The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 14 - Family BBQ

**Tasmine's Pov**

It’s now Friday after school, Vincent has been so cold towards me and anyone who talks to me. I guess he wasn’t who I thought he was, which hurts so much. I had asked him what was going on with him getting treated worst than the mean girls in our grade. I guess Uncle Chris was right, he was only after me for my v-card and nothing else now I am glad I never gave in on my inner thoughts that day. Jamie and her bitch gang are enjoying the drama, they don’t know the real reasons for the fights but that doesn’t stop her from doing her normal stupid stuff.

I was left at the school gate as the group all head off to Josephine’s house for the weekend, they all still haven’t figured out why I don’t want to join them. I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders, I lean into the person as I know who it is. “Care to spend some time at my house this weekend? Dad is home so hopefully, Lee will let you over. Unless he has you working?” Jackson said. “I would love to, have to ask him first, I don’t think he will this afternoon,” I said. “You don’t have to wait long.” He said. I looked up and here comes dad and Uncle Chris in his car, music up loud, heavy metal blasting out the windows, I had forgotten that they were both picking me up, I noticed all the boys in the pickup area just droll at my dad’s car.

“You know you have a cool dad, a scary one but he’s cool as fuck, and he’s not even trying to be cool, he just is,” Jackson said, I looked up at him with both my eyebrows up in shock, also trying not to laugh. “Should I leave the two of you in a room?” I asked, he starts laughing, “No I’m good little thing.” He said. “You ready kiddo?” Uncle Chris called out. “Yeah, ready for what?” I yelled back. “To get into the car or is he still talking to you?” He said pointing to Jackson. “Nah I’m good, bye Jackie!” I said loudly to my best mate. “Hey! Hold up, Lee!” Jackson said, racing up towards the car behind me, I jump into the back of the car as dad leans over a little to hear Jackson who is now leaning into the window. “Can Tasmine come over this weekend during the day? My dad is home for the weekend. Also if we are well behaved could she sleepover too?” Jackson said sounding hopeful. “I’ll think about it, but it’s a firm no to sleeping over Jackson, and I’ll call your dad up,” Dad said. I can live with that, “Cool, thanks Lee, Hi Uncle Chris.” Jackson said with that big idiot grin on his face. “I’m not your Uncle kid.” Uncle Chris snapped at him. “Ooohh really?” Jackson asked. “Jackson,” Dad said. “Sorry, bye guys!” Jackson yelled out, off dad goes while I’m laughing in the backseat. “What’s so funny?” Dad asked. “All of you,” I said.

We arrived home in silence, I see three cars in the yard. I am so dam happy to see those cars! I raced out of the car yelling out to the owners of them. “GRANDMA!” I screamed out. “Hey Pumpkin!” She yelled out to me, I run into her arms giving her a big hug, she hugs me back just as tightly. “Has someone missed her Grandma?” She asked. “Yes, I have missed you so much! Uncle James!” I said loudly, I race into his arms for a hug, he hugs me back. “Hey, my little helper.” He whispered, I didn’t notice how much I have missed them until I had seen them again.

“Hi, my three boys!” Grandma said, she walks up to dad and two of my uncles giving them hugs. “Hey Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Taylor!” I said I love how much these guys travel to come here, I raced over to them giving them both hugs as well. Amanda and Emma said hi to me as well giving me hugs Ava didn’t even look at me, which I found was hurtful I have no idea what is going on with her right now. Theo, Henry, and Liam all gave me hugs too and said hi, Elijah did the same thing as Ava, I am over him right now, looking back at Dad with a big grin on my face. “Are we having a family BBQ?!” I asked.

“Yes dumbass.” Elijah snapped at me. “Oh, shut up you bloody prick!” I snapped back at him. “Oi the pair of you cut it out right now!” Uncle Jimmy snapped at us both, we all head upstairs, I jumped into the shower to get out of my school gear, which explains why dad wasn’t in his work clothes. I chose to wear my new Stranger Things shirt and denim skirt and my new black volley’s, pulling out my hair from the messy bun I had it in during the day it’s out nice and curly. I head into the kitchen where dad and Grandma are working on things.

“Hey Dad, could I go to Jackson’s house tomorrow?” I asked. “Do I look like I had the chance to call his dad up yet?” He snapped at me. “Um no sorry dad,” I mumbled. “Oh, don’t be, your dad can deal with it. I’ll finish up with what you’re working on and you call this dad up.” My grandma said to dad. “Fine,” Dad said, Dad heads outside to make the phone call, I can hear my younger cousin’s playing in the backyard, I head into my room to see if Ava wants to tell me why she’s being a cow. Instead, I came across Amanda and Elijah in my room looking like they got busted, I just turn back around and left them. I thought that was odd, I remember her saying hell no to him I wonder what made her change her mind on that?

“Hey kiddo what’s up,” Uncle Jimmy asked me. “Nothing, better go sort, Elijah, out, he is in my room,” I told him, my Auntie came up to me looking worried, “Doing what?” She asked. “More like who, Uncle James you better follow too,” I said, sorry Amanda but I really do not like Elijah at all. I can hear the adults yelling at the two of them, I giggle a little as I walk outside to see what the younger ones are doing. “I saw what you did young lady.” Uncle Chris said causing me to jump ten feet into the air. “arghh!” I screamed out. “So, you do know what you did was wrong.” He said. “Yes, I do, but I don’t like him, sorry that Panda got caught into it,” I said, he just looks like he’s thinking deeply about this, I just leave him and head towards my cousins when Dad calls me over. I head to him under the house, Uncle Chris follows me.

“Yeah?” I asked. “Alright you can go over, but it’s while I’m at work no earlier and no later.” He said, I smiled at him, I love that idea also love the fact his ok with me being friends with Jackson. “Cool thank you,” I said, Dad looks at me worried. “Hope I’m doing the right thing here.” He whispered, I scrunch up my face, “I’m fine dad, and besides gross it’s Jackie! Sorry, dad but I don’t see him as anything else than a big brother.” I said, he seemed to be ok with that, wonder if he’s going to ask how I feel about the other two Max and Oliver, I find them as friends as well. “Ok,” He said.

As he headed back into the kitchen, I keep walking around the house, and I found Ava sitting down with Theo while the other three cousins are running around playing tag. Ava hasn’t noticed me, yet Theo has but doesn’t say anything to her. “It’s like she doesn’t even care about my feelings at all! Tasmine knows how much I love Vincent. She goes and fuck’s him in the creek then cheats on him with Oliver not even twenty-four hours later! Like man when did she become such a big slut?! It’s like Noah and Oliver’s friend break up all over again!” She said.

I wanted to cry right then, is that what she really thinks of me? I guess Vincent has gone around saying shit that is not true, that hurts. “I don’t know what to say about that, maybe you should ask her yourself?” He said, this time she looked up at me, she spins around realizing that I had heard everything she had just said about me. “What? Oh.” She stutters out trying to act like she did not just say what I had heard, with tears in my eyes I snapped at her, “Nice to see my own family have my back! Instead of believing everything you hear about me how about you go, and fucking ask me, Ava! Instead of talking to everyone else about it but me!” I yelled at her. “So, you’re telling me Vincent made all of this up?!” She yelled at me. “Yes! Cause you know I lie, and he doesn’t!” I snapped at her, storming off under the house only to find Dad, Uncle Chris, and Uncle James sitting at the table all looking at me, I just busted them listening in, oh fuck!

“Tasmine Rose Kelly! Then tell me one reason why he knows about your birthmark? If you didn’t sleep with Vincent in the creek how does he know this?! Why would you do anything like that with my Ex?!” Ava yells out at me, she comes running around the corner while I scrunch up my face knowing they have all just heard what she had said. She notices the look on our father’s faces and our uncle’s faces, oh bigger bugger! I had never told them I went skinny dipping with Vincent in the creek. “Hi,” I say hi then bolt out from under the house, I can hear dad yelling at me to stop, yep not going to hear this shit out.

“Fucking stop right now young lady!” He screams out, he has caught up to me grabbing my arm, man he can run fast for an old man. “How does that boy know about your birthmark and don’t fucking lie to me!” He screamed in my face, I wince away from his yells. “At the creek, the kiss may have gotten a lot more heated than I told you,” I whispered, fuck I hate that he’s like this. “How heated?!” He snapped, he looks very angry at me now. “Both ended up naked, but nothing else happened! I swear I couldn’t do it, it felt like I was cheating on Noah! He saw my birthmark when I got out to put my clothes on.” I whispered, I look down trying not to look at him.

“Seriously! Can I even trust you? You won’t even tell me the full story?!” He snapped at me, I looked up at him in shock, he cannot trust me. Over me not telling him what I really got up to with Vincent, no one wants to tell their parents this stuff, so why does he want to know it? “You can I just did dad! I’m telling you the truth I never slept with Vincent, I have never slept with anyone! He’s going around telling people I have by the looks of it! I’m telling you the truth dad I am.” I cried out, seeing that look on my dad’s face hurts that I had to yell at him that I have never slept with someone to get him to listen to me, I couldn’t help it as I break down crying,

“I want to fucking kill him!” he snapped out, I looked up at him in fear, “Oh please don’t!” I yelled. “Why the hell not?!” He snapped because I am over the violence I thought. “Cause that’s what he wants!” I yelled at him. “I don’t understand what’s going on here.” He said I shake my head, “Me either but I’m over the fighting dad, let people believe whatever they want to think. The right ones will know the truth.” I whispered he looked down at me in a mixture of shock and pride, “When did you grow up so much?” He asked. “No idea,” I said, he wraps me up in a hug, kissing my forehead. “I’m sorry Tas I really did think he was a good boy, you tell me if he does something else again, but also aim to tell the truth more often please.” He whispered.

I hate that he thinks his friend’s child is good, but also, I hate that Vincent has chosen to behave like that towards me, without even thinking about our friendship and our family’s friendship. “He was until a week ago,” I mumbled. “Off you go play with your younger cousins.” He told me. “I’m ok, I just want to go upstairs,” I said quietly, I don’t want to hang out with them just yet. “Ok,” He says, as I walk up the stairs, I can hear my Uncle yelling at my cousin.

“Don’t blame Tasmine on this young lady! You said Vincent was your Ex as in Ex-boyfriend?!” He screamed, oh, wow he is now sounding like my dad. I enter the house and right next to the door was my cousin. “Enjoying yourself causing so much drama?” Elijah asked.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said to him, he starts laughing but it’s not a happy one at all, why does he dislike me so much? “Of course, you don’t slut!” He snaps at me, which only caused me to laugh because you have to have sex with more than one person to be called a slut and well, I am not one. “Nice one cannot come up with your own insults?” I asked.

I left him sitting there heading into my room, thank god it’s now empty. Grandma, my Auntie, and cousin are in the kitchen chatting away. I close my door locking it and face planting the bed with a groan, rolling over pulling my phone, and started typing a text message to Vincent.


**TASMINE** Why are you telling lies about me, about us?

**VINCENT** I’m not Tasmine.

**TASMINE** Care to fill me in on why Ava thinks I slept with you in the creek than cheated on you with Oliver not even twenty-four hours later?

**VINCENT** Have no idea why she thinks that.

**TASMINE** Please this stuff is not public info, you even told her about my birthmark on my bottom!

**VINCENT** It’s not the first time I’ve seen it.

**TASMINE** WHAT THE FUCK?! After everything I have been through in my life, I thought we were friends, I thought you cared about me. What your doing is just as bad as the mean girls at school. I don’t deserve this Vincent; you are really hurting me. All I did was not enjoy our kisses as much as Noah’s kisses and ask for some space. I never once said I wanted our friendship to end, I loved our friendship you made some of the darkness disappear. I’m sorry you are hurting, but what your doing is wrong, and you know it. Say whatever you like to people but remember the more you do the fewer chances of us ever being friends again.

That’s it, that’s all I wanted to say, I took screenshots of everything, just in case. How the fuck has my life turned out like this? Everyone keeps telling you that life gets hard when you finish high school. I call bull on that as life is hard the minute we are born and just gets harder each day!

How the hell can I heal and move on when people around me who I trust break my trust? I can feel the blackness growing again stronger this time around, really wished Noah was still around he helped me so dam much. I roll back over onto my stomach and cry into my pillow. I can hear my phone going off with text messages, I just don’t care anymore. I really don’t, I keep crying into my pillow. I hear a soft knock at my door, but I don’t answer it. “Tassie, it’s Auntie Tay, do you want to talk to me? I could help.” She offered. “Oh Hi, nah I’m good just want to be alone,” I said. “Ok sweetie I’m here if you need me.” She said.

I look at my phone Vincent had responded quite a few times, but I no longer care what the lies he wants to tell me. I see Oliver has sent his daily funny quotes to me, which I am now starting to really enjoy, and a few texts from Jackie who’s happy that I’m coming over tomorrow. I start dialing a number, hoping they answer me this time. No answer, I take it you move up north your friends down south don’t care about you, looking at my phone again and Jackson aka Jackie for the rest of his life is calling me.


**TASMINE** Hello

**JACKSON** Hey.

He sounds happy like a little kid, then I open my mouth and say “Hello” I can hear the pain in my own voice I know he can hear it too.

**JACKSON* Little thing what’s wrong?

**TASMINE** Nothing.

**JACKSON** Bullshit Tasmine I can hear it in your voice. What’s happened? Do I need to come over? Who am I killing?

**TASMINE** God um no you can’t come over family BBQ is in full swing.

**JACKSON** You don’t sound happy about that.

**TASMINE** I was until Ava

**JACKSON** Tell me little thing.

“Tasmine! Dinner is ready to get out of that room now!” I hear dad’s voice booming out from outside.

**TASMINE** Oh shit Jackie I have to go; I will fill you in either later tonight or tomorrow.

**JACKSON** Stop calling me that, please.

**TASMINE** Nope never it’s your nickname for life baby!

I say laughing, I ended the phone call, and opened up the door, dad at first looked angry but once he saw my face, his face softens. “Oh, my little sweet pea.” He said, he wraps me up in a big fatherly hug. “It will get better.” He whispered. “How? It hasn’t so far.” I said. “Come down and eat some food and spend time with your family and we will talk once everyone goes home.” He said. “Ok.” I know mumbled, I head downstairs with him and helped myself to a small amount of food. I’m really not hungry, which is saying a lot. My Grandma, Uncle Chris, and my Dad all look at my plate of food, I sit in between my Uncle Chris and my dad.

Uncle Chris leans over and whispers, “You better hope you are putting more food on that plate young lady.” I just want to cry and scream at the same time, am I going crazy? “I’m not that hungry,” I said to him. “Still you need to eat a bit more than that, please.” Uncle Chris said. “If she wants to starve herself you should let her Chris one less,” Elijah said, Uncle Chris cuts him off, “You finish that sentence, and you’ll end up with more than a bruised ego!” He snapped, “Oooo I’m so scared of an adult who enjoys hitting children.” Elijah said.

“Elijah with me now! And don’t you dare say you did nothing wrong!” His dad yelled at him, I sat in shock watching as my Uncle dragged his son out into the night, Uncle Chris leans close to me whispering. “If you get close enough to him aim low baby girl, aim LOW!” I snicker with him, “Yes.” I said. “What did you just say to her?” My dad asked him. “He said aim low,” I replied, Dad looks over my head at his best mate they seem to be having one of their silent conversations again, I look up at Grandma who has a big grin on her face at us three. “Good to see you three are getting along, told you Lee it wouldn’t take you guys long.” She said I giggle, “For now Grandma for now.” I whispered.

Everyone around me stops talking I look up at Amanda and Ava who are standing behind me. “Tasmine can we talk alone?” Amanda askes me. “Sure, why not,” I said. “Good luck,” Dad said to me. “Behave kiddo,” Uncle Chris said, I stood up and followed them out to the cubby houses, the adults can now see in but they cannot hear us unless they are close by. “What do you want?” I asked sounding harsher than I meant to.

“You’re giving me grief after what you did to me?” Amanda snapped at me. “I had warned you all about him, to stay away from him. Besides no one does that shit on my bed unless it’s me. You have a problem with me cause my Uncle could read something was wrong with me and he also knows when I lie. You’re forgetting my mother is his sister. And your father knows when I lie too! If you want me to lie for you let me know about it first.” I snapped at her. “I’m not but I thought you would have my back.” Amanda snapped. “Same, but the pair of you are just argh!” I snapped.

I have had enough, why tell me you have no feelings for someone then I find them in bed together? It makes no sense to me, but he treats us all like crap even her, if he was kinder towards her yeah, I would have a different type of view of them, I make my way out and Amanda grabs my arm, I look up at her. “Please hear us out, I know you are angry right now but please.” She pleaded with me. “Fine,” I said.

“I know we aren’t close as we should be, but there are no rules in saying we cannot get close now. Please can we?” Amanda asked. “Right now? Because right now I would rather be in my room alone. This one thinks I’m a big slut and cannot even come to me to hear my side of the story instead runs around telling others. Which by the way is all lies, yes, he had seen me naked no I haven’t slept with him, actually, I haven’t slept with anyone yet! I wanted it to have been Noah but now that is never going to happen!” I cried out, Ava couldn’t look me in the eyes, I have my answers from the pair of them. I can’t do this, I need to get out of here, I feel like I am drowning right now, I need to get out of here and fast.

“I know we are family, who knows we may get over this fight but right now I need some fresh air. Ava, you cannot even look me in the eye’s, Amanda she’s giving me the answer right there.” I said I didn’t even wait to hear them out, I know I should, but I just cannot take it anymore.

The blackness is taking fully over me right now and who knows what I may say to them. “Causing more drama again the slut of the family, just like oomph! argh, fucking hell TASMINE!” Elijah screamed out at me. I walked right up to him and punched him in the face, he turns towards me I throw another punch at his face. By this stage, the adults are now coming over to see what is going on. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?!” I screamed out.

He came closer to me and I did what everyone keeps telling me to do, I aimed lower hitting him hard in the balls. He falls to the ground screaming in pain. “I’m going to arghhh! FUCK TASMINE! YOUR FUCKING DEAD TASMINE!” He screamed at me. “Tassie?” Uncle Jimmy said, my Uncle, comes towards us, as he gets closer to check my hand out I throw a punch at him landing right on his cheek, all the adults stopped and looked at me shocked as hell.

“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! ALL OF YOU!!” I screamed out, I was crying and screaming at the same time, I see my dad, Uncle Chris, and Uncle Jimmy coming closer to me. I don’t want anyone touching me or being near me, no idea what is happening, normally when the blackness gets this bad, I just don’t eat, sleep, etc. This time all I want to do is scream, yell, cry and hurt as many people near me as possible so they know how I’m feeling deep down.

Instead of letting them come near me, I run off, I make it look like I was heading upstairs but racing past the stairs instead of heading to the street. I kept on running I can hear my dad and Uncle Chris chasing after me, yelling for me to stop. I don’t want them to get me, as I just knew I would hit them too and be in more trouble. I pick up my pace heading towards the only place I knew off by heart. I quickly hid in a dark spot, so they didn’t follow me to this place.

“FUCK WHERE THE HELL DID, SHE GO?!” My dad puffed out. “I have no idea man; did you know she could run that fast, fuck I’m puffed as.” Uncle Chris puffed out. “No, I didn’t, quickly let’s head home and start calling her friend’s up,” Dad said. “Right on it. Can we catch our breath first man we just ran six streets flat before we even slowed down?” Uncle Chris complained. “I know I’m feeling it man, I feel so old right now,” Dad said.

I can hear them walking off, dad is now on the phone with his brother. I can no longer hear them. I pop out of my hiding hole they are now at the bottom of the street I quickly head the other way. I jogged the rest of the way to the house; I can see lights are on. I walk around the house hoping I have the right bedroom window. I look around for some small rocks I found a few and started throwing them at the window, please be in your room.

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