The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 19 - I Hate This!


I could hear Uncle Chris is talking to Oliver, I stopped listening as it’s really not my place. I head to bed to get some much-needed sleep, which will be hard as Dad and his mates are talking loudly under the house. Which kept on waking me up, even Uncle Chris has had a few goes at dad, now it was my turn, I stormed downstairs dad looks up at me and smiles.

“Heyyy my little sweeetttpeea!” he says sounding very drunk. “Get fucked dad! All of you stop drinking right now and go to bed!” I yelled, Mr. Warren stood up I pointed my finger at him as he goes to say something else. “NO! I AM GETTING SICK TO DEATH OF BEING WOKEN UP BY YOU LOT! ENOUGH!” I screamed out loudly, I didn’t get to finish my yelling match at them as dad stood up taking ahold of my arm dragging me up the stairs, I am now fighting him.

“LET GO OF ME NOW DAD!!” I screamed so loudly, nothing seems to be stopping him until I see another pair of hands prying his hand off my arm freeing me as I fled from my dad crying slamming into someone on the way to my room, I knew it was him the minute I hit him, as his smell hits my nostrils. “Kitten, are you ok?” he whispered, I held onto his body tightly, shaking, “NO! DAD” I screamed, Oliver pulled me away from his body just enough to look me over, he spotted my arm, he looks at it then at my face. “I want to fucking kill him!” He snapped, “NO! Don’t you dare!” I yelled at him, Oliver looked at me oddly. “Why the hell not?! He has hurt you! No parent should touch their child like that!” He yelled at me, I was crying now. “I know, but you go all hell at him he would know why! He will pull us apart before we could even start! I cannot go through that again! I just can’t!” I whispered yelled at him.

He didn’t respond he just pulls me into a tight hug kissing the top of my head as I cried in his arms, I know whoever freed me from dad’s grip must have entered the house now, but I don’t care, Oliver is calming me down. “Tas, I got them sorting out downstairs best you head back to bed, myself and Oliver will get the drunks into bed. Do I need to check your arm? Do you need some ice?” Uncle Chris said, I stepped out of Oliver’s arms, throwing my arms around my Uncle’s waist as he held onto me tightly, didn’t realize I was crying again. “It’s ok, Tas I will sort him out for you, but Oliver mate what are you doing?” he asked.

“Comforting her! He has hurt her and upset her! Anyone with eyes and a heart would do that!” Oliver snapped at him, can hear the hurt in his voice, “Stop it the pair of you!” I snapped at them both. They both went quiet, my Uncle looked over my arm, “You want ice?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “No, I think I am good.” I whispered, I stepped out of his hold, looking at them both as I cleaned up my tears, I can see Oliver wants to help me out, but he stops himself as Uncle Chris was in the room. “Thanks, I will just go back to bed, if he wakes me up again, he will have it coming for him in the morning,” I said. They agreed, before I had drifted off to sleep, I heard dad and Uncle Chris yelling at each other, Uncle Chris was clearly telling him to get to bed, hopefully he goes to sleep soon.

From what I know this is not the dad that I have come to know, I am hoping this is a one time thing, if it happens again, I will happily move in with Grandma or one of my many Uncles. I’m not going to lie he scared the shit out of me, no idea what I would have done if my uncle and Oliver wasn’t here. I am amazed Uncle Chris didn’t punch Oliver for hugging me, I want his arms around me again, I felt safe, happy and free in them, is that us going too fast, or is this normal? I quickly sent off a text to Oliver, his most likely still asleep.


**TASMINE** I want your arms around me again. I feel safe in them Oliver.

As much as I dislike or hate her, I want her here to help me out with this, I want my mum! I need to get off this train of thought I don’t want to cry again, I need to get out of these PJs as I know they perk Oliver up and I don’t want to do that around my dad and uncle. Not being able to find much as I have forgotten to do my washing, I managed to find a hot pink flash t-shirt teamed up with a long black and white striped high waisted skirt, messy high bun and ballet flats, no makeup at all. Walking around the house noticing that I am the only one up at this time of the day, seeing as I am hungry, I should make everyone some breakfast while I am at it.

An hour later I have cooked enough bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast for everyone. I put all the food out onto the kitchen table with plates, cutlery, cups as I also have juice and water out, heading back into the kitchen to start cleaning up. I feel a set of hands on my waist pulling me into their body. I knew he had entered the room, it’s like my body just knows when he is near me. “Morning Kitten, you cooked I’ll clean up. Also my arms will always be around you.” He whispered, his hands turn me around in his arms, I put my hands on his chest leaning up as he is leaning down for quick soft kiss.

“Mmm smells yum by the way.” He whispered as he brushes my cheek. “How are you?” He asked softly, I smiled at him. “Better now that you’re in here,” I said, which is true, he smiled broadly at me. “Ok, you will tell me if you weren’t?” he asked with worry written on his face. “Yes, I would,” I whispered, he leans down kissing me softly, before I gently nudge his chest telling him to stop. “Go eat first,” I said, he looked at me oddly, “Are you?” He asked, wanting him to spell it out for me, “Am I what?” I asked softly. “Going to eat?” And he said what I knew he was worried about.

“Yeah later” I said he looked worried. “Are we back at” I cut him off, “No, we are not, just not hungry yet.” I snapped at him, I had been picking at the food while I was cooking it, he was going to respond but the kitchen door burst open with Jackson walking in angry as all hell. “Morning assholes.” He snapped. “Gez, why are you so lovely this morning?” I asked, Jackson, points to Oliver, “Ask that wanker.” He snapped, I looked over at Oliver then back at Jackson.

“Did he give you that nice shiner too?” I asked. “Myself and your Uncle Chris gave him some payback,” Oliver said with a smirk on his face. “Payback?” I asked in confusion. “Yeah tipped him out of the hammock.” Oliver said, I slammed my lips shut stifling a laugh, “Yeah while I was sound asleep you asshole!” Jackson snapped. “Oh man I wished I had seen that!” I said, no longer being able to keep it in I burst out into a fit of laughter. “Not funny” Jackson said to me. “Now you know it’s not funny.” I snapped back at him.

I head out into the dining room, grabbing a plate of food and a large drink of half juice and water. Taking it all outside under the house, argh fuck really? Beer cans and bottles all over the place and Mr. Warren passed out in the hammock. What is going on in this house? I headed to the cubby house, the boys had spotted me and followed. They sat either side of me, Jackie moaning as he ate while Oliver’s free hand every now and then would touch my leg with a smile on his face. “Fuck can you live with us and cook for us?” Oliver asked, I want to do so much more with him than that.

“Fuck yes I second that!” Jackson said laughing. “Doubt Lee would ever let that happen, but doesn’t your dad cook Jackie?” I asked. “No.” Jackson chuckled. “More like burns everything.” Oliver mumbles. “Wow” I said shocked. “That’s why we cook,” Jackson said, Oliver points at him. “More like you’re the only one that does the most cooking,” Oliver said with a big smile on his face. “Ok. So, are you ready for your exams?” I asked, Oliver as he scoffed at me, “No, but who is. Two full days of hell.” He moans out as Jackson laughs next to me.

“Oh shut up, got a place for work experience Jackie?” Oliver asked. “Yes, Smith and Co.” He said, I try to remember what he had told me; I don’t remember him telling me he was trying out for that one. “What’s that?” I asked around a mouth full of food. “Building company.” He said after he swallowed his food. “Cool, so both of you won’t be at school next week?” I asked, not liking the sound of this, “Nope only for my exams than at work. Sorry Kitten” Oliver said. “Nope I’m out for two weeks, have already done my exams,” Jackson said. “Oh, it’s ok,” I said.

Doing my best not to burst out into tears, Jackson picking up on myself trying to hold the tears at bay. “You will be fine little thing, you have the rest of the group to hang out with.” He said. “Yeah not the same without my two best mates,” I whispered. “Two? Thought you had three?” Jackson asked confused, I looked down at my empty plate of food, “Um” I mumbled. “Oh, is Vincent still acting like a bitch?” Jackson asked. “He was, but I don’t know,” I said letting out a big sigh.

I felt Oliver stiffened at what I was saying, which hurt. “He has told me something big going on with his family, but it really is not a reason to treat me like he has been. I would like to be friends with him but at the back of my mind I keep thinking what is his next reasons for would be, being mean to me.” I said as Oliver cuts me off. “Wait a second has he hurt you?” Oliver asked I could hear a hint of anger in his voice. “Not physically, verbal yes,” I said quietly. “Give me the ok and I am fucking happy to smash him to a” I cut Oliver off, “Stop, no please don’t,” I begged, he looked at me shocked, “Why the hell not? Was he part of the reason why we had found you outside of our house that night?” He asked, sounding more pissed off then before.

“Because I don’t want anyone to get hurt again! Don’t you fucking get that?!” I screamed out. “You didn’t answer my last question kitten, and yes I do get it, we both do,” Oliver said. “Also, I don’t care about what you think little thing I will be punching him,” Jackson said, I looked at them both in a mixture of shock and anger, “Neither of you will be! What question?” I snapped out. “It was if Vincent was one of the reasons why you were outside our house Friday night.” Jackson had reminded me, I stayed silent. “He fucking was?! Show me your phone now?!” Oliver snapped at me. “What why?” I snapped back at him. “What did he text you show me now!” Oliver sounded upset.

I hand him my phone, his angry, he is breathing hard as I open the text messages. Him and Jackie sit there reading them, Jackie looks up at me. “Not that bad you put him in his place,” Jackson said. “His still getting it.” Oliver snapped, I pulled my phone out of his hands, looking hurt at them both. “NO FIGHTING PLEASE!” I yelled out at them both. “It will” I cut Oliver off, “Please do not say it will be fine, cause if it were our best friend Noah would still be here. Ok no fighting please.” I said trying to hold back my tears, Oliver finally noticing how upset I was. “Kitten,” Oliver whispered. “Just don’t.” I snapped at him.

I climbed down from the cubby house taking all of the dirty dishes with me to the house, didn’t even notice that Uncle Chris was sitting on the stairs watching us. “Morning sweetie, thanks for cooking it was really good.” He said I smiled at him, “Morning, you’re welcome.” I said to him, Uncle Chris looks up at the boys, “Are you ok? Did he” I cut him off, “Just drop it, Uncle Chris, I’m fine.” I snapped at him. “You don’t” I cut him off, “I said drop it!” I yelled at him as I stormed into the house slamming the front door behind me.

Looks like someone had cleaned up good, I quickly rinsed the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher, then pulled out a pot and its lid and went into the hallway that opens to my dad’s room and spare room banging the pot and lid together as loud as I can be. “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL TASMINE!” My dad screamed at me. “COULD SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!” I screamed back at him, he groans, “Stop being so loud my” he mumbles out, I cut him off, “I DON’T CARE! NOW, WHAT WAS YESTERDAY THAT HAD TURNED YOU INTO AN ASSHOLE OF A PARENT?!” I screamed out so loudly.

“Excuse me young” I cut him off, doing my best not to hit him with the items in my hands. “Right now stop! Tell me now why you and Uncle Chris kept on fighting last night?! Also tell me why you thought it was a great idea to do this to me!” I screamed as I showed him my bruised arm, he looked at me in shock. “Oh um, yesterday was, well” He rubs his hands over his face sighing. “Your mother’s and mine wedding anniversary, baby girl I am so sorry if I had hurt you! I would never have done” I cut him off with a glare on my face, before I spoke up. “Oh so why didn’t you tell me? Also, you did do it!” I screamed at him.

“Thought she told you?” He mumbled but he never said sorry again, that just hurts. “No why would she? She never told me things. No more nights like that dad, you never get that bad with your brother’s over. Get everyone who doesn’t live here out of this house now!” I screamed so loudly at him. “But some are” I cut him off, “My friend’s I know, but I just want a quite house not filled with drunk people now get them out! Also, once done you are cleaning up your mess! Don’t you dare do this to me again! I’m not your parent! If you do this to me again, I am moving in with Grandma! And if she cannot have me I will ask Uncle James!” I screamed at him, storming off into my room, slamming my door I want to lock it but I know what he would do if I did that.

How could those two not understand why I don’t like anyone fighting, it’s bad enough my dad and godfather was fighting a few times last night, along with myself and dad. I can hear a lot going on outside in the living and dining room. Sounds like dad has gotten them up and about to feed them then send them home. Thank God, think the reason for Mr. Warren’s behavior could be that Vincent had told him what his wife was doing. I pulled out the photo of myself and Noah together hugging it as I lay down on my bed crying softly. I just miss him, it is getting easier to live with missing him. A soft tap on my door after the house has gotten quieter, I don’t want to get up but I better.

I open up my door to find both my Dad and Uncle Chris standing in front of me. “Tassie sweetheart” Dad started, and I just glared at him. “What?” I snapped at him. “You’ve been crying what’s wrong?” My Uncle said when he noticed. “I’m ok, just had a moment of missing someone. What is it, Lee?” I asked sounding as bitchy as I could. “I just want to apologize for everything that happened last night. I’m so dam sorry for it all, to the both of you, I know Chris I should’ve listened to ya mate. Tassie I’m extra sorry for making you feel like the parent here, I am also so sorry for grabbing your arm so tightly, I hope with time you will forgive me for that.” He said.

“Good, you should.” Uncle Chris said, I just looked at my dad wanting to let him stew a bit longer. “Ok, whatever Lee.” I snapped, he took that better than I thought he just nod his head, “You want lunch sweetie?” He asked, suck up dad seems to be a nice one, wonder how long I can milk this for? Wow, where the hell did that thought come from. “Yes,” I said, Uncle Chris gives me a big smile. “How about we take her to Rainy Daze’s haven’t had their food for a long time.” Uncle Chris said, Dad grins back at him, “Oh yeah sounds good.” He said.

Just as dad said that Chris bolted into the living room snatching up dad’s car keys. “I AM DRIVING!” Uncle Chris yells out, Dad looks like he’s about to lose a gasket over this. “Not my” He starts off but Uncle Chris cuts him off, “Yes, I get to drive baby, after last night I say I should own it.” Uncle Chris said with a big smile on his face, and I do agree with him too. “What th” It was my turn to cut dad off, “DAD ZIP IT!” I yelled at him, I walk out of the house not even waiting for him to get angry at me.

“Are you two still angry at me?” He asked, I rolled my eyes. “You don’t say.” Uncle Chris said you can hear the sarcasm dripping from his voice. “What did I do?” Dad asked. “You don’t remember? Let’s just say you became an abusive asshole mate.” Uncle Chris snapped at him. “So just saying sorry” Dad started. “Yep won’t be enough bro,” Uncle Chris said shaking his head at him, they get into the car without talking anymore, the trip to this place was quick, I told dad what I wanted which was fish and chips with a can of sarsaparilla. I went outside to enjoy the cool air from the light rain shower.

I see a spare table that was dry and undercover, I sat down at it. “I see the old farts all had the same idea for lunch,” Oliver said from a few meters from me, I smiled broadly at him, “Hi Ollie, and what was that?” I asked confused a little by that comment. “Deep-fried food.” He said, I looked around him, “So where are the other three?” I asked. “Ordering the food, I gave them my order and headed out here when I had seen you walking into Rainy’s, also Maxi Pad is still at that stupid sleepover of theirs so its just us three,” Oliver said. “Ok, care for you all to join us unless the old farts complain,” I asked, he laughs, “Don’t care what they think right about now. Are we ok?” he asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” I asked, “You were pissed off this morning. I don’t know” He sounded worried, I cut him off. “Oh, yeah I was upset but we are good still,” I said, he leaned over the table looking right through to my soul. “What did I do to upset you, sweetie?” He asked, I arch an eyebrow up at him. “You didn’t pick up on the why?” I asked, he looks at me puzzled. “Really? Thought you were smart?” I said to him. “Ouch, hold up, did this have something to do with myself wanting to hit Vincent? I’m sorry kitten but any male that wants to kiss or touch you I would want to hit.” He said, he looked pissed off too, “I know, but I don’t like it.” I whispered.

“I will do my best not to kitten” He was going to say more but Uncle Chris cut him off, “Man Oliver you’re like a hound dog.” He snapped, he hands me my food with my drink, he sits down next to Oliver with his food and drink. “Small town, plus Uncle Charles wanted deep-fried food.” Oliver sounded like a smartass then, I did my best not to giggle. “Fancy seeing you guys here,” Charles said as he sits down next to Chris, Jackie sits down next to me handing Oliver his order.

“Hi, Charles and boys,” Dad said as he sat down on the other side of me with his order, Oliver had dropped something leaning down to pick it up, seconds later I feel a foot going up the inside of my leg. I look up at him, he has a little smirk on his face, I press my legs together gripping his foot in between my thighs, his foot finding my wet center. he starts choking on his mouthful of food. Uncle Chris gives him a big hit on the back, he stops choking drinking down some water. “Wow, you ok?” Uncle Chris asked him. “ahhhg jkks ye yeep yeap, thank you.” Oliver managed to say. Uncle Chris is looking between myself and Oliver, his foot back to where it was, rubbing hard circles, I quickly took a bite of my food to hide my moan, fuck what are we doing? Is it bad that I’m enjoying what we are doing?

“Enjoying the food Tas?” Dad asked, fuck I hope what his doing to me is not noticeable to everyone else, “Hmmm its pretty good.” I managed to say. I look over at Oliver, he looked like he was in pain, then his foot disappeared. I went back looking at my food, nothing else happened after that, we all chatted for a little bit before Dad stood up and motioned for me and Uncle Chris to leave. We all said our goodbyes, then headed towards dad’s car. “Hold up, just going to check my Gold lotto,” Dad said, as Uncle Chris just nods his head. “Ok, I’ll get baby warmed up. Come on Tasmine.” Uncle Chris said.

Wow? what has gotten into him? His voice sounds strained. He unlocks the car and I climb into the back seat he gets in, but doesn’t start the car just yet, he turns to me and looks at me. “Ok, I know your dad was an asshole last night, but that doesn’t give you the ok to do what you did at lunch.” He snapped at me. “Yeah, he was, but what are you talking about?” I asked, he gives me that look that he knows I am lying, “Oliver playing footsies with you, the pair of you were obvious in your flirting. Even his Uncle noticed you are extremely lucky your dad didn’t bloody notice it.” He yelled out at me as I look down at my hands in my lap. “Oh,” I whispered.

He lets out a loud sigh, “Now I really don’t want to go back home.” He said and sighing again. “Why because of this?” I asked. “You and your dad, I know your mum had done a number on him, but he seems to have gotten worse and you aren’t fair off. Please can you keep away from that boy, I know it’s hard but please.” He begged, argh what is with the men in this family not letting me be with Oliver! What is so bad about him? Yes he has a short fuse, which gets him into fights at school but really nothing that time and age would hopefully calm him down.

“I’ll start trying to leave him alone,” I mumbled. “I don’t believe you, but once I’m gone it will be just you and Lee and he’ll start noticing it too.” He said. “I know,” I whispered. “Good please listen to me on that.” He snapped, we didn’t get to finish our conversation as Dad climbed into the car with a big smile on his face.

“Hey got my money back.” He said I smiled at him, “Well thank you” I said as I take his cash out of his hand. “Hey give the forty back young lady.” He snapped, I moved the two twenties away from his reach, forgetting about Chris who reached over taking it out of my hand, and handed it back to my dad. “Hey” I yelled out at my Uncle. “Nice try kiddo.” He said, once home was up in my room working on schoolwork, my phone went off.


I had a big grin on my face when I noticed it was from Oliver.

**OLIVER** We need to try and stay away from each other Tasmine.

I know I agree with him, but it didn’t stop my heart from breaking reading it.

**TASMINE** I know

**OLIVER** Try harder, my Uncle said he will tell Lee if he sees me with you again.

Is he for real? I must try harder. Me? That made me see red.

**TASMINE** Hey that goes both ways! I’ll be doing my dam best too.

I feel like we have just broken up, this is hurting more than I thought it would.

**OLIVER** I’m so sorry Kitten.

**TASMINE** Me too Ollie

Don’t cry Tas, no more tears over a boy. Need to move on and hopefully catch up with him when I finish year twelve, fuck that is so fair away, and so unfair! What is stopping him from moving on with someone else, and I will never get to really be with him. I hate my dad for these strict rules.

How is this going to work?

I’m best friends with his cousin who he lives with.

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