The Alpha's Mate

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Presley had it all, a loving family, great support, a great pack behind him. One thing he didn't have was his mate by his side. After seven years of not finding his mate, he had finally given up. He buried himself into his work, becoming one of the most ruthless alpha's known. His shell cracks when he finds his mate, prancing through a field of flowers. This is book two to the series, can be read as a stand alone, but I do recommend checking out The Omega's Mate? first, to get a feel on my writing.

Romance / Fantasy
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Pack Hierarchy Explained

Name: Charlie Berger

Age: 27

Birthday: October 15th

Gender/s: Male, Omega

Parent’s/Family: Ethan and Alice Berger, little brother Karsen who is now the Alpha of the pack.

Interests: Reading, cooking, running in his wolf form, he loves his job watching pups at the packs day care, he also loves playing the piano.

Name: Presley Reid

Age: 24

Gender/s: Male, Alpha

Parent’s/Family: Alexandre and August Reid, little brother’s Adam, Hayden, Hunter, and Elijah. Little sister Audrey.

Pack Hierarchy: Presley is the Alpha, Persephone is the Beta, Adam is the Delta of the pack.

Interests: Taking care of his pack, hunting, training his pack members.

Pack Hierarchy:

Alpha -The leader of the pack

Luna - The Alpha’s mate, second leader, usually the caregiver of the pack.

Beta - Second in command

Delta - Third in command

Dominant Wolf - Stronger than a submissive or omega wolf, them and submissive wolves are the average Joe of the pack, they’re providers for the pack. They can work the more labor-intensive jobs such as working as a warrior, builder, or farmer.

Submissive Wolf - Weaker than a Dominant wolf, usually work normal lightweight jobs.

Omega - The runt, the weakest of the pack, some packs have several, some only have 1 some have way more. Either Gender is able to get pregnant.

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