The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 2 - It's Real


I take my shoes off and sit on one of the larger rocks with my feet in the water. Just splashing my feet around in the water. Noah was right about one thing creeks are very peaceful, I wish he was here with me. “Up for some company?” Jackson asked. “Knock yourself out,” I said. “Really?” He looked shocked. “Yeah, why not? Where mate’s nothing wrong with sitting out in a creek at our best mate’s wake.” I said, not sure if can say boyfriend out loud without crying.

“Yep,” he mumbles, we sit in silence for what felt like a few hours. “Have you been in his room?” he asked me. “Yes, a few days after I had arrived, but I didn’t look around why?” I asked. “Was this before or after your first kiss?” He asked. “How much do you know?” I asked quietly not sure if I want to talk about this. “Everything, he was my best mate he told me everything.” He said sounding just as sad as I feel right now.

“It was right after our first kiss. Why what is in his room?” I asked. It hurts remembering that kiss, it makes me miss him even more. “His mum would have binned it by now. He was working on your birthday gift, drawings of you.” He said quietly.

I looked up at him in shock, I knew he was in the excellence art program I have seen some of his drawings that he had shown me, and I loved his work, along with the drawings his done on my arm. “What? oh please, please Jackson go into his room and get it before she bins it! Why does she hate me?” I asked while running my finger along the drawings on my cast. “No idea why, but yes, I will do my best to get into his room for you.” He answered.

I wrap my arms around him, whispering my thanks, he hugs me back. The hug seemed to last longer than normal, oh Jackson no! no no no no no do not do this. I go to pull away, then I noticed why his crying oh Jackson. Seeing him this upset again sends me off. “Life feels weird without him you know?” He said. “I know, how do we move forward when all I want to do is still be in the past with him,” I whispered.

“I know what you mean, I’m going to go to his room now did you want to join me?” He asked, I would fucking love to, just to get a few things of his or a pillow just to smell him again. “No every time I tried to see her, she wouldn’t, I know she’s grieving, but it’s odd and it hurts,” I said quietly. “Who knows what her life was like behind those doors, I know it was hell for him so who knows?” He said, shrugging his shoulders. “I know,” I said.

“Better come with me, once your dad and uncles notice you’re missing it will be hell, let alone getting found with me.” He said sounding like a big brother, I start laughing, “Because you know I need more drama in my life. Why can’t boys and girls be friends?” I asked. “You seem to attract drama girl! I never said they couldn’t?” He said as he was trying not to laugh.

“I know you didn’t, but the men in my family seem to think that.” I grumbled, “Oh, well that’s them.” He said. “Yeah, I do don’t I” I start giggling then stop. “Hey what’s wrong?” He asked softly, “I shouldn’t be laughing” He cuts me off, “He would have wanted you to laugh, besides he said the same thing to me once. ‘My beautiful girl seems to find drama, even when she doesn’t look for it, it finds her’” Jackson said doing Noah’s voice, which was pretty close, I smiled at him.

“Oh, what he said that?” I asked. “Yes” He a smile on his face, “Thank you, Jack,” I said, feeling proud of what he calls me to his friends. “Your welcome Tas,” Jackson said. “You didn’t call me little thing?” I said shocked. “Meh felt like calling you Tas then.” He said with a shrug.

We have arrived at the back of Noah’s house; I leave Jackson to his mission I head back to my back yard. “Oi Tasmine where the hell have you been?!” My dad yelled at me, ah crap again?

“Hi Dad, was just down at the creek, needed some alone time,” I said. “With Jackson?” He snapped at me. “It wasn’t like that dad; he came down later. We are friends nothing more. I know you don’t want to hear this, but Noah was my one and only, no one else dad.” I snapped at him. “Ok, next time your planning on going by yourself please let me know.” He said sounding upset.

“Ok, sorry dad,” I whispered, he walks up to me and gives me a big hug. “I love you so much kiddo, you shouldn’t have to go through all this at your age. I am here for you ok?” He whispered. I know he is, but I am also over people telling me they are here for me when it feels like they are not. “I love you too dad, I know,” I whispered trying to sound human.

Liam came running up to us, “Tasmine want to play tag with me and the rest of the kids?” he asked with a big grin on his face, “Sure Liam, who’s playing?” I asked every kid and teen are playing is what Liam had pointed out, right let the fun begin, I play with him for two hours. I ended up pulling out after that was starting to feel stuff as.

I clasped upstairs in the double bean bag in my room, Amanda, Ava, Justine, Rach, Jose, Max, Dean, Jackson, Sam, and Vincent were all in my room, chatting away with each other.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

We all look up and one person was in the doorway, he looked upset, but he didn’t need my anger or judgment today if he is feeling anything like how Jackson and myself are feeling he needs people around him. “Am I allowed to join you all?” Oliver asked quietly, he sounded so hurt, I give him a small smile, “Sure, grab a spot.” I said. No other spots were free, he sits next to me in the bean bag, which sent me awfully close to him. God, why does he smell good for? Wait that’s Noah’s smell.

“No funny business please, and why do you smell like Noah for?” I asked quietly. “I won’t I promise, his mum said I stank, so she sprayed me.” He whispered. “Oh,” I said quietly, a single tear falling down my face, “I’m so sorry Tasmine, I didn’t mean to.” He whispered. “It’s ok Oliver,” I whispered back.

We all sat telling stories about Noah, it was nice somehow, I ended up cuddling into Oliver and falling asleep. Most like because of his smell, but it was the first real sleep since the horrible night.


I walk into my baby girl's room finding it full of her friends, but what shocked me was she was sound asleep in Oliver’s arms the one boy’s arms I never wanted to see around her shoulders. I wanted to raise hell at the pair of them, but I knew she hasn’t been sleeping at all this past week, so I don’t want to wake her up with my rage.

“Oliver really?” I snapped at him, He looked scared up at me he knew what that tone of my voice means, “She’d fell asleep on me man! I didn’t wake her cause Vincent said she hasn’t been sleeping well.” He said sounding panicked. “It’s true Uncle Lee, I would have told him off if it was something else,” Amanda spoke up. “Ok Panda. Right, Oliver help me lift her up onto the bed.” I ordered.

He helps me put her into my arms and I place her onto the bed she feels lighter, right making sure she eats tomorrow. Amanda pulls the blankets up over her as they have turned the aircon on. I looked around her room teens everywhere. “Ok, who’s staying the night?” I asked.

They all put their hands up. “Right, keep your hands up in the air if your parents don’t know you’re staying the night,” I said, less than half putting their hands down. “Right, the ones that know you’re staying the night you’re staying the rest out and start calling them to come to get you. Elijah put your hand down you know you guys are staying in the van tonight.” I snapped at my smartass nephew. “Uncle Lee please don’t make me sleep in that small van! Can I crash in one of your spare room’s please!” He cried out.

“No, not this again Elijah. Come on everyone is going to bed.” His dad said from the doorway. “Argh!” Elijah screamed out, as he stormed out of the room, I thought Tasmine was hard to handle, he makes them all look like saints. All the kids that aren’t staying were in the lounge room calling their parents up. “Are we staying the night again Uncle Lee?” Amanda asked.

“Panda I believe so, your dad wouldn’t be able to drive nor I unless Gran takes you all home,” I said. “No, I am not, I have a wedding party tomorrow morning I need an early night sorry boy!” My mum said from the doorway. “All good have plenty of beds, and airbeds, I think,” I said.

As parents arrived picking up kids I am left with my brother’s girl’s, my brother in law’s boy’s but they are in the van, Vincent, Jackson, Max, Oliver, and Justine are staying the night from what I’ve been told. Only cause Jackson’s and Max’s dad is out of town for work and Oliver’s parents didn’t want him or his two cousins, which pisses me off why have kids if you don’t want them. No wonder Oliver is misbehaving when you come from home knowing your parents hate you. Right boys in one room girls in the other.

“Boy’s follow me I will show you to your room for the night if I find any of you in the girl’s room look out.” I snapped keeping my eye on Oliver the whole time. They all said yes sir, sounds good I like it. They all start getting ready for bed and soon my house was starting to get silent again. I feel like I failed him, I didn’t save Noah from him like I had said I would. I failed Tassie, that poor kid is completely heartbroken, she wasn’t even like this with her mum’s death it’s scaring me.

“You ok old man?” Aaron asked me. “Unsure, feel like I failed both those kids,” I said letting out a loud sigh. “Ah mate you didn’t know what was going to happen. You did the best you could when we arrived that is all they can ask for is our best.” He said. “Doesn’t feel it all mate,” I grumbled.

“Tassie will be ok, she has a good group of friends around her they will help each other out.” He stated. “I know, I am so glad she does have that. But she’s still not sleeping nor eating. Somehow Oliver got her to sleep.” I said sounding so shocked.

I thought the pair of them hated each other. I know he had a crush on her when they were little but that was a long time ago, she clearly has no memory of them being friends as children. “I can explain that part for you Lee,” Oliver said behind us scaring the shit out of me. “Holy shit Oliver!” I yelled out, he smirked.

“Sorry Lee, I was at Noah’s wake at his house to say hi to his family and what not. His mum said I stank, and she sprayed me with his spray from his room. Tasmine said I smelt like him; it was the only seat left in her room Lee. As we kept talking about Noah, she started to fall asleep. I am more than happy to go buy that spray for you so you can spray a shirt or something to help her sleep.” He offered. “Thank you, Oliver, that will help for now but not in the long run,” I said.

He looked just as sad as she does, “I know.” He said. “Thanks, well you guys can stay up if you like just turn everything off, I have locked up,” I said. They all said good night, I need to try and get some sleep.

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