The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 17 - Wow What Was That?

**Tasmine's Pov**

I don’t even look up nor do I care right about now, I just keep crying.

“Tasmine?” Vincent sits down next to me he reaches out to touch me or hug me unsure but I’m not having it, I flinched away from his touch as I finally spoke up. “Don’t” I snapped. “What?” He asked, I sniffle. “Don’t act as you care about me.” I snapped, I cannot take this anymore. “I bloody well do care about you Tasmine!” He snapped at me, I scoffed, “uh-huh, as you’ve really cared about me these past few weeks?! Funny fucken way of fucken showing it!” I yelled out at him, hearing my own voice I sounded like I was out of my mind.

“Ouch, yeah I deserve that.” He said he should also get a punch to the head the voice inside of my head said, wow where did that come from. “What the hell do you want anyway?” I asked. “Doing my morning run when I had seen you run off into here, thought I’d see if you’re ok.” He said, right since when did he start running? “Yep same ok as I always will be, he’s still dead. So, what you came here to enjoy seeing me upset?” I asked, I am sounding such a bitch right now, yes you are, and he deserves it. My inner voice is being so mean right now.

“No, why are” I cut him off, “So angry? Um, let me see firstly how you spoke to me?” I snapped at him. “Jesus, are you going to rattle off a list to me?” He asked, be grateful she isn’t doing what I have asked her to fucken do dickhead, wow where did that thought come from? “Yes! Secondly, how you spoke about me to my cousin like I am some sort of slut knowing full well we didn’t do anything like that, also knowing full well I have never slept with anyone before!” I screamed at him. “Ok, I get the point.” He snapped at me. “Do you? Cause last time I checked I have always been kind to you, always. So, I’m at a loss as to why you have not been? Is it just a bruised ego or the fact I didn’t give you my virginity?” I snapped at him giving him my best resting bitch face.

“What the bloody hell Tasmine, is that what you think of me?” He snapped at me. “I don’t know what to think Vincent!” I said to him. “Yes, I was hurt when I had seen you kissing Oliver, but know nothing of what you’re thinking.” He said. “I said the same thing to Oliver and you know what you don’t see him being a complete asshole like you have been! Clearly, he wants to make our friendship work, why don’t you? Well then tell me?” I asked, I look at my phone and see it’s getting close to the time I need to be back home soon. “Have time to tell me on the way home if not, another time then.” I snapped.

I stood up wiping my face, “I do want to make our friendship work Tass. Sure.” He said, we start at a slow jog he looks upset, but I have no idea why, and if I am being honest, I’m starting to not care. “Come on I’m waiting,” I ordered. “It’s my mum.” I stopped and look up at him. “What? Vincent is your mum ok?” I asked. “Oh, she’s fucking fantastic Tasmine.” He said, yep I am over this drama! Clearly, it’s not her health that is happening here so that doesn’t give him the ok in how he has been treating me. “Oh, for fuck sake Vincent, I’m over this!” I screamed at him, I start to run off before I hear him yelling at me to stop.

“Fuck you, you asshole!” I yelled out, giving him the rude finger, “I would love to fuck you too!” He yelled out, I spun around running at him wanting to punch him when I see him laughing his head off. “Fucking spill now or I’m gone!” I screamed out. “After the creek when I came home. I found my mum in bed with someone else other than my dad. She keeps trying to get me to keep this secret of hers but it’s eating me up, I’m lashing out at everyone. I am so dammed sorry Tassie.” He said. “Well, that’s harsh for her to put that crap onto you, but to try and pull that card on me nope!” I snapped as I glared at him. “I don’t know what got into me, thinking you and Oliver are a thing. You always seem happier around him, it’s like the pair of your match so well. I don’t know I thought I lost you to him, but all I did was push you to him.” He said.

I got that feeling that even if Vincent wasn’t acting like a dick I do believe Oliver and myself would have still gotten close, as he said we do have a lot in common. “You, Jackie, and Oliver are my best mates that is it. I only have feelings for Noah and Noah I have no idea when that will go or if it does, but the pair of you need to be able to live with your feelings for me knowing I don’t feel the same way, I hate jealous people so you mister need to learn to lose that! I may forgive you but it’s way too soon, give me some time to get over it all. But tell your dad mate he deserves to know. If I was him, I would want to know.” I said.

“Ok, I’ll take that.” He said, he turns towards me, I walk up to him wrapping him up in a hug, he starts crying, I just hugged him until he stopped crying, I pull away looking up at him with a sad smile on my face. “Unsure if this can help but live with only one parent isn’t that bad,” I said, he scoffs, “Judging from your life it looks quite hard.” He said. “Yeah never said it was easy the whole time, but hey I got you laughing. I better go before Lee calls the police to come to find me.” I said. “Ok, Tas?” He asks causing me to turn back around, “Yeah?” I replied. “I am so sorry for fucking up our friendship, I hope we can come back from this.” He said. “I know, I hope so too,” I said. But I do get that feeling that we will never get back to that level of friendship.

I sprinted back home with only minutes to spare. “Pushing it kiddo,” Dad said from the kitchen. “I know sorry, I just ran further than I thought, it took longer to get back,” I said. “Hurry up and start getting ready ok.” He yelled out. “Yeah, sure dad!” I yelled back to him. Racing into the bathroom to have a shower, I cannot wait I get to hang out with two of my best friends.


“Wow it’s like a different child, this worries me.” My mum said from the lounge room after she watched Tasmine coming in. “Sure does, she is way too. What is the word I’m looking for?” I said stumped on trying to think of the word. “Sunshine?” Chris said. “Happy?” Mum said. “Something like that,” I said.

“Maybe all the running this morning helped in a way?” Chris offered. “Or cuddling up to her grandma all night?” Mum said. “I don’t know, I hope it just means she’s getting better not worst,” I said. “You guys right?” Tasmine asked, Chris, leans over towards me and whispers loudly enough for all to hear. “Busted.”

“Perfectly, get ready for your day please,” I said to her, as I look at her, still in her towel while she is giving me her best-annoyed look, god I wish she didn’t do her mother’s looks at me. “Yep can I eat first?” She asks. “How about you go put some clothes on first, no one in this family sits at the table only in a towel.” My mum snapped at her.

She rolls her eyes at her, “Yes, was going to put clothes on before I ate, but hoping to have time before we leave.” She said. “Good then move it,” I said.


I race into my bedroom, knowing Jackie he will have planned a casual binge day with movies, junk food, and video games, which I cannot wait I love those types of days. I have kept my outfit for the day, very casual and comfortable which is my very baggie hippie pants with a white boyfriend t-shirt, keeping my hair up in a messy bun.

I pack a few movies, and the latest Supernatural seasons, and some of dad’s video games. I walk out of my room dumping my bag next to dad’s work stuff, heading into the kitchen for some food. Found a banana, the crunchie stuff that my dad loves with his yoghurt, I also added some strawberries and using some of dad’s yoghurt all into a small bowl. I sat on the couch munching on my food, Uncle Chris is out in another room on the phone to someone, Grandma watching the morning news, dad is going through my bag. “You didn’t ask if you could take these games?” He asked.

He doesn’t sound upset so that is a good thing, “Oh, sorry, can I?” I asked. “You can be very careful with them.” He said. “Yes thanks,” I said, Uncle Chris walks back into the room. “Lee, I have to go back home this week.” He said. “Sure bro, thank you so much for coming up,” Dad said, Dad stood up to go hug him. “Not leaving just yet, got to be back by Friday.” He said.

“Ah man, I was enjoying you being here!” I said he had a big smile on his face. “That is so good to hear my little niece, I will be coming up more often when work can allow it.” He said, I walk up to him hugging him tightly, he hugs me back. “All good sweetie go with your dad and chill with your friends, I got to take my mum to bingo.” He said. “I’ll go with you, I want to chew her ear off about something,” Grandma said with a big smile on her face.

Within half an hour I was in Oliver’s room, sitting in the bean bag watching the boys fight over if we are going to be watching a movie first or play a game first. “You know what, how about I pick it,” I said over their bickering. “Seriously?” They both said at once.

“If we wait for the pair of you to come up for some air, my dad will be here to pick me up.” I snapped back at them, Oliver had a smirk on his face, “Ok Miss Sassy what do you want to do?” He asked. “A movie or, nah fuck it SUPERNATURAL MY BITCHS!” I yelled out throwing my hands up in the air, as they both started laughing. “Nah we are your Jerks!” Oliver said. “Can’t say anything to that, I’ll get the drinks and snacks. You Ollie sort the PlayStation out.” Jackson said.

Oliver smirked and gave him a salute, “Yes boss!” Oliver said. “Cut it the pair of you!” I yelled, they act more like twin brothers than cousins, that just got me more swear words than before. “Why are you both at each other all the time?” I asked, Oliver just shrugged, “We always have been, you are just seeing what we are like at home together.” He said. “Ok,” I replied.

Only two bean bags are in the room or the bed to sit on to watch the TV, I chose the largest bean bag but sat right in the middle crossing my legs. Oliver let out a laugh, then groaning when he realized not many seats left. “Really? You’re the tiniest one here and you take the largest seat?” He stated. “Because I want to be comfortable,” I said with a large smile on my face. “Do you?” He smirked back at me. “Stop it, Oliver. Just sit down once you’ve set all that up.” I said waving my hand around at his PlayStation. “Not doing anything Kitten.” He whispered, I just start laughing. “You’re an Idjit, you know that,” I said. “I know,” He said, I was floored by that.

“What no smart come back from the famous Oliver?” I said with a big smile on my face while I was waving my hands around. “Nope, I just want to catch up on the new season of Supernatural with as little chit-chat as possible.” He said, I liked what he just said, as I have those feelings too. “All Ready?” Jackson asked, walking back into the room, carrying the coffee table placing it in front of me, then he heads out to the kitchen coming back with the junk food and drinks placing them onto the coffee table. He takes the spare bean bag, leaving Oliver standing in front of the pair of us. “Take a fucking seat you dickhead, argh just sit next to Tassie, I’m sure she won’t bite you,” Jackson said.

“Fine, I will move over,” I said, I stood up moving a little to the side he sat down then I sat next to him, thanks to it being a bean bag I sunk right into him, he just wrapped an arm around me leaning back into the chair. Jackie hitting play on the PlayStation remote, leaning back into his chair, I move forward grabbing the bowl of chips and a can of soft drink. “Hey,” Oliver said, I turned back looking at him. “What?” I asked. “Grab me a drink to please.” He said. “Fine Ollie,” I said, Oliver had a look on his face that I couldn’t read.

“Hey nah Tassie that is my nickname for him you can’t use it.” Jackson snapped. “Says who?” I asked, looking between the pair of them, “Says me your best bud for life!” He yelled at me. “I liked the best bud part, but the life um unsure if I want to be stuck with your sorry ass for that long!” I said as I start laughing, as he played hurt. “Oh really? I am hurt, Miss Tasmine Rose Kelly!” Jackson yells out. “You’ll live mate, she can call me whatever she wants,” Oliver said winking at me, I just smiled back at him, then I noticed the TV. “Shhh, now it’s starting,” I whispered. “It’s the recap,” Oliver said. “Don’t care bloody zip it.” I snapped.

“Wow, she’s worst ow! fuck that hurt Tasmine!” Jackson yelled out, I kicked him in the arm. “Shut up then!” I yelled. “Ok.” We start eating and watching the show, four episodes in I’ve eaten and drank enough for a lifetime. The boys have stopped as well, Jackie is laying down half on our bean bag laying in my lap and the rest on his, I’ve cuddle into Oliver. We are five episodes in when Oliver leaned down and whispered in my ear. “You’re not playing nice Tas.” He whispered, his voice sent a chill down my back, where did that come from? “Uh?” I asked, I was too glued to the show.

“I need to pee pause it please sis!” Jackson said. “Sure,” I said, he rushes into the bathroom, I sit up looking at Oliver. “How am I not playing nice?” I asked. “Sitting right there, smelling that good, hugging into me. Meanwhile, all I want to do is kiss you.” He stated, my mouth dropped open, oh crap, yep didn’t think of that, I just found him so comfortable and easy to be around. “Um right sorry, I’ll just move then,” I whispered, I had stood up and was about to move onto the bed. “Please don’t.” He whispered.

His hand reached out and grabbing my hand, I lost my balance and fell into his lap. “Argh! Oliver really why did you, argh oomph!” I screamed out, slamming into his body his hands go right to my hips, I froze the minute I felt his extremely hard dick, he knows that I know, what is going on here. “Tas” He whispered. “Really I leave the room for like five seconds!” Jackson snapped.

“Not what it looks like,” I said, looking up at my best mate in shock horror, “Yep no way out of this one you two.” He said not believing me, he looks like he is going to start laughing, “Whatever you think, but the truth is I had fallen getting up.” I said. “Tasmine shut up,” Jackson said sounding like he was laughing now, I climb off him tripping over my baggy pants and face planting into Jackson’s lap. “Argh Fuck Tasmine! One day I may want fucking kids the number of times you’ve hit me I doubt it!” Oliver snapped, I had kicked him on my way down, “Arghhh ouch fucking hell!” Jackson yelled out. “Arrggghhh!” I screamed out as Jackson pushed me off him, I went rolling into the coffee table sending everything that was on it everywhere, I let out a loud high pitch scream.

“Oh shit, I’m so fucken sorry Tassie! Are you ok?” Jackson asked, covered in food and drinks I looked at him from the floor. “Are you stupid? Am I ok!? I fell into one person’s lap to only trip and fall into another’s lap to then being pushed into a fucking coffee table full of food and drinks! Fuck that hurt!” I yelled at him, I was screaming and crying, as Oliver looked over my whole body, is it bad that I liked him looking at me like that. Fuck what is going on with me?

“You can’t stay in those clothes.” He growled out, I looked down and I can see why my white shirt and white bra are see-through. “Well, I don’t have much of a choice!” I snapped at him. “You have a choice, put on one of my shirts while those are getting cleaned.” He replied, “What the fuck is going on in here?!” Charles said, he walked into the room assessing the room, I am now full-on crying, I feel like I have been hit by a cane train. “Which boy did this Tasmine?” He asked softly.

“Myself Sir, I have fallen onto Oliver as I got up tripped over and landed into Jackson and he pushed me off, of him and I fell into the coffee table,” I said. “Wow.” He said shocked. “Do you need to put a load on Uncle Charles?” Oliver asked. “No idea check the bathroom. Best to check in the backroom for your old clothes Jackson they may fit her.” He said, Jackson, looked at his dad in sheer shock, “Really? Think only my year four school uniform would fit her!” He yelled out, now I was angry at him, “I’m not that dam small!” I snapped. “Head into the bathroom Tasmine, Oliver throw her one of your shirts while Jackson looks for smaller clothes for her.” Charles snapped. “Sure.” Both I and Oliver said.


I sat watching Tasmine leaving the room, I follow her with my clean shirt, fuck she really didn’t know how see-through her shirt was, fuck she was beautiful. I froze she hadn’t fully closed the door; I know I should walk away or let her know I’m outside. She pulls her pants down leaving her undies on, pulling her top off, she unclips her bra. I couldn’t stand there any longer, I go to knock on the door instead I push it open.

She spins around standing in front of me with just underpants on, I am looking her up and down, as she looks at me in shock, we stand like this for a few seconds before she quickly covers her small perky breasts, I want to tell her not to cover them, but instead, I close the door behind me and locking it. “Ol” I didn’t let her finish as I slammed into her kissing her hard, one hand gripped into her hair at the back of her head the other roaming her body.

What shocked me the most was she started kissing me back with just as much heat as myself. Her soft little hands roamed my body under my shirt sending goosebumps over my whole body, never had anyone do that to my body before. She pushes away from me looking fucking sexy in my eyes, she moans out. “Oliver” she moans.

“Shhhh put this on” I start to say she cuts me off by grabbing my shirt pulling me to her as she kisses me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders pressing her breasts into me, my hands gripping her ass pressing her into me. “Kitten” I moaned out.

Have I finally broken down her walls? God, I hope so! She just purred into my neck, fuck I’m about to come into my pants. “What mmm are mmmm we mmm doing mmm?” She panted out around our kissing. “Kissing kitten, fucking good kissing.” I pant out, not going to lie this is the best kiss I have ever had and I have kissed a lot of people. “hmmm why wasn’t Mmmmm this good mmmm last mmmm time?” She asked.

Kissing her soft spot under her ear, I think it’s because she is now ready to move on from her emotional state from Noah’s death, but I don’t want to remind her of that. “No idea,” I said, instead. “I wish the house was empty.” She said, fuck this is moving so fast, but I don’t want to stop, I want her just as badly as she wants me. “Same” I pant out. “Oliver?” She asked. I like hearing her say my name. “Yes?” I asked.

She gives me those puppy dog eyes that I have fallen for, fuck she is so fucken cute. “Dad won’t let” I cut her off, “I know, I’ll wait for you,” I said. “I cannot ask you” I cut her off, “You’re not, I want to,” I said, she wraps her legs around my waist pushing me closer to her, God now that I’ve started, I don’t think I can stop, ever. Fuck I’m in big trouble here, she’s the first girl to ever make me feel like this, and I want her to be the last.

“Oi sis, have you got that top yet?” Jackson’s voice comes out from the door. I want to tell him to fuck off, but I don’t want him to know I am in here with her. “Yes, Jackie I do.” She yells out, she’s doing her best not to sound puffed. “Then hurry up I want to see what happens next.” He said she chuckles softly, “Sorry just needed to use the loo.” She said. “Argh just be quick, hey have you seen Ollie?” Jackson groaned out. “Only when he gave me the t-shirt.” She says to him.

God, she is good, I smiled at her as I start kissing under her ear, Jackson mumbled an ok before he walked off, thank good cause I want to kiss those kissable lips of hers again, fuck she has amazing lips. “Mmmm no I need to head back into that room.” She pants out, she pushes me forward as she stands up, hands out for the t-shirt. I pass her the shirt watching her slip it on without a bra, I let out a groan, she looks up at me, with a confused look on her face.

“What was that for?” She asked, fuck she is so innocent it’s fucken beautiful. “Are you aware of how much I want you?” I asked her, she looks down, then looks up at me, with a smile on her face. “Yes,” she said with a big smirk on her face, oh she is so cheeky; she goes to speak again I put a finger to her lips stopping her. “Shhh, I’ll wait until you finish year twelve. Now flush that toilet and wash your hands and head back to my room please.” I ordered, fuck I enjoyed that more than I should.

“I can’t ask you to” She started to protest, but I cut her off. “You’re not, but your worth the wait. Now go before we get caught.” I said, I bloody hope she doesn’t do another backflip and start yelling at me, this girl really doesn’t know how attractive she is. She walks towards the door sticking her head out to see if she’s in the clear then looks back at me with a soft smile and closes the door behind her.

I pick up her dirty clothes and the rest of the other dirty clothes in the bathroom groaning what am I going to do about these blue balls, need to start thinking of things to get this bloody thing under control. Fuck how am I going to wait another whole year? I can’t ask Lee because he will kill me, he has made that clear that I’m not allowed to be with his daughter. He better not let Vincent date her, I don’t want to lose her to him.

I take the dirty clothes down to the laundry room, I do what my Uncle had shown me in how to do this stuff. In his words, everyone needs to learn how to do this, don’t be like him, and only have to learn how to cause the main person who did it to get sick. “Do I need to tell Lee we have a problem son?” Uncle Charles asked out of nowhere. “Argh! Man, Uncle Charles, you scared me. What do you mean?” I asked, try and play dumb. “I’m not deaf nor blind mate I can see the way you look at her.” He said with a sad look on his face, I groaned out.

“Is it that noticeable?” I asked him, he looks me down then up with one eyebrow up. “I know your parents don’t notice much about their children, but myself, I notice a lot. Like the fact you have a hard-on that you’re trying to hide, let alone that the pair of you spent a lot of time in that bathroom.” He snapped. “Um,” I said, fuck he noticed. “I also know Lee’s views on his girl and if I was you, I would be spending as little time with her as possible. Maybe even be balls deep in another girl just to forget about her cause those types of girls are only good as dick teases. I know you really like her, but mate it’s not worth the heartache and pain caused by her dad. I don’t want my only nephew to end up” I cut him off, “Like your niece, like my sister?” I asked, yeah I may have heaps of hell in my life but I would never end it because of it.

“Yes, I cannot take losing another family member ok.” He whispered. “I know,” I said, fuck I miss those two women in our family so fucking much. “This is the last time she’s aloud over while you are home.” He said with a warning to his voice. “I know,” I replied. “Good, you go back into that room but do not sit next to her. I know it’s going to be hard mate.” He said noticing the look on my face. “Really?” I asked. “Yes, your grandparents were worse than Lee when it came to their daughter.” That made me laugh, “I miss her” I said. “I know I miss her too; glad she was more of a mum to you than anything.” He said, that is so true, every day I have wished him and she was my birth parents over the assholes ones I have. “I needed it,” I said, he pats my back I head back to my room; my dick just went another level harder, fuck his right why is he always right?

She’s on my bed laying on her belly back to the door, her on top of my pillow, but that shirt she has on is not covering much at all from this angle at all. All my mind is thinking I must have her from behind, having her soft hands touch me while she is moaning and screaming my name.


They haven’t noticed me yet, they are talking and laughing about something. I had missed the first half of what they were talking about. “About time! Plonk your ass down so I can hit play.” Jackson said. “Alright,” I said. I close my bedroom door, pick up the throw rug that I had put aside earlier, and throw it on the bottom half of her, she turns around giving me a big smile. “Thanks,” She said. “All good,” I said smiling at her, Jackson looks at me with an eyebrow up trying to work out what I’m doing, I just smile at him as I sat down in the bean bag.


Holly hell where the hell did those kisses come from? How the hell was it better than Noah’s? What the hell does this mean? Does this mean I have now lost Vincent as a friend? How am I supposed to watch this show now in his shirt that smells like him? Where did my feelings for him come from? cannot stop feeling his lips on my body. “Oi are you listening to me? Was is it with you today?” Jackson snapped at me. “Oh nothing, what was that?” I asked.

“School Disco is Halloween theme keen on going as someone from Supernatural?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows, causing me to laugh. “When is this Disco?” I asked, “Oh term three.” He stated, I looked at him in shock. “Term three? That’s like a long time away!” I said to him. “Yeah, I know but it will take a while for us to get the clothes ready.” He said. “Right who are you going us?” I asked wiggling my own eyebrows at him. “No idea just yet.” He said.

“I’ll go as Dean; Oliver can go as Moose and you can go as Cas?” I asked. “Really? Thought you would go as Charlie.” He said I start laughing, “What and give up the chance of going as Dean! No way!” I said, we are laughing our heads off, I can feel he has entered the room but hasn’t said anything. “About time! Plonk your ass down so I can hit play.” Jackson said. “Alright,” Oliver said. I feel a blanket get thrown over my legs, at first, I thought it was that he thought I was cold, but when I said my thanks I had seen why, he was turned on.

How the hell did these feelings speed up so much? “Thanks” I smiled at him. “All good.” He said, is it bad that I want him laying on top of me right now? I feel like I should be running the other way, I know how it goes trying to go behind dad’s back. Do I want to do that again? He did say he was going to wait for me to finish school, but that seems to mean to make him wait that long. I hadn’t paid any attention to what the two of them were saying to each other, Jackson’s phone starts ringing, he answer’s it, then groans a few minutes later he hangs up the phone.

“Sorry, my friends seem I’ve been called into work.” He looked shattered, “Really?” Oliver groaned out, “Ah man does that mean we have to wait for you to finish?” I asked when I realized Oliver looked upset. “Yes! Don’t you two dear keep watching that!” Jackson snapped at us. “Fine! Let’s play a game.” I smirked over at Oliver. “Ok, I’m in.” He said smirking at me, he rushes out of the room to get dressed for work, I sat up making sure the blanket is wrapped around my bottom half still. I looked at him, he is looking back at me his eyes keep going to my lips. I start biting my bottom lip, he reaches up pulling my chin down to stop me from biting my lip.

“Please don’t do that.” He whispered. “Why not?” I asked softly. “It’s way too sexy.” He whispered back, his hand is still on my face, I lean down a little further to him and plant a soft kiss on his lips, he pulls me further down so now I’m lying on the bed half hanging off. Oliver kisses me back with more passion, pushing open my mouth allowing his tongue to fight with mine. He pulls my body onto his lap I wrap my arms around his shoulder’s deepen the kiss, a moan escapes my lips, Oliver pulls away leaning his forehead against mine. “Keep moaning like that and we will be in big trouble.” He whispered, “Sor” I started saying but he cuts me off.

“Please don’t apologize for a smoking hot kiss.” He whispered. “I need to get to your bed before he gets back,” I said. “Yes,” He whispered, I get onto the bed, he watches me the whole time. “What game do you want to play?” He asked me, I smiled as I looked at the games he was holding up. “That racing one looks good,” I said. “Right, can you set it up please?” He asked softly. “Why? oooo um right ok” As I say why he’s fixing up his pants I can see why. As I sit back down in the bean bag next to him Jackson comes back into the room. “I’m off, dad’s dropping me off, my car won’t start again. If you are still here when I finish can you ask Lee to let you stay back to keep watching it?” He asked. “I told you to let me fix your starter motor!” Oliver snapped at his cousin, “I don’t have the money for that part just yet bro!” Jackson snapped back at him, I smiled at his hopeful face, I doubt it though, but I will try. “I will try, bye Jackie.” I smiled brightly. “Yes, bye Jackie,” Oliver said, he glares at us and heads outside, we hear the car start up and leave.

As soon as that happens, I put my controller down and climb onto Oliver’s lap, he looks up at me in a way that I can’t read but I’m liking that look on him. “Mmmm I really like this side of you Tasmine,” Oliver whispered. “Same” Oliver lifts me a little moving me, so my legs are on either side of his body, his hands run up my legs under his shirt, causing me to moan out. With my moan he wraps me tightly as he kisses me hard, I wrap my arms around him. I can feel him digging into me, I start grinding up and down, he let out a groan. “argh mmm Kitten if you keep doing that and I’ll cum in my pants.” He moans out, I like the sound of that, what is going on with me right now? He kissed that spot under my ear, his hands gripping my hips hard, unsure why he said that, as he's now helping me move faster. I can feel myself tightening, I don’t know why I did it, but I arch my back leaning my head back, Oliver starts kissing down my neck. “aghh hmmm Oliver!” I screamed out. “Oh Fuck Tasmine! Argh! Fuck!” Oliver moaned out in my ear.

I collapsed into him breathless, he wraps his arms around me showering my face with kisses. “No one has ever made me cum in my pants before.” He whispers, I want to look at him in disbelief, but I knew that would hurt him, and I didn’t want to hurt him. “Glad I’m a first for something for you.” I start giggling. “Hey, it’s a good thing.” He said gently holding my face in his hands. “It felt good on my end, but I don’t” He cuts me off, “Didn’t you cum?” He asked, I smiled at him, “I did” He smiled at me, kissing me softly. “But what you don’t?” He asked. “Don’t have much to compare to,” I whispered.

“I don’t want you to. How am I going to do this?” He asked. “Do what?” I asked. “Wait a whole year.” He moaned out. “I said” He cuts me off, “I know what you have said kitten, but I know Lee, best we slow right down, really slow down.” He said, I know what he means, but for the first time in my life I don’t want to go slow, I want him and only him. Wow, where did that thought come from? I just wished my dad wasn’t so hard on me over dating. “Ok,” I said, I climbed off him, helping him up out of the large bean bag. “Best you clean up before your Uncle arrives,” I said.

“Yes, I could see if my sister had left any underwear here.” he whispered, “Thank you.” He said, he comes back with a pair, he hands it to me as I put my hand out to grab them, he pulls me into him for a kiss, pulling away. “That’s not going slowly, Ollie.” I said he smirked at me, “I’m sorry, you just have such beautiful kissable lips.” He said, I smiled at him, wow I haven’t smiled this much in a long time. “Thanks, go get change,” I ordered, oh I enjoyed giving him an order.

“Yes, kitten.” He said with a smirk on his face, thinking he enjoyed it too. He leaves to go to the bathroom; I head to the downstairs bathroom to clean myself up and see if my clothes are dry. I found my clothes on the line all nice and dry pulling them down heading into the bathroom to change. How are we going to go really slow? After that, that was so fucking good, I had no idea what I was doing but my body seemed to have known what to do.

Unsure how but it felt so good, I want much more. I do still love Noah, but I’m starting to feel like I’m not cheating on him. I wish my dad wasn’t so harsh with his rules about this. I look in the mirror and see how large and nasty that bruise has gotten, ouch no wonder my side is hurting. A soft knock on the door bought me back to reality, I open it without thinking to finish getting dressed. “Oh, kitten.” He said, I was standing in my underpants and bra; he steps in closing the door and locking it, walking closer to me, with hunger in his eyes. “I can’t go slow if you open a door dressed like this.” He said. “Sorry had spaced out, Ollie I don’t want to wait,” I said.

“Your first time won’t be a fast quickie in a bathroom kitten.” He said, he walks closer to me leaning down kissing me hard and quick, pulling away slapping my ass. “Fuck you so fucking beautiful, get dress before my Uncle is home.” He said, he unlocks the door and leaves closing the door behind him, he’s not pushing this at all. He wants me to be ready in my time, not his, is this what Uncle Chris meant?

I quickly get dressed and head back up to his room, his tapping away at the PlayStation controller, he looks up hitting me with his sexy smile. “You should do that more often,” I said. “Do what?” He asked. “Smile,” I said. “Does kitten like my smile?” He asked. “Yes, yes I do,” I said.

We play the game for an hour before my dad popped his head in telling me to move my ass, not letting me stay until Jackson got home to watch the rest of the season, I get the feeling he’s pissed off in finding me alone in Oliver’s room.

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