The Female

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Chapter 50 - United


My calls continue to go unanswered, and I pull my phone away as Gray’s voicemail begins to drone on in my ear. I can’t imagine where he went that he has no cell service, and hope Aziel didn’t convince him to go to the pits again.

The Incubus was torn to bits afterward, and refused to speak to us for an entire week.

I hang up my phone and drop the metal device on my desk with a quiet sigh. I didn’t anticipate they’d be gone this long, and am starting to grow worried for Charlie. A day or two is nothing to us, but it’s practically an eternity to Charlie.

At least that’s how she’s acting.

She hasn’t spoken to me since I forced her out of bed and downstairs for breakfast, her anger pouring out in waves. She was even less happy when I made her eat a large portion of her food, my worry for her health turning me into Gray.

I don’t know how to feel about my incessant need to watch over her wellbeing, my nerves twisting whenever I catch her doing something unsafe. A small part of me wonders if Aziel will return with the mindset of wanting to pursue Charlie.

I wouldn’t be upset.

These past weeks I’ve been filled with regret for pushing her away, my assumptions about her age and breed wrong.

She’s more than proved she’s capable of making her own decisions, her near-constant arguing and bickering bringing hope within me that she could be our female. I thought she’d be too weak, that she’d never be able to do anything other than submit to us, but that’s not true.

It felt nice having her in my arms last night, and I wouldn’t mind having her there more often. I’m sure Gray will make a fuss when I tell him I want my own time with her, but he’s just going to have to get over it.

There’s no way I’m going to lay in his bed after the atrocities I’ve witnessed there, but I imagine we could fix up the unused wing of the house us three.

I rise from my chair and head toward the library before thinking better of it. Charlie’s been cooped up in there all day, reading as much as possible about the females.

She would’ve made a strong leader before the fall of the Humans.

Despite her anger toward our mistreatment of the females, that issue seems to have been put on the backburner as she focuses her attention and worries on Gray and Aziel. I hope our apologies seem genuine.

Peering inside the room, I spot her lying on the couch with a book propped up on her chest. Her thumb rests just inside her mouth, her jaw moving as she gnaws at the skin on it. My lips purse as I watch her peel a chunk off, a small bead of blood pebbling up in response to the sudden tear.

This is a new thing for her, and I can’t lie and say it doesn’t alarm me. Humans are known to gravitate toward self-mutilation, which is especially dangerous when coupled with their weak bodies.

She doesn’t sense me approaching, and I make no efforts to make myself known as I come up from behind and round the couch. Her big eyes dart up to me as I crouch next to her head and softly grab her wrist.

Her throat bobs, and I tug her hand away from her mouth.

“Are you okay?” I ask, already knowing she’s going to lie.

She nods with a weak smile. I know she feels embarrassed being around me after our night together, the nerves visible in both her scent and expressions whenever I’m near. I want to assure her there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable, but I know acknowledging what happened will only make it worse.

“Have you heard from Gray yet?” She probes, setting down her book and propping herself up on her elbows.

I shake my head.

“Not yet, but I’m sure he’ll be back soon.” I promise, not at all worried about him and Aziel.

I’m sure they’re both off licking their wounds. The last time I sent them away, it took them two days to begin speaking and another three before they were cooled down enough to return home. Aziel’s rejection of his bond to Gray drives a wedge between them every couple of years.

This isn’t anything new.

“What if he doesn’t come back?” Charlie asks.

I resist the urge to laugh at her concern, knowing the Incubus would never just up and leave her. The man is stuck to her like glue, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he cares for her more than Aziel and me.

She treats him with adoration, and he thrives on that.

“That’s not going to happen, but you’ll be well protected with me if it does.” I assure, hoping to help soothe some of her worries. “I’m not going to let anybody hurt you, and if worst ever comes to worst, I’ll take responsibility for you.”

Charlie seems mildly soothed by my words, her heartbeat slowing and body sagging slightly into the couch.

As much as I hate to admit it, I love the way she depends on me. She shows such trust even though I’m a Demon.

“This is all my fault.” She mumbles, her cheeks reddening as she averts her gaze from mine. “I shouldn’t have let Aziel touch me.”

I snort, shaking my head and grabbing her arm as she brings her fingers to her mouth again. Unlike last time I don’t let go, and hold her clammy hand within my own as I adjust my crouched position into one that’s slightly more comfortable.

Dropping my knees to the ground, I sit back on my heels just as her lips twitch. She’s trying not to smile at my hand-holding.

“Gray was looking for any excuse to blow up on Aziel. It would’ve happened eventually.” I inform her, leaving out the detail that this happens frequently.

I don’t want her to think we live in a dysfunctional household. It’s far from perfect, but we’re generally pretty good and I don’t want to taint her image of Gray. She views him as a solid, forever person in her life, and would no doubt be bothered if she knew that his short absence isn’t entirely rare.

My heart goes out to her as she sits up and runs her free hand through her hair. I glance at my rock between her collarbones, happy she’s wearing it, before sliding back to her face. She watches me closely, her own eyes darting between my face and my hand that wraps around hers.

I’m not used to being around females like this, and I don’t know how to comfort her. I understand facts and logic, but feelings aren’t always based on those. No about of assurances that Gray will be back will change the part of her mind that’s convinced he’s left for good.

I rub my thumb along the back of her hand, hoping she finds comfort in the action. Her pulse races instead, the opposite effect of what I’m going for.

With a sigh I release her hand and pull her into a hug. She follows my lead quickly, crumbling within my arms as she rests her head against my chest. There are no tears, which surprises me, but she does release a few shaky breaths.

“Thank you.” She whispers into my shirt.

I hum, rubbing my hand down her spine. She shivers, and I gulp as I feel my body start to betray me. I like her tiny frame against mine. My arms tighten around her waist, squeezing her until she groans.

Charlie shoves her hands between our torsos and pushes me back so she can look me in the eye. They shine with curiosity, and I watch her tongue dart out to wet her lips as she tries to read me.

“Do you think Gray is angry that I let Aziel touch me? He always says he wants us all to be together.” She asks, voice shaky with nerves.

I hum, shaking my head as she continues to look me over. It doesn’t take a genius to know what she’s really trying to figure out. She wants to kiss me, and wants confirmation that Gray won’t be angry about it. He won’t. The Incubus views us as family, his den, and instinct makes him want to share her.

The urge for him isn’t nearly as strong as it is for the other Incubi, and I doubt he would ever be happy seeing her with somebody he doesn’t consider to be his family, but it’s different with us. He’ll take pleasure in knowing I kept her warm while he was gone.

Charlie’s pulse races as I rise to my knees and cup her cheek. Her arousal hits me as I stroke her soft skin, and I can’t stop myself from leaning in and connecting my lips to hers.

She tenses as I kiss her, her body stiffening before relaxing into mine. I tighten my arms around her waist and lift, giving me room to slip on the couch beneath her body. Charlie gasps, but doesn’t make any complaints as I set her down on my lap.

“Gray isn’t going to be upset, but I’m okay with waiting until he returns if that’ll make you feel better.” I murmur. I don’t want her to do something because she feels she has to, and I won’t be upset if she needs Gray’s explicit permission.

Charlie sucks in a sharp breath as I suck her bottom lip between my teeth and bite down on it. My canine nicks her and draws some blood, and I suck the metallic liquid into my mouth before releasing her lip with a pop.

“I’m not going to stop you this time.” I whisper, placing my lips on hers again.

Her body’s small and warm on top of mine, and I slip my palms underneath her shirt to feel more. I can sense some of her apprehension dissipate at my statement, her body arching into mine just slightly.

I hold back a moan as her tongue tentatively darts out and licks along my bottom lip, her cautious actions a far change from our last kiss. I can’t tell which one I liked more.

It’s not fair that both Aziel and Gray get to touch her soft flesh while I’m stuck watching. A small part of me knows it’s fucked up to take advantage of their absence to make a move, but I’d rather do it with them gone than while they’re listening from the next room.

Charlie’s going to reek of me when they get home. They’ll know she and I were intimate, but they’ll have no idea what happened. They made the decision to fight like two idiots, and this will be their punishment.

Knowing that Charlie tends to get spooked easily, I don’t rush anything as I explore her mouth with my own. It kills me not to push this, but I don’t want to end up with two bruised balls like Aziel.

Charlie’s arousal reaches my nose as I run my fingertips down the ridges of her spine, her hips twitching on top of mine. I moan into her mouth at its smell, my hands flexing against her back.


My cock hardens as she slips her fingers in my hair and tugs on the strands. The first time she did this I thought it was for me, but as the smell of her arousal intensifies, I realize this is for her.

She likes to hurt me.

I grunt as she abruptly rips my head back and drops her mouth to my throat, her soft lips making contact with the area where my neck and shoulder meet. This is an intimate spot for Demons, the place where we put our marks, and I release a shaky breath as she licks it.

It would be seen as an insult to my future bonded that I let another place their mouth here, but I don’t make any moves to stop Charlie as she nips the skin.

Gray must kiss her there frequently, a silent promise.

My length aches as she latches on and begins to suck, all caution thrown to the wind as I flip us over. I sit her on the couch and drop myself down on the floor, my knees making painful contact with the wood as I rip her pants off and throw her thighs over my shoulders.

I pause and wait for her mind to catch up with our new position. Her sex teases me, wet and swollen, as I stare up at her from between her thighs. Charlie’s eyes widen when it finally clicks, and I hold back a smirk as I slide my hands up her legs and spread them further for me.

“Can I taste you?” I breathe. “Please?”

I don’t want to be just another male who takes from her. I want her to give it to me.

Charlie blinks, adjusting, before nodding. My lips curl into a smile as I lower my gaze to her sex. She’s wet, but not nearly as much as I want her to be. Demon women can control their arousal, but I like that Charlie can’t.

If I’m not adequately pleasing her, her body will let me know.

Her hole clenches in impatience, and I chuckle before leaning in and licking a broad stripe from her entrance to clit. She tastes sweet, and I hold her twitching hips still before leaning in and repeating the action.

As much as I’d like to take my time and tease her, I don’t know how long Aziel and Gray will be gone and I don’t want to be interrupted.

Charlie’s breath hitches as I wrap my lips around her clit and suck. I flick my tongue over the sensitive nub and shift uncomfortably. My cock aches, but I ignore it as I reach up and spread her pussy lips. This isn’t about me.

Saliva dribbles down my chin as I work her, my actions taking on a desperate edge as her thighs shake around my head. I tighten my grip on her legs as she slips her hands into my hair again and yanks.

“Fuck,” I moan, my cock twitching in my pants. “Use me, baby.” I gasp as she uses my hair to guide my mouth against her.

I stop what I’m doing and let her take the lead, her warm sex rubbing sloppily against my tongue as she brings herself to orgasm. Unable to hold back, I slip a hand into my pants and stroke my cock.

It’s hot and stiff in my fist, and I give it a tight squeeze as Charlie rides my face. This is precisely what I wanted, and I massage my tip as she finds what feels best and begins to rock in that specific rhythm.

“Silas! Silas- I,” She chokes, her voice high-pitched and desperate.

My scalp burns as she twists her fingers in my hair, her orgasm too close for her to pay attention to what she’s doing to me, but I don’t mind. The pain goes straight to my cock, and I frantically stroke it as she stiffens and cums on my tongue.

I’m so close. Charlie presses her sex into my mouth as she finds her orgasm, and I eagerly lick her through it as I chase my release. My eyes roll back as it builds, and I rub her with the flat of my tongue before pointing it and shoving as much as I can inside her.

“Stop.” She gasps, her voice stern despite its breathy nature.

I whine, continuing to lick at her as my fist flies over my length.

“Silas. Stop.” She says again.

This time I obey, my cock screaming as I release it with a pained groan. I’m so close. My hips jerk forward as I instinctively seek out some friction, and I pull my face out from between Charlie’s thighs with a frown.

Her face and neck are red, and she pants as she stares down at me with a hardness in her eye that says I’m not going to like what happens next.

“You can’t cum.” She orders. “I don’t want you to.”

My eyes narrow, and I mentally curse her as I sit on my knees and shuffle forward. The corners of her lips twitch at my angry expression, and I don’t bother hiding it as I shove my cock into my jeans and zip myself back up.

I hate it, but I already know I’m going to listen to her. She’s got me wrapped around her bony little finger, and at this moment, she knows it. Fucking bitch.

“And why would I listen to you?" I tease.

Charlie’s pulse quickens as she sits up and clears her throat. She pushes her shoulders back and clenches her hands into fists by her side, the sudden change in posture worrying me. Before I can ask about it she slides off the couch and kneels with me.

I remain still as she leans forward and brings her mouth to my ear. Fear and anxiety seep from her pores, and I place what I hope is a comforting hand on her waist.

“Because you’re my male, and I said so.”

I’m stunned silent for the first time in my life, and blink up at her until she fumbles around and stands. Does she consider me to be her male? I knew I was thinking of her as mine, but didn’t realize she was returning those emotions.

A smile threatens to break out on my face as she reaches forward with shaky hands to grab her clothing. My nostrils flare as the scent of her shame hits me, and take hold of her wrists to stop her.

My eyebrows furrow as I grab the clothing from her hands and push her back down on the couch.

“Calm,” I murmur, ignoring the way she sits up with a huff.

She eyes the wetness that remains around my mouth, and I suck my bottom lip into my mouth to taste her arousal while she watches. I like it.

Charlie’s quiet as I straighten out her clothing and grab her leg. The only noise she releases is a shaky exhale as I help her into her underwear, my fingers tapping against her thigh to get her to lift so I can slide them up her hips.

She seems embarrassed, so I avert my gaze from her sex as I help her get dressed.

What’s wrong with her?

There’s a quiet shuffling as Gray stands outside the library door, his return unnoticed until now. Good timing. I tilt my head to the side as I search for any sounds of Aziel, coming up empty-handed.

I’m thankful Gray remains out of sight, giving me time to talk to Charlie before he distracts her with his return. With slow movements I pull Charlie to her feet and stroke her hair. She sighs into my touch, and fists the hem of my shirt as I press a kiss to her temple.

“Do you regret calling me your male?” I finally ask, needing to know where these sudden negative emotions are coming from.

Her lips purse as she avoids eye contact, and in frustration I grab hold of her face. I keep my grip light as I cup her cheeks with my palms and force her to look up and meet my eye.

She still refuses to answer, and I shut my eyes and suck in a deep breath before continuing. She’s been a handful all day now, and I don’t know why I thought that’d change after touching her.

“Charlie, I was very upfront with why I couldn’t take you as my female, but I was wrong.” I state, my thumbs stroking her warm cheeks. “I’m not a mind reader, and I need you to communicate. Would you like me to go first?”

She nods, sinking her teeth into my bottom lip. I can see the skin caving underneath her sharp teeth, and nudge her lip with my thumb until she lets it go.

“I care for you, a lot, and I want you to be my female. I’d like to know if you called me your male out of lust or because you genuinely feel the same way.” I state, hoping that being upfront with my emotions will urge her to do the same.

She’s as bad as Aziel when it comes to being vulnerable, refusing to give anything away unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Charlie’s eyes widen, her grip on my shirt tightening as she twists her hands within the fabric. She lifts the end of the shirt to my face with a grimace and wipes my jaw, removing the visible traces of her arousal from my mouth.

I liked it, and pull away with a frown.

“I don’t know.” She finally admits, her eyes growing wet. “What would that look like? With you and Gray? I’m his female too, and I’m scared he’ll be upset with this.” Her bottom lip wobbles as she sucks in a shaky breath. “I should’ve waited for him to come home.”

Her heart hammers away in her chest as she glances at the ceiling, the action a clear attempt to keep any tears from falling. I know this must be hard for her, her confusion about Gray’s desire and the unanswered questions about how we move forward overwhelming.

“I’m not against intimacy with him if that’s what you want, and I’m also not against keeping our relationships with you separate.” I chuckle, my head tilting toward the library doors as Gray inches closer. I can practically smell his impatience. “Gray’s been standing outside that door for a couple of minutes now. He would’ve come in if he were angry, and is giving us time to talk.” I finally admit, hoping to soothe her.

Charlie perks up at that, her face snapping toward the door as her pulse quickens. I try not to be offended by her excitement as I release her and murmur for Gray to come in. I wanted to talk about us, but clearly she’s not ready for that.

The Incubus comes barrelling through the door the moment the words slip from my mouth, his arms outstretched as he rushes toward us. I back away as he pulls her into a tight hug, watching as she buries her face in his shirt and sniffles.

I don’t like her tears, and worry I’ve pushed her too far too quickly. Gray knows her better than I do, and I should’ve talked to him first about how to approach this.

“I missed you.” Gray whispers in her ear. “I’m sorry I was gone for so long. Aziel and I had a lot we needed to work through.” He admits, some of his essence leaking out as she tightens her hold on his waist and breathes his scent.

“Where is Aziel?” I speak up.

As much as I want Charlie to have this nice reunion with Gray, I’m concerned about Aziel not returning with him. They always come back together, usually drunk and geared up to pull some childish prank on me.

“Aziel’s making a detour at Envy.” Gray states, his shoulders pushed back as some more of his essence slips out in excitement. “He’s setting up a meeting with their leaders to discuss the females. We’re going to make it right.” He continues, rocking on his heels.

"No more generations of females will feel the pain you’ve been forced to endure.” He promises, his wide eyes frantic as he cups Charlie’s cheeks. “We want you to help us.”


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