The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 18 - What Is Lee Thinking?

**Tasmine's Pov**

The car ride was incredibly quiet before we reached home dad spoke up. “I thought you said Jackson was also hanging out with you?” He asked so quietly it was scary, I knew he was going to ask me that question, “He was dad, he got called into work two hours before you came to pick me up.” I said he huffed, “So nothing happened between you and Oliver?” He asked, I looked at him shocked, is it noticeable better do my best lying no way am I filling him on this right now.

“No, dad nothing happened other than Jackson ordering us to never watch Supernatural until he was back, so we just played video games,” I said, Dad, chuckled, “Let me guess you kicked his ass?” He asked I smiled, “You know I did dad.” I laughed. “We are having a BBQ tonight, when we get home I want you to go have a shower and clean up, also put something nice on like you would if you went out for tea.” He said, I looked over at him as we pulled up at our house. “Why dad it’s just a family BBQ, I’m not dressing up,” I said as I walked up the stairs, I don’t think he’s listening. I quickly had a shower and got dressed into a dress that my mum had bought me but hadn’t seen me in yet as I chose not to wear it over a stupid fight we had, feeling guilty and missing her right now as I would have told her everything that had happened today. It’s a white dress covered in red flowers, I have teamed it up with a denim sleeveless jacket, hair out letting it flow freely, with only lip-gloss on. Making my way towards the kitchen I found dad and Uncle Chris prepping away, dad looking overly happy.

“Hey kiddo,” Dad said overly chirpier, I raised an eyebrow at him. “Um yeah Hi dad, what’s up?” I asked. “Nothing sweetheart just having a barbie with my bro and my little girl.” He said. “Ok? How much have you already drunk?” I asked, starting to think he may have a problem, he looked at me shocked. “What this is my first beer!” He snapped at me. “Right, then why are you so happy?” I asked, Uncle Chris, looked up at me oddly from his side of the kitchen. “Oh, he hasn’t told you yet?” Uncle Chris had a smirk on his face.

“Told me what?” I asked playing the puppy dog eyes in the hopes he will tell me over dad. “Chris! Not yet mate!” Dad snapped at him. “I’ll tell you later, now tell me what you did with the boy’s today?” Uncle Chris asked, he leads me out of the kitchen into the lounge room with dad yelling from the kitchen. “Don’t you fucking tell her mate! It’s my thing to tell when I’m ready!” Dad yelled. “Gez dad let me guess you have met someone and taking her on a date?” I asked, I heard something drop in the kitchen, wow was I right? “Not answering,” Dad mumbled, but we both still heard it. “Wait is it a he?” I asked with a smart-ass tone to my voice. “What the hell!” Dad yelled out from the kitchen.

Laughing at his voice, he’s fallen for someone that I know. I’m too happy for him, mum did do a number on him. But I’m not going to push him on it as who knows how long it would last. I know I won’t be involved with her until he knows she’s going to stay for longer than one night. I tell Uncle Chris mostly what I got up to leaving out what happened between myself and Oliver, he takes a sip of his beer looking over at me. “Now tell me what you kept out from that?” He asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I stated. “You do, your voice goes up when you’re lying.” He said. “No, it doesn’t,” I said, he chuckles, “It just did.” He pointed out. “What are you a pigger!” I whispered yelled at him. “Acutely I was.” He said my mouth dropped open in shock, “What? How the hell did you keep that from me?!” I asked. “Cause I’m no longer one, had to leave due to injury and didn’t cope well after it. Now in IT for a large law firm.” He said.

“Right.... well... I’m still not saying anything,” I said because I have no idea what to say really. “I won’t tell Lee, but are you ok? Like really?” He asked, I know he will tell my dad, maybe not right now but he will. “Yes, on my run I went and visited Noah and just talked, screamed, and cried it seemed to help out a lot, also you will tell him because he is your best mate,” I said, he looks at me like he can read me very well. “It all depends on what you’re not saying.” He said.

“I’m learning to living with my darkness ok Uncle Chris,” I said, he chuckles, “You’re getting good at avoiding the question, Miss.” He said, the phone chimes he looks at me with an eyebrow up then he must have gotten an idea or something unsure, Dad has already gone down to start cooking, I know my Uncle will be heading down soon. “Oliver,” He said, I looked up at him. “What about him?” I asked, trying to play it cool. “It was! Your starting to have feelings for him too!” He said loudly.

“No,” I said, trying to not sound like I’m not telling a lie, “I wasn’t a normal pigger in your words Tasmine, I was in the Australian Federal Police cybercrime sector.” He said. “Ok, is that why my dad asked you to come here?” I asked shocked. “No, he didn’t ask me to come here, I could tell by his voice he needed help with his girl who’s my goddaughter as well. I’m here cause my best mate needs me not because of my work history.” He said that’s the first time since knowing him that I caught a hint of upset, “Ok” I whispered, “Now do I need to go tell Lee to go buy the morning-after pill, or did nothing that far happened?” He asked, I snapped my head up at him in anger, what the hell?! Does he think I am a complete fool! “No, you do not need to. Also, I hate that you think I would need something like that!” I snapped out at him.

He just holds his hands up in surrender, “Good, I won’t say stay away from him as that seems to make you go to him. But be warned Lee has made it clear for that boy to stay away from you, it won’t end well.” He said I want to cry, why does no one want me to be happy? The evil voices in my head have slowed down since kissing Oliver, I don’t want to stop. “I know,” I whispered, “Just enjoy being single sweetie, get to know yourself, get to be a free teenager, learn to live with the darkness before letting someone else into your space. You do that and the right one will find you.” He said, putting an arm around me pulling me into a side hug.

“Ok, and what happens if he does become the right one?” I asked, as my feelings for Oliver feel so much different than those of the ones I had for Noah, which scares me, scares me so much, that at my age I am feeling these feelings for him. “I don’t think so in that Tasmine. That’s my wisdom for the night, also it’s not just us for tea tonight.” He said I want to slap him for thinking that. “Ok, who is it?” I asked, please do not be his friends, I do want to see the boys again but right now I doubt myself and Oliver could keep our hands off each other.

“Charles and Aaron plus their boys.” He stated that the tone in his voice tells me he’s not impressed by that at all. “Oh,” I said quietly, looking down at my feet. “Yes, I’m keeping a close eye on you. For some reason, Lee thought it would be good for a catch-up with his friends.” He snapped out. “I’ll be well behaved, but also does dad have a drinking problem?” I asked, he looked at me shocked, “What? No, he only has a few drinks here and there with his family friends when they are over. But do call me if he starts drinking every day. Best that you are on your best behavior.” He ordered, with that he heads down to see dad, fuck really. Please Oliver be here before Vincent, what the hell was dad thinking when he did this?!

I don’t think he was thinking, something is up and it has nothing to do with the lady he has just meet, I have a feeling it might be mum related and I hope I am wrong. I checked my phone and it’s a text from Oliver.


**OLIVER** Kitten looks like we are having dinner at your place.
**TASMINE** Nah shit! I just found out about it. FYI be well behaved, please.
**OLIVER** I’m on my best behavior kitten.
**TASMINE** Also Vincent was invited too.
**OLIVER** Ahh fucking hell kitten.
**TASMINE** I know.
**OLIVER** Has Lee lost his fucken mind?
**TASMINE** That’s what my uncle said too.
**OLIVER** Best you be wearing something butt ugly then!

I quickly sent him a photo of myself in my clothes.

**OLIVER** That’s not butt ugly kitten! You look cute as hell in that dress!
**TASMINE** I don’t own anything butt ugly Ollie.

I leave it at that and head down to the barbie area with my new book from Lynette Noni in the Medoran Chronicles, getting into the hammock, Dad and Uncle Chris talking away softly at the barbie. My heart hasn’t slowed down since he said I looked cute as hell, what is Oliver doing to me?

A chapter later and I see Mr. Warren walking up to my dad, I don’t see Vincent at all. “Hey man, how are you?” I hear dad say loudly as he walks in. “Unsure, I’ll tell you when the kids go to sleep.” Mr. Warren said, oh I guess he knows what his wife has been doing behind his back. “That bad?” Uncle Chris said picking up the tone in Mr. Warren’s voice. “Yes, that bad.” He said. “No Vincent?” Dad asked. “Nah he has work, and his mother is picking him up.” Mr. Warren said. “Ok grab a beer,” Dad ordered him.

Thank Christ for that, I send a text off to Oliver letting him know. I get back to my book, it’s gotten quite good. Unsure on how long it’s been have read three chapters before I was rudely tipped out of the hammock as I screamed out. “Arghhhh fucking hell!” I screamed. “Oi Language young lady!” Dad yelled at me as I sat up glaring at my father. “Who the bloody hell tipped me?! Oh, Jackie, you’re fucking dead mate! Dead!” I yelled out.

I see Jackie standing next to the hammock laughing, then he sees me running at him he takes of screaming and laughing. “Fuck it was just a joke, Tassie!” He screamed at me. “No, it wasn’t!” I yelled at him. “Remember Tas aim low!” Both my Uncle Chris and Mr. Warren yelled out. “No! Tassie don’t you fucking aim low!” Jackson yelled back at me, I chased him around the backyard, him screaming like a girl when I finally managed to tackle him to the ground slapping him.

“Enough, enough, enough! Waving the white flag Tassie!” Jackson cries out waving his hands around trying to stop me. “Fine do that again and I will aim low!” I snapped at him. “Right got it, now get off me! I need some water after that, you want one?” He asked. “Yes please.” He heads upstairs to the kitchen for two bottles of cold water. “Having fun kitten?” Oliver said with a large smile on his face. “Yes, you?” I asked.

I sat down smiling up at him, “Yes, watching you bash up my cousin was great.” He said. “Just letting you know Uncle Chris is keeping a very close eye on us,” I stated. “Explains why he’s nonstop looking at us. Do not turn around think he can lip read.” He said looking scared. “Probably, hear sit down with me but have your back facing them,” I ordered. “Sure.” He said.

He sits down next to me but not close to me. “I need to stay away from you Tas.” He whispered. “I know,” I said playing with the grass in front of me. “But I’m finding that ridiculously hard to do.” He whispered, I want to hug him right now, he sounded so hurt. “Here is your water. Why are you two acting all odd?” Jackson said as he handed me the water. “Wait up, really Ollie?” he said sounding upset with his cousin.

“Stop calling me that” Oliver snapped at Jackson. “Never! But Lee will kill you, man. You know that he has threatened you before!” Jackson snapped back at him. “Fuck Jackie we know, ok,” I said back at him. “Well then move over, you are keeping your distance from each other.” He says as he wraps an arm around us both. “I need my two best mates alive!” He whispered yelled at us. “Good,” I said laughing.

“Ahh are we best mates now?” Oliver groaned. “Oh shut up,” Jackson said. “You three hungry?” Uncle Chris said from behind us, causing me to jump up and scream. “Oh, man!” Jackson yelled out holding a hand over his heart, while Oliver looks up at my Uncle. “Wow, you are scary,” Oliver told him. “Good, keep thinking that when you want to touch my niece, FYI I’m worse than Lee.” He whispers enough that we all can hear but no one else.

Holly hell, I quickly got up and ran to the food, I was hungry after chasing Jackie around. “Someone is hungry?” Dad said notice the amount of food on my plate. I just smiled up at him. I ate in silence, as Uncle Chris sat in between myself and Oliver and Oliver’s Uncle sat in front of us smiling at Chris every now and then. I offered to clean up while they sat talking and drinking beer, the boys were playing pool. I finished cleaning up and I just wanted to get some sleep, so I headed into my room to get into my PJs.

Thought it was fitting to wear the last PJs my mum had bought me, turns out it’s someone’s favorite nickname for me. It’s a white t-shirt with a black and white kitten with glasses on with a black, white and red sports jersey on, the pants are white with carton kittens all over it. I lay down on my bed leaving my door open as dad has the whole house air-cons on, lamp on and fairy lights on. Made myself comfortable in my bed with my book and started reading.

I know I’ve been up here for a while as they have gotten louder downstairs. I have started to feel a little tired when I heard someone was at my bedroom door. I looked up and it’s Oliver standing in the doorway looking at me like he did in his bathroom. Is he crazy?

“Oh, wow Kitten, I truly love your PJs.” He said, with a smoldering look on his face. “Thank you,” I said smiling. “Why are you up here, in your PJs and reading a book?” He asked. “Needed some alone time. You?” I asked. “Same but was really looking for you.” He said. “Jackie?” I asked. “Passed out in the hammock.” He stated. “Dad, Uncle Chris, Mr. Warren, and your Uncle?” I asked. “Playing poker and drinking beer.” He said. “Ok, want to read a book?” I asked.

The whole time we spoke he just stood in the doorway looking over my body. “No,” He said, he has now walked into my room closing the door, and started to walk towards my bed. Oh man, I need to keep him at arm’s reach like everyone keeps telling me. But how do I do that when just looking at him has done something to my body? “What did I say about biting your bottom lip?” He asked. “Shut up and kiss me” I whispered, he pretty much runs towards the bed, crawling over the top of me kissing his way up to my lips.



“am I”














We are now face to face. “Mmmm no idea, I’m finding it hard too. But I’m really not trying.” I whispered back. “mmmm neither am I” He growls out, he is now laying on me, softly kissing me, one hand running up my leg and hip the other holding him up near my head. My legs wrap around his waist, one hand gripping his ass the other around his neck we are going to be in so much trouble. “I know,” I whispered. I let my fear of getting caught stop us from kissing by pushing him off me.

“Kitten why did you stop?” He asked. “Oh, shut up you know why,” I said. “Are you going to make me read a book?” He asked sounding scared. “No, let’s play my dad’s PlayStation,” I said instead. “Right, let me fix myself up first.” He said, he stood up and I can see he is rock hard, I make my way towards the door when he walks past me fixing up his pants giving my ass a quick tap before heading into the bathroom. I head into the lounge room to set up the PlayStation, I pick a fighting game and got it all set up as he made his way out of the bathroom. “Am I player one, or are you?” He asked.

“You can be,” I said, he sits down on the floor next to me and leans over giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Game on kitten!” He said.

“Bam! Winner chicken dinner again!” I yelled out as I won the match again. “How are you even winning? Your hitting every dam button!” Oliver yelled back at me, as he looks at me in confusion. “It works! My way works!” I said with a big grin on my face, while we go onto another match. “Think we are staying the night,” Oliver said. “Yeah? Eat dirt!” I yell out after I made his player slam into the ground. “You know you’re scary when you play this game.” He said, I looked back at him quickly with a big smirk on my face. “Am I? Or is it cause your losing?” I asked. “Stop gloating” He mumbles.

The match ended fast. “Fine, did you want to play something else?” I asked, we are still sitting on the floor playing, as I said that question, he looks at me with one of his eyebrows up. “You know what?” He said. “What mmmm” I started to ask, he leans over kissing me hard, fuck I am in trouble. We make out for a good few minutes before finally pulling away breathless, he moans out as he licks his bottom lip. “So dam kissable.” He mumbles.

I know I am blushing like crazy right now, as I moan out again at his touch, I climbed up onto his lap wrapping my arms around his shoulders as we continue kissing, I can feel his need for me. “Jackie is passed out in the hammock, my uncle, Mr. Warren, and your dad are drunk, unsure on your Uncle Chris his scary, we need to stop, Fuck!” He yelled out, causing me to jump up in fear, “Um right” I whispered, I slowly climbed of his lap, moving away his hand went right to my knee. “You’re not why I said that kitten. I want you so badly, but I want your dad to approve of us being together. I know he won’t, and it kills me.” He whispered.

I turn around moving closer to him, “Why does he dislike you so much?” I asked softly, he lets out a sigh, “Before you had arrived, I didn’t care that I was the town’s bad boy living up to that name really.” He said I wave my hand at him, “I know that part” He shakes his head, “No not really kitten, I got this job because I stole your dad’s car.” He said. “Oh, you took dad’s baby” I start laughing. “Let me guess it’s because it looks like Dean’s Baby?” I asked around my fit of laughter. “Partly yeah, but Noah had dared me to do it, said I didn’t have the balls to steal from Lee.” He said.

How did he ended up getting treated worse than Noah? It should have been both, “So, you did it, how come you an’t in jail?” I asked. “Lee told me to work off my debt, after I did that I asked for an apprenticeship and he gave it to me. With saying that I never steal again.” He said I nod my head, “But you stilled played up?” I asked, “Yes, until I had seen you.” He said, I looked at him in shock because I know his being getting into trouble at school. “Really?” I asked.

He moves closer to me, “You make me want to be good kitten.” He whispered, I looked at him in shock, but deep down it was making my stomach do backflips. “I do?” I asked, he smiles at me, “Yeah you do.” He whispered with a big smile on his face, we are now face to face, myself biting my lip him watching my lips, he reaches up stroking my face.

“That is close enough you two!” Uncle Chris voice booms out in the lounge room caused me to jump up and scream out. “Argh! Jesus fucking a patriot!” I screamed, which caused them both to look at me in shock, confusion and trying to hold back from laughing. “What Tasmine?” Oliver asked. Hand over my chest trying to catch my breath and get my heart rate back to normal. “I don’t bloody know he scared the crap out of me.” I said. “Stop swearing, be grateful it was me and not Lee. I’m getting the beds ready for the drunks, now you boy are in that room with Jackson. If I find you near her again you will wish it were Lee.” He growled out.

He is scary, why did I think it was a good idea to let my emotions and body take over with all those adults in this house? “Yep got it, good night to the pair of you,” I said, I get the feeling that Uncle Chris wants to chew Oliver a new ass. “Night Tasmine” Uncle Chris said, his voice sounds different like his holding back something, is it safe to leave Oliver in a room with him? “Night,” Oliver said.


Fucking hell what was Lee even thinking about inviting that boy to his house?! I had told him to not do this, not to drink. I know today is his wedding anniversary and clearly, Tasmine doesn’t know this, had also told him to not invite Charles as Oliver would no doubt tag along! Walking up the stairs can hear him telling her that she makes him want to be good, it’s moving faster than I thought.

But if I tell Lee what is going on, he will fire this kid, he seems like he needs the money. I don’t want him near her, but I don’t want him to lose his job. When did she get into her PJs? I hope I wasn’t too late.

“Now that she has left, tell me the truth now. Have you” I asked, he knew what I was asking, I wonder if he will try to lie to me or tell me the truth, his answer will determine if I tell Lee right now or later. “No, we haven’t, as much as I want to. I want Lee to approve of us being together.” He said, I know he’s telling the truth, but man his going about it so wrong. “Funny way of doing that,” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“I know.” He looks down at his hands in his lap, ah man he has really fallen for her. “I know mate, but I don’t want angry Lee coming for you,” I said, I hold my hand up stopping him from answering. “You’re a smart boy, about to finish school, hold out and get a job out of town, come back for her once she’s finished year twelve,” I said, he looked up at me angry, “What so Vincent can take her from me?” He snapped, wow the green eye monster came out of him just then.

“You really think Lee would let her date?” I said trying not to laugh. “No, but he did let Noah,” he said by the sounds of it he couldn’t finish what he was going to say. “No harm in waiting, not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s better than Lee hating you,” I said, I get the feeling even if the kid waited until she was finished high school Lee would still hate him, because she is his baby girl, think he knows it too.

“Why are you being so kind towards me?” He asked. “Because I’ve seen the way you look at her when she’s not watching. I know you can look after her, in my mind she is too young for that type of relationship. Hold off and it will be better for you both because she deserves to be happy. Right now, she needs to work on getting over all the heartbreak that has happened to her, not add to it.” I said she needs to put on weight and get her sleeping back in order and her mind before adding all of Oliver to it. “I know, I want her to be happy again, starting to see a little of that.” He said.

He looks up at me and smiles. “How do you know all of this?” He asked. “I’m really good at reading people,” I stated. “You don’t say.” He said with a smartass tone to his voice. “You break her heart you’ll have a lot of people after you,” I said. “I would rather hurt myself than ever hurt her. Which is why I’m finding it hard to back away, because I know it will hurt her too.” He whispered, he sounds like he would cry soon, which I don’t want to do that to him, or any other child in that mater. “I know mate, but if she knows you’ll be back after she finishes year twelve may not be so painful for her,” I said he looks at me like I was stupid. “Really? Do you even know her?” He asked. “Oh, be quiet, get up and help me with Jackson,” I said.

Oh, well he knew what I was saying was bull, but man they do need to keep away from each other, I can see why Lee had a hard time last time, but if this is what he did last time no wonder he had a hard time. I quickly got the beds ready for his Uncle and friends before heading back down to get Jackson. The others are still playing poker, we both stop at the hammock then looked at each other. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Oliver asked with an evil smirk on his face, fuck yes, I sure am. “Payback for Tasmine?” I asked. “Yes,” he said, we both went at either end holding tight we flipped him, he hit the ground hard.

“What the fuck?!” Jackson screamed out in pain. “Bed” I snapped at him as he got up rubbing his sore body parts. “Your mean, you know that?” He said angry. “So are you, remember you did it to Tasmine.” I reminded him. “oohhh... Shut up Ollie!” He snaps, I make sure they head to the spare room told them good night, I told Lee to pack it up soon. Hopefully, he goes to bed soon, I can’t keep my eyes open. Couch for me tonight I’m a light sleeper so I’ll hear if someone tries to go into Tasmine’s room.

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