The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 13 - The Fallout

**Tasmine's Pov**

I was up early before Uncle Chris and Dad, I jumped into the bath getting ready for school, once dressed and hair done, I headed into the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. Once that was done, I made lunches then cleaned up the kitchen, heading out to the dining room to eat the bacon and eggs on toast that I had made. “Oh, wow Tasmine! Can I move here for good if you cook like this every day!” Uncle Chris said.

I start laughing at my Uncle, “Oh you’ll be doing this more than me.” I stated, he headed into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee, I was nearly finished by the time he came out. He had a big grin on his face, and my phone in his hand, oh man. “Does this thing ever stop going off?” He stated. “Lately it doesn’t shut up,” I grumbled. “You should probably read and respond to some of them, but if they are from those boys, I would let them stew for a bit longer.” He said, with an evil smirk on his face. “Ok,” I said brightly.

“Who are these boys? Also, what smells so fucken yummy!” My dad’s voice comes out from the bathroom. “Just two idiot’s, also Tassie was the one who cooked breakfast.” Uncle Chris said. “Really? This looks lovely sweetheart; how long have you’ve been up for?” Dad asked. “It was before the sun was up, I couldn’t sleep any longer, also I’ve made everyone lunch too,” I said. “Wow, thank you,” Dad said. “Thank you, but can I say it, Lee?” Uncle Chris said. “Say what Chris?” Dad asked. “What are you sucking up for Tasmine?” Uncle Chris asked.

Laughing at the pair of them, “Nothing I swear, was just hungry. Didn’t seem kind to cook bacon and eggs for just me.” I said. “Lee she’s nothing like us at that age.” Uncle Chris said. “No, she’s not, mmm this is good kiddo,” Dad said chuckling, I had finished eating and was about to get up when Dad stopped me. “Tas who are these boys? Do I know them and what have they done?” He asked, was hoping he wouldn’t keep pushing, I looked over at my Uncle, he nodded at me saying I should let him know.

“Oliver and Vincent both have kissed me. That’s why I spoke to Uncle Chris to help me think. Why the pair of them told me we are just friends and do that to me, stumped me. I don’t have those types of feelings for them, dad, they know this.” I said. “What! I’m going to kill the fucking pair of them!” He roared, I jumped out in fear, Uncle Chris noticed how high I jumped. “I wouldn’t mate. She’s friend zoned them, if they try something now then kill them.” Uncle Chris snapped. “Fine, but you young lady tell me right away when or if they do. You got me?” He snapped at me.

“Lee, should we tell Warren?” Uncle Chris asked. “Oh, I will be,” Dad said. “Can you at least do it after school today, I have a double with him.” I groaned, Dad starts laughing, “Please Dad.” I begged. “Wait a sec, is this why you had a meltdown yesterday?” Dad asked. “Yes,” I whispered. “Ok, I’ll talk to him this afternoon. But you need to tell me what happened.” He said pointing his finger at me, “Can’t now I’m off to school.” I asked. “It’s seven, a bit early to go to school.” My dad said. “I’m walking and then popping in to see Mrs. James,” I said. “She going to be at school that early?” He asked. “It’s what she told me,” I said. “Want me to drop you off?” Dad asked.

“No, I’m good, I need to walk.” I want to walk to clear my head it helps, “Ok, text or call me right away if they try anything.” He said. “Ok thank you, dad,” I said. I head into the bathroom to brush my teeth, then raced into my room to pack my school bag with what I needed for the day. Heading into the kitchen to get my lunch, stopping long enough to give them both a hug and a kiss on the forehead each before leaving. Heading down the street I started checking my phone, so many messages from Vincent, Jackson, Oliver, and Jo. I replied to Jackson and Jo, not sure if I should reply to the other two.

I reread what Oliver sent, me nothing too bad just the usual texts he sends. So, I quickly fired off a witty text back at him. I reread Vincent’s text’s maybe I should answer him, he might leave me alone.


**TASMINE** Hi I’m ok, was smashed from all the work I did at dad’s shop. No, I’m not ok with what you and Oliver have done! I am overwhelmed and need space; can you please give me that. Oliver is, maybe you should too please.

Done, over it, I was already at the school gate when I looked over at the car park I see both Oliver’s car and Vincent’s dad’s car. Great, that is all I need. The pair of them better leave me be today, I may regret what I say to them. I do have that feeling that Oliver has listened to what I had said to him yesterday. Vincent, on the other hand, has seen me naked, who knows what he could say or do if he gets nasty. I hope not, I really do enjoy both their friendships.

Why did they both have to make it hard by falling for me?

Instead of heading to our group table, I headed to the school library. I found a nice little quiet nook with a bean bag. Pull out the book for our new English project and start reading. I have been reading for a bit now, the library has started to fill up with other students. My phone was going off nonstop so it’s now on silent. “Thought I would find my nerdy little thing in here,” Jackson said laughing, I looked up from my book. “Oh, hey Jackson,” I said quietly.

“Don’t you oh hey me missy. What’s going on with you, I know you have received my text messages.” He snapped at me, plops himself down into the bean bag I was in nearly sending me up in the air. “Argh! Fucking hell Jackson!” I screamed out, he just starts laughing, “Spill little thing.” He snapped, I looked at his friendly face, “About what?” I asked. “Well let’s start with why you, Oliver, and Vincent are fighting?” He asked.

“We are not fighting,” I stated. “Bullshit Tasmine, they just had a punch up at the table over something. I have a feeling it’s about you.” He said, I looked up at him in shock, “What?! Are they both ok?” I asked. “Yeah Mr. Warren has taken them both to the office, both have black eyes, bruises, the blood you know the usual in a fight.” He didn’t seem like he cared too much about that, “Oh.” I whispered.

“Tassie?” He asked, I let out a sigh, his not going to let up at all. “Alright, they both have kissed me,” I said, he starts laughing, “I take it wasn’t as grand as our kiss?” He asked, I looked at him oddly and started laughing, “Grand?” I asked. “Yeah, we both hated it.” He said laughing. “Let me guess they both enjoyed it wanting more but you don’t want more, as you are still madly in love with our Noah. Did I hit the nail on the head?” He asked, fuck I love this boy, he is my best mate. “Yeah, you have bro,” I whispered.

He moves his arm around my shoulders I hug him. “Want me to talk to my cousin for you?” He asked softly, I smiled at him, “No, we’ve already spoken. But your welcome to tell him off for fighting from me.” I said, he laughed, “Ok, is this why you spent all day in the office yesterday?” He asked. “Yes”

“Is it the same reason why your hiding in here?” He asked. “At first yes, I just cannot take them both looking at me like that and them doing their looks at each other, but doing schoolwork now so no,” I said. “Nerd” He whispered. “Idiot” I whispered back at him.

“Found them!” Rachel yelled out. “What are you two up to?” Justine asked. “Up to nothing, I found her first by the way,” Jackson said. “Yeah, we all have been looking for her, you could have texted that you found her,” Josephine said glaring at Jackson. “No, he didn’t have to. This idiot here was just chewing my ear off, we needed it.” I said. “You ok Tas? We all know something has been off for a few weeks now.” Max asked, I know he knows more than the others due to who he shares a house with. “Getting better,” I whispered.

“You know you can come to us when those three idiots are no help,” Sam said, I smiled at Sam, who smiled back at me, “I know” I whispered. “Stop pushing her guys, if she wants to tell us she will in her own time,” Dean said. “Thank you, Dean,” I said. The bell rang and we all parted ways to our classes. I am happy that none of my friends are in this double. During lunch, I hide out in the computer lab working on assessments. It’s the next period I am trying to avoid but I cannot do that. “You are such a nerd Tasmine.” He says loudly in my ear from behind me causing me to jump up screaming, “Argh! Stop sneaking up on a person!” I screamed out.

“I cannot help it your just so easy to scare. You know to hide away from them both will make it worse.” He said. “I’m not hiding Jackie, I have schoolwork to catch up on,” I said, no, I really am hiding from them, I just cannot take seeing them right now. “First off you only use Jackie when you’re trying to lie to me. So, no I don’t buy it, and also drop that nickname I hate it.” He snapped. “Alright you got me, also I will only drop it if you stop scaring me,” I said. “Ok deal.” He said with a big smile on his face.

“Want to work at my workstation today?” He asked. “If I’m aloud too,” I said, ’cause he is in year twelve they are all on one side of the workshop while us year elevens are on the other side. “Come on bell is about to ring,” he said. “Arghh if I must.” I groaned out, I quickly saved my work, logging out and turning the computer off, following Jackson to our next class. We enter the locker room, and it goes silent, both Oliver and Vincent are already in the room Vincent is dressed and Oliver is half-dressed. I just head to my locker, which is only a few doors down from Oliver’s quickly grabbing my gear and heading into the girl’s locker room, doing my best not to look at Oliver’s bare chest. It’s like the whole school seems to know us three aren’t talking right now.

I am half dressed when I hear the door open, I quickly try to cover up my body that is still exposed. “Heard of fucking knocking!” I screamed out loud enough for everyone in the locker room to hear, I look up and all I wanted to do was punch the living crap out of him. I quickly finished dressing, sitting down to put my shoes on, glaring up at him. “Please stop avoiding me,” Vincent said. “I am not avoiding you, Vincent. I have asked for space you’re the one who’s got it in your head that I am avoiding you!” I snapped.

“What we did in the creek mean so little to you?!” He yelled out at me, I finished with doing my shoes, I stood up he blocks my way to the door. “Vincent it was a nice afternoon, I am sorry, but it was just a few heated kisses. I’m still in love with Noah, I don’t know how to stop loving him, but you need to give me space, I am happy to be friends, but I cannot do anything else with anyone. I still feel like it’s cheating on him! HOW DO YOU NOT GET THAT?!” I point my finger at him as I spoke. “Now move out of my way.” I snapped at him. “Ok, I’ll give you some space.” He said.

“Thank you,” I said, I make my way towards the door, but he still won’t move out of my way. What the hell? “Vincent please move out of my way,” I asked again. I look up at him, he looks like he’s crying and angry at the same time. He’s starting to scare me, I can hear someone unlocking the door behind him, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up, I start to get the feeling I got when Mark was on top of me, I need to get out of this room right now!


“I,” He said, he steps closer to me, I’m too angry at him to care about his feelings. I throw a punch at his face, which is hard for me seeing as how short I am compared to him. It landed and man didn’t my hand hurt after doing that. His head flies to one side, as I notice the door is wide open with his dad in the doorway with Jackson and Oliver closely behind him and the rest of the class. “I SAID MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!” I screamed out again.

“What is going on in here?!” Mr. Warren roared out into the room. “Ask your fucking son that! He’s the one that came in without knocking and locked the door, while I was in the middle of getting dressed, then now won’t let me past him.” I yelled back at the teacher. “Vincent is this true?” Mr. Warren asked. “I just wanted to talk to her,” Vincent said. “And you think during my class was the best time to do this? Or while the poor girl was in the middle of getting changed? Can you not see how wrong this all looks for you right now?!” Mr. Warren snapped.

“No Sir, I get it, Sir,” Vincent said. “Good! Now you go to the office Vincent I will deal with you later! Tasmine are you ok?” Mr. Warren asked. “Now that door is open yes,” I screamed out, I bolt out of the room with my gear past every male person in my class all looking either worried, angry or amused. Unlocking my locker throwing my gear into it, slamming the door closed I lean my head on my locker releasing the tears that I had been holding in for that whole time. I can feel people behind me, but I’m really not keen on having them look at me. I quickly wipe my eyes and storm off into the classroom, heading towards Jackson’s workstation.

“Kitten, are you ok? Did he hurt you? Also, that was the best punch ever!” Oliver said so fast as he caught up to me at Jackson’s bench. “Gez, did you even take a breath?” I asked while laughing. “It worked, your smiling again.” He said with a big smile at me. “I’ll be fine, no he didn’t hurt me, scared me but no, yeah my hand is hurting like a bitch now,” I said.

“Fuck little thing remind me not to piss you off. My jaw hurts just watching it.” Jackson said laughing. “Thanks,” I said giggling at the pair of them. “Come here please Tasmine.” Mr. Warren yelled out from the front of the workshop. “Oh, shit I’m in trouble,” I whispered to the boys as they both chuckle with me, I head into the theory classroom.

“Are you ok? Did he do something to you?” He asked, looking concerned. “I just told him I needed space, and to be friends only. He just wouldn’t let me get past him, he locked the door when he entered the room, without knocking, I think it bought back memories from what happened with Mark. Sorry, I punched him, but he wasn’t giving me much of an option.” I said. “What? He wants to be more than friends with you. Shit, how’s your hand? From a father’s point of view, next time aims lower. From your teacher’s point of view please don’t punch someone again. I am so sorry he bought those memories up for you, I want to wring his neck for that. Tasmine you do know I now have to report all of this?” He said, I chuckle, I bet it would have been different if he wasn’t friends with my dad. “Yes, hand hurts like a bugger right now. I’ll try and remember that next time. Also, I know.” I said. “I have no idea what has gotten into him, but I’ll sort it out. Now back to your station and try and finish of your chair by the end of the lesson.” He said. “Ok thank you, Sir.”

I raced back to my new workstation, as I pass Oliver, he smiles and nods his head at me, I give him a little smile. “How much trouble are you in?” Jackson whispered. “None he said to aim lower next time,” I said, I start laughing at the look on Jackson’s face, then he burst out into a fit of laughter. “Really oh that is gold!” Jackson Said. “Sure is,” I said. “Take it you two are no longer friends?” He asked me. “Unsure but right now I’m happy to punch him again, he bought back some bad memories so yes keep him away from me.” I snapped.

I was working hard on my bench stool when I heard my name being called out from the front of the workshop. I look up and Mrs. James is standing at the door not looking too happy. Oh, crap I forgot to go see her, Jackson said he will clean up my workstation for me as I raced over towards her. “Did you forget our appointment, Miss Kelly?” She said coldly. “Yes! I’m so sorry!” I said. “Follow me I have some spare time to see you now.” She snapped. “Ok,” I said.

“First get change, I’ll wait out here for you.” She said, I quickly get changed and follow her to the school office. We pass the main waiting area I see Vincent sitting in the waiting chair with an icepack to his face, he looks like he’s been crying for a bit. He spots me but I don’t notice the old Vincent I notice the face he gives to most of the year level, I guess it’s going to be like this for a while. I sit down in her lounge chair, she closes the door and sits at her desk.

“Care to fill me in why two fights have had your name mentioned today?” She asked. “Oh, um well the first one I have no idea about, and the last one was he wasn’t letting me get past him after he locked us into the change room, he left me with no other option to get out safely,” I said. “Are you ok? Did he try to do something?” She asked. “He might have if Mr. Warren hadn’t unlocked that door. Vincent looked hurt and upset after I told him I just wanted to have some space. But what he had done had caused memories of what Mark had done to me come flashing into my mind again.” I said trying to keep the tears at bay. “Ok, I’m going to have to talk to Mr. Warren so I can report this, what he did is not on.” She said.

She’s writing all of this down; I look down to my hand it really was hurting now. Who would have thought throwing a punch at someone hurts this much. “That needs to be iced, hold up and I’ll get you some.” She said. While she has left, I pull out my phone and send two texts to Dad and Uncle Chris.


**TASMINE** Hi Dad, Uncle Chris. Just wanted to let you know before someone else does. I punched Vincent today, I’m ok hand hurts like a bitch. I’ll let you know the rest this afternoon, I am good no need to worry or come in. Love Tas xo

As she comes back, I can hear my phone is going off after that text. I know dad is going to want to kill Vincent, oh well I’m starting to think he had it coming. The ice is doing a nice number on my hand. We sit and talked for a bit before she lets me out for lunch. As I walk out to the front, I let out a groan as I can hear my dad going nuts at Mr. Warren, man really?

“Why the hell did your son lock himself in a room with my daughter?!” My dad yelled out. “Lee you need to claim down, please.” Mr. Warren said. “Don’t tell me” I cut my dad off, “Shut up all of you!” I screamed. Dad, Uncle Chris, Mr. Warren, and the other school staff all looked at me, “Miss Kelly!” Mr. Warren yelled at me. “No! Right now, Dad calm your farm down! I am fine you didn’t need to come here yelling for answers!” I screamed. He looked at me upset, “Well he clearly scared or pissed you off enough to punch him!” He yelled back at me. “Yeah, he did, but that doesn’t mean you come here and yell at everyone.” I snapped at him.

“Lee I’m on your side on this, had even told her to aim lower next time.” Mr. Warren said, my dad, looked at him in shock, “What? You did?” He asked, he looked like he enjoyed that advice, he started laughing, then he looked at me with a big grin on his face. “Yeah, sweetie next time a boy scares you aim lower.” He said, I smiled back at him, “I will now go back to work dad.” I said. “No, you’re coming home with me.” He said, I glared at my dad putting my hands on my hips giving him my best go fuck yourself look. “I’m fine, I’m staying, I’ll walk to your shop right after school,” I said.

He looked like he had no choice as Uncle Chris and Aaron had agreed with me. “Fine, but we are talking about this when you get to the shop!” He snapped, oh, I know we would be. “I know,” I mumbled. I leave them alone because I am hungry and the lunch break has already started. Racing towards our normal table, but I heard my name being called from near the oval. I look over and see Jackson and the others sitting under a big tree. I jog over to the tree, saying hi to everyone, and answering their questions on what had happened.

“Guys please do not take my side in this; I don’t want anyone taking sides,” I said when I noticed that Vincent wasn’t sitting with them. “Who said we are taking sides?” Dean asked. “Well, we aren’t at our table?” I asked as Sam started laughing. “Yeah, Vincent is laying on the table, giving him space as he asked. Whatever is happening it’s between you two. We all have each of your backs.” Sam said, I looked up and Oliver had a smirk on his face, I felt like punching him too, so he doesn’t have a smirk on his face too.

“Well said, but man wished I could see you punching him.” Rachel said dreamily. “It was amazing man someone so little jumping up punching him, just wow,” Max said looking at me with pride, Oliver stood up, “I’m off, kitten text me if he does something again that makes you want to punch him.” He said, I smiled and nodded my head at him. “Show me your hand,” Jackson said, I lean over showing him my hand that has gotten stiff now, he turns it overlooking this way and that. “It’s going to hurt for a few days.” He said, he places the icepack back onto it, I don’t know how long it’s going to be like this, but he could be right.

“Ok, still going to get dad to look at it,” I said. “I would think I should call you little Rocky instead of little thing.” He started laughing, I joined in, “Oh, please don’t!” I snapped at him, Justine started clapping to get all of us to stop talking and look at her, she had a big smile on her face. “So, who’s keen for a sleepover?” She said loudly as my heart sank, is she for real?

“I’m in,” Rachel said bouncing on the spot. “You know I’m always in.” Josephine half sat up doing a little dance, Dean not taking his eyes off Josephine. “Yeah count me.” He said Sam, started laughing, “Me too.” Max looked over at myself and Jackson but then looked back at Justine, “So am I.” They all looked at me, right I want to scream at them all now um right I don’t think I can do this. “I’m good thanks, dad has things for me to do this weekend,” I said, I sounded like a robot to myself, Jackson was watching me as well.

“I cannot I have to work this weekend.” He said, his brother looked up at him in shock, I take he really doesn’t have any shifts this week either. Justine looked at me, she must have noticed the change on my face. “What’s wrong Tas?” She softly asked while the rest of the group started talking about the sleepover. “Nothing had promised Dad and Uncle Chris that I was going to help out at the shop,” I said quietly, a big fat lie, I cannot believe they see anything wrong with what they have just done. “Ok,” She said, then joined the rest of the group talking about the plans for the weekend, Jackson moved closer to me and whispered in my ear. “You’re not going for the same reasons as me, aren’t you?” He whispered.

I looked at him trying to see if it is for the same reason, “What is that?” I asked, he looked at me like he wanted to slap me, “It’s too soon after Noah.” He said he had tears threatening to spill from his eyes too. “Yes, why didn’t they get that?” I asked, I wanted to cry right now. “They weren’t as close to him as to us little thing.” He whispered he wraps an arm around me pulling me in for a hug. “Oh,” I whispered, We cuddle up to each other until the bell went and we parted ways to our next lot of class. The rest of the day went uneventful. I left to head towards dad’s workshop when Oliver’s car pulled up next to me.

“What is it, Oliver?” I said trying not to sound too bitchy, but I ended up sounding like a bitch. “Heading that way want a lift?” He asked, I stopped walking and looked at him, but I remembered my dad saying he couldn’t work? “Are you working today?” I asked, he nods his head, “Yes, told my parents to call me when they start caring about me.” He said sounding pissed off, oh, I feel for him, no one should have parents that feel that way towards you. “Ok, alright let’s go,” I said, I smiled at him as he smiled brightly at me, I jump into his car, and off we go.

He looks over at me. “Nice punch by the way.” He said, he looks proud of what I had done, I just smiled at him. “Thank you, now why were you two punching up for?” I asked, he groans, but then winks at me, “Can ask you the same thing.” He said. “You, first,” I said. “He came at me swing punches first thing this morning. Saying I’m brainwashing you, that’s why you’re not talking to him. He kept on going, he didn’t like me telling him that you told me we are just friends and friends only. Said shit like Noah would be rolling around in the grave by the behavior your showing. And that you are only saying your friends with me because I am older and have that bad boy rep that you seem to love.” He said.

My mouth dropped open in sheer shock, “What? He said that?” I asked. “Yes, he did.” I shake my head, “Do you believe him?” I asked. “No, because Noah would have wanted you to move on with your life.” He stated, he just sounded like Noah from my dream then. “Ok, and that bad boy rep that is bullshit by the way,” I said, he just chuckles, “Kitten the green eyed monster had come out of him today, I thought it was a marvelous day, as you haven’t punched me yet. So, kitten, what did he do to you in the change room?” He asked, with worry written on his face.

“Nothing really, just told him pretty much what I said to you. He hadn’t knocked when he went in, I was half-dressed by then and he locked the door. I wanted to leave he wouldn’t move, he just stood there, it pissed me off he made me that angry that I punched him. You know the rest.” I stated. “What did you just keep from that, I had seen that upset look on your face when you were at your locker, but also remind me not to piss you off.” he said sounding worried, “I had some memories from what Mark had done to me flash before my eyes before I had punched him. Also, you have a few times.” I whispered. “I have?” He sounded shocked. “Oh, you know you have,” I said shocked that he didn’t remember half of it.

“I’m sorry if I have kitten.” He said sounding sorry too. Why is he being so nice for? “Oh, quit being nice, it’s weird,” I said. “Ok.” He replied, we arrive at my dad’s shop; Oliver parked the car and I jumped out. Heading into the office Dad was at his desk no Uncle insight. He must be taking his mum out to bingo today. Dad looks up at me then sees’s the person behind me. “Hey, Sweetie, Oliver what are you doing here?” He asked. “I had called and let you know I’m coming back to work no more holidays. I didn’t ask for them and you know it.” Oliver sounded pissed off.

“Oh, shit sorry man had forgotten about it,” Dad said. “No worries, also no matter what my dad or mum say to you, do not do what they are asking. I don’t want a bar of what they want.” Oliver sounded very stern and dad seemed proud of that. “Ok, you’re on bay three this afternoon, also you need to let Tas know when she has to clean any of the cars from bay three, she’s the cleaning kid today,” Dad said, Oliver smiled at me like he enjoyed that, “Thanks, see you around Tasmine,” Oliver said, I like this Oliver better than the one when I had first moved here. “Bye,” I said.

Dad spins around in his chair telling me to sit on his desk. “Fill me in now, before I go help Oliver with bay three.” He said, I quickly filled him in with what happened. He is pissed but his ok for now as he has to get down to the bay. “Sweetie, get in your work gear you’re doing what you did yesterday.” Dad yelled out over his shoulder as he rushed over towards Oliver, “Ok.” By closing I was stuffed, I wave goodbye to Oliver as I jumped into dad’s car. I fall asleep on the way home.

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