The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 15 - A Girl Just Needs Her Friends

**Tasmine's Pov**

Please be in your room, the window slides open. “Kitten? What the hell are you doing here? Jackson said you’re coming over tomorrow, Tasmine what’s wrong?” Oliver asked, he looks very worried; he backs away from his window his light goes off. A few minutes later he is rushing towards me. I have no idea why I chose his room and not Jackson’s room, maybe deep down I wanted him more than Jackson but I’m not ready to admit that. “Tasmine what happened? Your hand is bleeding. Why did you run from Lee? He’s worried about you, I should let him” He talks so fast, his checking all of my body, “NO PLEASE DON’T!” I snapped at him.

That was the only thing I had heard him say and I don’t want my dad here, he looks sad at me as he brushes my loose hair off my face. “You’re going to have to let him know your safe, he’ll have the police involve soon.” He said. “Oliver who are you Tasmine?!” Jackson said from a window, Oliver wraps me up in his arms trying to calm me down, as Jackson races over towards us wrapping me up in a hug including Oliver into that hug, he looked over my body too, then back at Oliver. “What happened to her? Lee’s called me like five times now, he doesn’t, believe me, she’s not here. Now she’s bloody here, do you know what happened?” Jackson sounded panicked.

“No idea cuz she’s not talking, just crying. Do you think?” He asked Jackson softly, Jackson doesn’t know what Oliver is talking about and Oliver thinks Jackson knows, but he doesn’t I haven’t had the guts to fill him in on what happened. “Think what?” Jackson asked. “No Oliver!” I snapped in panic he notices that I don’t want Jackson to know. “What don’t I know? You two keeping something from me?” He asks, looking between the pair of us as Oliver smirked at him, “Always.” Oliver said.

A phone starts to ring, Jackson looks down at it and swears looking up at Oliver. “It’s Lee.” He said, “Answer it and tell him she’s just arrived.” Oliver said. “NO!” I snapped at them both, Jackson stepped away from me shaking his head. “Sorry, Tasmine but I’m listening to my gut on this. Hi Lee, yes, she’s just arrived, no she’s not talking, maybe hold off for an hour or so, just to give her a chance to calm down. Ok, I’ll let her know, by Lee. Tas, he said you’re not in trouble Elijah is a prick had everything coming to him, Uncle Jimmy is not angry at you and you didn’t hurt him, they are all worried about you.” Jackson said, Oliver, is now looking at me in a mixture of anger and worry. “What the fuck did Elijah do to you Tas?” Oliver asked.

“Let’s try and get her inside before we wake my dad up,” Jackson said. Oliver just picks me up and walks into the house, taking me into his room, putting me down in his bean bag, I start laughing it’s not a happy laugh it’s like a hysterical type. “Ssshhh kitten you’re safe here,” Oliver whispered. “Safe? You should be more worried about what I could do to you.” I snapped at him.

“Why is her hand bleeding?” Jackson asked Oliver. “If I didn’t know her, I would have thought she’s been punching someone or a thing,” Oliver said, as I throw my arms up in the air. “Bingo! Give him a gold star!” I pointed a finger at his rock-hard chest. “Is she drunk?” Jackson asked. “No I don’t smell any booze on her, get her some ice for her hand bro,” Oliver said. “Or maybe she’s finally herself!” I snapped at them both for playing the mother hen role on me. “No this is not you Tas at all,” Oliver said also whispering thanks to Jackson who came back with an ice pack, placing it onto my hand.

“Why would you say that? You do not know me!” I snapped, I want them to hurt too, I have no idea why, I’m a being a bitch. “Oh, we both do.” Oliver snapped back at me, “Or maybe I am sick of what everyone is doing to me that I have finally snapped! Who knows? That’s probably what was wrong with my mother! Why she left my dad taking me from him from my family!” I screamed at them both. “What did Ava do?” Jackson asked. “Oh, she’s just one tinny person in the tormenting tales of Tasmine Kelly!” I said.

Oliver looks hurt by what is happening to me, he holds his hand out in front of me. “Your phone kitten now please.” He snapped. “I didn’t bring it,” I said. “Well, then kitten you need to tell us what happened?” He asked softly, but I know his wanting to draw blood. “I aimed low” I smirked. “Uh?” Oliver asked. “Who did you kick? Elijah or your Uncle?” Jackson asked with an evil smirk on his face. “Elijah he had it coming,” I said angrily, they both sat down on either side of me in the bean bag, it was big enough for us three to sit in it. I cuddle into Oliver, he felt warmer than Jackson, but also safer, Oliver let out a little groan when I cuddled into him.

“Tell us what happened Tassie?” Jackson whispered, I let out a long sigh. “I don’t want to, I just want to sit here. Can I just do that? I just want to cuddle, I need a cuddle.” I whispered. “Sure Kitten.” Oliver Whispers, Oliver’s hold onto me tighter as I started to cry, Jackson cuddle into my side wrapping an arm around my stomach. Unsure of how long we stayed like that, but it helped out big time. There was a soft knock on Oliver’s door, we all looked up. “Come in,” Jackson said loudly. “Tassie? Sorry Jackson your dad had let me in.” Dad said, Dad walked up to us and squatted down in front of me, looking worried putting his hand on my knee. “Sweetie it’s time to go home.” He whispers.

He’s trying to look happy, but I know he’s not right now. I don’t want to go home; this is comfortable, and my horrible mood is leaving me. “I don’t want to,” I whispered. “I must say watching you punch Elijah was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I was so bloody proud of you kiddo.” He said, I looked up at him in shock he was right he looked proud as punched. “You’re not mad at me?” I asked softly. “Why would I be mad at you? He had it out for you the whole night, his mouth got him into this mess, not you. Uncle Jimmy will live baby girl, I’ve hit him harder than you did in the past.” Dad said.

“I didn’t mean to hit him, I” I started then stopped. “It’s ok sweetie we all know.” He whispered. “Is everyone still at our place?” I asked. “Uncle Jimmy has left he got a call to say he has to work tomorrow. Uncle James has left too. It’s just Uncle Chris, Grandma and I left we are all worried about you.” He said. “Oh. Can I sleep here instead?” I asked.

The look dad gives me scares me. “No sweetie and you know why.” He snapped. “Could they sleep over at ours?” I asked. “The answer is still no.” I stand up saying goodbye to the boys and head out to my dad’s car.

He looks over at me once we are in the car. “Tas are you ok? Like really ok?” He asked sounding worried. “No, I’m not dad,” I whispered. “Do you want me to make another appointment? So instead of one, you have two appointments this week coming.” He asked. “Won’t bring back the best friend I just lost,” I whispered. “Vincent?” Dad asked. “Yep,” I said. “You know I hate what he’s done, but you two really need to talk.” He said, I looked at him in shock, “Why? He won’t talk to me.” I snapped at him. “I think I know what’s going on with him. It might work out better than what you two are doing right now.” He said.

I know why he wants us to try and work this out due to him being friends with his father but I’m not going to push it if Vincent is not a fan of the idea. “hmmm doubt it, but I’ll try.” I said. “That’s my girl. Now when I arrived why were those two boys hugging you like that?” He asked, I knew he was going to be asking me that question sooner or later. “I was crying, not a normal type of cry either dad,” I said, he looks at me worried. “That’s why? Finding you hugging up to a boy that you told me has feelings for you, was a shock. But also, you are aware that you could be making it harder for him by doing this.” He said.

I have no idea what he’s on about right now, “Doing what?” I asked. “Hugging him like that, showing that he could have a chance with you.” He said, oh, is that what I just did, “But he doesn’t?” I said. “Why did you go to his house?” He asked. “I wanted Jackie and Oliver, I knew they could help me out. I also didn’t want to go to the rest of the group as they have no idea why I didn’t want to go to their sleepover, Jackie and Oliver are my only real friend’s dad.” I said. “Sleepover?” He asked shocked. “Don’t worry I had said no, I just couldn’t go,” I said.

“Tas have you thought maybe these feelings you are having right now could have something to do with the fear of the sleepover and what memories it brings up?” He whispered, could be but I don’t know really, I have never had these horrible angry feelings before. “I don’t know dad,” I said, we had pulled up to the house, I head up to my room not even paying attention to the other adults in my family looking at me with worried eyes. “Bro is she ok?” Uncle Chris asked.

“I don’t know man.” My dad said. “Want me to try?” Grandma offered. “Go ahead,” Dad said. I was lying face-first on my pillow back to the door, I felt my bed dip as a body climbs into my bed. I move over a little to give them more room. They wrapped me up in a big hug I cuddle into my grandma more, I knew it was her just by her perfume. She didn’t say anything at all just held onto me. It felt like hours in her arms before she spoke.

“Tasmine sweetie you are loved and wanted here. I know it doesn’t feel it but there is light at the end of this black tunnel you’re in, it gets closer every day you choose to wake up and live your life to the fullest. Boys, friends they come and go but family stays. We may fight, we may hate each other some days but at the end of the day, we are still family. You’re stuck with this crazy bunch for the rest of your life. Now rest my child and be refreshed for the new day tomorrow. Goodnight my grandbaby I love you so fucking much.” Grandma said.

Grandma kisses my head, before climbing out of bed. I had fallen asleep in her arms, it was like being in my mum’s arms again, she must have known I just wanted to be hugged by a female member of my family.

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