The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 12 - What The Hell?

I somehow managed to act normal around my dad and uncle when they came home. I just stayed in my room working on my homework and assessments. They both asked about the creek, told them it was fun, and the water was nice. Before I had known it was my bedtime, as I’m drifting off to sleep can hear my phone making sounds letting me know I had a few text messages, groaning I lean over to read them.


**OLIVER** I’m sorry about this afternoon kitten, next creek swim you’re going down! lol goodnight CYA in the morning kitten xo.
**TASMINE** No need to apologize, CYA tomorrow.

**VINCENT** Goodnight Tassie xo
**TASMINE** Night Vincent, but also please drop the hugs and kisses from your messages. As I still feel like I have cheated on Noah.

“If I hear your phone going off again Tasmine I will be confiscating it!” Dad yelled at me. “Ok, Dad! Sorry, Dad!” I yelled back. I quickly sent off two messages to the boys warning them of what Lee had said, Dad, walks into my room with his hand out. “Give it here young lady. You need to sleep, missy.” He snapped. “Ok” I hand it over as my phone goes off again, he looks at me. “Really Miss who’s texting you at this time of night?” He asked me. “One of my friends,” I replied. “You call that an answer?” He asked. “Well I didn’t see who it’s from, so no point in saying all of my friend’s names,” I stated.

“Ok fair point kiddo. Also, tomorrow head to my workshop instead of home after school ok?” He told me. “Ok, why?” I asked. “Your chipping in kiddo, or were you only saying that cause Noah would have been at the shop too?” He asked, I wanted to cry because it was true, I only wanted to help to be closer to Noah, but now I do want to learn from dad on how to fix cars. “He was part of the reason, but I’m still happy to help out,” I said. “Good, need a hand Oliver cannot work for a few weeks.” He grumbled, he sounded like he wasn’t too impressed that Oliver wasn’t working, wonder why he is not working?

“What why?” I asked. “If he hasn’t told you yet, I won’t be.” He said. “Oh,” I whispered, he chuckles he knows I am a nosey person, “Sorry sweetie. Get some sleep, goodnight love.” He said. “Ok, night dad,” I said, he leans down kissing my forehead, and leaves, it makes me miss mum when he does that, but other day’s I am just too angry at her. I finally do get to sleep but it was filled with dreams about Noah or his brother. So not much sleep happened for me.

knock, knock, knock, knock.

“Oi Kiddo time to get up!” Uncle Chris yelled out. “Yeah, I’m up Uncle Chris,” I yelled back. “Good hurry up, we are leaving with your dad.” He stated, “Ok, ok, ok, I’m dressed, just let me brush my teeth.” I replied as I raced around the house trying to get ready before dad left. I really wished he would let me walk to school, I can hear his car horn going need to move it! I race down to the car with my bag in one hand and my shoes in the other. “I’m coming!” I yelled at him.

“Yeah so is Christmas!” Dad yelled back at me. “Lee let me lock up!” Chris yelled out, I jump into the car which is blasting the Kansas song Carry on Wayward Son. I really love the fact he loves this show too. Chris jumps into the front seat looking at Lee in a way that says really this song again. “Oh, Chris you will go home loving this song,” Dad said. “Or the opposite.” Chairs stated, I start laughing in the backseat, Chris looks back at me and Dad looks through the mirror. “What is so dam funny?” Uncle Chris asked me. “That you dislike the song that is used in dad’s favorite show that he tries to copy in his life,” I said.

“I Copy?” Dad asked. “Yes you love the same type of music as Dean, the Australian muscle car kind of like his baby, you even call it baby, god forbid if Gran makes apple pie or any fruit pie if anyone else wants some or seconds, and you half dress like them but summer style. Do you want me to keep going?” I asked while Uncle Chris is trying not to laugh. “No, I don’t do that!” Dad said raising his voice a little at the end. “Hahahaha oh you do, she just summed you up to a T mate.” Uncle Chris said laughing, he couldn’t keep his laughter in at all, while dad looked pissed off at me. “Lucky for you, it’s time for you to get out. See you at my workshop after school missy!” He snapped. “Righto dad, CYA Dad and Uncle Chris! oh, I mean Dean Winchester!” I said loudly.

Bursting out into another fit of laughter as I jump out of the car. The look on dad’s face was priceless, and Uncle Chris is laughing his head off. Oh, I will be paying for that comment later on but man it was so funny. I was laughing that hard that I wasn’t paying any attention to what was around me and slammed right into someone sending them flying into a pole. “Oh, bugger! I’m” I stopped talking once I had seen who it was. “Really? You’re not going to apologize to me?” Jamie snapped at me.

I rolled my eyes, like fuck I am going to be nice to her. “Nope maybe watch where your walking next time goldfish,” I said, walking right past her, she has a stupid stumped look on her face. “Goldfish? what the fuck come back is a goldfish?!” She snapped at me. Turning back around laughing at her before saying. “You have a memory span of a goldfish, might what to google that,” I replied. “Seriously?!” She asked. “Oh, give up before your brain starts hurting!” I yelled at her.

Turning back around heading towards my normal table. “Oliver is only friends with you until you open your legs!” She yelled at me, I start laughing, “Wow that’s all you got?! Just FYI his one of my best mates, I think I know him better than you slut face who puts out to anyone who asks!” I yelled at her. I sat down at our table watching her storm off in a huff, good now hopefully she’ll leave me alone like the rest of the mean girls have.

“Well, I see you’re on fire this morning,” Oliver said, he smirked at me like he heard everything I had said about him. “Hi Oliver, how are you?” I asked. “Morning kitten, what is she trying to do now?” He asked. “You didn’t answer me. Nothing for you to worry about, I put her in her place.” I said, he just kept on smirking at me, as I lay down on the top of the table my head near where Oliver is sitting, “Oi dickhead get off my table!” Jackson snapped. “I an’t talking to you if I’m that dickhead!” I yelled back at him, as Oliver starts laughing. “I an’t the one laying down on top of the table,” Jackson said.

I got up onto my elbows looking at him in mock shock, “Oh shut up! it’s fucking hot as Satan’s ass! These school uniforms do not breathe!” I snapped at him. “It’s not that hot, it’s only thirty Tas,” Jackson said shaking his head at me. “Only thirty! it feels like fifty with this humidity! I could lay on this table in my underwear and a spray bottle of water and I would still not be able to cool down!” I snapped at him, I hear Oliver take a deep breath in, “Please keep your clothes on.” Oliver whispered, but not very well. “Who needs to keep their clothes on?” Vincent said as he arrived.

“No one!” I said, trying to hide any form of regret, Josephine starts laughing when the hell did, she arrive? “Oh, just our Tassie wants to cool down.” She said. “Yep keep those clothes on Tasmine.” He said that while looking over my body, why did I get naked with him for? I was watching Oliver and Vincent interact with each other. I wonder what secret Oliver knows, whatever it is Oliver doesn’t seem to be impressed at all. “Why is Vinny scared someone might take Tasmine if she strips down to her undies?” Sam said laughing.

“Excuse me Sammie boy I am no one’s property, besides aren’t you guys finding it hot too?” I said waving a hand in my face trying to cool down. “It’s hot but not as bad as your making it out to be,” Justine said. “Have you forgotten she’s from down south they aren’t used to this type of heat?” Dean said, I nod my head at him as he is correct. “No I’m not Sam, but we don’t need the dumb masses to make up more rumors,” Vincent said. “Someone seems a bit worried, even if his words don’t match,” Oliver said smirking.

“Care to fill us in a bit cuz?” Jackson said noticing the look on his face, I sat up looking at them both, crossing my legs. “Yes, care to fill me in?” I asked, looking at them both, “I don’t know what your all are talking about.” Vincent said while Oliver started laughing, “Not my place to say.” Oliver said, which shocked me as he is the first person to say things that he is not meant to say unless he is talking about what happened to me with Mark, although word has gone out after charges had been made as to what is going on but no one knows the full truth except those who are very close to me. “Since when does that stop you?” I, Jackson, and Max said the same thing at the same time all looking at Oliver, we all know he’s hiding something and now I know it’s about me.

“Wow is it gang up on Oliver day?” he said quite pissed off, picking up his bag he stormed off, I looked at his two cousins for answers and they are just as stumped as I was. I looked over at Vincent and he couldn’t look me in the eye. Right stuff this I am going to find out what is going on now. “VINCENT care to explain things?!” I snapped at him. “No! Not my place.” He replied, I glared at him. “You know what! I am sick of hearing that, argh just whatever!” I snapped at him.

Climbing off the tabletop and storming off chasing Oliver, I found him behind a classroom. He looked like he was about to cry, what is going on with him. Could it be about his sister, or parents? “Hey, are you ok?” I softly asked with a worried look on my face, hoping to show that I am caring as well. “I should be asking you that?” he asked me, I looked shocked at him.

“Why?” I asked. “I know what happened.” He said sounding sad and angry at the same time, what is he on about? “A lot has happened to me here, might need to explain a little bit more,” I said. “At the creek after I had left.” He whispered the colour drained from my face, “What? How? Did he tell you?” I stuttered, he looked hurt, why does he look hurt? “Why did you” he started saying. “Did I what Oliver?” I snapped at him, by now I was starting to get quite angry at him, is he about to say what I think he is about to say.

“Just spit it out already.” I snapped at him. “You slept with him. Why would you do that? Why would you do that so soon after Noah?” He snapped at me, I glared at him, “I’m going to stop you right there! Is Vincent going around telling people I slept with him?” I asked, I am so angry at Oliver for even thinking that little of me. I know I was naked in a creek with Vincent, but I didn’t do anything that Oliver says! “No,” he said.

“Then how did you come up with that view of me?” I asked, he still wouldn’t answer, I am now beyond pissed off at him. “Right Oliver you know exactly what has happened to me over the past couple of weeks, and for you to think this of me really hurts! I kissed one person and you think I’ve slept with him! It was a nice few kisses nothing like Noah’s kisses no one stands up to him, no one will ever stand up to him! Why won’t you let me try to move on?! Why won’t you talk to me?!” I yelled at him.

Doing my best not to cry, he rubbed his face as he groans out looking at me in frustration. “Because I lied! I fucking lied to you!” He snapped at me, I stood there in shock, he has taken a step closer towards me. What has he lied to me about? “Because I want you to be the one kissing me not him!” He yelled, he looked at me in the eyes as I looked back at him stunned, “What?” I asked, he stepped closer to me leaning down kissing me, I don’t know why but I kissed him back, it was better than Vincent’s but still nothing like Noah’s, pulling away in shock. “Please stop,” I whispered, he moves closer towards me, I put my hands up. “No stop, this is way too much for me! You and Vincent need to leave me alone!” I screamed at him. “Tas wait!” Oliver yelled at me, I turned around and Vincent was standing there watching us, no I cannot do this.

No more drama!

I am over this, why are my views never listened to? Vincent tries to say something to me. “No, don’t you even open that mouth of yours! The pair of you need to rethink this! We are either friends or nothing at all. I am sorry that I have kissed both of you, really am, but I don’t have those feelings for you or maybe it’s that I am still madly in love with Noah. Yes, I kissed you both to see if my feelings for Noah would leave, they haven’t they just made me feel like I have cheated on him! I cannot do this anymore!” I screamed.

“Tasmine,” Oliver said, he sounded just as upset as I do right now. “No, I can’t this is too much for me. No, leave me alone!” I screamed out, I was crying now, I pushed past Vincent heading to the school gate, I can’t do school today. No, I need to be alone I keep running I think I ran past my PE teacher. “Tasmine where do you think your off to?” Mr. Hope yelled out to me.

Which caused me to stop in my tracks, turning around to him. What I didn’t know was that I was still crying. “Hey what’s wrong Tasmine?” He asked. “I can’t” I go to leave but he stops me again, “Why can’t you?” He asked. “I can’t stay here, I need to be alone Sir. I just can’t” I yelled. “Follow me, Miss Kelly.” He said. “Yes Sir” I whispered, I follow him into the school office, then into his office. He hands me the box of tissues, as I am still crying, I have gone to that state that causes hiccups.

“Tasmine would you tell me what’s going on?” He asked softly. “First how well do you know my parents?” I asked. “I’m friends with your Uncle Jimmy and your father.” He said, why is he not friends with my Uncle James and Chris? “Would you be telling them both what I say? Even if he begs you to tell him, would you?” I asked. “It all depends on what it is, or if I have to report it, but also I wouldn’t tell him if he begs me school policies and everything.” He said.

“Ok, it’s just boy drama, Sir,” I said. He looked like he did not want to be in this room to hear this, “Boy drama?” He asked. “Yes, ever since Noah had passed it’s like they all think they can now have a pass at me. Make me believe we are friends then drop bombshells like kissing me. I can’t take it on top of everything else that has happened to me.” I yelled out, bursting out into tears again, “Tasmine what else has happened to you?” He asked, I looked at him shocked, “You don’t know?” I asked, I assume everyone knows, as this whole town seems to know stuff about me.

“No, I don’t.” He stated. “My dad or my Uncle never said anything to you?” I asked. “No, does it have anything to do with the amount of time off you have had?” He asked. “Yes, along with Mark Williams,” I whispered, realization kicked in on his face, “Ok, think I am going to get the school counselor in here to talk to you.” He said. “Ok, why don’t you want to talk to me?” I asked. “Because I’m getting the feeling that you may need more help than you’re letting on. I’m not qualified in that form of help.” He said kindly. “Oh,” I whispered. “Stay here I’ll be right back.” He said. He leaves his office and heads down the hallway. I’m left sitting in the chair crying, I do see Vincent and his dad walking past but I don’t think they had seen me. Thank God I don’t want to see him right now.

Why did they both do this?

Why tell me we are friends but turn around and start kissing me?

Why are boys like this with me, am I easy?

Is this why I cannot make many female friends?

Why did Oliver lie to me, he knew I was picking up on his lies, but he kept going?

“Ok sorry about that Tasmine, this here is our school counselor Mrs. James.” He said. “Hi Tasmine, would you like to join me in my office. I’m sure Mr. Hope has a class to get to.” Mrs. James says brightly, “Ok.” I replied. Off we go down the hallway to her office, once I had sat down in her lounge chair she closes her door, I had looked up seeing Vincent standing in the hallway looking at me with worry in his eyes. I don’t want to worry about him right now.

As soon as she sits, I burst into tears. She hands me a box of tissues and just lets me cry it all out. I notice while I was crying, she was reading my school file. “Do you want to start at the start?” She asked. “Ok,” I whispered.

Five and a half hours later I walk out of her office feeling much better, had missed school for the day. But she had gone and sent messages to all my teachers for the day that I was seeing her. I didn’t want to go to my last lesson, so she allowed me to take the rest of the day off. I headed towards the main gate to leave school. “Why are you ditching school for Tasmine?” Oliver asked. I raised an eyebrow up at him, great he is here and all I want to do is cry because of him. “Yes, and what is it to you? Don’t you have a lesson that you should be in right now too?” I snapped at him.

“Yeah, I have a spare.” He replied, I walked past him heading towards my dad’s shop. I know he’s following me, but right now I need to sort myself out before adding anyone else into the mix. “Why are you so angry with me?” He asked sounding hurt, I spun around towards him, having a big feeling to punch him. “Wow! You are so stupid?!” I screamed at him. “No need to be harsh Tasmine.” He snapped at me. “Yeah, there is a need for it Oliver! I had the feeling you had feelings for me from the minute I had met you! You made me feel stupid every time I bought it up with you. Then the last time I did you had hurt me with your words. I was fine with us being friends, knowing we were friends. I felt safe with you, I trusted you with the worst thing that has happened to me! I thought we are just friends, but all along both you and Vincent just want me for one thing!” I yelled out in a fit of hysteria. “That is not true Tasmine! I never wanted you for one thing!” He yelled back at me.

“Then why did you do it? Why did you lie to me?” I asked. “Because I never wanted to be near a girl for more than a few hours. You are different I can sit and have fun with you, you are smart and funny and like nearly the same things, I can be next to you for hours on end and not get sick of you! I am willing to stay friends until you’re ready to move on.” He said, I just looked at him in shock. “Seriously you dump all that onto me!?” I screamed out. “I don’t know what else to say kitten.” He whispered. “What happens if I never am able to move on?” I asked so quietly, “Then I have found my best friend.” He said with the biggest smile on his face. “Ok then let’s leave it at that,” I stated.

“Want me to drop you off at home?” He asked. “No thanks. I have to help out at the shop after school, dad said you couldn’t work.” I said. “Yes, my parents want me home to keep talking to people about what happened to my sister. Like they really care about what had happened to her.” He said, sounding so angry and upset. I want to hug him, but I am scared of what message that will send him. “I’m sorry they are like that,” I said. “Don’t be, want me to walk you to the shop?” he asked. “No, I’m good thanks. Bye Oliver.” I said.

“Ok bye Kitten,” he said. “Please stop calling me that,” I complained. “Sorry that is my nickname for you and I’m never going to stop using it.” He said. “Whatever,” I said, walking off leaving him in the school car park. I have two more streets to go before reaching the shop when I felt my phone ringing, pulling it out seeing it was Vincent calling I put it back in my pocket. I arrived at the shop well and truly before three, Dad came out from a hood of a car looking at me with a mix of worry and anger. “Please tell me you didn’t just ditch school.” He snapped.

“I was in the counselor’s office all day dad she let me out early,” I replied, he quickly wiped his hands racing around the car looking worried. “Why? What happened at school today Tas?” he asked. “I think I just had a meltdown dad, and she helped, she let me cry for a bit and all we did was talk. It really helped out I feel much better now.” I said he wrapped me up in a hug. “Dad you’re covered in grease and I’m still in my school clothes!” I cried out. “Oh, sorry sweetie. Your uniform is in my office hon just go into the dunny to get changed. Once that is done, I’ll show you around and introduce you to some of my staff.” He said.

“Ok,” I said, I walked to the side of the building into dad’s office, nearly laughing out loud. He had a few baby and toddler photos of me plus the ones he took from mum’s place all over a wall next to his desk. Chris was typing away at the computer, he looked up at me than the clock on the wall. “Not the brightest idea to ditch school to come here kiddo.” He stated. “Hi, Uncle Chris and no didn’t ditch got permission to leave early,” I said. “Ok lucky you, clothes are over on that chair.” He said. “Thank you,” I said. I picked up the uniform and boots and turned back around to my Uncle. “Where are the dunny?” I asked. “Oh, right just out the door and to your left. Be a little careful the staff dunnies aren’t that clean.” He said. “Oh well, Uncle Chris maybe you should clean them then?” I asked he starts laughing, “You have a set of balls on you, no I am not the cleaner here. I think it might be your job sweetie.” He said. “Nope dad can fire me I am not doing that,” I said. I walked into the dunny and nearly vomited just by the smell of it. Oh, yep I am not cleaning this even if he pays me a million dollars! I quickly got changed and bolted back into the office to do my shoes.

My phone rings again and it’s Vincent again, I hit the red button. “Hmmm who are you avoiding today Miss?” He asked. “No one,” I said, it rings again, for fuck sake leave me alone, I hit the red button again. “No one hey?” He said. Just after he says that it rings again, this time my Uncle took it out of my hands looking up at me with one eyebrow up, and answers the call.

**CHRIS** Hello?
**CHRIS** It’s Chris, yes, her Uncle.
**CHRIS** Yes, she’s here with me.
**CHRIS** Um, she looks fine to me.
**CHRIS** Sorry no she’s busy helping out her dad at his shop at the moment. Did you want to leave a message?
**CHRIS** Uh mmm sure I’ll pass that onto her, bye.

He hangs up the phone handing it to me looking amused and a little pissed off. “Well never thought I would have to do that. Plan on telling me what that was all about? Or is it some sort of teenage drama?” he asked. “Did he leave a message?” I asked. “Yes.” He said. I looked at my Uncle waiting, he just smirked at me. “Well? What did he say?” I asked. “He said he is sorry about yesterday and this morning, and to tell you to talk to him please, his very worried after seeing you in the office.” He said. “Hmm that all he said?” I asked. “Yes, now if you don’t want to talk about this with your dad, I am here for you.” He said.

“Yeah you maybe, but you would still tell him though,” I said. “I would only tell him if it meant to help you, save you or if it had something to do with drugs or alcohol,” Chris stated. “Ok,” I mumbled. “Come on it seemed to have upset you enough.” He said. “Boy’s why do they do that?” I said with a loud sigh as I sat on dads’ desk, “Boy’s do what?” He asked. “Say they are your friend’s then go about kissing you.” I snapped. “Oh, teenage drama. Did he kiss you?” He asked. “Both he and Oliver have. Why make it noticeably clear that they want to be my friend and friend only. Acting like it for a long while then bam does this?!” I whispered yelled.

“Maybe they did mean the friendship at first and fallen for you. It can happen.” He said. “I know it can happen, but they both know I’m not ready to move on,” I said. “Well don’t talk to them for a few days and see what they do next.” He offered. “Ok,” I said, this doesn’t make much sense.

“Do you share the same type of feelings they have?” He asked. “No, they both can kiss but that’s it, no sparks, no butterflies, no goosebumps nothing Uncle Chris,” I complained. “Wow did you have all that with Noah?” He asked shocked. “Yes,” I whispered, don’t cry Tasmine. “I understand now, you just stay friends with them if they like you as much as you said they would be happy being your friend. If not, they were only after you for one thing and one thing only.” He said, now that makes sense. “Ok, thank you. I will.” I said. “Off you go can see your dad waving for you to come out now.” He said. “Ok, thank you for your help, Uncle Chris,” I said. “All good Tas.” He said with a forced smile on his face, I take it he is not enjoying talking to me about boys, cause I bet he wants to hit them too, just like dad would.

I head out to dad he looked happy. “I’m happy you can tell someone sweetheart. I am glad he’s here to help you. Now for today, you are doing what any first year would be doing on their first day.” He stated. “Ok, yeah he was easy to talk to. Ok, what is it?” I asked. “Cleaning, you clean the cars we have just service.” He stated. “Ok,” I mumbled, he spent a good ten minutes showing me what and how to use and clean a car. Which was immensely helpful, he went around introducing me to his staff members. None of his staff close to my age was on today. I have a feeling he did that for a reason. By home time I was stuffed, I jumped into the shower after dad as he stunk the most.

Once out I headed straight to the lounge laying face first. Uncle Chris has cooked dinner, he leaned over the couch checking for my heartbeat. “Think you killed her mate.” He started laughing. “The first day of real work and she’s stuffed. You ok though?” Dad asked sounding worried. “Yeah, I’m good.” I ate my food and headed to bed couldn’t be bothered to do any schoolwork. I had quite a few text messages from most of my friends, but I’ll answer them in the morning maybe.

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