The Female

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Chapter 8 - Home


I can tell I’m going to vomit the moment my body is materialized in the Demon realm, the bile rising up my stomach and through my throat before I have time to stop myself.

My feet stumble forward as the ground hardens beneath them, my torso grabbed by Gray as I hunch over and begin to heave. I flail my arms out in a panic as he wraps his arms around me and holds me steady, helping me as I find myself unable to regain my balance and find any spatial awareness at this moment.

I go limp after emptying the contents of my stomach, panting against Gray’s ribcage as I hold onto him for dear life. He remains quiet as I struggle to collect myself, his hold not once wavering on me.

After a couple of seconds I find the strength to open my eyes, forcing myself to unclench them despite the spins I still feel coursing through me. The moment they are opened, though, I am wishing for them to be closed once more.

I’m met with the sight of Gray’s ruined shoes, my sick having landed all over them and his pants.

“It’s fine. One pair of shoes is hardly going to upset me.” He assures, probably feeling my body tense as I look over what I’ve done.

His arm tightens around me as I try to twist out of his hold, my hands releasing his bicep as I attempt to push him away. Gray releases me for a quick second, his hands completely disconnecting from my body before he seems to change his mind and grabs me once more.

“Might as well rip the bandaid off. I’m going to intra-realm shift you. It shouldn’t be too bad.” He speaks up, his arm tightening around my waist as the world begins to spin around me once more.

The pressure in my skull reaches an all-time high as I lose control of my neck muscles and my head lolls forward. I can feel my vision tunneling as the ground disappears from underneath me once more, my consciousness tearing from my body as Gray forces me on a shift with him.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry.” Gray murmurs, wiping away the wetness on my cheeks as I blink away the momentary loss of awareness. “Thought it would be best to get it over with quickly. I should’ve waited another minute or two for you to get adjusted.”

I groan, his words going in one ear and out the other as I try to make sense of what’s going on.

My stomach rolls as I pry open my eyes and look around, my attention quickly grabbed by Gray’s face only inches from mine. He stares down at me in worry, his eyebrows pulled tightly together as his attention darts all along my face.

I blink slowly as I become aware of my back on the ground, my head swiveling to the side as I realize that I’ve been laid down. Or maybe I fell; I’m not really sure.

Gray moves away as I begin to come to, the look of concern remaining on his face as he watches me push myself up on shaky elbows. We are in the middle of some large entryway, the tall ceilings and wide corridor leading to what I’m sure is some grand estate.

My lips twitch as an involuntary wince emerges through me as I sit on my butt, a painful shock of pain radiating through my tailbone. I suppose that answers my question on whether I fell or was laid down during my faint.

The essence lingering within the space is intense, overwhelming my dazed mind as both Gray’s and what I’m assuming are the other males who live here weigh me down like a blanket.

It feels like being caught in a smoke-filled room, every inch of my body on high alert as my mind screams danger.

A muffled hiss falls from my lips as I continue to force myself up, desperate to stand on my own two feet. The last thing I want is to get caught on my back when meeting the other men who I am to serve. Gray might not be able to take my innocence but the same limitation does not hold back the other two.

My knees are wobbly as I stand and put my weight on them, Gray’s hands coming out to steady me as I wobble slightly. He doesn’t remove them as I wish he would, and I try my best to ignore the immediate lust that overtakes my body at the physical contact.

I can hear him inhaling deeply before his grip on me tightens, but thankfully he says nothing about it. I don’t think I could live through the humiliation of having him comment on my constant unwanted arousal towards him.

Gulping, I wrap my hands around my waist and hug myself as I look around the space, eyes widening as I take notice of the moving figures all along the wall. The tall black blobs are translucent and fast, almost resembling a shadow as they dart back and forth.

I watch them for a moment, my heart racing as I note that these are all demons. Their inability to take on a physical form comforts me slightly, but I still find myself instinctively stepping towards Gray.

He laughs at my response, his gaze following mine as he watches the dark shadows.

“That’s the help. There are a couple of older ones who can materialize but they shouldn’t bother you. They all know that you belong to us.” He explains, his hand pressing into my back as he nudges me forward.

My feet seem to move on their own accord as I allow him to guide me through the entryway and into a large main room. It looks like a larger version of my living room back at home, but there is no television and the furniture all looks to be quite uncomfortable. I imagine that nothing exciting happens here and that this room is used exclusively to show off the men’s wealth.

“This is the visitor sitting room. We don’t spend any time in here.” Gray explains, confirming my assumptions.

“I’ll show you to your room so you can have some time to settle before dinner. I’m sure that you are eager to decompress.” He continues, reading my mind.

I can’t lie and say that I’m not thankful so far. Despite my earlier reservations, Gray doesn’t seem so bad, his attitude and treatment towards me much better than I imagined it would be.

If this continues I will consider myself lucky.

Gray falls silent as he leads me down a maze of hallways, each one identical to the last until we reach a stairwell.

“All our bedrooms are located upstairs.” He explains, his head tilting towards me to watch my reaction. I offer him none. “You shouldn’t encounter too many shadows up here.”

Nodding, I continue to follow him until we reach the top landing. It opens up to an expansive circular room, small hallways darting off in every direction.

“That is Alexander’s corridor.” Gray states, lifting his arm and pointing down the hallway immediately to the left of the stairs. His hand moves to the one directly across from us just as quickly. “That one is Silas’s.”

I nod once more, making a mental note to never go near either of them.

I turn to look at the other three hallways, wondering which one is Gray’s, when he answers my question with a point to the one next to Silas’s. I’m surprised that they all chose to stay in corridors next to one another, having expected them to pick ones at the furthest points.

“Your room is in my corridor.” He speaks up, the excitement in his tone worrying me.

I hate how my body reacts to his essence and was desperately hoping that I would get some space from him. He mentioned that I would get my own room, which I suppose is a bit comforting, but I worry that it will seep out of him and into my space when he sleeps.

The last thing I want is to wake in the middle of the night with arousal slickened between my thighs and an urge to crawl into his bed. I’ve heard enough horror stories of women doing exactly that, becoming dependent and addicted to their Incubi males.

As much as I’d like to think that I’m different and unique, I know that I am not. He’s going to ruin me just as his kind is notorious for doing.

Moving towards the entryway of his corridor, I sneak a peek at the other two unclaimed ones, wondering if he would ever let me move into one of those. Not wanting to upset him, though, I remain silent, eager to show that I am not going to be an issue.

His corridor is a bit dark, but I can still easily make out each door that we pass. He explains the first one to be a cleaning closet and the one directly across from it to be a space I’m better off not knowing about. His mysterious tone only serves to pique my interest, but I don’t question it as he leads me forward another couple of feet and stops at the third door.

“This room will be yours.” He comments, reaching forward to turn the knob and push it open.

I hesitate in the doorway a moment, unsure if I should head inside, before making up my mind and stepping into the room. It’s larger than I expected, a king size bed sitting directly across from the door and both a vanity and dresser along the left wall.

Gray’s heat spreads across my back as he steps in behind me, his arm wrapping around my waist and tugging me back against his bare chest. I try not to let myself be distracted by it as I note the red silk sheets on the bed. I bet they would feel soft against my skin as he presses my face down into the mattress.

The hand on my hip tightens as he buries his face in my neck and breathes in my scent, a loud groan seeping from his throat as he smells me. Instinctively I tilt my face away to give him better access, desperate once more for his touch.

Gulping, I shake my head and abruptly pull away from him, my chest heaving as I fight with myself for being fooled by his lure. I remind myself that he is an Incubus, a creature desperate for sex and willing to take whatever action necessary to get it.

Gray clears his throat before releasing me altogether.

“You can try to fight it all you want, but it’s only a matter of time before you’re begging me to take you.” He teases, his playful tone a drastic contradiction to his terrifying words.

“The door on the left next to the dresser is a closet. I’ll take care of getting you all the clothing you need. This door on the right is a bathroom. We will share it so I’d recommend locking the door on the other side when you use it.” He explains as if he wasn’t just rutting himself against me a moment ago.

Taking a small step forward, I reach out and graze my fingertips across the comforter. It’s softer than anything I’ve ever felt before, and as I push down on the mattress I’m glad to note that it is comfortable as well.

The bed I stayed at in the facility was as hard as rocks, leaving me with agonizing back pain each morning.

“Shit, Gray, you’re not going to give her any time to get adjusted before fucking her?” A voice rings out behind me.

I spin around at the sound, eyes locking immediately in on the two men standing in the doorway. They both look at me curiously, their heads tilting to the side in synchronization as they take their sweet time staring at me.

Both look pretty similar to Gray, with black eyes and black hair accompanied by tall, large frames that could tear me apart in seconds. Despite the similarities, I do note some slight differences. The one on the left is slightly taller, his head just clearing the doorway, and he expresses apparent distaste at the sight of me.

Instinctively I step towards Gray, my jaw clenching as the one on the right scowls at the action, his face now matching his counterpart.

I’m assuming that this is Alexander and Silas, the two men exuding too much power to be workers in the estate. My head drops down to my chest in submission, my knees clanging together as I nervously tug at the hem of my shirt in an attempt to cover as much of my body as I can.

“I wasn’t going to fuck her.” Gray argues, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and abruptly tugging me towards him.

I stumble slightly as my body slams into his, my feet uncoordinated beneath me as Gray easily absorbs the impact and steadies me.

“I can’t help the fact that my female wants me.” He gloats.

I’m sure that my cheeks are beet red at this moment, and if I weren’t so out of my element here, I would argue that I don’t want him. I’d explain that it’s his essence that turns me on and that if I could stop my body from reacting to him in the way that it does, I would in a heartbeat.

I don’t want to want him, and hate every second that my body refuses to get the memo.

Of course, though, I would never say that. The last thing I need is him growing angry with me and selling me off to another. Demons aren’t exactly my breed of choice for a reason and, given their reputation, I wouldn’t put it past him to sell me to a Nightmare or scarier breed in punishment.

Gray’s grip on me tightens as he gestures towards the two.

“This is Alexander and Silas.” He introduces, pointing out the left to be Alexander and the one on the right Silas.

Both of them nod their heads politely in greeting before diverting their attention to Gray once more.

The room feels tense and suffocating with each passing second, both Alexander and Silas making no effort to hold back their essence as Gray has. It has me feeling exhausted, my mind unable to focus on anything as I look between the two of them in panic.

Silas says nothing and takes a step back as Alexander moves further into the room.

“Why is she wearing your shirt?” He probes.

Gray shrugs, his shoulder rubbing against my ear as it shifts against me.

“Why does it matter?” He retorts, seemingly unconcerned and unaffected by the power that rolls off these other two men in waves.

Unless Gray was already hiding some of his essence when I got in the car with him, he is clearly at a lower status than these two men. I’m admittedly not too familiar with Demon culture, but I do know that their age correlates with their strength which in turn determines their status.

“Have you fucked her yet?” Alexander questions, cutting to the chase. “She doesn’t smell like you.”

Gray’s grip tightens slightly at Alexander’s words, worrying me.

“I’m only going to be feeding on her dreams for the time being.” He states.

Silas quirks a brow at that, amusement briefly flashing over his features before he hides it away. Alexander, on the other hand, seems to be seething, his face contorting into a scowl and his hands clenching up by his sides.

“No, you are going to fuck her now.”


Alex is a dick but I love it <3

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