The Female

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Chapter 7 - Travel


I watch him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. It’s intense and makes me uncomfortable, but I try not to let it show as I look ahead and watch the buildings pass by. Most of them are long run down, but we will travel through a neighborhood that still looks occupied every once in a while.

It never occurred to me just how barren our realm has become, making me wonder how it must have looked hundreds of years ago before the female decline. Or even how it looked fifty years ago before the sudden drop in numbers.

Despite my best attempt to appear unphased, I pick idly at the skin of my fingers and bounce my knee along the floor in a sad attempt to self-soothe. I somehow believed that after being bought that all my questions would be answered, that the pain of the unknown would simply vanish into thin air and there would be no more worrying.

I realize now that that was foolish thinking. If anything I now have more questions than before, but unlike at the facility there is no person to ask. Gray may have said that there are no rules for him, but I know that to be a lie.

Males always have rules and I’ll be damned if I get tricked into believing otherwise.

“Are you aware that I’m an Incubus?” Gray questions, continuing with his infuriating stare.

I nod, confirming.

That was made clear to me the moment he stepped foot into this vehicle and I was assaulted with his addicting scent. Even if it wasn’t for the unwanted arousal that he causes my body to feel, I’m sure I would have been able to guess it by his face and body. Demons are distinct, their blackened eyes and hair a dead giveaway as to who they are. Within the breed there are only a few categories that he could fall into.

Only the stronger types hold a physical form, leaving him to be a Fate, Incubi, or Nightmare. Given that the Fates are all but extinct and his body looks to be anything but scary, that only leaves one option.

“And you know that Incubi cannot use their persuasion to claim a virgin?” He continues, sounding almost kind. “Or do anything outside of the dream world.”

I fiddle with the hem of the shirt I wear as I absorb what he just said. I’ve never heard anything about this before, but that doesn’t surprise me. Demons aren’t exactly known to be forthcoming with their shortfalls.

Gray groans when I shake my head.

“I’m going to need you to use your words.” He snaps, reaching up to push back his hair in anger.

I try to hide my trembling hands underneath my thighs, not wanting him to know how much he scares me.

“I didn’t know that.” I answer.

Gray nods in approval before continuing, acting as if he wasn’t just angry with me less than ten seconds ago.

“Yeah, it’s not exactly a common topic of conversation. Anyways, I’m sharing this with you so you can feel more comfortable around me.” He explains. “I’ll only be able to feed off of your dreams until you desire me of your own volition.”

I try not to let my anger show as I nod and give him thanks. He’s going to be sorely disappointed if he thinks that I’m ever going to want him. The only men I want are the ones who live in my romance novels, and unfortunately for me they do not exist.

If I am no longer a virgin he will no longer have those limitations with me. He’ll be free to take me as he pleases, draining me until I’m a shell of a person, addicted to his touch and unable to have a free thought that doesn’t revolve around him and his essence.

I cannot do anything about the dreams, but I remind myself that they are only dreams and that, thankfully, I never remember mine.

“Alexander and Silas do not have the same limitations since they aren’t Incubi, but they’ve made it quite clear that they have no intentions to mate you.” He explains.

My eyebrows shoot up as he shares this little bit of information. I was under the impression that both he and the other two were all Incubi. From what I’ve heard they tend to live together in small hoards, and I’m shocked that he has associated himself with something different.

“Are they Demons?” I tentatively question, sliding my gaze away from the headrest in front of me to look at Grey.

He smiles as I finally meet his eye, his sharp canines catching on the light filtering in through the window. I try not to pay any attention to them, but his lingering scent still pulls at me and I find myself staring at his mouth for a moment longer than I would like.

He’s an attractive man, with full lips and large dark eyes. I suppose that makes sense given that he is made to be seductive, but even that knowledge does nothing to deter me as I lower my attention to his chest.

It’s still bare from when he gave me his shirt to wear, and my tongue darts out to wetten my lips as I take in the impressive sight of him. He’s larger than any other man I’ve ever met before, probably measuring around six and a half feet tall, but he still carries a decent amount of muscle despite his tall frame.

My thighs clench together as I imagine how it would feel to have him hold me up against a wall as he plunges into me, his cock burying itself deep inside of my heat as he whispers dirty words in my ear.

“It’s sexy.” He speaks up, breaking me out of my daze. “Watching you lust over me but not being able to do anything about it. It’s a foreplay I’m most definitely going to enjoy.”

My face heats up as shame courses through me. My father is probably rolling over in his grave seeing this, watching me lust over a man who has nothing but nefarious intentions. Gray may seem kind, but I’m sure it’s all a facade so he can get me to give myself to him.

Once my virginity is lost and he no longer needs that approval, I’m sure his friendly disposition will fade.

Gray reaches down and readjusts himself to prove his point, his fingers curling around his hardened length as he moves it to the side. I’ve never seen a male’s naked form before, and I narrow my eyes slightly at the outline of his cock as I try to determine whether or not his size is standard.

“To answer your earlier question, yes, Alex and Silas are both Demons. Silas is a Fate and Alex is the son of an Original.” Gray explains.

I’m sure that I look like a deer caught in headlights as I stare wide-eyed at him. I knew that the son of an Original was coming to the auction but never in a million years did I think I could end up with him. My pulse quickens as I try to wrack my brain for any information I may have learned about either Fates or Originals.

Given the rarity of them, they aren’t frequently talked about and their abilities kept quiet. Only the Incubi and Nightmares are highlighted in the news channels I watch, the former because of their affinity for buying and passing around females and the latter for terrorizing all other Breeds.

My mouth goes dry, and I inhale a shaky breath before speaking once more.

“Which Original?” I whisper, my weak voice conveying all the fear that currently flows through me.

While I know that the children of Originals do not carry the same curse as their parent, they do hold many of the same traits. Greed’s children are known to be hoarders of wealth and fame, Envy’s are always in the news for starting wars, and Lust’s line has been spread so far and wide that it’s assumed that almost all Demons have a piece of him in them. The Incubi obviously containing more than the rest.

The other Originals have kept quiet about their families, choosing to keep their affairs close to their chest.

Gray shrugs. “Not my information to tell.”

“And a Fate?” I continue.

Gray nods, confirming once more that I heard correctly.

“Yes, and I think you two will get along well. He was quite intrigued by you, as was Alexander.” Gray promises, sporting a smirk that I don’t want to know the meaning of.

He continues to grin at me as the car comes to a gradual stop. Sucking in a deep breath, I watch as Gray exits the car and walks around to my side. His steps are slow and calculated as he approaches, his expression not once wavering as he opens my car door and extends a hand for me to take.

I stare at it for a moment, hesitating, before reaching out and accepting it. As I feared, the skin-to-skin contact affects me immediately, my muscles tightening as my want for him to place his hands on more intimate parts of my body grows.

He lets out an audible groan as his grip tightens around my palm, his eyes rolling back and head dropping down to his chest as he inhales my scent. As much as I want to feel disgusted by this, I instead find myself aroused, my chest puffing out and eyelids lowering as I stare up at him.

I want him to touch me.

“Fuck, Charlie.” Gray groans, tugging on my hand and pulling me into his chest. I press myself against him without a care, not even noticing the chill that meets my bare legs. “You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you? Even with my essence suffocated you are still so affected by me.”

Nodding my head mindlessly, I let out a gasp as his hand releases mine and drops to my hip. His long fingers spread over the bone before he digs his fingertips into my flesh and repeats the action with his other hand.

I pant loudly as he squeezes me, his warm body heat spreading through me as I breathe in the scent of his bare chest. He smells so good. I want to bury myself in his skin and live there forever. I want to die encompassed within his arms.

“You smell so fucking sweet.” He grunts, ducking down to bury his face against the top of my head.

I want to cry as he releases me and steps away, my body overcome with agony as his skin no longer touches mine.

Gray’s chest expands as he sucks in a deep breath, his jaw slack as he stares down at me. Clearing his throat, he straightens back up and turns to gesture towards the building that we have been parked ahead of.

Several guards I somebody managed to overlook before stand in front of the doors, their backs stiff and posture tense as they glare at us. With a closer glance I realize that they are Demons, their grotesque, uneven faces signaling them to be Nightmares.

We are far enough away that I struggle to make out their forms, but from what I can see at this distance brings goosebumps to my skin. Their bodies look unnaturally long and thin beneath their dark cloaks, the faces hollow and broken.

An overwhelming urge to cry settles over me the longer I look, my shoulders hunching forward as defeat and dispair fills my bones.

“Keep your eyes down.” Gray instructs, reaching out to place a hand on my back before freezing and dropping it back down at his side. “You don’t want to look at a Nightmare.”

I allow myself just another moment to look over the Demons before dropping my gaze to my feet. While I may not know Grey very well, I’ll trust him just this once.

A warm hand is placed on my back before gently urging me forward. My feet stutter against the concrete as I begin to walk, my hands clenching into fists by my side as the effects of Gray’s essence wears off and I’m forced to face what I just did.

Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like? Overwhelming desperation and arousal followed immediately by crippling regret and self-loathing.

Gray continues to lead me forward before coming to a pause.

“What’s your business.” A voice speaks up, the crackling tone sending shivers down my spine.

The closest thing I can think to compare it to would be nails on a chalkboard; high pitched and blood-curdling. My toes curl against the ground as I hold back a physical response to it. Gray’s hand slides down my back an inch or two before moving back up, his attempts to comfort me doing nothing to help my reaction to the Nightmares.

“Taking Alexander’s female back to my realm. I’m sure you’ve heard of the large auction tonight?” Gray questions, sounding eerily calm and at ease around these horrors.

I suppose I should at least be glad that I was not purchased by one of them.

The man who questioned Gray hums, sounding displeased.

“Why didn’t you realm shift?” He probes, scoffing to himself. “Rumor on the block is that Alexander is sharing his essence with you.”

Gray stiffens but remains quiet as the man begins to laugh.

“Is daddy punishing you?” He continues, mocking Gray in a way that has me on edge.

I was under the impression that Gray was powerful, and as frightening as that may be I was hoping that it meant that he would keep me to himself. What happens when the others of his kind demand to use me? He will be in no position to say no if he is weak.

And what does he mean by Alexander’s female? I thought that it was Gray who purchased me. He said I am to serve him and not Alexander or Silas, so I don’t understand why he would say I belong to the other man.

Am I some gift? A present from one Demon to another. The thought of being traded and used in such a way has me ready to vomit.

Gray laughs along with the man as he tightens his hold on the back of my shirt, his fist closing around the fabric and forcing it to pull tightly along my front.

“Good question. Would you like me to bring daddy here for you to ask yourself? I’m sure that the son of Wrath would love to meet the men who denied his new human entrance into his realm.”

Silence follows Gray’s words, and a second later he is nudging me to move forward once more. I suppose that answers my question as to who Alexander is the son of. I don’t know much about Wrath, and honestly didn’t even know he had any children, but given the name I would assume that Alexander will not be a delight to be around.

I make a mental note to avoid him like the plague as Gray leads me into the building and towards the giant portal in the center of the room. It looks inconspicuous, like a large doorway leading into a darkened room, but I know that it is anything but.

“I’m assuming you’ve never gone through a portal before?” Gray questions.

I shake my head.

“Well, I’m not going to lie and say that it will be a great experience. It’s better than realm shifting, which is why we are doing the traditional portal instead. It might make you a bit sick. Definitely dizzy and discombobulated, but I will be right here to keep you on your feet.” He explains, stroking my back once more.

I hate how comforted the action makes me, and remind myself that it is his leaking essence that is making me feel this way. Once there is some distance between us I will feel myself again.

Gray waits until I give him a jerky nod before leading me to the portal, his movements slow as he lets me take the lead. I pause for a quick moment before stepping through, my neck craning to the side as I look out the front doors of the building and take in the sight of the Human realm one last time.


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