The Right Type Of Wrong

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Beautiful, sarcastic and one of a kind is how you would explain Aurora. she lives a simple yet daring life. boring school, normal friends, same old routine. she's always up for pushing limits but just how far will she go before she realises falling for Jax Nolan was the biggest mistake she will ever make.

Romance / Erotica
Yasmin Olszewski
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Chapter 1

Beautiful, sarcastic and one of a kind is how you would explain Aurora. she lives a simple yet daring life. boring school, normal friends, same old routine. she’s always up for pushing limits but just how far will she go before she realises falling for Jax Nolan was the biggest mistake she will ever make.

part 1 - it is what it is

Ever feel like your whole life is a sham? some sick joke or one of those reality tv shows were there’s hidden camera’s and someone could jump out like ‘surprise, its all one big lie’ cause same. except my reality is real and I’m still living the dam thing.

let me give you an example right!

my parents were married, made a life, had me and then daddy’s dearest daughter caught him with the baby sitter. cliché I know right? my parents spent years in counselling, arguing and family therapy all for my dad to screw it up 10 years later and run off with a hotter more younger version of my mother. We moved states and started a new life here in Augustine Heights, rich, pristine and full of snobs. the house was beautiful and big, my mum made new friends and had a social life and I some how never fit in, I hated it here to say the least.

waking up from my sleepless slumber I climb my way out of bed and to the shower, glancing at my self in the mirror I don’t recognise my self at all. deep circles forming under my eyes, pale skin and slightly matted hair. yep this is what school does to a person, the lack of sleep from all my study has finally caught up with me. no one would say I’m a nerd but I need good grades so I can get the hell out of here, senior year was well on its way and I am struggling as it is to keep with my classes.

throwing on some high waisted ripped jeans and a cute singlet crop I grabbed my docs and bag and headed down stairs. I blew out a “morning mum” while walking into the kitchen, she lifted her head from her book sipping from her coffee before muttering a morning back. my mum was stunning to say the least, she was tall, dark brown hair and even know she was 48 years old she still had a model like body. I took after her for most of it besides my hair, it was naturally blonde that I inherited from my father which seems to be the only thing I have ever liked him for.

After my parents split up he tried many times to convince me to stay at his on the odd weekend but I couldn’t stomach his much younger half considering she’s barley of age her self. he stopped asking and eventually stopped calling and mums forever grateful I had her back. I grab an apple and the coffee mum has already made and head for the back shed.

“honey don’t forget I have David and his son coming over for dinner tonight, don’t be late. be home by 5" ugh I threw my head back in a dramatic sigh ” yes mum, I know its very important and all blah blah blah ” she smiled and eyed back at her tea.

David, where do I start? David is my mums new friend or should I say boyfriend, not long after my dad filed for divorce my mum met David, charming, good looking David. One would say i should be happy for my mum, I say I have never met the dude and chose to make my own decisions when I met him. my mum and David have been dating about a year and I have yet to met him or this alleged bachelor looking son of his.

blowing out a low whistle I make my way to my one and only love, my pride and joy, my car. after the divorce my dad felt bad for me and brought me a brand new Mercedes AMG i was not disappointed by the result. climbing in and getting settled i turned her on and hit the road. school wasn’t far maybe 20 mins but i always took the detour to pick up missy, missy was my best friend. has been since forever and always will be forever. we met in kindergarten and have been glued at the hip since, parking in her drive way i beep the horn 3 times! something i do so she knows its me. The best thing about missy is were polar opposite’s she’s smart, head strong and a bit grunge and I’m soft, quite and a bit of a hippie. missy skips out of her house wearing a high waist pleated skirt, ripped stockings and her favourite band shirt, see polar opposites!

" morning plum, how we looking this fine morning” grinning from ear to ear she slides into her seat and we back out her drive way.

“morning sugar, what’s got you so cheery this morning?” I look in her direction and she’s starring at me looking like I’m clearly missing something. she shakes her head and looks out the window in frustration, well that was weird.

“how have you not heard, um hello 10/10 hottie starting school today. I heard he transferred here from banks tower high. something about his dad moving” she shrugged her shoulders “apparently his no good and all trouble, cut me a slice is all i say reow” i giggled at her comment. looking at my best friend i wondered why gossip was such a thrill for her, we weren’t popular no but we weren’t the bottom of the food chain ether. nothing i hate more the gossip cause that’s all it is.

“I don’t know I’m not into gossip you know that plus boys aren’t really on my radar right about now” sure I have had my fair share of boyfriends and one night stands but I’m to busy and completely emotionally unenviable haha if you would even call in that.

“oh your no fun, party pooper” she grabbed her bag and slid out of the car. waiting for me she leaned on my car and flipped her perfect pink hair over her shoulders. i get out locking it in the process and pushing her off my car ” no leaning!! it scratches and you wont be paying for it! now get off” she throws me a tusk and we head into the halls we call hell.

stopping by our locker we see brad and Knox having a heated conversation ” yeah but man you just don’t get it ” brad sighs looking frustrated at Knox ” I do get it, stop crying about it!! if you don’t want to be shot then tell the boys to join your team not play against you” Knox notices me and missy and throws a hand up to wave, brad turns around and mutters a hey before storming off. missy hugs Knox and then he looks at me, smiling i open my locker to collect my books for my first period.

“what was that about babe?” missy nudges Knox waiting for a response as to what happened between him and brad. knowing them it was the same old issues, gaming! gaming was the route of there problems and friendship they were both 5 star athletes, built like bricks and played footy like no other but when it came to the gaming console you couldn’t get them off it. they were addicted and not in a good way. “oh you know him? keeps getting killed but wont be man enough to stop it” he shrugged of a laugh and sent missy a wink and a short kiss before heading off the same way brad did. if you haven’t guessed it yet missy and Knox a complete thing, have been for a year. we all become best friends in junior high, I made a few mistakes fooled around with Knox for a bit but it never got serious and then next thing i know his dating missy and there totally in love. don’t get me wrong I’m happy for my friends but it is a bit weird seeing someone you slept with now with your best mate. but who am i to get in the way off love right?

as the bell rings for first period I send of a bye and a quick peck to missy check before walking to English. taking my seat at the back far right I pull out my note book and pen and start scribbling rubbish on my page. hearing everyone shuffle in and take there seats and then finally the door closes “good morning class, i hope you all enjoyed summer break! welcome back. now straight to it, your first assignments will be-” the door crashes open with such force I swear it almost flew of the hinge. loud chuckling could be heard entering the class room as I slowly shifted my gaze from my note book to the door. what I didn’t expect to see was a delicious Gloria sized man, shifting my gaze up his body i landed on his emerald green eyes and was in complete awe. he held my stare for what seemed like hours before smirking and turning to the teacher.

" ugh Mr Nolan, so nice of you to join us. now take a seat” Mr gibes rolled his eyes before turning back to the board.

“sorry sir, I’m knew here remember! i had to get this beautiful young lady to show me to my class” he pointed to the door and my gaze shifted from his perfect lips to the door. her, the route of all my problems, the queen bee of the school and the grade A pain in my ass the one and only Quin Myers. For as long as i can remember we have been long time enemies from pulling hair and pushing in the play ground to spreading rumours and causing havoc in my social life. she is no good and i stay clear from her as much as i can, not because I’m scared of her but because i would rather not deal with her shit nor could i be bothered.

" thank you Ms, Myers you may leave now. Jax take your seat” Jax looked around the classroom weighing up his options before his eyes landed on the empty seat next to me. please no anywhere but here I begged, Jax made his way to the back before pulling out the chair and plonking him self next to me. he slumped down in his seat and waited for the teacher to resume his lesson, Mr Gibes continued with his class rambling on about our first assignment and study notes we would need for the first term. as much as i tried to concentrated on what he was saying i kept getting disrated by the continuous tapping from the pen on the table beside me.

“could you not do that” i sighed irritated by the godly man seating beside me

he ignored me and continued to tap his pen louder and louder until i grabbed it and threw it across the room making a loud sound on the hard wood floor. everyone turned there heads at me, Mr gibes turned around annoyed at the lesson being interrupted once again “is there a problem Aurora?” he looked at me with a questioning stare “no sir, sorry” i rolled my eyes and continued to stare at noting in particular ” good, well since your all listening this terms criteria will need everyone in pairs of two so since your already seated in pairs the person to your right or left will be your partners for this coming assignment” loud groans filled the classroom with some odd woots from students chuffed they chose a good person to sit next too. however i glanced to my right to see Jax already staring at me with an overly creepy grin.

" suck it up sweetheart, it is what it is”

I can already tell my last year in this hell hole will be anything but boring.

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