The Female

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Chapter 45 - Pond


I finally spot Gray sitting on the ground at the opposite side of the pond, his body tanned and looking annoyingly good. I figured it was only a matter of time until he pulled me into another one of his dreams.

We stare at one another from opposite banks, but I refuse to take the initiative to approach him. I’m still angry about the females, and I’ll be damned if I let him think all is forgiven for even a second.

I’m not sure what his game here is with the pond and sunshine, but knowing Gray, he won’t be able to resist keeping me guessing for too long. If I weren’t angry with him, I’d ask if this is a place he’s been to before or just making up.

If it is real, I hope it’s not where he frequently takes his females.

Turning away, I stare out at the water and watch my reflection. There are no fish here, and I dip my toe in to test the temperature before slowly walking in. Gray watches from his spot on the ground, but I ignore him and splash around with a soft smile.

I’ve never been outside in the woods before, let alone had the opportunity to wade through a pond.

Gray made sure not to have the water go any deeper than my shoulders, and I chuckle to myself as I walk to the center. The slight chill feels refreshing as my face and shoulders are heated by the sun, and I sloppily flail around before managing to maneuver myself onto my back.

Nothing is said between us as I stare up at the sky and float around, but I can practically feel the burn on my skin where Gray’s watching. He’s probably worried what I’ll do when he tries to make his move, but I promised to feed him and I’m not going to go back on that word.

Unlike him, I’m not a liar.

I contemplated asking him to rehome me for a long while, but some sick, twisted part of my heart still longs for him even after learning about his despicable actions. I’m lucky to have been purchased by males that treat me so well, and even if the news does get out, I know it will take a while to see change and I’ll probably be sent off to worse males.

Besides, Aziel’s status means I have better opportunities to spread the news. I’m still not positive what my plan is, but I’m pretty sure that being the female of one of the most notorious and powerful Demon households gives more weight to my accusations.

The water around me starts to bubble and fizz as I float around, and I roll my head toward Gray in question. He remains in his sad position on the ground, his knees pulled up to his chest and chin resting on his kneecaps. I watch as he wraps his arms around his shins and pouts at me.

What’s going on in his head?

I hold eye contact as the movement of the water gets more violent, and accidentally let out a sharp gasp as I realize I’m unable to get off my back. It’s like the water has turned partially solid beneath my body, holding me above the surface while the bubbling becomes a similar pressure to the bathtub jets in my childhood home.

My arms flail as that pressure is directed between my legs, and I break eye contact with Gray as it lands firmly on my clit. It feels unnervingly good, and I arch my back as the water temperature warms to a more comfortable temperature.

It feels like tongues licking me, hot and wet, before transforming into a sharp bite as the small rivulets turn ice cold.

“Fuck!” I whisper, rolling my hips against the water.

This isn’t exactly what I was expecting when I fell asleep and found myself in the middle of a clearing staring at a small pond, but I’m not going to complain.

I worry my bottom lip between my teeth as I open my eyes and look for Gray, quickly finding him unmoved at the water’s edge. His back straightens just slightly under my stare, and his knuckles start to whiten with how hard he’s clenching his fists.

He leans forward just as the water forces my thighs further apart. The position provides better access to my clit, and I groan before bucking against it for more. It feels so good.

I was afraid he’d choose not to feed on me again after our fight. The dark bags under his eyes have been worsening each night, and morning I wake only to realize he hadn’t come for me heightened that fear.

There were over a dozen times when I almost gave in and asked him to feed on me, but every time he looks at me with those big doe eyes and hopeful smiles, I find myself wanting to lash out instead.

Acknowledging that I still care for him feels like betraying the females, but watching his hunger grow each day has feels like betraying myself. I hate how much I still desire him, and he knows it.

I’m willing to bet he’s only here under the threat of Aziel, the Demon probably forcing him to feed despite my anger. Whatever the reason, though, I’m glad he’s feeding.

My eyes roll back as my thighs begin to shake, and I cry out as I feel my orgasm begin to climb. Gray pants as he watches, his chest heaving as he feeds off the lust I’m emitting.

“I’m close.” I cry, breaking my vow of silence.

Despite the distance between us, I hear Gray’s voice as if he’s whispering directly in my ear.

“I know, baby. You’re going to cum so hard for me. I can feel it. Let me hear how good I’m making you feel?” He coos, gasping as if he’s feeling everything just as I am.

I frantically nod my head as I let out a loud moan, no longer holding back my noises as my clit is continually smacked with the water. My thighs tense up as I reach my peak, and I arch my back in a desperate attempt to get more.

Gray continues his actions with the water as I ride my orgasm, my walls spasming around the air as I come down. I must have bit my bottom lip at some point, and I release it with a wince as Gray stands and wades into the pond.

The bed that’s been holding me afloat gradually disappears as he approaches, and I shift myself so I’m standing upward instead of laying on my back. I can feel my face and neck reddening as he comes to a halt in front of me, our chests practically touching.

Our height difference means that while the water covers me to my shoulders, it only comes up to the middle of Gray’s stomach, leaving most of his abs and chest exposed. I can’t stop eyeing them, my attention captured by a wayward droplet making its way down his body.

“That was enough to hold me over.” He quietly states. “Can I make you cum again?”

My lips purse as I hesitate, worried he’ll think all is forgiven if I say yes. When I don’t immediately answer, Gray lowers himself into the water until everything below his collarbones is submerged.

His hands make contact with my hips seconds later, and I squeak as I’m pulled onto his lap.

“My little female, I can smell just how much you want me.” He whispers into my ear.

His teeth nip at my earlobe as he yanks my hips further into him. I can feel his cock sitting between our bodies, the erect length hard to ignore as it pokes into my lower abdomen. My head drops as I glance into the water to get a look at it, but the view’s obstructed by Gray as he grabs a hold of himself.

“I’m going to rub your soft pussy against my cock until you cum again.” Gray declares with a soft moan. “But I’m not going to cum, even if I want to.” He promises.

Gray adjusts so his cock is pressed flat against his stomach before pulling me forward until my pussy lips are wrapped around the shaft. The position has the entirety of my sex rubbing against him, and I gulp as he gently begins to rock me back and forth.

“I want to feel your thighs tensing up around my waist as you cum against me, your warm cunt just begging to feel my cock in it. I want to finish on it, too, want to feel so good with you around me. I won’t, though. I don’t deserve it.” Gray moans, his hips jerking upward as he shoves his cock through my folds.

His words render me silent.

“Naughty boys don’t get to cum, do they, Charlie?” He continues.

I know what he’s doing, but I can’t resist playing directly into his plan as I gasp and nod. No, they don’t.

“Have I been a bad boy, Charlie?” Gray moans, reaching up and pinching my nipple.

I nod, arching my back and pressing my chest further into his hand. He smirks, tightening his grip on my sensitive nub until I’m hissing and rocking harder against his cock.

My legs seem to have their own mind as they wrap around his waist and hold him close to me. Gray grunts as my heels dig into him, his grip on my hips tightening. If I look close enough I can see the vein in his neck pulsing, his blood pumping hard.

“Tell me. Tell me how naughty I’ve been.” He orders. “Say that I don’t deserve to cum against your pussy. I can’t until you tell me to. Until you think that I’ve been a good boy for you. Make me watch as Silas and Aziel lick your pussy and make you cum so fucking hard, then make me watch as they take their turns emptying themselves inside you.”

Gray reaches behind me and sticks a finger in my pussy from behind, the added pressure making me cry out. He slips in another before using them to rock me back and forth against his cock.

“I’ll do it. I’ll watch for you, Charlie, to prove how good I am. I won’t even feed on it. I’ll care for you after, too. Will clean you up, baby, just to sit back and watch as they use you again.” He continues.

I slam my eyes shut as his cockhead rubs directly against the most sensitive part of my clit, and rock my hips in quick, jerky motions as I use it to push myself over the edge. Gray takes advantage of my distracted state, his lips slamming down on mine and tongue forcing its way into my mouth.

He swallows my moans as I come apart on top of him, my sex clenching against the length of his shaft. Gray pulls back just slightly to watch, and even through closed eyes I know he’s got a satisfied smirk on his face.

“That’s it, Charlie.” Gray grunts, easing me through it until I wrap my arms around his shoulders and bury my face in his neck.

He pushes against my hips until I’m no longer connected to him, hissing as his cock separates from my sex. I can feel his abs tensing as he struggles to hold himself back, his essence leaking out at the effort.

I allow myself only a couple of seconds to hold him before reluctantly letting go. I hate to admit how much I’ve missed being able to wrap and squeeze him in my arms. I’ve grown accustomed to his warm body next to mine in bed each night, and have had trouble sleeping now that we are sticking to our individual bedrooms.

“My Charlie,” Gray whispers as I push myself up on shaky legs and put some much-needed distance between us. “Please. I’m so sorry. I never truly understood the severity of the female declines until I saw it through your eyes, and I’m so ashamed that I didn’t do something earlier.”

I continue to back away despite his apologies. It’s not my responsibility to make him realize just how awful his actions were, and no amount of pleading will make me forget he wasn’t able to see them for himself. The fact that they went out of their way to only inform the other Wraths tells me they knew the issue was huge.

They knew what they were doing was wrong, even if he wants to pretend otherwise.

“Are you full?” I ask, ignoring his apology.

Gray frowns, his body rising from the water as he stands. I step away as he moves toward me.

“Are you full?” I repeat.

I turn around in response to his pained expression, not wanting to see it. With my back turned I feel some of the pressure and guilt inside me lessen, and force myself to focus on the sounds of nature he’s created around us instead of dwelling on the sad tone in his voice.

“I’m full.” He finally states.

The sound of splashing water has me walking toward shore, eager to get away before he tries to touch me again. The closer I am to Gray the harder it is to stay angry, and I want to stay angry.

“Then I don’t see a reason for you to still be inside my head.” I whisper as my feet make contact with the dry sand.

It sticks to my feet and clumps beneath my toes, but I don’t care. I need to get away from him before I let my feelings get the best of me and do something stupid. If I give Gray an inch, he’ll take a mile.

“Charlie.” He starts, pausing as I shake my head and turn him with a pointed stare.

“You came here to feed, didn’t you? You’re full now, so you need to leave. We agreed I feed you even when I’m angry, but not that you get to use your dream manipulation to force me to hear you out.” I snap, wincing as my voice cracks.

Gray’s mouth snaps shut, and I watch as the muscle in his jaw jumps. I cross my arms over my chest as I wait to see whether or not he’s going to argue with me about this, and breathe out a sigh of relief when he gives a jerky nod and disappears.

I barely have enough time to spin and make sure that he’s really gone before I’m plopping down in the sand. Sleep’s the only peace I have, and Gray’s ruined even that for me tonight.


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