The Hybrid Alpha

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After I met the one and only HYBRID ALPHA, I was tired. Tired of running from my past. No more. No more I promised myself. I let them catch up to me. I gave in. But once I did, I was separated from my Twin; (Alpha) Kane, taken to a new pack by my 'Mate' and now to keep my boredom at bay, I turn my attention to the mysterious being I call 'mate'. Knowing it's only a matter of time before I make a run for it back to my pack, my family. Question to the unknown; how long will they run in circles? How long will they ignore the attraction? Most importantly how long before they realise they've fallen in love? Will it be too late?... ______ "Tell me you don't feel something...between us." "I d-don't." He replies instantly clenching his jaw. "Good to know Xavious." I turn to get up but he stops me as usual. "I don't know what it is..." "It's nothing. Nothing Xavious. You walk like a brick wall whose not affected by anything or anyone." Before I could heave a breath he somehow managed to pull me under him. I gasp at his fast movement amazed by his powers yet again. He trails his fingers down my shoulders to my curved hips as I place my palms on his hard yet smooth chest. Instantly his eyes close as if savouring the moment as does mine. "I could've taken you whenever I would've pleased but I didn't" He says in a husky voice. "Prove it." _______ WARNING!!! MATURE SCENES!!!Enjoy!

Romance / Fantasy
Krystal Davon
4.7 9 reviews
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Chapter 1







Kate Leodavin’s POV

“Tell me how’s it feel sittin’ up there

Feeling so high but too far away to hold me
You know I’m the one who put you up there
Name in the sky
Does it ever get lonely?
Thinking you could live without me
Thinking you could live without me...” I sing in a melodic tune as I take a quick look at my outfit in the long length mirror of my apartment. I wore a grey tank top with high-waisted black skinny jeans a Nike jumper and topped it off with my white converse. ( Outfit below)

I quickly grabbed my beige backpack and side pathed my wavy brown hair. I ran down to start my matt blue Audi R8 and speed through town knowing I would earn a thousand growlings followed by a lecture from the priest. Just kidding. From my friend Ray who also turns out to be my boss. I had ran with all my dear life to the double glass doors of the lobby. I was greeted with the assistant by her desk and signed in. I hopped on the elevator and went to the 4th floor to the Art Gallery.

As the doors opened I walked down a short hallway and was met with amusement. Everyone was gone haywire! The fuck was happening. As you can tell not a normal way to start a simple Friday. I dodge passed the many assistants trailing behind models and photographers snapping away and walk straight into Rays office which was up a short flight of stairs. Oh good LORD! Could this day get any worse?

I curse at my self for forgetting to knock on the god dam door. There stood Ray Connor and might I add she looked stunning as always. She wore a white tank top tucked in her high waisted denim black jeans with black strapped heels and topped it off with killer leather jacket. (Outfit below). She has shoulder length brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes.

She shook hands with an assistant with slick black hair in a bun and red square framed glasses. She turned to me with a scowl etched on her face although I would like to make a smart comment but I was the one standing here in embarrassment. I felt my cheeks and ear flush from embarrassment as another man stood up from the chair and shook her hands. FUCK ME!

As he turned his attention to me he stared in amusement. I stared at the Greek god who stood tall a few metres away from me. He had a thick mess of dark brown hair with piercing hazel eyes and the strongest jawline. I could see his biceps bulging from the casual v-neck white shirt he wore, I scanned him over with black jeans and high top black Vans shoes.

I smirked at him when I caught him staring at my toned abdomen and my curved waist hugged by my jeans. His sharp Jaw ticks as he looks right through me as if looking for something. I start getting nervous when he smirks and strides to me holding his tan hand out to me. His freaking muscles moved at this simple gesture making me want to jump at him.

Do it then...I hear my wolf Ava say. I mentally roll my eyes at her if that was even possible and put my small hands out which then gets captured by his warm yet rough hands.

“Morning, to what do I owe the pleasure?” He says staring down at me like he was analyzing me strip by strip.

“Rays personal assistant” I say with a strong tone as we part our hands. I felt weak to my knees with his intense gaze at me. I had a hint of why it looked like he was figuring me out.

You see I’m a werewolf. Well slightly different.

I have been on the run ever since I turned 18 because of him. It was not safe for me to stay with my twin brother Kane, who was was crowned Alpha of the Red Moon pack since together our scent was too strong.

Here’s the tricky bit, my brother and I have been cloaked since we are twins I had the strength of an Alpha but not as much as my brother. Being cloaked comes with it’s perks. It hides my scent which I cover with my vanilla scented perfume so I smell nice to the humans.

The cloaking part was easy but it wasn’t like it was linked to a chain or ring but we were marked. If it and when it starts to fade that means we were in trouble, more like I was in deep shit. The mark was on my right shoulder while my brother had it on the left shoulder mirroring mine. It was of a light feather with small birds, simple yet elegant.

The Greek god just nods his head and says while still staring at me.

“We’ll see you tonight” He says in deep voice causing me to look at his adams apple. I see a smirk tugging on the corner of his lips as he greets us and leaves with his assistant at his toes.

“What and who was that?” I say to Ray as I shut the door and whisper shout to her.

“Look who’s interested. Don’t worry, you will find out tonight” She says. That leaves me with my own thoughts.

What’s happening tonight?

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