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Book 1- The Bruised Boxer Series Oreo addicted freshman, Maddison Maurice hated her job at the college gym, it was surprisingly the most quiet and boring job she'd ever had. And like that wasn't enough, she had to work with a snubbish petty girl like Jessica. But when a little accident causes Ashton Malik, school star boxer and son of UFC champion, Jaxon Malik to sprain an ankle, he isn't allowed to fight for two months. There's no one else to blame but Maddie herself. ******************** ©2021 Thea Caylen. All Rights Reserved. This book is only available on wattpad and/or Inkitt, if you're reading it anywhere else, it has been stolen. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or means, including photocopying, recording, electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Devil Himself.

I love my job...

Is what I would have said if I was working anywhere else but at Prinscott college gym.

Firstly, gymnastics wasn't my aesthetic, the three empty wrappers of Oreos on my desk were enough to prove that. Secondly, this place was practically always empty.

Our school had two gyms and everyone loved working out at the more furnished gym.

Take a guess, it wasn't this one.

I lazily ripped open my fourth Oreos, nibbling on the cookie.

"Eating on the job again," Jessica, my annoying co-worker and self proclaimed beauty queen chimed in. "You eat so much, you may as well explode."

Hey, I don't judge your excessive use of push-up bras so why'd you got to judge my Oreo addiction?

She quickly snatched the cookie from me, throwing it in the waste bin with an evil smirk. "Eat less, it'll do you a lot better, mad Maddison."

Mad Maddison, a fun little name she loved calling me... Well, two can play at that game, Jessica... Jerkface.

She casually sashayed away, flaunting her long brown locks in my face.

"B*tch," I mumbled under my breath.

Now I had nothing else to do but watch YouTube videos, I know other people would probably hop on their message and answer their thousands of inbox but I didn't have a social life. I was practically a social zombie.

I was still watching a makeup tutorial when the French door slid open as someone walked in. I didn't notice.

"Get your eyes off that phone," Jessica said to me in a hushed tone, her eyes wide like she'd just seen the devil himself. "He's here... I don't know how that's possible but he's here.."

"Who's here?" I asked, it was impossible, we never had customers, that was practically our slogan, loneliness.

"Ashton Malik... He's here," she then gestured to the entrance and there he stood, the devil himself.

Ashton Malik and a couple of friends.

For someone every girl was always drooling over, Ashton was irresistibly hot, his smooth dark hair laid in a messy style from hours of racking his hands through them, greyish blue eyes scanned the gym.

His eyes finally landed on us, Jessica and I, and he and his friends began making their way to the desk.

"Quick, how do I smell?" Jessica asked.

I simply nodded, still frazzled by the fact he was here, in our gym.

"Great, now I need you to go check out the equipment, make sure everything's good to go," Jessica said.

"What?! That's your job... I'm supposed to sit here and welcome athletes," I complained in a whisper.

"We both know you're only going to scare them away with your awkwardness... Consider this a favour."

Favour my ass, she just wanted to flirt with the hot guys. I angrily stood from my seat and walked over to the equipments.

Along with Ashton were Justin Williams and Alex Harkmann, Ashton's closest friends and partners in crime.

Apart from being an eye candy for every girl to fawn over, Ashton was also the son of the famous UFC fighter, Jaxon Malik. Ashton himself had also been to some minor boxing matches and for some reason, the tickets sold out in less than a day anytime he was participating.

I lazily gazed at all the equipments.

Dumbbells... Check.

Training bench... Check.

Treadmill.... Check

Stationary bicycle... Check.

Well, my work here was done. I know Jessica asked me to check out the conditions of the equipments but let's been real, they'd hardly been used in months, they were as good as new.

I gladly turned over, trudging to reclaim my seat from the Karen that was Jessica.

She stood closely to the boys, laughing to every single thing they said with her glistening white teeth.

She turned to me with a frown, giving me the you're interrupting me look but I just shrugged.

"Well gentlemen, right this way, the equipments are all set," Jessica said.

"And what's the name of your assistant?" Ashton asked, it wasn't until then I noticed he was staring at me.

My lips fumbled for a reply, his cool gaze pressed against my weak ones, a charismatic smirk played on his lips as he saw my distress.

"I'm Mad–"

"She isn't important," Jessica quickly interrupted, wrapping her hands around Ashton's strong arm like she'd known him for ages.

"Right this way, boys." She led the way, taking them to the work out space.

I sighed. For once in a lifetime, I was actually grateful for Jessica's interruption, she stopped me from saying something foolish. I'd totally lost my cool just from his stare. Not good.

I guess his charm does work on every girl...

I sat, counting my fingers with absolute boredom before Jessica rushed back to me.

"He gave me his number," she squealed, jumping like she'd won the lottery.

I really didn't know what to tell her, she seemed so excited so I just said, "I'm so happy for you."

"I know you're jealous... I'm not giving you his number," she thenproceeded to flick her hair at my face, swaying her hourglass curves.

"I don't need it," I replied.


I was okay with fantasizing about him from a mile away, I know it was creepy but atleast I didn't make a total fool out myself by starting an actual conversation.

"You're so weird," Jessica commented.

Then we both heard the loud yell, a deep voice vibrating through the gym. It was Ashton. We both rushed to the boys, fear pounding in each heartbeat.

There Ashton laid on the floor, cradling what seemed to be an injured leg, his friends helping lift him up.

"Get a doctor!" Alex yelled at both Jessica and I.



*Thea casually sipping coffee in the midst of the drama*

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