The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 11 - Let Them Have Fun

**Tasmine's Pov**

Finally, it was time to get my cast taken off, I could not be any happier. Dad had taken me before school started, once it was off it felt weird, I had to wear a removable cast now a brace he said it felt much better and I liked the fact I take it off whenever I want as long as I wear it to bed he is happy, the doctors let me clean my arm up before I walked the quick walk to school not even late either, still early. Standing at the gate looking at my fellow students, do I want to go into school?

I feel someone is behind me and they lean down to my neck. “Planning on moving, you’re blocking the entry kitten,” Oliver whispered. “Oh sorry,” I whispered, I go to step back, his hands are on my bag pushing me to go forward. “You are going to school kitten.” He stated very firmly, he keeps pushing me until we have reached our group table. “Do you mind?” I snapped at him.

“No, I quite enjoyed that.” He was laughing, “You’re a dickhead.” I snapped at him, he takes a bow, “Thank you, and you’re a bitch.” He stated I laughed, “Jerk,” I said poking my tongue out at him. “Oh, you know my heart kitten! You’re a Supernatural fan too!” He screamed out, he puts his hand over his heart with a big grin on his face, “Yes I am, you don’t come across as a fan.” I said. “Why because I’m a boy?” He asked. “No, you just don’t come across as one that is all,” I said. “Well, you’re going to have to ask Lee to let us binge-watch the latest season.” He said.

“Yeah, I can do that. Why are you being like this?” I asked feeling lost by how easy it was talking to him lately and why he is so kind towards me. “Being like what?” He asked. “Are you being this nice to get into my pants like every other guy?” I asked. “Oh, wow are you seriously still thinking that Tasmine?” He asked shocked, he looked pissed off and hurt by what I had said. “Tasmine I am upset by that! I thought we were past this. I thought we are friends?” He snapped at me.

“I’m sorry Oliver, I just keep going back to the way you were towards me when I was the new girl,” I said trying not to cry, why am I nearly crying over this? He lets out a loud sigh, “I find you to be like a little sister to me Tasmine.” He said. I looked at him, I am not sure if I believe him on this, “You do?” I asked. He nods his head, “I do” He stated. “So, we are just friends?” I asked.

“I don’t have those types of feelings for you at all.” He said I looked at him my gut is telling me that is a lie, but I have no proof in that, from just looking at him he is telling the truth. “Good,” I said. “Now how are you going?” He asked. “I’m ok” I whispered. “Really? You looked like you enjoyed yourself at the park, but” I cut him off. “Well if you must know I don’t feel like crying all the time. The dark voices are still here.” I said.

He moves closer and wraps an arm around me and gives me a tight hug. He let out a lough sigh I look up at him in shock. “Tasmine, what I am about to tell you only a few people at this school know about it, please keep it to yourself.” He whispered, I nod my head, “I will Oliver.” He holds me tighter, “Mark had raped my little sister, during one of our sleepovers at Noah’s house while our parents had things on.” He whispered, I was not thinking he would say something like that! Wow, no wonder he is worried about me!

“What?” I asked. “Yes, his parents kept calling her a slut and believed he would never do it, even our own parents believed them over her.” He whispered, my mouth was wide open, I cannot believe this at all. “Oh, my are you for real? How the hell do you not believe your own children?” I asked shocked as tears threaten to spill out of my eyes, he shrugs his shoulders, “I know so bloody angry at them, also the reason why I spend most of my time at Jackson’s house. Thanks to them for not believing her and not pressing charges, I had found her a few weeks later.” He whispers.

A few tears had fallen down his face, oh god no! No wonder he acts the way he does! No wonder he is so worried about me. “Oh, my Oliver,” I whispered, I wrap my arms around him, holding onto him tightly. “I am so sorry that had happened to you and your sister,” I whispered. “Thank you, you remind me so much of Monica, I’m so sorry that myself and Noah failed to warn you about his brother.” He whispered I shake my head at him, “Oliver that is not yours or Noah’s fault, Noah did warn me, told me to run if I came across his brother, I have no idea why drunken me didn’t do it, or maybe I had tried and he overpowered me.” Oliver covered my mouth, “Shh feels like it is.” He whispered.

He sounded so sad, “It’s not, the only person at fault here is Mark, he is the one that did the bad things. You and Noah didn’t do it, so please don’t blame yourself for it.” I said back, he puts his arm over my shoulders and we just sit like that in silence until the bell to head to our first lesson rings out, I don’t want to but I can see myself becoming best friends with him like Jackson, is that crazy?

The rest of the day flew by, before I knew it, I was on my way home. I hear two people yelling my name out. “Wait up Tas!” Vincent’s voice calls out to me. “Oi!” Oliver’s voice calls out too, I turn around looking at my new best friends, wow who would have thought that those two would have been my best mates. “What’s up boys?” I asked. Vincent smiles broadly at me, “Want to hang out this afternoon?” He asked.

“Unsure Dad and Uncle Chris will be home soon,” I said. “Text them,” Oliver said, “What will we be doing?” I asked. “Going for a swim now that your cast is off,” Vincent said laughing. “Where are we swimming?” I asked. “Our normal swimming hole is a creek, just past your house,” Vincent answered, laughing. “Right I’ll text him,” I said.

I sent off a text to dad asking if I could, he quickly replied a yes as long as Vincent is joining us, bloody double standards there, but I don’t want to fight over that right now. Told him yes to that and he replied with an ok be back home by five-thirty at the latest. “Ok, he said yes, and I need to be home by five-thirty,” I said, Oliver had a big grin on his face. “Deal! Come on you two get into my car and we will go to each other’s houses to get our swimming gear.” Oliver said sounding happy.

We all get into his car and head to each other’s houses, while Vincent was up in his room getting his stuff ready Oliver looked over at me from the front seat, next to me. “Tasmine, how are you really? You mentioned dark voices what are these voices telling you to do?” He asked sounding worried, I looked at him, should I lie to him? Tell him a little bit or all of it? “Tasmine, please don’t lie to me.” He whispered that is my answer. “On my bad days, it’s telling me to end the pain, to spend eternity with Noah. On my meh days it’s telling me to cause pain to my body” I whispered, he cuts me off. “Tas please tell me you are seeking help for those thoughts?” He asked sounding upset, his hand reaches mine giving a gentle squeeze. “Yes, I’m seeing someone Oliver” I whispered, he cuts me off again. “Good, please tell me when these thoughts are bad. Please.” He whispered as he wipes away his stray tears.

Vincent jumped into the back seat stopping us from continuing our conversation, Oliver kept looking over at me as we drove to my house. Once at my house, I raced up to my room getting changed into my togs. Once I have my togs on we made our way down to the creek near my house leaving Oliver’s car in my back yard. No one was at my house yet, I dumped my bag safely on a big rock, taking off my removable cast, and made my way into the water, going all the way under to cool down. It’s been so hot today, a storm tonight the way the air feels. “Hurry up you two the water is lovely!” I yelled out.

I look over the bank and I don’t see either boys or their bags. Where the hell did, they go?

“OI WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU PAIR!? OI OLIVER! OI VINCENT!” I screamed out, I start making my way to the bank in fear something had happened to them, hoping it’s not a snake! “BOO!” Oliver screamed out at me, “ARGH FUCK!” I screamed and jumped so high that I fell back into the creek as Oliver jumps out from behind a tree with Vincent following him. Both laughing their heads off, Vincent walked up to me helping me up out of the creek.

“That was so not funny boys!” I yelled out. “Oh, it so bloody was! You should have seen the look on your face!” Oliver said while still laughing. “It was quite funny Tas.” Vincent said laughing, “Well I’ve had my fun I’m going home!” I snapped at them both, which stopped them from laughing, “What? Wait! No Tas it was just harmless fun.” Vincent begged. “Ahh come on kitten keep having fun with us,” Oliver said playfully. “You won’t regret it.” They both said at the same time, with big grins on their faces.

“I already did after that prank.” I snapped at them both. “Too bad, no say now,” Vincent said. “What? Argghhh Vincent put me down!” I screamed out, Vincent had walked right up to me and threw me over his shoulder while Oliver is laughing his head off on the bank. “Stop kicking Tassie, you are making me feel like I’m going to vomit.” Vincent snapped. “Put me down then” I yelled back. “Poor choice of words sweetie.” He said. “Oh, fuck argh!” I screamed out.

He drops me down into the deep part of the creek, I swam back up to the surface nearly getting hit by Vincent being pushed into the water by Oliver. “Oi Oliver I nearly landed on Tassie you jerk!” Vincent snapped. “Bitch deal with it, remember who knows your secret.” Oliver snapped. “I regret fucking telling you!” Vincent yelled back. “Hey, what is going on with the pair of you?” I asked.

“Nothing for you to worry about,” Oliver said, I started swimming around then I heard a phone going off, I see Oliver get up and answer the phone he doesn’t look happy at all. “Fine I’m on my fucking way, don’t know why you all of a sudden care about me! Oh, right because he did it to someone else you finally believe!? Doesn’t bring Monica back does it, Dad? Feel better than you are now sorry!” Oliver screamed out, Vincent moved closer, but Oliver threw his phone in his bag and made his way back to us. “I got to go, sorry guys. They need me to fill the police in on what happened, you both going to be ok?” He asked, I think that was more aimed at me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said. “Yeah, I’m all good, go sort that shit out,” Vincent said, he leaves and it’s just me and Vincent. We swam around each other playing around for a bit, I came up for some air to find Vincent right in front of me. I smiled at him he wrapped his arms around me, which I felt safe in so moved closer to him. “Hi, Vinny” I whispered. “Hi Tas” He whispered.

His hands move down my back pushing me towards him, I didn’t stop him either. Not sure where to put my arms I wrapped them around his neck, as soon as I did that, he wrapped me up into a tight hug. Leaning down to me, he starts kissing me, a nice soft kiss my body felt like it was on fire again, but not the same as it did with Noah. The kiss gotten hot fast, I wrapped my legs around his waist his hands roaming over my body, one of mine gripping his hair the other feeling his arm.

Is it wrong that it felt ok, maybe not as good as Noah’s kisses, but it was fine? He was tugging on my swimmers; a growl escaped his lips causing me to pull away from him in shock a little. “Um,” I stuttered, “Yeah.” He whispered, it was a little weird the look of shock on his face that I kissed him back I think unsure. Really unsure does this mean we are now more than friends? What the hell is this, where the hell did these feelings come from? What the hell is wrong with me?

Thinking too much, wanting the voices in my head to stop so I thought to stuff it and start kissing him as much as he just did. His hands gripped my ass harder, I felt something in between us. Before I even started to think I pulled his boardie’s off he throws them onto the rock next to us. I helped him get my swimmers off and he throws them where he is. Seeing as the water is crystal clear he can see everything just as much as I can see him. “Tasmine” he whispered.

“Vincent don’t talk” I snapped at him, he slams into me kissing me hard hands roaming over my whole body, mine roaming his, I moan out, he turns us towards the rock and pressing close to me kissing my neck, pulling away hugging me, looking down at me. “Tasmine are you sure?” He asked.

I can feel him close to my entrance and now I am not sure of what I am doing, he is not Noah, I feel like crying right now, “I” I couldn’t say anything else, I cover my face with my hands trying to stop myself from crying. “You’re not ready sweetie, I can wait.” He said he smiled as he kissed my nose, “Bu”

“Shhh, I am not going anywhere.” He whispered, I look at him oddly, “Ok” I mumbled, I now feel weird as I am naked, and so is he. He leans down kissing me hard, hands still roaming my body. Pulling away to only catch our breaths. He looks down at his watch then looks up at me. “Better get you home” He stated. “Is it that time already?” I asked. “Sadly” He replied.

We got out and put our wet swimmers back on. I quickly wrapped my towel around me and looked at Vincent who was trying to sort his wet pants over his hard-on. “I’m sorry” I whispered. “Uh? Why you sorry for?” he asked. “For you having a hard time with your pants,” I said with a smirk on my face, he laughs. “Don’t ever apologize for that Tas,” he said.

“Um, what was all this?” I asked, feeling off about what we just did, “Just two people kissing” He said. I looked at him still not understanding, he understood my look. “How about we don’t put a label on this, do we need to label everything? Let’s just see where this goes before, we start putting labels onto it.” He said. “But where did these feelings come from? Vincent I” He cuts me off, “Unsure was just swimming with you and got the feeling to kiss you.” He stated. “You did, did you?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t hear you doing any complaining at all.” He stated, he had taken a step closer towards me, eyeing my lips off, I bit my bottom lip. “Hmmm stop biting that kissable lip Tassie.” He whispered, I kept staring at him, he took another step closer to me. I looked up at his face, looking at his lips, he took that as his cue leaning down kissing me again. It didn’t last long; he sighed and grabbed my bag and my hand walking towards my house. As soon as we could see my house, we dropped our hands, he handed me my bag. I smiled up at him, this is a little weird but not a bad weird. Weird as in is it too soon for me to be having these feelings of enjoying kissing someone else?

If that was the case why do I feel like I just cheated on Noah? “Want to come inside?” I asked. “Only to make sure your safe, then I’ll head home to help mum out.” He said. “Ok,” I whispered, he smiled at me too, maybe this is what we both need to do. Kiss each other to forget or get over those who have left us or don’t want us anymore? Wishful thinking? I unlocked the house and checked if anyone was home, as soon as I told him no one was home, he leaned down kissing me again.

I thought we are just friends, was he just telling me what I wanted to hear? But these kisses are starting to be good, doubt anyone would come close to what I felt for Noah. I am enjoying this kiss but it’s not the same. The truth is he is not Noah, think with time it will become easier to get over him, but how do you get over someone when you never broke up? He pulls away one of his hands brushing hair off my face the other still holding my ass.

“You are beautiful, I better head home and I don’t want us to get busted.” He stated. “Thanks, yep,” I whispered. “Keeping this on the down low, are we?” He asked. “Yes, I cannot see Dad allowing this, um no, I don’t know Vincent,” I mumbled, those tears are coming back again. “Yes, Lee is a hard one. What do you mean?” He asked. “True he sure is, I don’t know Vincent. All of that was not as good as Noah’s I am sorry. I just don’t know! I feel like I just cheated!′ I cried out, I start crying, he goes to comfort me I brush him off. “Tasmine, your not cheating he would have wanted you to move on.” He whispered.

“Yeah, tell that to my feelings,” I said with a shaky voice. “Ok, see me when you are ready to understand, see you at school Tas.” He said. “Bye Vincent,” I whispered, he has left the house is locked up again.

What the hell was that and what does this mean for us? Are we friend’s, friends with benefits, or something else? I was enjoying what we had, does this mean we have lost what we had? As much as I enjoyed the kisses unsure if I want more from him? I wish mum was here so I can ask her all of this. I still feel like I just cheated on Noah, I cannot do this as good as those kisses were I just can’t, he is just not Noah and I cannot do that to both of us it’s not far to anyone.

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