The Female

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Chapter 27 - Calming


Gray’s touch helps to soothe the fire in my veins, the heat simmering down into a dull, manageable ache as he runs his hand down my back and underneath my thighs. I moan, spreading my legs further apart as he brings his fingers to my clit and softly grazes over it.

I expect the usual teasing he loves to do, but instead he presses them firmly against me and begins to rub the sensitive nub quickly. His face grazes against the back of my thigh as I arch my back and rock back against his fingers, loving the feeling of him on me.

It feels so good that I hardly even care Alexander’s underneath me, his black eyes boring holes into my face as I moan and writhe above him. If anything, I enjoy the feeling of his hard body below me, the power radiating from him filling me with a different type of ecstasy.

Hands slide along my hips and bunch the fabric of my dress around my waist, giving Gray what I’m sure is an exciting view as he rubs his fingertips roughly across my clit. It’s clear he’s trying to make me cum as quickly as possible, his touch hitting all the right places with the perfect amount of pressure.

Not that I’m complaining, though. The ache I feel when he’s not touching me is unbearable, my skin feeling like it’s peeling off and the pounding in my head so intense I can’t focus on anything else.

My thighs shake as Alexander grips my bare waist with his left hand and slides his right up the column of my throat. His fingers curl around my neck before tugging me toward him, his face showing no emotion as he lifts his head and buries it in my neck.

I can’t stop myself from moaning as he licks and sucks at my skin, his tongue wet and sloppy as he trails it from my collar bone to ear. I can vaguely hear Gray saying something before he’s wrapping his free hand into my hair and pulling my head back.

“Don’t touch her.” Gray snaps, his guttural voice loud as he inches up and presses his back against mine, sandwiching me between the two Demons.

Alex grunts but doesn’t fight with Gray, his attention locked in on me.

My hips roll back against Gray’s fingers as he slips two inside me, the thick digits filling me up and giving me something to clench around. I cry out in appreciation, readjusting my position and placing a hand on Alex’s chest for stability.

The sound of my wetness is audible as Gray fucks me with his fingers, the noise seeming to spur Alex on as he slides his hand beneath my thighs and softly feels around my folds.

Gray speeds up, choosing to ignore Alex as the older Demon feels where Gray’s fingers are sliding in and out of me. I wonder if he’s going to slip them inside too, the thought sending a shiver of warmth down my spine.

My patience thins when Alex doesn’t put them in me, choosing instead to continue his explorative prodding.

“I, ah- fuck.” I moan, angrily reaching down and snatching Alex’s wrist.

He frowns, but doesn’t fight me as I move him so he’s touching my clit instead. Gray doesn’t have a great angle to both finger and rub me, and I’m not going to turn down the additional pleasure Alex’s offering.

“Charlie, you want Alex to touch you?” Gray questions, his words gaspy as he looks for my verbal confirmation.

I nod, unable to wrap my mind around the challenge of forming words right now.

Gray ignores my pitiful cry as he pulls his hand back, his mouth connecting with the back of my sweaty neck in an attempt to keep the burn away as he grabs Alex’s hand and adjusts his hold on me.

“Circles,” Gray instructs, his hard cock pressing against the back of my thigh as he leans over me and looks into Alex’s eyes. “Don’t get excited and press too hard. Keep it just like this.”

Gray takes another couple of seconds to teach Alex how to pleasure me, gasping as I roll my hips and push back against him in impatience. I want his fingers in me again.

The painful slap on my ass is enough to still me, the threat of punishment rendering me motionless as Gray guides Alex to my entrance and dips just the tips of the older Demon’s fingers inside my sex.

I’m not sure what they’re doing, but as Gray pulls Alex’s hand back to my clit, the slickness acting as a buffer between his calloused fingers, I’m no longer so angry.

Glancing to the right, I lean my head against Alex’s chest and meet Silas’s eye. I’d expect him to look uncomfortable or on edge given what’s happening, but he only looks at me in interest as he holds Alex’s shoulders into the mattress.

He probably doesn’t even need to hold the Wrath down any longer, the Demon no longer trying to fight with him or Gray, but I don’t question it. He knows Alex better than I do.

“I’m going to touch you. We’ve got to calm you down.” Gray murmurs, his words earning a happy sigh from me.

His abrupt laughter does nothing to deter my relief, but the removal of his hands from my body sure does.

“Not you, princess.” He chuckles, his lips trailing down my neck toward the exposed skin of my back. Never in my life have I been so happy to be wearing a backless dress.

I cry out as he reaches the middle of my spine, his tongue darting out to lick along the protruding bone just as Alex lets out a loud grunt. His hand on me pauses as he jerks his hips, accidentally bouncing both Gray and me in the air.

The fire returns tenfold as the touch from both of them is removed, a cold sweat breaking out along my skin as I squeal and drop back onto Alex’s chest. The Demon fumbles to shove his hand underneath me as I wiggle against him, my core rubbing against his exposed abdomen as I try desperately to stop the pain.

It lessens as he finally slips his fingers over my clit, the position changed as I sit straight up rather than leaning over on all fours. I can tell it’s harder for him to pleasure me as his hand is sandwiched between his stomach and my sex, but I hardly care as I roll my hips and take charge.

He had his opportunity and fucked up, and I need to cum.

Alex stares up at me in shock as I place my hands on his chest and buck against his fingertips, his mouth falling open seconds before he’s clenching it shut and throwing his head back.

Muffled groans slip through his closed lips as the vein in his neck pulsates, his reaction surprising me as I turn towards Gray in question.

The Incubus meets my eye with a sly smirk, his face already healing as he sits on Alex’s knees directly behind me. Glancing down, I gulp as I take in the sight of his fist around Alex’s cock.

Gray’s gripping him tightly, his fingers curled around the hard length as he strokes him from base to tip and back down again. There’s an abundant amount of precum leaking from Alex’s tip, more than I’d expect to see from a Human man, and Gray uses it to remove the friction.

Alex’s hips jerk as Gray twists his fist around just the tup, his thumb simultaneously stroking down against the vein that runs up the underside of Alex’s cock. Unlike last time I don’t go flying into the air, both men rushing to grab onto my hips and hold me firmly against Alex’s chest.

I hardly notice it, though, as I moan and thrust faster against Alex’s fingers, the heat pooling in my lower belly soothing the ache I feel everywhere else in my body. I’m going to cum.

Gray smiles and wraps his free arm around my chest to palm at my tits as I continue to watch him and Alex. The pinch to my nipple earns him a sharp inhale, my back arching as I press my tits even further into his hand.

“Please,” I beg, unsure what I want but knowing that Gray will be able to figure it out.

There’s a lingering ache in the bottom of my heart as I place all of my trust in the Incubus to take care of me, the pain from watching him and that woman earlier pushed to the back of my mind at this moment but still very much there.

“I know, baby, I know.” Gray whispers, his skin brightening as he feeds off Alex and me. “Gonna make you both feel so good.” He continues, seemingly lost in his own pleasure as he leans forward and bites at my shoulder.

I wince at the sharp pain, my core clenching around the air as my motions go jerky and my swollen clit gets abused by Alex’s steady fingers.

Overcome with the urge to be filled, I twist around to face Alex and drop to my hands and knees. He’s quick to adjust, following my movements with ease as he lifts his hand from his stomach and continues to rub his fingertips against my clit.

Gray stops me as I try to push back against Alex’s cock, his hand firm as it presses against my lower back and prevents me from touching the older Demon.

“Let her.” Alex groans, his breaths coming out in loud pants as Gray continues to stroke him.

Gray tuts, shaking his head.

“Can’t do that.” He chuckles, his face going serious as Alex lifts his knee and tries to push him off. “Alex, stop. That’s not what she needs right now. Trust me, please. It will feel better for her if you make her cum like this. I promise.”

Alex groans but stops his fighting, his body slumping back against the mattress before he wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls the front of my body down against his. He continues to flick his fingers over my clit as he pushes my hair to the side and buries his face in my neck.

“The next time you ask for my cock you’re getting it, whether or not the Incubus approves.” He murmurs into my ear. “I want to make you feel good, Charlie. You’re mine. This soft little pussy is mine.”

His grip on my shoulder tightens as I cry out and shudder above him, my eyes rolling back in desperation. I’m so close.

“Say it. Tell me you’re mine.” He commands, shrugging his shoulder until Silas releases it and makes space for Alex to press my face down against his hot skin.

His fingers slow as he realizes that I’m too close to speak, my nerves on fire as I convulse above him. I whine at the teasing, desperate to cum.

“Please. I’m yours. I promise I’m yours.” I beg, practically sobbing as my walls spasm around the air.

Alex grunts and speeds back up, his fingers slipping all over my clit as I still and come undone. He doesn’t stop until I’m collapsing on top of him, my flushed skin breaking into a cold sweat as the desperation and burning leaves with my orgasm.

I tell myself not to freak out as Alex wraps his arms around my waist and holds me to him. His grip is borderline painful as he buries his face in my neck and uses my skin to muffle his moans.

I can hear the slapping of skin as Gray continues to touch Alex, the Incubus making quick work as he sloppily runs his hand along his shaft. Alex’s breath hitches, his grip tightening as his body hardens.

Gulping, I ruminate over his claims to Gray that I’m his female, worried about how genuine they are as Alex’s hips twitch below mine. Is this going to trigger the bond Gray’s told me about? I don’t want Alex to be bonded to me.

“Fuck.” Alex interrupts my thoughts, moaning into my neck before darting out his tongue to lick my salty skin.

I feel ashamed at the warmth his touch brings, my body responding to his pleasure in a way I’m not proud of. I only hope Gray can’t sense it as he palms my ass and brushes his head against the back of my thigh.

Despite my desire to turn and watch what he’s doing, I remain still in Alex’s hold. I’m wary of what the Demon will do if I try to get up, and figure it’s best for me to stay here until given direction to do otherwise.

Gray’s hoarse moans make their way to my ears as he feeds, the noise identical to the ones he makes in my dreams. My eyelids feel heavy as I turn to look at Silas, and I feel my pulse race as he licks his lips and watches intently the interaction between Gray and Alex.

Alex releases another loud, choked moan before stilling completely, his hips convulsing as he’s pushed over the edge.

I remain frozen as the Demon comes undone, unsure what to do. Gray’s quick to jump into action and make that decision for me, his arm forcing its way between Alex and I’s sweaty bodies and carefully prying me off of his friend.

Alex turns his head away as he relaxes, his arms dropping entirely as I’m picked up. I only have a brief moment to look at his body as I’m pulled off the bed, my eyes lingering on the sight of his still-hard cock and the cum that coats his shaft and lower abdomen.

There’s less than I expected there to be, and as I turn my head to look at Gray’s puffy, wet lips, I realize why.

Silas moves with us as we make our escape, the two Demons silent as they rush me out of the room and down the hallway that leads to the top foyer. Gray sets me on my feet as we barrel out of Alex’s private space, his hand lingering on my back as he urges me to continue forward.

I follow his lead, simmering quietly in my newfound anger until we’re safely back in Gray’s corridor. The moment we reach my bedroom door I turn to face him, my face surely red as a result of the embarrassment and fury coursing through me.

“What the fuck was that?”


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