When the Rain Falls

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This is a story of love, loss, and figuring out who you are along the way.

Romance / Erotica
Elaine S. Taylor
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First Day of Senior Year

I’m in love with my best friend. It’s so cliche. It gets worse, he doesn’t have a clue. I know, I know, even more of a cliche. I just don’t know how to tell him, or if I even should tell him. You see, we’ve been friends since he was five, and I was four.. Our birthdays are a year and one day apart. He and his family had moved in next door and ever since we’ve been as thick as thieves. All through high school, we would still have sleepovers. Now in college, we still do every now and again but we both stay at our parents’ houses. His parents are hardly ever home and have been like that since we were in elementary school, and my mom works during the day so we would always be at my house at night with her. My mom trusted us together and knew that nothing happened between us, although I’m sure she knows I have the biggest crush on him.

He has always had my back whenever people would pick on me through our younger years. Thankfully even with him being a “jock” and popular he never let it get to his head. I’m not one of the popular girls, hell I don’t have many friends besides him. There’s Erika, we met right before college started and she’s about the closest thing I have besides him. His friend group tolerates me, but none of them talk to me outside of school and unless I’m with him. I’ve always been the shy type, and it doesn’t really bother me, I’ve just not been able to form any other lasting relationships like I have with him. All the girls on our campus are too catty and the other guys are either players or creeps.

Let’s talk about him. Ray Weston. Well, his name is legally Raymond, but no one ever calls him that, except his father. He has a skater boy aesthetic to him. He’s got soft light brown hair that you always want to run your hands through. His hair is of short length, sometimes falling over his eyes. Which, his eyes are a beautiful blue-gray, they’re mesmerizing. His smile will make you melt, and his teeth are so white. His lips always look soft, his bottom lip a little bit fuller than his upper lip. He doesn’t have a sharp jawline or anything, but he’s definitely got that boyish charm. He’s a few inches taller than me standing at about 5′9. Ray has a thin build, but he has muscles from him playing lacrosse in high school, and now, here at college. Every now and again he’ll grow out some facial hair which just makes him even more handsome.

Now going from that beautiful specimen to me, you’d wonder how we’d be friends. I’m Rian, Rian Smith, which my name alone usually makes people look at me funny. I’m short, about 5′3. I’ve got hazel eyes, and they’re honestly the only thing about myself I really like, well, besides my personality. I’ve never been a skinny girl. I’m not heavy, my stomach is a little pudgy, but I’ve got hips, and thick thighs, which is one of the reasons why I wonder why Ray and I have stayed friends. I’m a tomboy and usually wear things that make me feel comfortable. You could probably describe it as 90s grunge. Most guys, even most girls, tend to stay away from people who don’t look or fit the “perfect” person. Thankfully in college, there aren’t as many cliques as in high school but you do get the girls who didn’t leave their bitchiness back there. They don’t really bully me, but I’ll still hear their snide remarks if I’m walking alone, but no one says anything to my face. Ray will shut anyone down if he hears or sees anyone doing anything that would be harmful to me.

Ever since we were kids, Ray has always been protective of me. When we were learning how to ride bikes he would always stop and make sure I was following him and that I wasn’t scared. The few times that I had fallen off my bike when we were riding together, he would stop and carry me home, even if it was only a little scratch. When we learned how to swim he would always stay near me and make sure I didn’t drown. We would always study and do our homework together, so thankfully we were both fairly smart, he just never liked to show it. I mean he’s studying mechanical engineering now. It wasn’t until middle school that we started doing our own things, him with sports, and me with my reading and writing. We would both play video games together too.

Look at me going on and on, stuck in the past. I really need to get ready for class, it’s the first day of senior year and Ray is taking us both in his car. I head to my bathroom, avoiding the mirrors, and start the shower. We don’t share any classes together as we did in high school but we meet up in the dining hall for lunch and then again in the library after classes are out.

Getting out of the shower about thirty minutes later, my hair is washed and currently drying, and I’m getting my outfit for the day picked out. I’m standing in front of my closet wearing only a towel, looking for something to stand out when out of nowhere I hear a deep whisper in my ear.

“Boo.” I jump and scream, turning around, only to find Ray standing behind me with a giant cheeky grin. “Good morning sunshine, are you wearing that towel to school?” You might be wondering why I’m not nervous with him being so close to me while I’m practically naked. Well as I’ve mentioned, we’ve been best friends for about twenty years, and it’s not the first time we’ve been close like this. We both respect each other, and even though I’ve been crushing hard on him, I know he’d never do anything with me, I’m not his type. He goes for blondes and skinny girls.

“No Ray, but I’m sure you’d love that,” I reply back sarcastically. I hit him playfully on the shoulder, “Maybe you can help me pick out what to wear today, nothing is calling me.” He moves past me and starts browsing my closet. He pushes my hangers around and grabs one down. He goes through my pants that are hung up and browses them for a moment before grabbing another hanger. He sets them on the bed and then walks over to my dresser. “Uh, Ray, what are you getting now?”

“You need a bra and underwear, don’t you, or are you planning to go commando?”

I just roll my eyes at him, “You know, I can pick those out myself, not like you need to know what I’m rocking underneath.”

“A guy can only hope,” he shoots me a wink but steps away. “Alright get dressed I’ll be downstairs, I’ll get you something to eat too.” See these are the kind of things that make me fall harder for him. It’s the little things, I know that’s cheesy but it really does make a difference. I watch him leave my room and close the door behind himself, and I go and pick out my bra and underwear and set them down next to the outfit he picked. My bra is a simple black, with a little bit of lace around the edges that sit atop my breasts, and my underwear matches, also black, with a little bit of lace.

He picked out my black jeans that have a few tears on the thighs and down the front of my legs. For my shirt, he picked out a red flannel shirt that’s a size larger than I need but makes for a comfortable shirt. The sleeves are longer, so I can do that fun flappy thing with them. I grab a black tank top to put underneath it, so I can have some of the buttons undone. Seeing as I forgot to grab a pair of socks, I go back to my dresser and grab them along with my shoes that are set next to the dresser. A simple pair of white crew socks and my black vans and I’m good to go. I’ve got to say he did an impeccable job of getting my outfit together.

I grab my phone from the nightstand and then my backpack by the door and head downstairs. I find Ray standing in my kitchen spreading cream cheese on a bagel and instantly my mind goes to the gutter. He’s slowly spreading the topping and I’m watching as his forearm and hands flex while holding the knife and the bagel. I lick my lips imagining what his hands would feel like on my body intimately. Yes, he holds my hand sometimes, and we playfully touch each other but it’s nothing more than friendly, even though I want more.

“Rian. Hey Rian. Earth to Rian!” I snap out of the trance I was set in and look up at him and blush. He probably thinks I’m insane. “You okay?”

“Uh-heh, yeah I’m good. I’m, I’m-uh, just hungry. That bagel looks really good, is it for me?” He nods and sets the knife down, handing it over to me. I take a bite and enjoy the flavor. It’s just a basic bagel, but he put on my favorite berry cream cheese. I swallow my bite, “Thank you for making this, it hits the spot. Now let’s go, we don’t want to be late for the first day of our last year.” He puts away the extra food and sets the knife in the sink and goes to the couch to grab his backpack.

“Oh, and you look amazing by the way.” He shoots me another wink and I blush again. We head out the front door and I lock it behind me. He stands by the passenger side of his jeep waiting for me and then opens the door for me. “Your chariot awaits m’lady,” he bows and gives me a funny old-timey accent.

“Thank you kind, sir. Please escort us to the fine establishment where we will enhance our knowledge.” I give him back the accent and we just laugh. He goes around to his side of the jeep and hops in. He starts the car and I can’t help but gaze at his hands again as he turns the key then puts the vehicle in reverse. Some days with Ray are like this where I’ll find myself getting lost in my imagination of what it could be like, but then I have to remember, we’re just friends and I’m not his type.

I pull out my phone and text Erika.

Me: Girl today is one of those days when I’m fantasizing about him again.

Erika: I know it’s hard but you can’t do that to yourself. Unless you want to put yourself out there, you’re only breaking your own heart.

Me: yes I know, I hate it tho. Why does he have to be so sweet and sexy?

Erika: your guess is as good as mine, have a great first day tho love I’ll see you at lunch xoxo

Me: you too beautiful see you then :)

I sigh, and apparently, it was enough to catch his attention, “Something wrong Rian?” I shake my head no and just continue to look out my window after slipping my phone into my pocket. Today is going to be a long day.

A tortuous ten minutes later, and we’re pulling up to the campus, and I let myself out of his jeep before he has a chance to get my door. I don’t really want to confront him when I’m dealing with these emotions, so I just start walking towards the front doors of the school. I can hear him trying to catch up to me, and as I look over my shoulder I see some of the guys from the team stop him, and he looks at me with a look of sadness. He lets it pass quickly before smiling and “bro-ing” out with the guys. I turn my head back and open the door, and then head for my class.

When I reach the classroom only a few other students have shown up early, so I’m easily able to grab a chair in the third row, it’s about the middle but I chose the desk closest to the windows. I don’t like being the center of attention but I do like to try my best in school. I get settled at my desk and just look out the window until class starts.

The ringing of the bell startles me out of my daydream and all the other students who are running late storm through the door, Ray included. He rushes to the seat next to mine and scoots it close.

“Thanks for saving me a seat,” I look at him and nod my head. Sometimes it takes me a while to get out of these moods. I’ve been diagnosed with depression from a young age, and I’m an over-thinker so when I start feeling like I’m not good enough, like now, sometimes it takes a minute to get out of that funk. I feel his hand on my arm, so I look back towards him, “You’re going to sit with me at lunch right? I need my best friend.”

I give him a small smile, “If there is a seat available I’ll eat with you, but you know how your table gets.” He loses his smile and I don’t mean to drag him into my mood swing, but he knows I’m right. He gets up and winks before walking out the door to his classes.

Our first classes go by quickly and finally, it’s time for lunch. My mood has picked up a little bit since morning and I’m looking forward to sitting with Ray at lunch. I go through the line and get a tray of food, lasagna, some fruit, and a roll with some chocolate milk to drink. I head towards the table I know he sits at and find that it’s already super crowded. I frown and go to turn away when I hear my name being called.

“Rian! Rian get your ass over here!” Ray always likes making a scene, even though he knows I hate the attention. “Hey Jake move, this is Rian’s spot, you know she sits next to me,” I heard him say to one of the guys. Jake scoffs but gets up and moves. On the other side of Ray is his girlfriend from this summer, Jade. They’ve only been together for about two months now, but she’s super clingy. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t ride with us this morning. She gave me the stink eye as I walked by and I just rolled my eyes at her. Every girl he’s been with knows I’m not a threat, but they all get jealous of our friendship and that he’d always be there for me over them.

“So guys I’m throwing a, first week of senior year party, at the frat house this weekend. Who all is coming?” Jake says and soon everyone’s hand is raised signaling they’re all going to his party. I didn’t raise my hand because I know I’m never invited to these things and it isn’t really my scene.

Ray leans over and whispers in my ear, “You’re coming to this party with Jade and me, you’re not going to fight me on it either. I want our senior year to be fun and full of memories.” I shiver at the touch of his warm breath against my ear. I nod my head not trying to fight him or attract any attention, but I will talk to him about it when we’re at the library.

Lunch goes by quickly and the next few classes are a blur. So far senior year has been a breeze, granted it’s only been the first day but If every day is like this, it’ll be amazing. I head out the front doors and towards Ray’s jeep when I see him kissing Jade. I get the terrible knot in my stomach that I do anytime I see him with any of the girls he’s been with. I push my jealousy away and walk towards them clearing my throat when I’m nearby.

“Oh hey Rian, I hope you weren’t waiting there very long.” I sigh hearing Jade trying to be smart with me.

“I’m sure Ray is a great kisser but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have the ability to stop time. And no, I just got here.” I love using sarcasm. Jade rolls her eyes at me and I smirk at Ray as he tries to hold back a laugh. “Ray, are you ready to head to the library, or do I need to go alone?”

“Yes, we’re going. Jade, I’ll call you when we’re done.” He pecks her cheek and we both get into his jeep. She watches us leave with an annoyed expression on her face. As we pull out of the parking lot and head to the library, he breaks the silence, “So about this party this weekend, you’re going with. You’ve stayed to yourself long enough, you need to experience more things. I’ll be there and I’ll keep an eye out for you, if you want to drink you can, I’ll be our designated driver. Lord knows Jade will probably end up sloshed. And hey, maybe you’ll meet a guy.” He’s been trying to set me up with guys since we started college. He knew I was too focused in high school but he didn’t want me to be alone. Little did he know that the only person I was interested in was him.

“Ray, you’ve got to stop trying to set me up with guys. Yes, I’d love to find the love of my life but I don’t want it to be forced. I’ll go with you to this party, but I can’t promise that I’ll be this whole new person.” I know he wanted me to experience new things but sometimes it felt like he wanted me to be a whole different person.

The rest of the ride to the library was silent. I didn’t know if he needed to go for studying or not, but I was going to check out some new books as well as get some of my work for class done. Towards the end of high school, I started branching out with the types of books I would read. With reading, I’ve learned more about myself and who I am. It’s funny how that happens. I would read cute romance novels in high school, but soon I started browsing other shelves and found my way into the world of shifters and the BDSM community. The only person who knows about it is my mom. She’s basically my best friend and we talk about everything.

I don’t know how Ray would look at me if he knew about this secret part of myself. I’ve wanted to bring it more into my life but I don’t know how and I’m nervous about it all. I mean, I’m a virgin at 24, I’ve not even had my first kiss. Isn’t it sad that I’ve been turned on more by books than anyone else? Ray doesn’t count because he doesn’t know how he affects me, although neither do the books, although I’m sure the authors know that their readers are bound to feel something from reading their books.

The jeep came to a stop bringing me out of my little world. I’m so glad that people don’t have the ability to read minds. I grabbed my bag and hopped out of the jeep and started towards the library when I felt a hand grab my arm. I turned and Ray was studying me. He opened his mouth then shut it, like he wanted to say something but didn’t know if he should. I raised my brow at him and then he spoke, “Rian are you okay? You’ve been quiet and acting weird all day. Please don’t lie to me.”

“Yes Ray, I’m fine. Am I not allowed to be myself? I’m usually always quiet, you should know that about me by now. If something was bothering me I would tell you.” I don’t know why he thought something was wrong but I know I couldn’t tell him that I had been fantasizing about him all day and that it’s been getting worse. I couldn’t tell him that every time I saw him with Jade or any other girl he’d been with was eating me alive from the inside. I sighed and gave him a quick smile, he cautiously let go of my arm and nodded his head slightly. “Let’s go get our study on, yeah?”

He grabbed my hand and we walked into the library. He headed off to the right and I quickly went over to my romance and erotica section to get the books I came for. After browsing the shelves for a few minutes I found them and went to check them out at the front. Once I got my slip for when I needed to return them I put them in my bag and then went for the large tables. I pulled out one of my chemistry textbooks and started working on my homework.

I must have been extremely focused because I never saw Ray sit down at the table. He whispered, “You make the most interesting faces when you’re studying, did you know that?” I jumped at his words, placing my hand over my heart. It was beating erratically and I had to close my eyes and try to slow my breathing. “Shit, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay, I just didn’t know you were at the table. And I didn’t realize I made faces when I was studying.” He smiled and grabbed my hand.

“You do and I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes. I didn’t want to interrupt the genius and her studies.” The feelings my body felt whenever he touched me scared me, but excited me. No one has ever been able to make me feel the way he does, and he has no idea. “Well whenever you’re ready to go, I’m ready.” He lifted his books up and smiled at me. Damn him and his smile making me melt.

“Let me just finish this page and we can go.” I quickly finished the page I was working on and we left. I continued my silence in the jeep on the way home and I could feel him eyeing me, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. I don’t know why these feelings had been getting so strong lately and it’s been driving me insane.

Thirty minutes later we’re back at our houses. He pulled up into his driveway, and I decided to just walk back to my house. I waved goodbye and told him I’d text him. I wanted to finish up the chemistry work I had been working on, then I wanted to start reading one of the books I checked out. I was ready to check out of reality and get transported into the world I really wanted my life to become.

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