The Female

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Chapter 35 - Kiss


Charlie moans into my mouth as I groan and squeeze her ass, the noise eliciting a response in me that I haven’t felt in a long time.

It’s been years since I last felt the touch of a female, and as she grinds herself against me, I can’t bring myself to remember why I ever decided to hold out in the first place. Even the fact that she’s grossly misunderstanding and misreading the situation with the females isn’t enough to pull me away.

She’s been on my mind since that infuriating day in Aziel’s room. The way she wiggled on his chest and rode his fingers has become the thought I resort to when I’m finishing myself in the shower each night, despite how much I try to fight it.


He was too far gone to even realize what she was doing to him, but Gray took pleasure in watching me salivate over them. The way she held his arm down and forced him to remain still so she could get herself off had me hardening more than I’d care to admit. Aziel lost his opportunity to pleasure Charlie when he accidentally thrust her off of his stomach, and she was more than eager to make her anger at his mistake known.

I almost even regret pushing away Gray when he reached for my zipper, and wish I would’ve allowed him to take hold of me so I could’ve seen the look on Charlie’s face when she noticed his grip on my cock.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time the Incubus has pleasured two men at once, and I admittedly would’ve liked to see how well he could handle it.

My lips fall open as Charlie tugs on my hair again, the skin on my scalp aching under her harsh treatment. She’s being rougher than she needs to be, but I don’t mind. If anything, I want her to pull harder.

Charlie moans and rolls her hips, her breaths deepening as I bring my hand to the front of her pants and slip my fingers into the waistband of her leggings.

Gray was more than eager to share with her his desire to dominate me, and as much as I love the thought of them forcing me down on her, she’s not ready to do anything of that nature without Gray’s help just yet.

She may have had me fooled for a second with her dirty whispers in my ear, but I can smell the nerves oozing out of her now that she’s given me the one line she learned from Gray.

Sweet little thing.

Charlie lets out a quiet gasp when my fingertips make contact with her sex, her hips jerking forward. She’s already wet for me, her clit slick with arousal. I hold back a smirk as she grunts and shoves her tongue even further in my mouth, her desperation for me evident as she licks over my canine.

At this point we aren’t even kissing anymore, but I let her continue her dirty exploration as I skip past her clit and slip two of my fingers between her folds and into her entrance.

I want her to moan for me as she does Gray, and curl my fingers inside of her before rocking them back and forth. She splutters as I touch her, her mouth disconnecting from mine as she leans back and touches our foreheads together.

The action is strangely intimate, but I try not to dwell on it too much as I press my thumb against her clit and begin to rub her.

She knows this is just for fun.

I’m quick to pull away as her earlier interrogation of Gray pops into my mind. She doesn’t know this is just for fun. Fucking Incubus.

I should’ve never encouraged her yesterday. She may have a good claim on us at the current moment, but that doesn’t mean this is truly what she wants.

She likes us because that’s all she knows. I have no interest in bonding with a purchased female, especially one who will grow to resent us in the future. Her lifeline is so short, and there’s no way she’s accurately comprehending what it will be like to live thousands of years tied to three Demons.

We can’t bond with somebody who’s only got a short twenty-something years of life experience under her belt, especially when most of them were spent sheltered away in hiding.

She knows nothing of the real world, and her quickness to believe that we plan to share with anybody else our knowledge of the females is proof enough of that.

“Charlie,” I mutter, softly pushing her hips away from mine.

My cock screams out in anger at the lack of contact, but I ignore it. She pulls her forehead off mine with a huff, her eyes glassy and unfocused as she stares down at me.

I grimace and pull back on my essence, guilty over accidentally letting so much out seep out during her attack on my skull.

She blinks at its sudden disappearance, her gaze slowly coming into focus as she regains control over her emotions. If this isn’t proof enough that bonding with her would be a mistake, I don’t know what is.

“I’m not ready for a female.” I state, finding it better to rip the bandaid off in one go.

Charlie frowns, her full lips tugging downward in a gesture that has my heart thumping. Gray and Aziel may not be able to think logically when it comes to her, but I’m not going to let myself fall into the same trap as them.

“I’m not asking to be your female.” She retorts.

I hum, but don’t argue with her. Nothing good’s going to come out of hurting her feelings and embarrassing her further. She’s a nice girl, and if things were different then maybe this would be a relationship I’d consider.

She bites her lip and looks away as the scent of her salty tears reaches my nose. The sudden guilt that accompanies making her cry surprises me, but I shove that emotion deep down inside with the rest of them.

“Don’t cry.” I whisper, reaching up to wipe her cheeks. “You only feel this way for me because you have no other options.”

Her chin wobbles and dimples up as she tries to hold back her cries, the sight only deepening the painful guilt I feel. I shouldn’t have let her climb on my lap in the first place. I knew what was going to happen the moment she launched herself at me with that fat grin of hers.

She continues to cry despite my assurances, and unsure what else to do, I grab the back of her head and gently press her face into my chest. She breaks out in a loud sob the moment her skin makes contact with the fabric of my shirt, and I stay silent and hold her against me.

Where the fuck is Gray? I know he can hear what’s happening, and wait anxiously for him to come and console her. The fucking Incubus is probably purposefully staying back and forcing me to be the one to comfort her, a sad attempt at having us bond with one another.

I’m sure he also heard me telling her about the females, but I’m going to leave that particular heartbreak of truth to him. He’s the one who insisted that we keep it a secret, convincing both Aziel and me that it would be better for the Wrath kingdom to give them a decades-long advantage before sharing our findings.

Is it cruel? Yes. Does it give us an edge over everybody else? Also yes.

“Don’t cry. I’m not saying no because I’m not attracted to you, Charlie. I’m very, very old, and you have so much growing left to do.” I try to console her.

This only seems to upset her more as she lets out another wet sniffle. I know these tears aren’t just for me, and are a cumulation of weeks of stress all bubbling over at once, but I can’t help feeling entirely responsible for them anyway.

“I’m not a child.” She argues.

I chuckle, scratching the back of her head.

“No, but you are much, much younger than I am. Don’t let us take advantage of you. Even Gray.” I respond, shouting the last part to catch his attention.

It seems to do the trick as seconds later I hear his approaching footsteps. Nothing gets the bastard moving quicker than a perceived slight. He looks more than annoyed as he barrels into the library, his cold gaze locked in on me before softening and sliding to the crying Human in my lap.

I’m sure I’ll hear an earful from him later, and take solace in the fact that he won’t say or do anything now in front of Charlie. He’ll take her upstairs and settle her like a good little male before seeking me out and lecturing me on the importance of building relationships.

My thoughts race as Gray gently scoops Charlie up in his arms and pulls her off of my lap. I can’t bring myself to meet her eye, and turn my head away while he carries her out of the room.

I could have handled this situation better.

Her shaky breaths continue to make their way to my ears as he takes her to their room, and I force myself to listen to them all in punishment. I don’t like being the reason she’s upset, even if it was the right thing to do.

She would’ve been crushed if I allowed our situation to be taken further and told her only after that I’m not interested in taking her as a female.

Sinking in the chair, my eyes flutter shut as I venture into the fated world for answers. For anybody entering my mind, it would be nearly impossible to navigate, but I slip my consciousness into it easily.

I can feel my soul brushing up against the spirits as I try to hunt down Charlie’s fate, my annoyance growing as they tug at and steer me away. Even as a Fate, it’s risky to try and force them to give me the answers I want, but I’ve been a good Demon for a long time now and have earned this.

They won’t punish me for just one slip up. Others of my kind have done much worse before facing any repercussions.

The tugging on my mind and soul grows the harder I search for her, their tight grip making my head ache as I force my way forward.

I want to know what Charlie’s fate holds, and if she’s to be our female.

I’m already aware our lives are intertwined and she’ll be with us until she dies, but what I don’t know is if that death will be of old age in only a short handful of years or if it’ll be with us in a future too far away to see.

Groaning, I can vaguely feel the wooden armrests beneath my hands cracking as I fight through the pain in search of her.

I need to know.

The Fates have hidden her well, and I’m willing to bet they’re actively moving her around to keep her out of my reach. Fucking assholes. The fact that I’ll be a spirit in the fated world when I die doesn’t mean much to me when I’m still alive, and I damn all them all as I continue forward.


I ignore the voice, my soul fighting against the hold of my kind. Let me see her. They ignore my demands and yank me back with more vigor. She’s close. I can feel it.


Once more I ignore the voices, not needing the distraction they’re sure to bring.


My eyes snap open as I’m yanked out of my chair and thrown across the room. My body slams into and knocks over the bookcase as I make contact with it, and I groan in pain and slump over on top of the pile.

Fuck, that hurt.

My body aches as I roll over to face the two men, my head spinning so much that the two have turned into four.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Aziel asks, his face and body unrecognizable behind the thick layer of smeared blood that coats his skin.

I blink up at him, my mind taking a moment to process what’s happening. My head lolls to the side as Aziel grabs onto my shirt and yanks me upward, and I make brief eye contact with a terrified-looking Gray as I’m carried and dropped back in my chair.

The fucking Incubus must have summoned Aziel here, his fear forcing the Demon to leave the pits and rescue me from the threat of myself.

“He refused to leave! He’s been slumped over in that chair for hours looking like a damned fool.” Gray’s quick to inform Aziel.

Despite his angered words, he still tugs off his shirt and reaches forward to wipe at the blood that’s seeped out of my eyes and nose. I stare up at him as he cleans me, my guilt only amplifying at the care he takes to keep me safe.

“What were you looking for?” Aziel asks.

I shrug, not wanting to tell them I was on some selfish hunt to figure out what Charlie is to us. He doesn’t seem to like that answer, though, as seconds later I feel him forcing his way into my mind and searching for the truth himself.

I’m too weak to fight him off as I usually do, and glare at him as Gray continues his cleaning.

“You’re an idiot.” Aziel eventually mutters, pulling back.

Gray snorts, agreeing wholeheartedly before turning and bringing the dirty rag to Aziel’s chest. He’s pretty much just smearing the blood around at this point, but Aziel remains still and lets him do his frantic cleaning.

I groan as the Incubus finds himself dissatisfied with the absorbancy of his shirt and turns to rip mine off my body. He’s not gentle as he pulls it over my head and turns to clean Aziel with it.

It’s not the first time he’s forced my clothes off so he could clean us with them, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s crucial to Gray to care for us, and despite how weird we found it when we first met him, we’ve grown quite accustomed to it over the years.

It makes me wonder what the Lust dens are like behind closed doors.

From the outside, it appears as if their entire life revolves around sex and feeding, but given Gray’s desperate need to serve us, I imagine they’re licking one another clean like cats when there are no watchers.

It would make sense why Lust’s kingdom never really had an issue with females. When they love, they do so ferociously.

“That’s enough, thank you.” Aziel states, gently pushing Gray away when my shirt is rubbed roughly down the front of his face and shoved slightly into his mouth. We both know the Incubus did it on purpose to show his anger at Aziel leaving us for the pits, but neither one of us comment on it.

He thrives off these little victories.

Gray frowns, but steps back and holds the ruined shirts to his chest. I have half a mind to take them away before he brings our blood to a mage and tries to make another salve that ties us to him, but as I take his angered stare, I decide not to do so.

Aziel clears his throat to break Gray and I’s silent stare off, the noise capturing our attention. I drag my eyes from the Incubus to Aziel, my frown deepening as I take in his suspicious grin.

“There’s somebody I want you to meet.”


Silas is no longer a good boy. I’m sorry.

Any guesses as to who Aziel brought home?

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