.

“You want to know why I was holding back?” He whispers into my ear. “You want to know what happens when you make an Incubus cum?”

The threatening words do nothing to curb my intense arousal as his cock continues to smack my clit with each thrust. The pleasure builds until I’m clenching up around him again, my body greedily accepting the thumb that he abruptly sticks in my ass.

I pause momentarily, distracted by the foreign entrance, but quickly rock back into it as Gray stills and finds his release. My vision is lost as complete euphoria overtakes my body, rocking me to the core as I feel like I am orgasming from every cell in my body.

I’m hardly aware of Gray spilling between my thighs and collapsing on top of me as I come down from the momentary high. Instead, exhaustion overtakes me as I sink into the mattress underneath him.

“Are you okay?” He probes, pressing a soft kiss to my exposed cheek as he pulls his thumb out of my butt. “I know that was more than we discussed.”

I can feel the weight lessen in the room as he pulls back entirely on his essence, tucking it back inside of him until only the bit that’s stuck to the mattress and my skin remains. Blinking slowly, I roll over onto my back and look over at him.

I’m sure that I’m a sight to see at this moment, my hair a wild mess and face beet red, but Gray grins down happily at me nonetheless.

“Are you full?” I ask, eager to know how well I’ve fed him.

Gray smiles, a softness I rarely see taking over his features.

“You’ve done an amazing job feeding me tonight, Charlie.” He answers, cleverly avoiding my question.

I prop myself up on shaky elbows. “But are you full?”

His lips purse as he debates how to answer. The reaction is enough for me to know the truth, and my heart drops at the realization that this wasn’t enough for him.

Gray’s quick to comfort me, grabbing my cheeks and forcing me to look him in the eyes. I fight it for as long as I can before giving in and meeting his intense gaze.

“I’m practically full, I promise. I don’t even think I could take everything you release from another orgasm.” He promises.

Finding his words encouraging, I take a deep breath and roll over onto my back. I’ll be damned if I give up when all he needs is one more. It’s not like the orgasms are unenjoyable, and my newfound jealousy towards him urges me to prove that I can feed him better than some random female.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re going to see it through.” I state, grabbing his hand and pulling it down towards my sex.

Gray hums quietly, his eyes scanning over my body before he sighs and connects his fingers with my tender flesh. I jolt at the contact, grabbing his wrist before adjusting my hips into a more comfortable position and motioning for him to continue.

“I know you’re sensitive, my female, but we will go slow. You’re doing so good.” He praises, his thumb stroking over my clit as he sinks two of his fingers inside of me. “Just one more and I’ll be so full.”

As promised, his actions are gentle as he brings me to another orgasm, his eyes fluttering shut as I cum around his fingers after only a couple minutes of touch.

His chest expands as he breathes it in, taking his fill as I tense up underneath him. He looks completely at ease as he peels open his eyes and pulls his hand away. His essence has pretty much entirely dissipated at this point, yet despite it, I accidentally let out a whine as he pulls away.

My eyes shut as exhaustion takes me over, my body fighting sleep even in my sleep. I can feel Gray’s eyes on me the entire time, his body still hovering over mine from when he was pleasuring me just moments ago.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” He suddenly asks, drawing me away from my rest.

I blink slowly at him, confused.

“I’m in your bed. It should be me asking you that.” I joke, before nodding and clutching his arm.

“No.” Gray corrects, cupping my cheek and stroking his thumb over my eyebrow. “I want to sleep with the real you. You’ll remember this all tomorrow, so it’s not like you’ll wake with a shock or anything.” He explains.

My eyebrows furrow as I debate it, weary that when tomorrow comes I won’t feel the same way I do now.

“Will you wake me up and ask?” I question, unsure how much being in the dream alters my state of mind.

Gray nods, a wide grin spreading over his face as he dissipates into the air. I remain still, unsure what to expect, when my pulse abruptly quickens and I’m jerking up in bed. My eyes widen as I look around, confused and disorientated as I realize that I’m in my own bed and Gray is hovering above me like a horror movie serial killer.

To my utter relief, though, I feel no change in my mind and thoughts. The only difference is that the sticky cum no longer covers my skin and our accumulated sweat is gone.

“Can I sleep with you?” Gray probes, his face nearing mine as he stares down at me.

My eyebrows furrow as I look up at him, groggy and grumpy as I scooch over and make room. I shouldn’t have asked him to wake me up.

He crawls in without hesitation, slipping quickly underneath the covers before grabbing and pulling me flush against him. Before I can think better of it, I reach up and roughly grab his nipple, pinching and twisting it between my fingers.

Gray chokes on the air as he rips my hand away from his flesh.

“What the fuck?” He gasps.

I hold back a smirk as I let my eyes slip shut.

“Stay away from my butt.”


I would literally murder for Gray.

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