Vampire's Bride

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It is the year 2070 AC, and the Earth has changed, the human race has declined, vampires and werewolves are at war with one another to keep their power over the humans. However, both kinds face population difficulties since only males are born, and both worlds found a solution, mating with human females. However, humans are in the run and are in hiding. The human, Sandra (21), is in hiding with her brother and father, trying to keep the prying eyes of the vampires and werewolves away. Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Romance / Drama
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Humans have had a history of many good and bad things, from creating a culture to technology and then to war and persecution. They were beings of imperfection, and as years went on to the age of technology, humans became narcissists, selfish, and have lost a sense of morality.







The loss of morality kept the human race at bay, but when the want for more came into their beings, they did not. It would be their ultimate demise. Unknown to humanity, some beings were thought to be mere legends. There were two kinds; vampires and werewolves, and these two have been secretly at war with one another, but when humans would get in the way, they would be rid of. That was why people in history described such creatures. When the vampires and werewolves were being hunted, they hid underground or in other places that no human would dare go to. The two waited for the time when the humans would be at their most vulnerable.

In 2047, another great depression was the worst in human history that the 1930s depression could not even compare. Wars have destroyed half of the human population, the food source, radiation, and the environment. Politicians of every country lost their control, many along with their families were hunted and killed out of the people’s anger. Many humans began dying and were losing hope.

Because of global warming, many parts of countries lost most land, killing many humans and their migrations which caused more violence. Desperation to survive was intense, and the vampires and werewolves knew it was their time. They came out of hiding and convinced the humans of their existence, and they wanted to help all in exchange for them being their leaders.

The humans agreed. The humans were taught to grow their food, hunt, and so forth, the humans began to have hope once again. However, the vampires and werewolves knew that it was human nature to revolt once they had what they needed. They took everything that humans could use to revolt, weapons, technology, books, anything that they would use. The creatures would hunt and kill those who thought of going against them.

Vampires and werewolves got control, but the two still had the want for more territory, and when there was no agreement, the two went to war. However, as the two came across one another, they both realized that their population faced difficulties. More males were being born. The females were either died suddenly or were infertile. Desperation set in, so they followed an old tradition, the kidnapping of human females. However, they knew that humans were having problems with population.

The vampires and werewolves promised the humans more food and other resources in exchange for females. Many agreed without hesitation, for they believed that if their daughters were chosen, they would have a better chance to survive. Yet, some humans did not agree to conditions and would go into hiding.

When the creatures wanted something, they would stop at nothing to achieve it.

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