The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 10 - Being Carefree

**Tasmine's Pov**

The next day dad headed off to work, Chris heads down to the cubby houses to fix them up. I’m left by myself I spent most of the day on my laptop working on schoolwork. The rest of the week I spent at home by myself dad and Chris went to work together. I spent most of my time doing schoolwork, watching Netflix, playing video games.

It’s now the weekend, I have just finished my first session with headspace. I am not going to tell dad that I think he was right I did need the extra help, I don’t want to give him a big head that he was right about something. My Doctor’s appointment went well too, I have put on a kilo so she was happy with that. Chris has gone off to do something with his mum, Dad told me to meet him at the supermarket. I made my way towards IGA, sending off a text to dad to let him know I am on my way. I can hear someone yelling my name, slowing down to let whoever it is catch up to me.

“Oi Tassie! Wait up!” Jackson yelled out again, I smiled as it’s Jackson, who comes racing towards me, “Hi Jackson, what’s up?” I said trying to sound cheerful, he wraps me up in a hug looking shocked at what I had said, “What’s up? How the hell are you?” He asked. “I’m good.” I lied, who would be good after what had just happened to me, I just don’t want his pity that is all. “Really? You’ve had a week off. And you don’t look like yourself something has happened and why won’t you tell me?” He asked me sounding worried.

We pull apart as he looks me over, “Yep, hiding nothing Jackson” I said, hoping he will buy it. “Why is my cousin Oliver so worried about you?” He arches an eyebrow up at me. “Ask him why he is so worried,” I said. “I have, he said he cannot tell me and that I should ask you, so I am asking you? Little thing what’s going on?” He said sounding upset. “Oh, well I’m not ready to let everyone know what’s going on. I’m so sorry Jackson.” I whispered. “Oh, it’s ok you’ll tell me when you’re ready?” He said.

I smiled at him, he is really my best friend he keeps his arm around my shoulders though. “Thanks,” I whispered, I keep walking towards IGA with Jackson talking nonstop about what I had missed at school, it was good I need the loudness so I didn’t get lost in my mind.

“Come on Jackson why did you disappear? Tasmine?” Oliver said, sounding shocked, as Jackson just smiles at his cousin, “Found Tassie.” Jackson said with a big grin on his face, I give Oliver a small smile, “Hi Oliver” I said quietly. “You’re out of the house? How are you?” He asked, can see a lot more questions all over his face. “I’m good thanks.” I lied, but the look he gives me tells me that he knows he doesn’t believe what I had just said to him. He walks up to me giving me a big hug, he hugs me longer than normal. “Oliver you can let me go you know,” I whispered.

“Oh sorry, you have any plans for the weekend?” He asked me. “No just chilling with dad and Uncle Chris. Why? Have you two got something fun planned?” I asked. “Sounds boring Tassie!” Jackson said. “I second that,” Oliver said pointing to his cousin. “Spend the weekend with us?” Jackson said with a big grin on his face. “Who’s us?” I ask joining in on Jackson’s bubbly ways. “Myself, Oliver and Maxi pad. Dad’s away again.” Jackson said. “Hm let me think about it,” I said.

“Let me guess going to see if Lee will let you?” Oliver said leaning down towards me with a grin on his face. What is going on here? “Half true Oliver, but I am enjoying being by myself lately,” I said. “Why have we walked to IGA for?” Oliver asked, looking around in shock. “Well, Oliver I am catching up with my dad here. Bye, boy’s it was nice talking to you.” I said.

I wave at them and walk into the shop. Leaving them both out the front, now to find dad. A few minutes later I see dad talking to a female, his face is all light up and she’s laughing at him, oh man dad’s flirting with her and she’s flirting back. “Pass me your phone Lee.” She said. “Sure” He replied, I see them typing in each other’s phone numbers. Agh, I really do not want to keep watching this, I go to turn around and slammed into a solid body. “Ofphm.” I nearly screamed out.

“Ok Kitten?” Oliver asked softly. “Yep good,” I said, he has a smirk on his face. “So why are you racing from your dad so fast for?” He looks up and chuckles, “Oh now I see, your dad has good taste.” He whispered, I groan out, “Argh gross please stop it.” I moaned out, Oliver grabs my hand and starts walking towards my dad and the lady. “Hey about time Tasmine.” Dad said as he raises an eyebrow up at Oliver’s hand holding mine, as I smile brightly, “Hi Dad” I said.

“Dad?” The lady said shocked, now that I am closer, she is pretty, dad has a type she looks like mum a little, maybe younger she looks worried at him. “Are you going to be our new mum?” I asked, I do my best please face as I tilt my head to the side, giggling under my breath. “Our? More than one child?!” She stuttered out, she is now looking at all three of us, while dad looks livid. “Tasmine Rose Kelly!” he snapped, while Oliver waves at dad with a big grin on his face, “Hi Dad,” Oliver said giggling. “Oh, be quiet Oliver, I’m not your dad. Mia ignores them, they both are just messing with you.” Dad said. “So, they both aren’t your children?” She asked.

“Wouldn’t call us children Miss. Teenagers nearly young adults more like it.” I smiled, at her like she was stupid. “Tasmine is my daughter, the other is her friend and my apprentice.” Dad snapped at me. “Ok.” She whispered. “Don’t worry too much he doesn’t have a crazy ex or anything, mum’s dead so you’re off the hook,” I stated as I smiled at her, she looked at me like I was crazy so did dad, Oliver was snickering next to me. “Tasmine that is a horrible way of putting it.” Dad snapped at me, I held my hand up in the air, “It’s the truth.” I said.

“Well, it was nice meeting the three of you.” She said, with that, she walks off fast, don’t think she’s coming back. Oh well, she wasn’t worth it nor was she after my dad for the right reasons. “Thank you, you bloody two better hope she still wants to see me after all of that.” Dad snapped. “Probably not,” Myself and Oliver said at the same time, dad just glared at us both. “You know your dad is allowed to date from time to time.” He stated I smiled at him, “You can do whatever you want dad, but you should be with someone who can handle you having a teenager daughter.” I stated.

Lee rubbing his hand over his face. “Agh let’s finish this shopping list. Why are you still here Oliver?” He asked sounding tired. “Was wondering if Tas could hang out with me, Jackson and Max today?” He asked. “I know your Uncle isn’t home this weekend Oliver.” Dad snapped. “And your point is?” Oliver asked. “I’m not letting my daughter hang out with three teenage boys with no adults home. So, the answer is no Oliver.” Dad said. “Ok, see you at school Tas,” Oliver said, he walks up to me giving me a hug, felt so weird he turns away and heads towards the exit of the shop. “Right care to fill me in on what is going on with you Tassie?” Dad asked. “Right now, I’m good,” I answered.

That afternoon being sick of staying inside and under the house, I asked dad if I could walk around town for a bit. “Which part of town are you planning on going to kid?” He asked, I smiled up at him. “I want to go to that playground just before IGA please,” I asked, Dad, stopped folding the clothes he was folding and looked at me shocked. “You want to go to a playground? Why?” He asked shocked. “I just want to check it out, clear my head. Please, dad?” I asked.

He groans out, “Ok, you can go but please be home by five and text me when you get to it, so I know you are there, and text me when you are on your way home.” He said I smiled at him, “Sure, I can do that dad.” I said brightly, I quickly changed into something a bit more comfortable gym shorts, a sports bra, and a rock singlet, and sports shoes, I take a water bottle, my phone, and headphones. Yelling out to dad that I was leaving as Uncle Chris is out seeing his Grandma and Mum, the walk was quick I found the playground was empty which I found odd, but then again it has been raining on and off all day so the kids wouldn’t be out.

I sat on the spinning thing and let myself drift away, getting bored sitting up I laid down on it and let it take me away, hopefully to a place where this darkness can leave me alone. Why are these dark voices worse when I’m alone?


I tried not to groan when I heard his voice, I opened up my eyes as I looked up to find Jackson, Max, and Oliver all looking at me oddly. I sat up stopping the spinning thing as I look at them all. “Boys, what’s up?” I said trying not to give myself away that I’m not ok. “Could ask the same question little thing,” Jackson said I smiled at him, “Well I just felt like going for a play, care to join me?” I asked them. Max started laughing, “Play? You looked stoned as fuck just spinning around on that thing!” I start laughing while holding up the rude finger to him, “I am not stoned! I was just trying” Oliver cuts me off, “Trying to forget.” He said quietly, I looked at him, he knew what I was doing, and he didn’t like it.

I stood up and raced over to the massive climbing fort that has the massive, enclosed slides up at the top. “The last one to the top is a rotten egg!” I yelled at them, the three boys yelled at me in surprise as I raced up being smaller than them I reached the top, but I raced around the top making my way to the far end one, hiding at the entrance of the slide. I can hear Jackson and Max fighting between each other on which slide I just went down; I couldn’t hear Oliver at all which had worried me.

“Found you kitten.” He whispered right next to my ear, he covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. “Now I am going to remove my hand are you going to be loud, I don’t want them to find us just yet.” He whispered, I nod my head that it was ok, he drops his hand. “What’s going on Oliver?” I whispered.

He climbs into the entry that I was in but on the other side of the circle wrapping my legs around the lower part of his body pinning me up on the top, so we don’t go down the slide. “Tasmine are you ok?” He whispered, I looked out as the other two who are fighting about something again. “Don’t worry about them they will be fighting for a bit longer before we need to go down this slide.” He said.

“I no longer want to stay in this town,” I whispered, I heard his breath hitch, I take it he doesn’t like this idea. “Why? Please tell me it has nothing to do with what happened with Noah? Or is it what Mark” I cut him off, “Mark was just the last straw, Oliver.” I whispered, I look down I felt his hand on my chin lifting up my face, so I am looking at him. “Why?” He asked softly.

“I have never had this much drama and pain in my life before, in this town it just seems to find me, back down in Brisbane it was like I was invisible only my friends would talk to me” He puts a finger over my mouth to stop me as I heard Jackson’s voice has gotten closer, Oliver pulls me onto his lap wrapping me up in a hug as we slowly start sliding down the slide but only to stop at a bend halfway down our faces are very close right now.

“I don’t want you to leave kitten.” He whispers. “You, your cousins, and my family are the only reasons why I haven’t run yet or listened to the dark voices.” I whispered, he gave me a sad smile, “Good, please don’t”

“OI, YOU DUMB FUCKS ARE YOU BOTH IN THIS SLIDE?!” Jackson’s voice booms at the top, “I SURE HOPE SO! BECAUSE I AM COMING DOWN!” Jackson yelled. “FUCK!” Oliver yelled out as we quickly start trying to get ourselves to slide down before Jackson catches us, we reached the bottom and raced out of the bottom of the slide for myself to only be football tackled by Max who screamed out to Jackson. “I’VE GOT THEM! YOU WHERE RIGHT THE PAIR OF THEM HAD BEEN IN THEIR HIDING TOGETHER!” Max screamed out. “GET THE FUCK OFF ME MAN!” Oliver yelled out at Max, I groaned out in pain being pinned between two teen boy’s bodies.

“Let me up please!” I screamed out, we finally got up as Jackson came flying out of the slide jumping onto us, but Max took the blunt of the impact. “FUCKING HELL JACKSON!” Max screamed at his big brother, we just end up laughing as I got out from under them all.

“Well boys plan on joining me on the swings?” I asked, they all stopped fighting each other and looked up at me. “Tasmine, there are only two swings,” Oliver said. “Oh, is there? Well then better beat me to it then hey?” I said laughing as I took off. “Does she want us to what share them?” Max asked in confusion. “No idea, we are all just as lost as you are.” Jackson snapped. “It’s not that bad guys, besides when was the last time you’ve both seen her smiling like that? Well then Kitten, I am pushing you!” Oliver yelled out. “Yeah, you’ve got a point their Ollie!” Jackson said, Oliver, made it to the swings leaving the spare one for the other two as his hands go onto my back giving me a gentle push. “You look happy Tas.” He whispered as I lean back smiling at him.

“I am hanging out with my best friends,” I said, I notice when I had said friend’s his smiled dropped a little, wonder why he did that? We spent the next hour and a half playing around like little kids before I had to head home, I loved it. It was the most fun I have had in a long time it also had me forget what is going on in my life right now, the rest of the weekend went by so fast, it was a blur.

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