The Female

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Chapter 28 - Feelings


I remain still as I listen to the three rush out of my room, their presence unwelcome and unappreciated. Who the fuck do they think they are? This stupid Human is ruining my life.

I can’t stop the frustrated groan from slipping between my lips as I slam my fist down against the mattress. Her scent is everywhere around me, mixing painfully with Gray’s and preventing my cock from softening. It’s been a good sixty years since I last allowed Gray to touch me, and the sudden sensation has my body crying out for more.

It’s not usually this bad, but the added memory of Charlie laying on top of my torso as he touched me is making it worse. My body wants her, the thought frightening.

Despite my anger, I don’t feel the familiar urge from my Wrath to strike out. Gray managed to calm me with his touch, not that I’ll ever let it happen again. The little fucker’s always looking for an opportunity to get his grubby hands around my cock, and I’m pissed that I gave it to him.

Not that it didn’t feel fucking amazing, though. I wonder if he’s actually that good or if it’s because he’s the only person to ever touch me besides myself. Probably the latter.

My eyes remain squeezed shut as I listen to them, my heart thumping in my chest as I work to catch my breath. This is all just a momentary slip that will never happen again. I’d rather spend a year in the pits than ever let that weak female get me in such a state again, her infuriating voice and temperamental personality proving to be dangerous to my Wrath.

Just because it likes her doesn’t mean that I do. She’s nothing more than a nuisance I’ll need to endure for the next forty years. She’ll grow old and lose her use, and I’ll buy Gray a newer, better one that doesn’t frustrate me so much.

At least that’s what I tell myself as I slip my fingers that were just on her into my mouth and drop my other hand down to my cock. She tastes sweet, and I can’t stop myself from imagining her low moans and desperate cries as I circle my fist around my length.

Licking her residual wetness off my fingers, I moan and thrust my hips, fucking the hand. I use my cum to smooth over my strokes, wincing slightly as my hand runs over the sensitive, chafed skin. My cock tends not to heal as quickly as the rest of my body, the skin there more susceptible to injury, but I don’t have the patience to wait for the chafe to leave.

Gray touched me dry, probably to punish me, and even went as far as to put his mouth over my cockhead as I came to take all I released. I’ll never admit to him that I enjoyed the feeling of his lips around me, his tongue darting out over my slit as he swallowed my load.

I groan as I remember ordering him to let Charlie take me, my desperation to fill her tight hole with my cock throwing me into a frenzy. Gray was smart enough to keep her away and prevent her from accidentally igniting the bond between us.

I would have cum the second my cockhead touched her wet folds, and her participation in my orgasm would’ve, without a doubt, bonded us. What happened today was already too close. One wrong move and I’d be tied to the filthy Human.

My cock aches as a result of Gray’s rough touch and the lack of cum he left me with to use, but I ignore the slight pain as I massage my shaft and desperately chase another high. The fucker probably did this to ensure I wouldn’t touch myself after, the greedy Incubus angry whenever I get off and he isn’t around to feed on it.

I don’t bother to muffle my moans as I pull my fingers from my mouth and drop my hand down to cup my balls. Inhaling Charlie’s leftover scent, my eyes roll back as I imagine her mouth on me.

My motions grow frantic as I find my release, my hips twitching up into my hand as I spill all over my stomach and chest. I sigh and drop my hand back to my side as my arousal dissipates, shamed slightly by the thoughts that pushed me over the edge.

Fucking Human.

I’m sure both Silas and Gray heard, but can’t bring myself to care as I slide off my bed and stomp over to the shower. Both are probably furious with me right now, Gray because I left his female alone and Silas because I beat Gray.

The familiar tingle of guilt lingers in the back of my mind as I recall my attack on Gray, my Wrath ignoring the bond between us as it defended what it perceives to be his female.

I shouldn’t have hit him.

My guilt continues to grow as I remember his cries when I took Charlie, the sheer desperation in his voice evident as I carried her to my bed with a hardened cock. Despite my clouded judgment, I had no interest in raping his female. I just wanted to soothe her pain, but there was no way for him to know that.

He probably still thinks that I had intentions to take her against her will.

I hate the way she makes me feel, and the way she’s constantly prancing around and begging for Gray’s affection infuriates me. Watching her crying over him at the party had me ready to snap both of their necks.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed watching him with others, our bond aching whenever he touches them, but I’ve never felt such a strong need to claim him before. I had to leave as I watched Charlie, my Wrath urging me to stomp over and claim both of them as my own in front of the entire fucking Lust hoard.

It would have soothed her, giving Gray the ability to be publicly intimate with her without the fear of the Incubi interfering.

Gray would have been humiliated, though. Despite my assurances that claiming him would only be for his protection, he doesn’t want it. He’s spent years trying to convince everybody that he’s his own man, and only recently did his family start to take him seriously.

Silas doesn’t mind my claim on him, the man understanding that it’s better for him in the long run. Fates are hunted by the other breeds, and being publicly owned by me gives him an extra layer of protection. There aren’t many that would want to fight me for him.

I had to leave the party and clear my head before I did anything stupid. I thoughts she’d be fine with Silas for a couple of minutes. He’s perfectly capable of keeping a tiny Human woman seated in a chair by herself.

Or so I thought.

I didn’t even realize there was an issue until I felt Gray tugging at our bond, his mind slamming into mine with panic and fear. By the time he managed to reach me too much had already gone down, and the sight of Charlie sobbing into Silas’s chest while Lust tried to lure her in had me in fighting mode instantly.

I don’t even know what my plan was when Gray shifted Charlie and me back, but it didn’t matter. I was ready to fight, and Gray served as the perfect punching bag.

My anger with myself only grows as I get in the shower and wash both my cum and Charlie’s juices off of me. She fucking leaked all over my chest, and I tell myself that I hate it as I roughly scrub it away.

I clench my jaw shut and slam my hand against the shower wall before shutting off the spray. I need to get out of here.

Hurrying into my bedroom, I head into my closet and throw on a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt. Perfect attire for the pits.

My head tilts to the side as I overhear Gray apologizing to Charlie, his voice soft and pleading as he explains to her what happened tonight. I scoff as he promises that Shay means nothing to him and that he only wants her.

I’m willing to bet she’s glaring up at him with her arms crossed over her chest, her lips pursed in anger as she politely listens to his excuses. The sudden urge to shift over to them and pull her onto my lap as Gray pleads has me clenching my hands in frustration.

I shouldn’t want to help soothe her. My heart shouldn’t thump painfully in my chest when I hear her quiet sniffle and shaky breath. She’s not my problem to worry about. Gray’s the one who fucked up by not setting proper expectations for what tonight holds, and it’s his job to comfort her.

Not that my presence would help, anyway. The female clearly dislikes me, the only interest she’s ever shown being when she’s lost in the pain and desperation caused by Lust. She sure did want me, though, choosing me to be the one to touch her soft warmth even when Gray was available and willing.

My lips curl up in a smirk as I recall her cries for me. Gray was practically humping my leg as she begged, his patience unwavering as he placed my hand on her swollen, sensitive clit and taught me how to pleasure her.

Shaking my head, I force myself not to think about it as I listen once more to their conversation.

Charlie’s cries are soft as she says that she didn’t like watching them together, and I can practically visualize Gray’s pained expression as he pulls her into his arms and promises that she’s the only female that he wants. I wait to see if they discuss their interaction with me, but Charlie doesn’t bring it up and neither does Gray.

I’m sure she feels embarrassed about it, and even a bit guilty for her want towards me. Gray’s probably telling himself that her desire was caused by Lust and that she wasn’t in control of it, but he couldn’t see her face.

He didn’t watch as her pupils returned to their standard size well before she came, and how she bit her lip and her eyes rolled back as I made her say that she was mine. She fucking loved what I did to her. She loved having two men fawning over her and eager to please.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, though. She’s never had a man show her any interest. I’m willing to bet that my cock was the first that she’s seen.

What a lucky day for her.

My muscles tense as I realize that she was the first female to see my cock as well, but those situations are different. She’s the only female who I’ve allowed to see me, but I’m probably the first man who has ever given her the opportunity.

Shifting into the pits, I inhale the scent of death and will my Wrath to come to me. It doesn’t fill my bones as it usually does, the fucking Incubus having settled me too much. Shaking out my limbs, I curse the bond for tying me to the annoying, pesky Demon and head in further.

The place was designed specifically by my father when I was a small child. He wanted a place for debauchery, and what’s better than a pitch-black void of nothingness full of Demons set out to kill one another.

My Wrath stirs as I a spear strikes me from behind and slices through my body. Smiling, I crane my neck to the right to look at it. The tip protrudes from the front of my shoulder, and I laugh as I rip it the rest of the way through my body.

A good shot.

Now armed with a weapon, I turn and throw it at the Demon who attacked me. It sails evenly through the air before lodging into his neck.

A better shot.

My Wrath perks in interest as I approach the Demon. It tries to cry out, but all that emerges is a pained gurgle. As I look down at it, I note that it’s a weaker Nightmare, its face contorted and stretched in agony.

His eyes beg for mercy as I grab onto the end of the spear and drive it deeper into his neck. Stupid Demon. They always come down here forgetting that they can and likely will die. Some come to have fun and get out frustration, but that’s not the game I play.

I’ll be merciful and leave his body here for the others to see. They’ll be able to smell me on his clothing. Most will choose to leave and come back after I’ve returned to the Demon realm, but the few who stay will make for a fun challenge.

Pursing my lips, I forget all about Charlie as I succumb to my Wrath and drive the spear the remainder of the way through the Nightmare’s neck.


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