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My crush(BL)

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This is a short story about Maxwell's crush...Will they end up together? Read to find out

Romance / Drama
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Their Story

Maxwell had this massive crush on Gayle. He gathered courage and asked Maxwell out; Maxwell scoffed "What makes you think that I will go out with you?" That broke Maxwell's heart, but what made him break down in tears was when Maxwell called him a lying gay slut who has no purpose in life. Maxwell looked at Gayle and sighed "I thought you were different "He then ran home and cried himself to sleep.
The next day when he woke up he felt that the world was against him and he didn't want to go to school but he still pulled his self through it. He went to school with a hoodie and hat on trying to hide his face.
At this time Maxwell just wanted to disappear. He sat at the back of the lunch canteen hoping that no one would notice him. About 6 minutes into his meal he felt Gayle's presence he looked in front and of course he saw Gayle and his gang. He held his head down hoping that they wouldn't recognize him. Gayle and his gang picked a table and sat down. Maxwell felt Gayle's eyes on him. He wanted to make sure so he turned his head to where Gayle was and of course Gayle was staring at him. He quickly held his head down. Gayle got up and walked towards where Maxwell was sitting. He tried to make conversation but Maxwell ignored him. Maxwell was about to get up when Gayle held his hand tightly. "Look I'm sorry ,Yesterday I wasn't really in a good mood and that's why I said those things. I know that, that shouldn't be my excuse to treat you that way so I'm here to apologize. You're a really nice guy and I didn't mean any of the words I said yesterday...Will you please forgive me?" asked Gayle. Maxwell gets emotional easily so he just started crying. Gayle noticed this and immediately pulled him in for a hug. At this point the entire canteen was staring at them. Gayle pulled Maxwell out of the hug and they both looked into each other's eyes and Gayle felt something that he never felt before. Was it Love?
In order to add on to his apology Gayle invited Maxwell to dinner. Maxwell was hesitant but then agreed. They met up at a fancy Italian restaurant and took their seats. Gayle picked up the menu and ordered spaghetti and meatball. Gayle looked at Maxwell expecting him to order but he just stayed quiet. "One more for him too please." Gayle added. While they were waiting for their food Gayle tried to make small talk with Maxwell. "Are you exited for you're food?" he asked. Maxwell nodded....Soon after the waiter served their food. Gayle was enjoining his meal when he realized that Maxwell was not eating. "Why are you not eating?" Maxwell asked. Maxwell stayed quiet for a while but then dropped the bomb "I wanna go home.." he stated. Gayle sighed "Look Maxwell I know you no longer like me but just give me a chance to make it up to you …..Please.." Gayle begged. Maxwell gave in "Fine" he said under his breath. Gayle gave him a big smile ."Well try you're meal". Maxwell took the fork up and ate a meatball and some noodles. He really liked it. "Do you look like it" Gayle asked. Maxwell nodded. After their meal Maxwell was about to leave to go home but Gayle stopped him. "Let me take you home " he suggested. Maxwell didn't put up a fight. When they reached their destination, Maxwell quickly got out and was about to enter his house when Gayle stopped him. "Wait, I got to show you something" he said. Gayle ran up to Maxwell and kissed him. Maxwell was surprised but kissed back. They kissed for a long time. Maxwell got butterflies. After the kiss Gayle admitted that he cought feelings for Maxwell. He then asked Maxwell to be his boyfriend. Maxwell stayed quiet for a few seconds but then nodded a yes. Gayle was very happy, he kissed Maxwell another time this time for longer. When they stopped kissing they said their good byes and Gayle went home. What just happened?
-The Next Day At Lunch-
Maxwell scanned the canteen looking for Gayle however Gayle spotted him first. He walked up to him and held him by his waist. Maxwell was surprised by this sudden action. The cafeteria went wild. Maxwell smiled shily. Gayle escorted Maxwell to sit with him. While they were having their lunch they made small talk. ''Can I come over to you're house later?' asked Gayle. "Yes you can" replied Maxwell shyly
-Later that same day-
Gayle came over Maxwell's house. They cooked together and ate together. After dinner Gayle asked to use the bathroom. Maxwell gave him directions and Gayle followed it. While Gayle was away a notification on his phone popped up so Maxwell checked it. He was shocked. He saw messages from a girl name Lilac. There were messages like I enjoyed gastight and that we should do it again nextime..." Maxwell broke down. When Gayle returned from the bathroom he saw Maxwell's state and rushed to comfort him but Maxwell didnt need his comfort he needed an explanation. Maxwell pushed Gayle away. "We are done!" Maxwell shouted angrily . Gayle looked like he saw a ghost. "What happened?" he asked "Why the sudden change?" Maxwell showed Gayle the messages and Gayle gave out a sigh. "Its a big misunderstanding Maxwell this is my sister Lilac...Lilac Jones she was talking about yesterday when we recorded a gaming video for her channel together.." Maxwell still wasn't convinced so Gayle ringed up his sister and she approved of what Gayle was saying. She even showed the video as proof. Maxwell finally believed Gayle. He apologized for misjudging him. Maxwell hanged up the phone and just hugged Maxwell. After the hugged they started kissing. Soon Gayle's hand was in Maxwell's chlothes …They went to the room and Gayle pinned Maxwell down on the bed. He started kissing his neck and took of Maxwell's shirt. He kissed down from Maxwell's neck to his belly. Maxwell then took off Gayle's shirt; soon the two were completely naked. Gayle placed Maxwell's dick in his mouth. Maxwell moaned ...and that turned on Gayle even more Gayle then placed his dick inside Maxwell. Maxwell moaned and Gayle moved faster. They did "it" till they fell asleep..
-The End-
Bonus:5 years later ,Gayle purposed to Maxwell and Maxwell said yes. Now they are happily married and adopted 2 kids and a dog.
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