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To Be Siblings

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Seven and a half months later Haven is back in Seattle. With news that her father is dying she returns to his death bed. She's changed over the months. Her step brothers have as well. They aren't as cruel. Perhaps they knew where she was. Everything seems to have changed. When she sees a boy that she thought that she could one love, nothing matters. She doesn't care. She wishes that she would have stayed away. But her family tells her differently. Now she has a few more choices to make... which shall she choose?

Romance / Action
Abby Moon
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Seven and a half months I've been gone. Things have changed. As though the air around me feels different. It feels lighter and heavier at the same time.

Muscles have toned and my hair that use to be bright had dimmed under the darkness that was my cage. There was no escape now. None that I could ask for. None that I would receive.

If I knew how I would feel before this I wouldn't have changed my mind. It made me into someone else. Someone new. I liked it. Savannah called me two nights ago. Fathers health is declining. Doctors say that he doesn't have long now. Perfect.

Just what to do with the children. Boarding school would seem like the best option. Savannah could keep them until they were old enough. How the fuck was I supposed to know what to do with them?

The driver seemed nice. He talked non-stop the entire ride before taking the hint that I wasn't in the mood to talk. Finally we arrived at the house that I hadn't seen in so long. I remember it being smaller then it was now.

Time changes perception.

Walking up to the door I contemplated knocking. I hadn't been here in so long. Would they be okay with me just walking in? Choosing to just walk in I take in what was once the place where I stayed. Home wasn't here though. Home was never anywhere.

"Hello?" I called out, placing a black suitcase that I had carried with me off to the side.

"Haven's home!" Savannah yelled coming out of the dining room.

"How have you been?" She asked and pulled me into a hug. It took me a minute to register what she had asked, answering as she pulled away.

"I've been good, Georgia is amazing,"

"Great, are you liking the program?" She asked and I nodded. Amberly was the first to run down, yelling my name as she went. She looked just as I remembered. Wearing a top with black jeans to go with it. Her hair had gotten longer. Just passing her hips. She jumped into my arms which I held open. She was easier to lift.

"I missed you," She told me and hugged tightly.

"I missed you too," I whispered into her neck as I hugged her tightly. I don't think she understood why I came back. She should know. Justin was the next to come down. Still in his pajamas.

"Take a seat in the living room, I'll go get the boys." Savannah said before disappearing into the next room.

Nodding after she left I waited. Justin told me about school, his friends. How summer was exciting. Everything. He had his first sleepover a month ago and how he had a crush on this girl named Fiona.

He was cut off by the a knock at the door.

"The neighbors have been coming over a lot. Bringing us food so we don't have to worry about cooking." He explained. Nodding I got up to open the door, Savannah must not have heard it.

"Hey," I said as I opened the door.

"Hey," Bentley said awkwardly. Fuck.

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