The Female

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Chapter 46 - Trick


I stare at Shay as she laughs and drones on about the Lust drama. Her cheeks redden as I watch her tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, her heart fluttering loudly in her chest. She rarely, if ever, gets my undivided attention, and it’s clear she doesn’t know what to do with it now that she has it.

Nodding my head, I pretend as if I’m invested in what she’s saying as I listen to Charlie and Gray fight in her office. I’m not sure what spurred it this time, and am honestly a little surprised with how nasty she’s being.

The entire manor was echoing with her moans last night as Gray fed on her. I thought that meant all was forgiven, but as I hear Charlie spit her insults at Gray I realize just how wrong that assumption was.

Shay stutters just slightly as I accidentally let out more essence than what my body naturally produces, my heightened emotions causing more to be pushed out. I worry she’ll recognize it to be a result of the fighting happening just down the hall, but as Shay uncrosses her legs and the scent of her arousal hits me, I realize she believes it to be a result of her.

Good. I’d rather not have her know how much it affects me when Charlie and Gray fight, the bickering making my stress levels increase.

I force my lips to curl up at the corners as I lean back in my chair, playing along to the part of tempted male. My curse gives me the perfect excuse not to be intimate with her, but I still choose to pretend I’m excited by her lust.

A small part of me worries Shay will hurt Charlie if she discovers how desperate my Wrath is to take the Human. Even when she’s fighting with Gray, an action I’d expect to anger my Wrath, it still wants her.

I wonder if Gray’s attachment to her has forced my Wrath to view her, by extension of him, as one of my bonded. I’ve never felt particularly close to any of his lovers, and usually end up wanting to kill them more than anything else, but Gray’s also never been so invested in one before.

Silas claims it’s probably just because I like her, but I’m not sure how much I believe that. He admitted that her being so outspoken despite her physical weakness tempts him too. Apparently it’s a Human trait, the sad things inclined to ignore power imbalances when they grow comfortable.

All I know is that she sure wasn’t like this when we first got her. She was a bit snarky, sure, but she never raised her voice or so blatantly defied us. Now she’s running around snapping at everybody like a fucking banshee.

I both love and hate it.

Most breeds can’t see past the power imbalance, their bodies forcing them to submit. It’s a miracle if they can even get a word out around me, choosing to either stare like a deer caught in headlights or run away. Then there are the few who just cry.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with Humans that they’re able to ignore the part of their brain that screams danger. It explains why they were so stupid before the decline, constantly getting themselves into trouble and dying from reckless behavior.

“When do you think you’ll be ready to move ahead with bonding me?” Shay questions, pulling me from my thoughts.

I shrug, frowning. I’m hoping over time I’ll learn to trust her as I did Silas. Gray got a free pass since he bonded us together, but it took hundreds of years before I could truly let my guard down around the Fate.

“I will not be touching you until both Silas and Gray have agreed.” I curtly remind her.

Gray groans and slams Charlie’s office door shut as I speak. I reach out to him through the bond, but he pushes me away and stomps down the hall toward the kitchen.

“Don’t let the bitch near my Human.” He grumbles as he walks past.

Silas yells something back from the library, but it’s too quiet for me to make out what exactly his words are. Shay frowns and shifts uncomfortably in her seat, anger and envy mixing heavily into her scent.

Shay’s as much of a threat to Charlie as Charlie unknowingly is to her, and I observe her as she sucks in a deep breath and cracks her neck. Despite her promises to leave the Human alone and wait for her to die of age, I know she won’t pass up an opportunity to end Charlie sooner.

“I want you to stay in Envy until the Human’s reached her time.” I state.

Shay frowns, but doesn’t immediately respond. I’m sure she’s thinking hard about her following words, trying to find the ones that will keep her here. Unless Gray or Silas change their minds and ask her to stick around, I don’t see the point in her living here with us.

She’s a threat to Charlie and my relationship with Gray, and it’d be best to have her lay low until the two other Demons have gotten over their infatuation with the Human. Both of them have had feelings for Shay in the past, taking her to their bed and parading her around like a little show pony, so I’m sure they’ll be able to find those emotions again in the future.

I’ve never been lucky enough to feel that way toward her, but I’m more than willing to give up my need for true female companionship if it means the other two will be happy. All I require is a woman to carry my children and keep Silas and Gray entertained.

Besides, I’m sure attraction will grow after bonding with her. That’s how it worked with Gray. If it weren’t for him tying us together, I never would’ve looked twice at him. Even if he is the son of Lust, he was too unpredictable and loud for me to find interest.

“I don’t understand. Don’t you want to get to know me?” Shay finally questions.

I stare into her eyes as I listen to Silas walk down the hall and turn into his office. He can listen to Charlie from there, and is clearly taking on the responsibility of watching over her while Gray’s off trying to cool down.

“I already do.” I state, my eyes narrowing as she stands and cautiously approaches. “We’ve crossed paths many times, and you’ve spent ample time at this house during your relationships with my men.”

Shay sighs, but doesn’t say anything further as she walks around my desk and straddles me. Instinct tells me to push her off, but I remain still. What’s she planning to do? She’s not stupid enough to think she can seduce me into bonding with her.

“No,” She chuckles, grabbing my hand and placing it on her thigh. “You may bond when you cum, but I don’t. You might find yourself caring for me more if you put in some effort to get to know me.”

I resist the urge to sigh. I’ve never had any interest in pleasuring a female before, both because I don’t want to tempt myself and because I’ve never found the thought appealing. I felt arousal at the sight of females before my bond to Gray, but now my Wrath finds himself more annoyed at the idea than anything else.

Even when Gray has brought me women in my dreams, claiming that it wouldn’t hurt me to learn, my mind still felt like it was cheating on him. Wraths are not polygamous, and sometimes I hate Gray for forcing my bond on him and breaking my customs.

We’ll have to take a female if we want to further our line, and when I finally accepted that Gray and I would have to share, Silas decided to throw himself in the mix and demand I bond him too when the time comes.

“No.” I state, removing my hand from Shay’s thigh and gesturing for her to get off.

She doesn’t, and I clench my hands into fists as I fight the urge to shove her onto the floor. I can’t hurt her if she’s to be my bonded. It may be all I want to do now, but someday I’ll regret it.

“You touched the Human.” She accuses.

I don’t know where she got that information from, but I don’t bother denying it as I turn away and gesture once more for her to get off. She tries grabbing for my hand again, but I remain firm and keep it by my side.

“You can pretend I’m her. The boys don’t take me seriously because you don’t take me seriously. If you touched me, they’d know this is real.” Shay hisses, her nails digging into my wrist as she tries to yank my hand back to her thigh. “Make me cum like you did to her and I’ll leave.”

I bark out a laugh before I can stop myself, finding her desperation funny. Of course, I shouldn’t expect anything less from an Envy.

“So that’s what this is all about. You’re upset I touched the Human, but not you. Will you also demand the same from Gray and Silas? They’ve had thousands of lovers so it may take a while. Or is this request reserved just for me?” I tease.

Shay frowns, finally scampering off my lap.

“Why are you such an asshole? You should be thankful I’m even willing to bond with you!” She snaps, raising her voice. “Most women are terrified at the thought of being stuck with you.” Shay laughs, pointing an accusatory finger in my direction. “No high-bred woman would happily agree to bond a male who will never truly love them. Your only saving grace is that you have an Incubus and Fate to keep their bed warm with while you scamper off in the pits like the fucking monster you are.”

I hum, my smile growing as I hear Silas walk to the wall separating our rooms. Nosy little Fate.

Shay takes a step back as I stand and approach her, her eyes wide in fear as I back her into a corner.

“Be careful, Shay. You’re letting your Envy show, and I only have so much patience to give you. Despite their fear, we both know every woman is still salivating over the thought of having me. I’m happy to choose one of them instead.” I whisper, wincing as my Wrath urges me to grab her neck and rip.

He hates her, and hates even more that the words she speaks are true. It’s not a secret that women fear what a bond to me would look like. They’re all curious about what Gray and I do behind closed doors.

There are rumors that I beat and starve him, and even some whispers among the nobility that I take pleasure in raping him.

Even so, women still try weaseling their way into our lives in the hopes of catching our attention. They’re willing to settle for what they perceive to be a cruel man if it means they have unlimited power and two good ones to stand by them.

I wonder what they’d say if they knew it’s Gray who sneaks into my dreams and tricks me into feeding him. I’m sure they’d be surprised to learn that when he was plagued with nightmares after we found him in the woods, it was me who sat with him every night until he fell back asleep. That when he comes home crying because he’s been slighted, it’s me who brings him food and wipes away his tears.

We were a unit before Charlie came along.

But that’s none of their fucking business.

Charlie lets out an annoyed shout just as Shay gulps and shifts away, finally taking the hint that she’s not wanted here. About damn time.

“I’ll handle it.” I murmur as Charlie rips open her door and storms into Gray’s office.

Silas knocks twice on the wall, acknowledging my words, before leaving his office and heading back to whatever he was doing before Gray summoned him. I’m sure Gray will chew him out later for entrusting her to me, but that’s not my problem.

I can hear Charlie sifting through Gray’s drawers as I approach his office and slip inside. Her head pops up from behind the wooden desk as I close the door and place my body in front of it.

Her eyes narrow as she stares at me, and as I breathe in I note the slight tinge of fear she emits. Good. Nosy little thing should be scared.

“Need help finding something?” I ask, tilting my head to the side.

She gulps and clenches her jaw, both physical signs of her fear. I’m sure she’s looking for the female report, and mentally pat myself on the back for taking Gray’s copy and hiding it in my bedroom. Charlie’s sneakier than she lets on, and I don’t trust her to have ownership of something that would only cause us trouble.

“What’re you doing in here?” I try again.

Charlie stands and tugs down her shirt, the action bringing to my attention the amount of stomach she’s showing. It’s not as if I haven’t seen a woman’s bare body before, but something about Charlie’s has me clenching my hands into fists by my sides.

It looks soft and warm, and I hate that I can’t touch it.

I stare down at her as she tentatively approaches. Her fear gets stronger the closer she gets, but she doesn’t back down.

“Excuse me.” She murmurs, gesturing to the door I stand in front of.

I don’t know why I do it, but instead of stepping out of the way, I lean against it so she can’t leave. I want to know what she does when she thinks she’s in immediate danger. My Wrath wants to know too.

“You’re being awfully mean to my Incubus.” I murmur, stepping forward.

She backs up as I approach, but I continue forward until I’ve gotten her trapped. Her eyes fill with tears before one pools over and trails down her cheek. I don’t bother hiding my interest as I reach out and capture the tear just before it reaches her chin.

She freezes as my fingertip makes contact with her skin, and cringes as I pull back to lift the liquid into the light.

“You have salty tears.” I mindlessly state.

Intrigued, I pop my finger into my mouth to taste the tear. It’s salty and gross, and I smack my tongue until the flavor’s gone.

“Let me go.” She croaks. “I haven’t done anything to you.”

I hum, thinking it over. I should leave her alone. She’s going to tell Gray and Silas I cornered her, only furthering the growing divide between us. They’re going to be disappointed in me.

Instead, I stare down at her wide eyes and lick my lips. I saw the way she so eagerly threw herself at Silas in the library. She was looking at him with the same expression, but her scent had less fear and more arousal.

I wonder if that scent would appear if I kissed her like he did.

Gray’s admittance that she dreams about us tells me she’s attracted to me, and I want to know what she fantasizes about when she’s alone. She sure seemed to enjoy watching him touch me in my dream, and I’m assuming she also enjoyed watching me touch the dream her that was there prior.

“This will be our secret.” I whisper, softly reaching out to touch her belly.

She doesn’t push me away, and I trace my fingers over the exposed skin in the way I’ve imagined about for weeks now. Her throat bobs as she gulps, her muscles pulled tight.

My jaw drops as I slide my hand up her chest, oddly nervous as I touch her breast over her shirt. I’ve never felt a female like this before, and shift my weight between my legs as my body responds.

My intentions aren’t to make her uncomfortable, so I keep my stroking light. Charlie stares at my face in shock as I pull my bottom lip between my teeth and run my fingertip over her hard nipple.

The Charlie Gray creates in my dreams loves to have them touched. My light skimming turns into a gentle grab as her arousal reaches my nose. Despite her insistence that she hates me, I just knew there was a part of her that’s full of need.

She refuses to meet my eye as I slip my hand back down her chest and belly, pausing once I reach the top of her leggings. Her quiet gasp has me hesitating, worried I’ve taken my selfish exploration too far, but at the sight of her red cheeks I groan and shove my hand down the material.

She flinches as my cold hand cups her, and I waste no time shoving two fingers inside. I want to know if she feels like the Charlie in my dreams. I let out a silent moan as the overwhelming feeling of her cunt goes straight to my cock, and inch forward to get even closer to her.

I want to know how she’ll feel sinking on my shaft. The only women I’ve had are the ones Gray gives me, and they feel no better than my fist. Charlie feels nothing like my calloused fingers.

My cock is painfully hard as I shove my face into the top of her head and sniff her hair, wanting to surround myself with anything that smells of her. I feel slightly lost as I gently pull my fingers out and ease them back in, copying the actions I’ve seen thousands of times at the Lust parties I’ve attended.

Charlie seems to enjoy it as she grabs my bicep and gasps, her legs spreading to give me more room. She wants me too.

I’m so lost in her that I don’t notice the shift in the atmosphere, but sure realize it as blinding pain spreads from my balls to my throat. The overwhelming need to vomit overtakes me as I pull out of her and step back, my mouth open as I watch Charlie flinch and pull back her fist.

Did she punch me? In the dick?

Instinctively I try to take control of my Wrath, accustomed to it taking over when threatened, but am surprised to feel nothing more than pain and annoyance toward the Human.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” She yells before beelining it to the door.

I don’t chase after her as she rips it open and scampers down the hallway, her feet slapping loudly against the wood flooring. I’m sure Silas will hear as she makes her way past the library, and suck in a sharp breath before sitting down on Gray’s couch to recover.

She fucking tricked me.


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