The Female

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Chapter 33 - Seduction


Stepping to the side, I wait for the Shadow to finish up its business before returning my stare to Gray. He visibly flinches beneath my heated gaze, and I hope my anger feels thick in the air. I hope he chokes on it.

The Shadow must sense the tension as it hurries to grab the broom sitting in the corner of Gray’s office and leave. Its speed blows my hair back slightly, but I ignore it and continue to look at Gray with what I hope is a threatening stare.

If there’s anything I’ve learned during my time here, it’s that Gray is especially sensitive towards negative emotions, the feeling unnatural to the Incubus who’s desperate to please and keep everybody happy.

I may have pushed away my frustrations with him last night because of the heated words that he and Silas exchanged, but that frustration’s renewed and ready to seep out after a good night’s rest.

It didn’t help that I woke up to an empty bed this morning, either.

“Why didn’t you tell me you three plan to bond with the same female?” I ask, eager to get started on the list of questions I’ve mentally prepared.

Gray looks almost hesitant as he gestures for me to step further inside his office and sit on his lap. I reject the offer with a shake of my head, not wanting his smell to distract and lure me away from my anger.

I want to brew in it.

“When would you have liked me to tell you that? You came here convinced I was going to rape you and then immediately transitioned into believing Aziel was going to murder or send you away to a den.” Gray explains. “It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you. I was just waiting until the information would be accepted without fear.”

I bite the inside of my cheek as I mull over his answer. I suppose that makes sense. I’ll give him this one.

“What does my future look like here?” I state, quickly springing into my next worry.

Gray shoots me what I’m assuming is supposed to be an encouraging smile, but looks more like a grimace than anything else. I’d be grimacing, too, if I were him.

“Your future’s whatever you want it to be. I’ll happily stand by your side until you grow old and die. I’d also be honored to live with you as a bonded family.” Gray shamelessly admits. “I’m not a jealous man when it comes to Silas and Aziel, and would be more than ecstatic to step back so you can cultivate your relationships with them.”

I lean against the doorframe as my eyes narrow into slits. He acts as if I could just waltz right up to them and state that I’m now their female. Aziel would either try to murder or fuck me on the spot, and Silas would probably laugh in my face before walking away.

Besides, I’m not even sure if I want that. The idea of living forever with Gray, and maybe even Silas, isn’t a bad one, but I’m still undecided on Aziel. He’s unpredictable and scary, and even if we were to bond with one another, I’d still be a weak human.

My body doesn’t absorb essence the way theirs does, and I’ll never grow stronger with age. Aziel doesn’t seem like the type of person that would be okay with that, and I don’t doubt that he’d grow bored and try to kill me so he could pick another.

Not to mention the fact that I’d have to be intimate with all three of them. Gray alone is a lot to manage, but I’m sure if I were to try and grow a relationship with the other two, they’d want me to fuck them too.

A small part of me wants to be petty and ask if Gray would ever consider leaving Aziel and Silas to bond and be with only me, but I resist the temptation. He wouldn’t ever offer it up himself, but I think if I asked he would.

He’s made it more than clear that all he wants is somebody to love and bond with, and even though it would kill him inside, I believe he’d do it for me. Sucking in a sharp breath, I push the rhetorical question deep down inside of me. Despite how I may feel towards the other Demons, I could never ask that of Gray.

Aziel and Silas have been his family for a long time and, as far as I know, are the only ones who have ever shown him genuine love. It may not be in the sexual manner he’d like, but it’s love nonetheless.

It would be cruel to ask him to turn away from them for me.

“Would I be expected to, you know, service all three of you?” I ask.

Gray shrugs, a slight smile spreading across his face at my question.

“We aren’t just looking for a female to carry our seed and give us children. While we don’t plan to wring you dry or anything, we do want a healthy, happy bond. I’m the only one who needs to feed to survive, which I know can be a big ask when coupled with the fact that we’d be together for thousands of years, but after bonding I’ll feed on Silas or Aziel so you have breaks.” Gray explains softly.

His eyes are practically shining, and he bounces in excitement with each one of my questions, but I ignore it. He probably thinks me asking this means I’m interested and considering the possibility. It’s not an incorrect assumption, but I’m not quite ready to admit that yet.

I glance away from him in shyness before asking my next question. “Will you three service one another?”

Gray sucks in a sharp breath, the noise drawing my attention as I return my gaze to him. He shifts uncomfortably in his chair and avoids eye contact. I don’t need the strong senses the Demons have to know he’s turned on right now.

He’s always turned on, though, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

“That depends. Attraction for me is different than it is to you, and if the others let me I likely will. Silas and Aziel don’t prefer men, but they aren’t entirely against it either.” Gray explains with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “Besides, there’ll be times where you’re unavailable, either because you’re pregnant or because you’ve traveled away, and the bond between us all will urge them to keep me fed.”

“Traveled away?” I probe.

Gray nods.

“If we bond you, you’ll live for thousands of years. It’s silly to think you’ll want to spend every one of them with us, and I expect there’ll be times where you grow angry and leave for a brief period. We do it all the time, especially Silas.” He explains.

My pulse races as I absorb what he’s saying. I never even considered the possibility that I’d have the freedom to leave and travel. Gray watches with visible excitement as I try to tamper down my shock.

“But I’m a human?” I quietly murmur. “Easy to kill.”

“We wouldn’t let you leave before you’re bonded. Once you are, we’ll be connected and able to shift to you if you were ever in any danger. You don’t need essence to survive as we do, but ours will still keep you alive.” Gray answers.

“I don’t really understand what your essence is.” I admit.

Gray laughs, his white teeth on full display. “I don’t know nearly enough about biology to explain that to you. It’s just our energy source. Humans get theirs primarily through food, I get mine from sex, Silas gets his from going into the fated world, and Aziel’s the lucky bastard whose body just regenerates it like a fucking salamander.”

“Food helps a bit, but it doesn’t sustain us completely as it does for you. Our bodies need more to survive. It’s why we’re so much stronger.” Gray continues without pause. “No Demon’s ever bonded with a Human before, so I’m not sure how your body will react, but I imagine that over time you’ll learn how to absorb small amounts of it. You probably won’t ever have enough to shift or anything, but it’ll make you harder to kill.”

I nod, my mind reeling. This is way more information than I anticipated receiving today. I hate to admit how much the bond is starting to sound appealing, and I’d probably be quick to jump on board if it weren’t for the fact that Silas and Aziel come along with it.

The silence between us is comfortable as I step completely inside Gray’s office and sit down on the couch. I have to push away some of the cleaning supplies that are stacked on it from when he emptied the closet that’s now my office, but I welcome the momentary distraction.

I sink into the cushion with a sigh, almost beginning to regret coming in here in the first place. They say that ignorance is bliss, and I’m starting to understand what exactly that means.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that Gray’s answering all of my questions in the future tense instead of hypothetical, but I don’t have it in me to correct him. It’s not as if I’m the one creating the block here.

There are two other Demons involved in this plan that he’d need to convince.

“I like how interested you are in this.” Gray speaks up.

The dry laugh that falls from my lips is involuntary, but the shake of my head is not.

“It’s all hypothetical. Silas and Aziel don’t even like me.” I’m quick to point out.

There’s a quiet squeak as Gray stands from his chair and approaches, his movements slow and steady as he seems to sense my overwhelmed mind. I appreciate the gesture, and spread my legs so he can crouch between them. He rests his hands on the tops of my thighs as he brings himself eye level with me, and I meet his gaze with a quiet hum.

“It’s okay to feel confused and overwhelmed, I know this is a lot to hear at once. Aziel likes you more than you realize, and I anticipate his feelings will only grow when he returns home. Silas likes you too, but he’s not one to easily give in to his desires.” Gray’s voice lowers into a low whisper as he leans in and places his mouth by my ear. “You know what he likes. If you want him, you’re going to need to take him.”

My cheeks flush as I jerk away, too embarrassed to ask for further clarification. Women dominating men was not something I read about in my novels, and I don’t know the first thing about what ‘taking him’ would even consist of.

“I could help if you want.” Gray offers with a silent chuckle, his fingers trailing up the insides of my thighs.

I gulp, my pulse racing. This seems to spur Gray on as he readjusts his position between my knees and presses a wet kiss to the base of my throat.

“When he’s eating dinner, I would tell him to drop to his knees and taste you. He’d be wary at first, thinking we’re toying with him, but after one whiff of your arousal, he’d be dropping down so hard he’ll bruise.” Gray chuckles.

I shift and stare at his chest as his words shoot straight down to my sex. He knows what he’s doing whispering these things to me, and I don’t know how to feel about that. Gray gently pulls my thighs apart as he returns his lips to my neck, his smirk felt against my skin as I let out a shaky breath.

“You’d watch as I wrap my hand in his hair and force his mouth only inches from your cunt.” Gray continues, his fingers sliding through the hair at the base of my neck before grabbing a handful and gently pulling my head back. “He’d look up at you with his big doe eyes until you give him permission, his hot breath warming your pussy as he pants like a dog at your feet.”

My legs involuntarily clench around Gray’s body at the visual, my body warming as a slight ache between my thighs begins to grow. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth as he presses another soft kiss to my skin, his lips wet as he trails them to my shoulder.

“Fuck, maybe I’ll be mean and make him sit and watch as I get you off with my fingers instead.” He breathes into my collarbone.

I gasp as he presses his thumb perfectly on top of my clit over my pants. He wastes no time circling it as his tongue darts out of his mouth and licks me, teasing my neck.

“I want you to scream his name while I make you cum.” Gray moans, his voice hoarse as he continues to rub me. “I want him to hear us and cry over what he’s missing out on.”

Those words are enough to snap me out of my daze, and I push Gray away with a grunt. This is too much. I’m already overwhelmed, and his touch is only making it worse.

Gray frowns, but releases me and steps away as I stand on my wobbly legs. He holds out his hand in a silent gesture that I don’t understand, and I softly place mine on top of it before turning and rushing out of his office.


Poor Silas doesn’t even know what’s coming

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