The Female

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Chapter 39 - Couch


Charlie giggles as I carry her to my office, her sweet laughter warming my heart more than I ever thought possible. She’s trying so hard to hide her negative emotions toward Aziel and Shay, pretending like their connection doesn’t affect her any, but she can’t hide her scent.

The hurt roles off her in waves, and very quickly transforms to jealousy every time Shay so much as looks in Silas or my’s direction. My tiny Human is a protective one.

The knowledge of how much she cares has me grinning like an idiot as I rush her down the hallway.

“Gray!” She gasps as I kick open my office door and plop her down on the couch.

I didn’t feed last night, hoping she could use the rest to try and regulate her emotions, and with a smirk note just how much it helped. It takes a significant toll on her when I’m constantly feeding and messing with her hormones, and the short break seems to have done wonders.

But now I’m hungry, and I can already tell she’s more than willing.

Charlie spreads her legs as I crawl on top of her, a wide grin on her face as I let my essence seep out. She’s gotten so much better at being around it, and while I know it still affects her, it’s not as nearly as potent as it once was.

“Always so eager for me.” I tease, trailing my fingers up the inside of her thigh. She shivers, the reaction exciting my inner Incubus. He wants me to hold her down and fuck her until she’s screaming and begging for me never to stop, but I know she’s not ready for that.

Someday I’ll be able to take her as I wish, and I’ll take pleasure fucking her in every nook and cranny of this house while she pants and moans in my ear. Maybe, if the others are lucky, I’ll even let them watch.

Although at this rate, they’re lucky even to overhear.

Aziel’s one wrong move away from waking up in the middle of the night to me holding a pillow to his face. It won’t kill him, but it sure as fuck will let him know I’m not messing around. Whether or not it’s official, Charlie’s to be my bonded.

If I need to leave the others to see it through, then so be it.

I love my Human, and I’m not going to let her grow old and die just because Silas and Aziel want to act like children. Aziel’s very quickly self-sabotaging himself to the point of no return, and Silas, despite how much he may regret his rejection of Charlie, is on thin ice too.

“I’m hungry.” I pout when Charlie pushes my hand away.

Charlie grins, her scent transforming into one I love to smell. My female is happy.

“I have something I want to ask you.” She states, grabbing my shoulder and using it as leverage to sit herself up.

I remain still so she can comfortably use me to adjust herself. She never would’ve voluntarily touched me when I first bought her, let alone trust me enough to use me as an anchor. Despite how small the action, my heart warms whenever she expresses her silent affections.

“What is it?” I ask, grabbing her waist and slipping my fingers underneath her shirt so I can feel her bare skin.

It’s enough to sate me for now, and I absentmindedly rub at her sides as she collects her thoughts. I hope she asks more about Aziel and Silas, but know that’s far-fetched. She’s too hurt by both of them to risk putting herself out there just yet, and I don’t want to push it until I’m confident her advancements will be accepted with eagerness.

When I sent her after Silas I genuinely thought he’d accept her. The Fate hasn’t had sex for years, and it’s always been the way to his heart. Get the man to submit and he’s putty in your hands. She did and whispered all the right things, and the scent of his arousal was strong enough for me to know he was loving it, but what I didn’t expect was the man’s fucking integrity getting in the way.

If my female wants him, cares how old she is? She may live a short time compared to us, but that doesn’t mean she’s some sort of child. She’s more than capable of making her own decisions, and I don’t appreciate him treating her like she can’t.

“Silas told me about the females yesterday.” Charlie murmurs. I try to keep myself from having a physical reaction as I tilt my head to the side and hold her gaze. “And I want to know what I can do to help?”

I worry my bottom lip between my teeth before answering, unsure what to say to that. Silas told her we found the cause, but said nothing about our solution. He probably didn’t want to break the news to her that there isn’t one.

I’ve come to regret my decision and the part I played in encouraging Silas and Aziel to keep the information we learned a secret. I’d just gotten back from a dinner with my family, and was feeling wildly insecure after listening to their hours-long ranting about how Aziel’s going to leave me for a better Incubus.

I thought if I gave additional support toward Wrath and showed I was willing to put his kingdom first, it’d impress him. How fucking stupid of me. Charlie’s not going to be happy to learn I condemned her entire species just because I was feeling a tad-bit self-conscious.

It was only supposed to be for ten years. Just long enough to give the Wrath’s a head start in upping their population numbers, but ten turned to twenty, and twenty turned into fifty. Hundreds, if not thousands, of breeds have gone extinct in that time.

Humans are next in line. They’ve already lasted longer than we anticipated, but for some reason managed to continue to produce just enough females to keep them afloat.

Charlie’s eyes narrow as she watches me, and I plaster a wide smile on my face before ducking forward and planting a wet kiss on her neck. She giggles, the sound invoking an uncomfortable amount of guilt in my heart, and shoves at my chest.

“Gray!” She yells.

I have to tell her. She’s bound to find out eventually. I can’t change what’s already happened, but I can work to fix it now. We can do what we initially should’ve and share the findings. Charlie can spearhead it if it makes her happy.

Charlie’s laugh turns into a gasp as I pull away and accidentally trail my lips over an especially sensitive spot on her neck. Smirking, I dart my tongue out and lick at it, loving her reaction and more than happy to take the opportunity to tease her.

Her grip on my shirt tightens, and I groan as she suddenly lunges herself at me and climbs on my lap. Her core presses against my soft cock, urging it to harden beneath her.

“The females.” I chuckle, reminding her what we were initially talking about.

Her eyes shine with adoration as she pulls back and stares down at me. The teasing smile that always manages to kill me spreads over her lips as she rolls her hips and grinds into me.

My mouth goes dry, and my eyes fall shut as she experiences enough pleasure from the pressure on her clit that some lust slips out of her. This Human’s going to be the death of me.

“We can talk about that after.” She states, rolling her hips against mine again. “Right now, I have an Incubus to feed.”

My mouth falls open at her statement, and I try not to look as shocked as I feel as I grab her hips and help guide her rocking. I can tell she’s new to this by the stiffness in her movements and the slight smell of fear that seeps out of her, but the fact that she’s taking the initiative to do it anyway has me practically busting out of my jeans.

“You want to feed me, baby? You know what you have to do.” I groan, uncaring if everybody in the house can hear me as I slip my hand into her leggings and press my fingertips against her clit.

She moans and writhes against me as I rub the swollen nub in quick circles. I release the full extent of my essence again as I pleasure her, loving the way that she throws her head back and rocks forward.

I move my free hand to her neck and gently hold it as she humps herself on my fingertips, eager to show her the side of things that Silas likes. My poor Human is unfamiliar with his desires, and if she’s going to fulfill them someday, then I want her to feel confident in what she’s doing.

I apply light pressure to the sides of her neck as her thighs begin to shake, so incredibly turned on by the way that her face reddens and breaths turn shallow.

“You look so pretty like this.” I compliment, my voice rough. “I love when you act like the little slut I know you are.”

Charlie gasps and nods as I give her clit a quick pinch. Her lust pours out in waves as I resume my rubbing and push her to orgasm, greedily breathing it in. She feeds me so well.

“Cum.” I whisper, leaning forward and sinking my teeth into her neck.

I don’t bite hard enough to break the skin, but enough that it’ll leave a mark for the others to notice. It’s where I will bite her when I bond her, and I want Silas and Aziel to see and know that my desire for her isn’t just for show.

She’s my female and I won’t be entertaining the possibility of another.

Charlie screams into my ear and stills as I push her over the edge. Her thighs tighten around my hips as she tries to clamp down on them, and I flick my fingers over her sensitive clit as I ride her through it. Unable to resist, I slip my hand in a little bit further and sink two of my fingers into her entrance.

She’s slick and warm around me, and I imagine how good it will feel when I finally put my cock in her someday. I thought we could save her virginity for Aziel so they could share a first, but I’m very quickly losing hope for that.

I won’t say no if she asks me to take her. Guilt overcomes me at the thought of stealing a moment she puts such great weight on, but I push it away. She knows of my history with prior females and that I’ve been with many.

If she still finds me deserving of being her first despite all of that, I’ll be honored and happily accept the gift. I’ll make it good for her, too, and will have her screaming my name for the entire manor to hear.

Charlie slumps against me with a loud sigh, her body practically melting on top of mine. I continue to softly fuck her with my fingers, unable to gather up the strength to pull out.

“I want to touch you.” She whispers into my chest.

I gulp, thinking it over, before nodding. If that’s what she wants, then that’s what she’ll get.

Charlie pulls back and looks at me with a shocked expression, clearly not having expected me to give in to her request. I lift my knee so she sits up, and use my free hand to undo my pants and shove them down my legs.

“You just can’t make me cum.” I warn her. “I’ll tell you when I’m close and take over myself.”

Charlie frowns, but nods and drops her eyes to my exposed length. It’s the first time she’s seen it in real life, and I let her look it over before grabbing her hand and gently lowering it to my cock.

We both gasp as she wraps her fingers around it, and I let my eyes fall shut as she gives it an exploratory stroke. I continue to feel around inside her vagina as she touches me, already knowing I’m not going to last long.

Most people don’t choose to touch their Incubus after they feed. I don’t need it to be happy. Making others cum is enough for me, but as Charlie touches me I can’t help but be excited to release myself.

Aziel’s never tried to touch me after I sneak into his dreams and feed on him. Shay never wanted to either.

My female is selfless. My hips jerk into her fist as she tightens her grip and begins to roughly stroke me. It hurts a bit, but the pleasure outweighs it.

“Fuck, that feels good.” I moan as she begins to focus on just the cockhead. “I’m not going to last very long. Just rub the tip like that.”

Charlie gasps and nods as she begins to fist the rim of my cock, and I let her do it for another couple of seconds before I can’t hold back any longer and push her hand away. She fights it for a moment, which I should have anticipated, before finally letting go and letting me finish myself.

I look up and meet her gaze as I jerk myself, my hand flying over my shaft as I use my other to fuck her at the same pace. Her body bounces in response, and I watch her breathe in my lust as I cry out and spill into my fist.

Her sex tightens and convulses around my fingers as she finds another release herself, supplying me with another meal.

“Naughty girl.” I tease, removing my hand and falling back on the couch.

Her laugh is breathless as she collapses on top of me in a similar matter, and I wrap my arms around her so she can’t move. I’ve got her trapped, not that she tries to escape.


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