The Female

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Chapter 41 - Watching


“What about Shay?” The identical me on the floor says as he slides his hands up her thighs. “She’ll be upset about this.”

Aziel shrugs, seemingly unconcerned, as he hooks his fingers in her underwear and tugs them off. She grabs his shoulders to help, her smile soft as she looks up at him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that expression on my face before, and wonder if it’s the way I look at Gray.

“I don’t give a fuck about Shay. You know that.” Aziel moans, shifting so he’s on his knees in front of me.

Gray shudders and grabs my arm to try and tug me away, but I dig my heels in and refuse to move. I want to know what Aziel’s going to do. It’s clear he intends to touch me, but I want to see if he does so with care or simply uses my body for his own pleasure.

Besides, even more than that, I want to pull a Silas and watch. The fake me moans as Aziel gently strokes her, and I shiver and press my thighs together in response. I know it’s fucked up, but I want Aziel to touch me like that.

Gray’s always telling me there’s nothing wrong with being aroused by Aziel and Silas, and if he means it, then he’ll let me stay here and watch. Aziel will never know, and it can be Gray and my’s little secret.

Gray moves so he’s standing in front of me, blocking my view, and I lift my head to glare at him. He says nothing, but looks over my face in search of some answer I can’t give right now. The last thing I want is to speak up and be heard by Aziel.

With a quirk of his lips, Gray steps to the side and circles my body until he’s standing behind me. His hand moves to cover my mouth, the warm palm pressing firmly against my lips as he steals the clothing from my body.

Goosebumps rise on my skin in response to the sudden chill on my bare form, and I instinctively step further into the shadows Gray and I are hiding in. I don’t want to risk Aziel seeing us.

This will be a one-time thing we’ll never speak about again.

I clamp my jaw shut and do my best to regulate my breathing as Gray trails his hand down my chest, lightly grazing my nipple, before continuing downward. He pauses at the top of my public mound, his fingers stroking over the short curls there, before finally meeting my sex.

I spread my legs so he has better access, and watch as Aziel picks the fake Charlie up and bends her over the dining table. She’s just as naked as me, her body only slightly different, and moans as he holds her against the hard surface.

“I’m so fucking obsessed with you.” Aziel groans, his hand making quick work as he rushes to undress himself.

The only time I saw him even partially unclothed was in the frenzy after the Lust party, and I inch forward in excitement as Aziel unknowingly exposes the entirety of himself to me. He’s lean and covered in hard muscle I’d pay money to touch, but I settle with just watching as he grabs his cock and strokes it to the sight of me.

He throws his head back as he fists himself, before urging the fake me to spread her legs for him.

Gray teases my swollen clit, scratching it with his stubby fingernail as I stare at the scene in front of me. This is so fucked up. Who does this?

“Spread your pussy for me.” Aziel groans. “Show daddy how much you want this fat cock inside you.”

I choke on my spit, my eyes widening as Gray abruptly shoves two fingers inside my sex. Everybody in the room freezes at the noise, and I feel my face reddening by at least two thousand degrees as Aziel turns his head toward us.

He looks practically murderous as he locks eyes with Gray, his visible anger only worsening as he lowers them to me. I remain as still as possible, hoping he can’t see me. Gray can make us invisible, can’t he? Isn’t that the whole point of Incubi? To be sneaky dream fuckers?

The fake Charlie doesn’t seem to notice, or care, about anything happening between Gray and me as she follows through with Aziel’s command and reaches behind her back to spread herself.

I gulp, terrified.

Even Gray’s frozen in place, his heart hammering against my back. It doesn’t take a genius to realize being inside somebody else’s mind is dangerous. I don’t really know how it works, but I’m willing to bet Aziel could trap us in here or something if he wanted to.

Aziel has all the power at this moment, and we all know it.

He holds his cock as he looks between Gray and me, his gaze sliding down my body before landing on where Gray’s fingers are still shoved into me. I’m thankful Gray had fast enough reflexes to cover me with a loose dress, but his arm wrapped around my waist and disappearing between my thighs is a dead giveaway as to what was happening over here.

“Remove her clothing.” Aziel finally speaks.

Gray gulps, his grip on me tightening before I feel the cool air hitting my skin. Aziel stares at my sex, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as Gray takes the initiative to rock his hand back and forth, easing his fingers in and out of me.

I suck in a sharp breath, the touch pleasurable despite the embarrassment still coursing through me.

Aziel watches silently as Gray fingers me, his grip on his cock tightening before he glances at the fake version of me lying on the table. A wicked smile spreads over his face as he levels his stare with me once more, maintaining eye contact as he steps forward and lines himself up with her entrance.

“What do you want, Charlie?” He asks.

The question is directed at me, but the fake Charlie responds anyways.

“Your cock, daddy.” She loudly moans. “I want you to fuck me with your big, fat cock.”

Aziel grins, his hips inching forward before he pauses and turns to Gray. No words are exchanged, but there doesn’t seem to be a need for them as Gray nods and lowers his mouth to my ear.

“Do you want to watch Aziel fuck you?” He whispers.

I gulp, my heart hammering in my chest as I clench up around Gray’s fingers and think it over. I don’t know if I want to see it. Objectively I know she’s not real and is just a copy of me, but my heart still flares with a tinge of jealousy.

Before I can open my mouth and say anything, Aziel’s pulling back and stepping away from the fake Charlie. I don’t know what to make of the fact that he’s not pushing my limits for his own pleasure. It would have been so easy for him to fuck her, my feelings on it be damned.

I shut my eyes for a quick moment to collect my thoughts, my shock increasing when I open them and realize the fake Charlie’s gone. Aziel still stands by the table facing us, his cock hard and bobbing between his thighs.

“What happened in your dream, Charlie?” Gray whispers. “The one where you woke me up out of a dead sleep and accused me of entering your mind. I know it was between Aziel and me.”

Aziel quirks an eyebrow at Gray’s words, his lips twitching in humor. I was hoping Gray would keep that incident between us, and shake my head to signal I’m not going to share. It’s embarrassing enough having them both know that I had a sex dream about the two of them together, and I sure as fuck am not going to humiliate myself further by sharing any details.

“It’s okay, Charlie. I can assure you I’m not going to be off-put by anything you say.” Gray continues.

I shake my head again, earning a quiet sigh from both Aziel and Gray. Is he going to leave me here so he can touch Aziel? The thought alone infuriates me, and I clench my jaw shut so I don’t say something stupid.

Gray chuckles and rocks his fingers inside me again, his breath warm as it hits my ear. Aziel steps forward until he’s only a couple of feet away, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he turns and watches a fake Gray walk into the room.

I let out a sigh of relief, grateful the real Gray’s going to stay with me.

My core warms as the fake Gray looks between the three of us with a cocky smirk, his body exuding nothing less than complete confidence as he strips and drops himself to his knees in front of Aziel.

Aziel says nothing as the fake Gray grabs his hard cock, but hisses when Gray leans forward and licks him. His tongue just grazes over the skin before he pulls back and teasingly strokes him.

“Was it something like this? Was I pleasuring Aziel?” Gray whispers in my ear.

I gulp, my eyes wide as the fake Gray takes Aziel’s cock between his lips. Aziel grunts, dropping his hands to Gray’s head and slipping his fingers through his hair. The Incubus moans, hollowing his cheeks and bobbing his head.

The real Gray behind me chuckles and begins to finger me in earnest, his fingers quickening their fucking. I moan through a clenched jaw as he brings his thumb out and circles my clit, my back arching as I grind down against him.

The fake Gray spits out Aziel’s cock, earning a loud grunt from the older Demon, before turning to me with a frown. He sticks a hand out in my direction, his fingers waggling until the real Gray gives in and shuffles me forward.

My anxiety builds the closer I’m brought to Aziel, but thankfully he makes no moves to touch me as the fake Gray shoos the real one’s hand away and replaces it with his own. The sensation’s identical, and I roll my hips as he brings his mouth back to Aziel and begins to suck him off at the same tempo he’s fingering me.

The Incubus behind me grabs my tits and pinches my nipples as I lean against him. What the fuck is happening?

I gasp as a hand’s removed from my chest and brought to the back of my head. Gray’s grip is hard as he forces me to look down at Aziel’s cock.

“Watch us. See how good I’m making Aziel feel?” He whispers in my ear.

Crying out, I nod and watch as the fake Gray cups Aziel’s balls with his free hand and sucks down the length of his shaft, spit dribbling down his chin at the effort. Aziel gasps as his balls are rolled, and tightens his grip on Gray’s hair.

The fake Incubus stills and moans as Aziel takes charge and begins to fuck his face, his cock pistoning in and out of Gray’s slick, swollen lips.

“Fuck, that feels good.” Aziel groans, his head lifting so he can make eye contact with me.

I cry out at the intensity of it, my body overwhelmed as the two different Incubi grope me. Aziel’s hand is smacked away as he reaches to touch me, and the older Demon frowns before trying again and meeting the same response.

“Don’t fucking touch her.” The real Gray snarls. “You get to watch knowing all her pleasure belongs to me and me only. You’re fucking lucky to even get to see her like this.” He snaps, venom lacing his words. “You’re going to watch her cum knowing you’ll never get to make her feel as good as I do. You’ll never make her scream as I can.”

I throw my head back and slam it against Gray’s chest as he continues to emasculate Aziel. Aziel seems to take it in stride, though, his muscles bulging as he fucks even harder into Gray’s mouth.

“And you can watch this knowing you will never get to taste me. You’ll never feel my cock in your ass and you’ll never feel my hand stroking you until you’re begging to cum.” Aziel snaps back.

I spread my legs further and rock against the fake Gray’s fingers, the heat in my abdomen growing as he rubs my clit with the pad of his thumb. Aziel may not know it, but he’s describing my fantasy in vivid detail.

“You’ll never feel my teeth sinking into your neck, claiming you again and again as my own, as I cum in you. You’ll never feel me bending you over and, fuck-” Aziel moans, his jaw slamming shut as he tenses and cries out.

Apparently, I’m not the only one turned on by his words.

My mouth opens in a silent cry as I reach my peak and tense up around Gray’s fingers. He continues to rub me through it, his throat bobbing as he swallows what I’m assuming is Aziel’s cum.

The real Gray gently pulls me away as I come down, covering me with clothing as Aziel hunches over the fake one’s head with a strangled pant.

“Are you okay?” He questions, his hand softly stroking the top of my head and down the length of my hair.

Aziel pushes the fake Gray away and backs up until he’s leaning against the dining table. He avoids eye contact with both of us as he stares at his softening cock.

“You shouldn’t have come here.” Aziel mutters.

Gray turns me around and shoves my face into his chest. I’m eager to sink into his hold, and slide my hands up his shirt as I wrap my arms around his waist.

“I wanted Charlie to see that you wouldn’t let Shay hurt her.” Gray explains hopelessly.

“And then thought it would be fun to stick around and watch me like a pair of desperate fucking creeps?” Aziel snaps, disgust thick in his voice. “This doesn’t change anything. Shay is my chosen female.”

Gray’s body tenses, but instead of fighting he pulls us out of Aziel’s mind and back into our sleeping bodies. I turn and bury my face into his chest the moment we’re back, my body aching and head pulsating. We shouldn’t have done that.

I feel worse than I did before.

Gray whispers endless apologies into my hair as I sniffle and wipe at my cheeks, both overwhelmed and exhausted. I want to go home.


Sorry for the late update! I’ve been working on editing Aine and had only a few chapters left so wanted to power through to get it finished.

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