The Female

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Chapter 6 - Meeting


My lungs feel broken as I’m led out of the auction room, my chest heaving and the overwhelming feeling of suffocation spreading through me. Objectively I know that my body is getting the oxygen it needs to survive, but my brain isn’t getting the memo, forcing my hyperventilation to increase with each step I take.

I’m glad that I was not made to spread myself or partake in any of the horrifying things that the women led me to believe I’d have to, but still I know that this experience will stay with me for a long time. The darkness of the room, coupled with the tense silence, made every second feel like hours.

I don’t know how many men watched me stand there, their eyes raking over my bare flesh as they decided whether or not I was worth their money. I could see the dim screens light up as Anthony read out my information, but I refused to hurt myself by counting them.

I’m uninterested in knowing how many men tried to purchase me today and would rather die than hear how much my body was sold for. I know that I wasn’t in there for as long as most of the other women, and hope that means something good.

Either that or I’m desperately reading into things that have no meaning. Probably the latter.

I continue to pant as I follow Anthony down the sterile hallway and into a cleansing room. He practically beams as he directs for me to enter, and it takes everything in me not to lash out and attack him.

Dirty fucking man.

He managed to make us believe that he was, at least to some extent, on our side, his pitiful glances and occasional encouragement all a facade. I curse myself for not recognizing it earlier, but after seeing his joy after each successful sell I am no longer fooled.

My vision goes blurry as my eyes fill with tears, and with a defeated sigh I turn and enter the room.

“Somebody will be with you shortly to groom you to your male’s preferences.” He speaks out before closing the door behind me.

The unmistakable sound of a lock clicking into place rings out as he leaves, but I hardly find myself caring as I take a look around the room. It’s not the first time I’ve been locked away, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Being in this facility has taken a lot from me; my desire for freedom apparently one of the largest.

Most of the women who have already had their time in the auction linger around getting groomed, some receiving full-body waxes while others receive haircuts and makeovers.

I recoil as I spot a woman in the corner getting her head shaved, and with a heavy heart realize that it is Erica who is receiving the big chop. Just an hour ago she was gleefully retelling us about her experience with the man last night, and now she is sobbing quietly to herself as that same man shaves her head.

I’m surprised that her males requested this of her and hope that it was one of the only demands that they made.

A loud cry rings out to my left, and I pull my attention from Erica to watch as some blonde I haven’t met before receives her wax. The male grooming her presses his hand to her tender skin after ridding her of the pubic hair, waiting for her cry to die down before adding more hot wax to her body.

Other than the occasional cries and pained shouts, the women remain silent. The groomers don’t seem to have the same reservations, though, chatting loudly amongst themselves as if the sight of a dozen naked women being groomed is a regular, everyday occurrence.

With a sigh, I realize that for them it probably is.

I don’t want to seem rude by gawking at anybody in particular for too long, so with one more quick glance around I am dropping my gaze to my feet and shuffling to stand along the back wall. There are a couple of other females here waiting for their turn, and none make an effort to greet me as I join them.

My hands tense up by my sides as I watch another woman out of the corner of my eye spread her legs for a waxer, her face contorted in pain as he applies the hot wax to her inner thigh and rips off all of the hair in one big rip.

I can’t even begin to imagine how painful that must be, and hope that the men who purchased me do not desire the same level of softness from my skin.

My father never required such things for my mother, and in turn I have never been expected or encouraged to shave any part of my body. In all honesty I prefer it that way, finding it unnecessary to rid myself of the hair that my body naturally produces.

As the door opens up once more, I turn to peer at who is entering, eager to see if another female or a groomer has come to join us. To my complete surprise it is neither, and I watch with nerves as a man in a guard uniform enters and looks us over with contempt.

His eyes scan the room slowly, pausing to leer at the woman who lay on their back with their legs open. He hardly seems to care about the fact that we can all see his leering, making no efforts to hide it as he continues to look around. I gulp as his eyes land on me, my heart kicking up a beat as I lower my gaze towards the ground once more.

He grunts, moving towards me until his booted feet are placed directly in front of my toes. I continue to stare down at the ground, my hands shaking by my sides as he lifts one of his large, tattooed arms and grabs my bicep.

Once more my lungs feel inefficient as I’m ripped from my spot and pulled roughly towards the door. I lick my lips nervously as I follow him out into the hallway, pausing as he stops to lock the door behind me.

“Your males have decided to forego the grooming and would like you taken directly to their transportation.” He explains gruffly, voice leaving no room for argument.

Not that I would give him one anyway.

He doesn’t wait for my response before turning and heading down the empty hallway, his pace fast and hurried. My arms cross protectively over my body as I rush behind him, my skin sweating despite the cool chill in this building.

I was hoping that I would be allowed to dress before being taken to my buyers, and worry that my naked approach was also a specific request on their part.

What if they plan to take me right away? Our seller claimed that I have a high likelihood of twins and I’m sure that whoever bought me is intrigued by that. Twins mean more opportunity for a female, and that’s all that is cared about nowadays.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they fill me before we even leave the building, my fingertips digging into my arms at the thought.

Trying not to let myself cry, I hold my head up high as I’m led through a large door labeled exit. Despite how I may be feeling inside, I will not let myself appear small and feeble. My father told me that if this ever happens that I need to show a strong front, that men will respect me more if I do.

Quite a shame, though, that he ended up with such a timid daughter.

There is only one car waiting by the door, the deep black color blending in with the sky’s darkness. I didn’t even realize that it was nighttime and find it quite fitting that there are no stars and the light from the moon is low.

It fits how I feel. Dim and dark.

The sound of the car door slamming shut reaches my ears before the sight of a driver rushing around meets my attention. He barely spares me a glance as he opens the back door and gestures for me to enter.

After all the orders I have mindlessly followed up until this point, I’m shocked to discover that this is I feel myself hesitating. Are my males in there? The car is small enough that there is no way more than six or seven people could fit inside. Will they take me in the backseat before forcing me into their realm?

What is their realm? My pulse quickens as I think over the possibilities. I would love for them to be Elven or Were, but I know that’s just wishful thinking. I could never get so lucky as to be paired with a blessed breed.

The driver clears his throat as I make no attempt to enter the vehicle, the noise startling me as I glance around and evaluate the space. I could try to run. This is my last opportunity to do so.

The Human realm is the only one I would be able to survive in and navigate, and if I am removed from here then there is no hope.

Sensing my thoughts, the guard comes up from behind and grabs the back of my neck, his hand squeezing painfully into the muscle as he forces my head down and pushes me in the direction of the car.

I cry out as I’m forced forward, the noise cut short as a warm body pulls me out of the man’s hand. My mind struggles to keep up with the speed of the newcomer’s actions as he turns back towards the guard and pins him up against the car.

“I do not believe that you are in a position to be touching what is mine.” A deep voice rings out, the tone causing my thighs to clench together.

I feel nothing short of humiliation at my body’s reaction to him, my confusion growing as my nipples harden and core pulsates. What the fuck is wrong with me? My arousal grows the longer I stare at the man’s back, and with terror I realize that he must be an Incubus.

His black hair and intense power are enough for me to know that he is a Demon, and the only explanation for my body’s betrayal would be if he is a sex one.

Backing away, I slip into the car and slam the door shut on the two men. The driver hardly seems to care about the interaction between the two men as he walks back around and slips into the front seat. Thankfully the divider is up and the back is empty, and I take a moment to catch my breath before turning to watch the Demon out of the window.

I watch with horror as he continues to choke the guard, the Human man’s mouth flapping open and shut as he grabs at the hand wrapped around his throat.

The sight goes blurry as my tears once more obscure my vision, and I curse myself for crying. I need to appear strong and well-spoken. If they see me as a blubbering mess, then that is how they will treat me.

I need the Demon to respect me, especially if he is a sex one.

As abruptly as he began, the Demon drops the guard and turns back to the vehicle. His black eyes meet mine through the closed window before as he grins and walks around to the other side.

His smile as he opens the door and slides in beside me feels like deceit. Again my body betrays me as I am stuck in an enclosed space with him, each breath filling me with his essence and forcing my body to ready itself for him.

I struggle even to form a complete thought as he stares at me, his gaze trailing down my body as his nostrils flare and hands clench up where they sit on his thighs. To my complete relief and surprise, he pulls back his power and relaxes back into the seat.

“My apologies. I have not had to rein in my essence in many years and the thought to do so slipped my mind.” He explains, shifting so he faces me entirely.

He continues to look over my bare form before reaching for his shirt and tugging it over his head. My body freezes as he begins to undo them, and I force myself to think of a happy place as I prepare myself for what is about to happen.

I knew this was a possibility, and I am in no place to be surprised.

“Calm down; I’m just going to give you my shirt.” The man explains as he catches on to my line of thought. “Unless you’d prefer to move around naked. I’m not going to complain if that’s the case.”

I shake my head, my hand quivering slightly as I reach out and accept his offer of clothing. I politely avert my gaze from his bare stomach as I slip it over my head with shaky hands and pull the fabric down my thighs as far as it will go.

Threads of his essence still cling to the shirt but I do my best to ignore it as I cover myself. I do not expect that he will hold back his power for my benefit for long, and it is best that I grow used to it now before he unleashes it again.

“What is your name?” He asks as I get the item situated on myself.

I gulp, clearing my throat quietly so it doesn’t croak and show my fear. I’m sure he can smell it anyways, making my attempts useless.

“Charlie.” I respond before thinking better of it and shaking my head. “Charlotte.”

Only my parents have ever called me by the shortened version, and I would like to preserve that memory for them. Besides, I am not Charlie anymore.

That girl disappeared in the weeks that I was forced to live in the facility, and I can only imagine how much further I will stray now that I have been bought.

“Charlie.” He repeats, speaking the word slowly as if it is one he has never heard of before.

I hold back a grimace as he uses my nickname, internally cursing myself for having offered it up. I will need to be more careful moving forward.

“My name is Gray.” He introduces himself, his hand stretching to grab mine before lifting it to his lips.

My jaw clenches shut as he presses a soft kiss to the base of my palm, and I draw in a deep breath as I remind myself that our cultures are going to have some differences.

“I’m assuming by now that you have gathered that I am a Demon. We are going to a human-friendly portal to travel back to my realm.” He explains, confusing me.

I was under the impression that Demons could realm shift. Gray watches me silently for a moment before releasing my hand, his lips pulling down into a slight frown as I immediately snatch it back to my chest.

“Do you not have questions for me?” He speaks up after another couple seconds of tense silence.

My eyes widen in surprise.

“I don’t know what my rules are.” I explain, scared to say something that will lead to a punishment.

The other women, and even the men at the facility, told me that it is best to remain quiet until the men who buy me inform me of their rules. It is the best way to avoid angering them and getting off on the wrong foot.

While I may not know much about Demons, I do know they don’t have such a notorious reputation for a reason. I doubt that this man would think twice before killing me, and I’d be foolish not to wait until he tells me my expected behavior.

Gray stares at me in shock for a moment before laughing, the sound loud and jarring.

“I have no rules for you. Alexander and Silas might have some, but I do not.” He states pridefully. “You can do whatever you want to me.”

I nod, not missing the sexual innuendo.

“Who are Alexander and Silas?” I hesitantly ask, pretty sure I already know the answer.

He confirms my suspicions as he explains them to be his brothers. My heart falls as I realize that I am to be serving three Incubi, and maybe even more. While I don’t know much about their particular hoard, I do know that they are notorious for passing around and sharing their females.

“I think you will like our home.” He excitedly shares, his chest muscles twitching as he glances at my bare legs.

Thankfully his shirt manages to cover most of my thighs, but there is still more leg showing than I would like. My lips purse as I reach down and tug on the hem a bit, desperately trying to cover as much of myself as I can. It’s a silly attempt considering that he has already viewed me completely bare, but I find myself doing it nonetheless.

“You’ll get along well with Silas. He is quiet like you.” Gray continues, politely ignoring my shaky breathes and trembling chest. “Both him and Silas claim not to want a female, but I could tell that they liked you.”

Gray sighs at my timid nod, his frustration clear as he struggles to communicate with me.

“If I’m honest, I thought that you would be more fun.” He murmurs after a moment. “The women our guests bring over are always so chatty and eager to please.”

My throat goes dry at his words. He may be unaware of it, but he has done nothing but confirm my worst years. I am to serve three Incubi, acting as a fun object for them until they destroy all that I am and grow bored of me.


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