The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 20 - I Want Him Back

**Tasmine's Pov**

It’s now just myself and dad home, it feels so odd not having Uncle Chris around, I was enjoying having him around. He knew Oliver had told me we need to keep away from each other, he noticed the difference in me, my dad still hasn’t, he thinks it’s because of what he did to me while he was drunk and I’m not going to tell him otherwise. I have also noticed that dad is no longer calling his twin brother up as much as he used to, I wonder if they are having a fight, I know he won’t tell me.

This week has been pure hell, I know what Oliver said, but I wasn’t expecting him to stop sending his daily jokes, that hurt the most I do keep sending him messages in the hopes that he would reply, but he hasn’t. The rest of the group have been kind towards me, they know I am sad, but they don’t know why. Probably wouldn’t hurt so much if Jackie was messaging me as much as he used to, but then again, he most likely is tired from all the work he’s now doing.

“Tas?” Max asked me softly. “What’s up maxi pad?” I said trying to sound bright. “God, you are like the female twin of Jackie.” He said I start laughing, “You bet I am, now what’s up?” I asked. “Care to fill me in on what’s going on with my dad and Oliver?” He asked, I look at him in shock, are they still fighting over me? “Um, why would I know?” I asked doing my best not to give myself away, the least amount of people who know what is going on the better. “Your name keeps getting bought up, and when it does, they fight like no tomorrow,” Max said looking over me trying to work it out. Oh fuck, really? “I have no idea, sorry maxi pad,” I said he scoffed, “Oh, you do know, it’s probably why you’ve been so upset this whole week,” Max stated. “Nope I don’t, why don’t you go and ask Oliver yourself?” I asked.

Need to keep playing dumb but he’s like Oliver and Jackson he can read me just as well. “I would if they would say anything, they just keep saying it’s none of my business.” He lets out a loud sigh. “Well, that’s your answer,” I said, I went back to eating my lunch, trying not to talk to them unless they spoke to me, otherwise I might burst into tears. “What is going on with you?” Vincent asked trying to sound like he really cares about me. I look up at him, man ever since Oliver has been on exams and work, he hasn’t left my side as nothing has happened, I am so over this boy sticking to me like glue.

“Nothing” I barked at him. “Tasmine.” He said as he let out a sigh. “That’s my name don’t wear it out,” I said dripping with sarcasm. “Still upset with me?” He asked, I felt like screaming at him no shit mate! “A little, but you know what not everything is about you, Vincent. Maybe I just simply am a sad person normally.” I barked at him. Fucking over this, I grabbed my lunch and thrown it into the bin before picking my bag up and leaving them. “What the hell is going on with her?” Rachel said loudly enough for me to hear. “Unsure wished she would open up a bit more with us,” Josephine said. “Maybe we should ask him,” Dean said. “If she hasn’t said anything nor am I,” Vincent said, I hear them saying loudly as I walked off. I have a free double and just couldn’t be bothered to go to the library.

So, I just walked out of the school and headed to the city center. After walking around for a bit, I got sick of the town, so headed home. No surprise no one was home. An hour later all homework is done plus studying, I pulled something out for dinner. I wonder would he answer me if I called? I just want to hear his voice, I want to know if he’s hurting just as much as I am right now. Pulling my phone out and dialed his number, it starts ringing.


**OLIVER** Kitten why aren’t you in class?

He sounds the same, that hurts, also hurts because he’s using that nickname for me.

**TASMINE** Why aren’t you at work?

**OLIVER** You first kitten

I let out a sigh, fine whatever.

**TASMINE** Had a double free period, you?

**OLIVER** Day off

The silence is so deafening.

**OLIVER** This isn’t keeping away from each other.

He now sounds like he’s hurting.

**TASMINE** I know, it

**OLIVER** Hurts? I know

**TASMINE** Yes. Did you want to watch the rest of Supernatural?

I asked hopefully.

**OLIVER** I would love to, but no kitten.


Don’t fucking cry, don’t let him know how much he is hurting me.

**TASMINE** If you want to hang or chat, I’ll be down at the creek, down past my house.

He lets out a loud sigh, yes, I am getting to him just as much as he is getting to me. I hate the fact I just thought that about him.

**OLIVER** Man kitten you are not playing nice.

**TASMINE** And you are being an asshole!

More silence...

**TASMINE** Fine be like that Oliver.

I broke down crying just before I hit the red button, I couldn’t keep the tears at bay any longer. Argh fucking crying over him again. Stuff this I get into my new togs which is a maroon halter top with a black strip down the middle, and the bottoms are white with black and dark green leaves over it, making my way down to the creek. I sent off a text to dad to let him know I’ll be home by six, my phone starts ringing, and it’s dad.


**LEE** Sweetie where are you going to be?
**TASMINE** I’ll be down at the creek, I need to clear my head.
**LEE** Ok, could you make it five-thirty?
**TASMINE** Why?
**LEE** I um.
**TASMINE** Dad what is it?
**LEE** I have a date.
**LEE** Are you ok with this? I had forgotten to let you
**TASMINE** I’m more shocked than anything, but it’s ok go enjoy yourself.
**LEE** Ok I will bring home dinner for you and I should be home by ten at the latest.
**TASMINE** Dad go for as long as you like but let me know if you’re going to be sleeping over.
**LEE** Oh, Tas I won’t be, well not on a first date.
**TASMINE** You really like her, don’t you?
**LEE** Yes, I think I do. I better leave you to clear your head. I love you.
**TASMINE** Love you too dad.

I hang up and set my alarm clock for five twenty pm, so I am home in time, I made it to the creek put my towel, and bag down, pulling out my speaker turning it on, set my tablet up with google music. Playing five seconds of summer, I seem to be really liking their stuff lately. Walking into the creek it’s a lot colder than normal, it will be winter soon, I wonder how cold it will get up here. I’ve been swimming for a bit and had enough of being by myself in the water, found a nice large rock and placing my towel down onto it, and laid down in the sun.

I felt him near me before he spoke, man all I wanted to do was cry. What does he want like really, it’s like his hot than his cold I can’t take it, my mind is not in the right place to be told yes, then no, then yes again, I want him to be all in and we can deal with my dad later. “Fuck what they say, Kitten.” He whispered, I sat up on my elbows looking at him only in his boardies, I didn’t hide checking him out either. He has a well-built tanned body that I want to run my hands over.

“I bloody agree Ollie,” I said, his now gotten closer to me with an eyebrow up at me, along with his smoking hot smirk that he knows I like. “Are you enjoying yourself?” He asked. “Yes, right now I am,” I replied, his now standing in front of me, looking over my whole body. I smile back up at him. “God, you’re so beautiful Tasmine.” He whispered, he is now leaning above me, I’m biting my bottom lip. “I was doing my best trying to stay away from you. I kept thinking about you, smelling you in my room, all I wanted to do was text you back then you called.” He whispered.

His hand reaches out to me pulling my lip out of my teeth. “Then hearing you crying broke my heart, no way is waiting worth hearing you this upset. I want to see you happy again.” He says softly, he didn’t let me answer his lips crashed into mine kissing me with so many emotions, I have never been kissed like this. I have no idea what it is, but I don’t want it to ever stop. Pulling away to catch our breaths, his now laying on top of me, one of my legs is wrapped around his waist. “Mmmm please Ollie don’t stop doing that ever.” I moaned out.

“Hmmm, I would never.” He whispered he started kissing me again, slowly his hands roaming my body, sending goosebumps over my whole body, he stops and looks at me worried. “Are you cold Kitten?” He asked. “No, your hands are doing things to me,” I said, he looked proud of himself as he chuckles, “Good.” We kept on kissing for a few more minutes when I finally pulled away to whisper in his ear. “Care to join me in the water?” I asked. “Most definitely kitten.” He said. He lifts me up and carries me into the water, we made it to the deeper part when he looked at me with a big grin on his face. “Oh no, you argh!” I screamed out.

He throws me into the deep part, I came up slashing and cursing at him. “Fucking hell Oliver!” I yelled out. “Oh, Tassie I couldn’t help myself.” He said laughing. “Is that so?” I said with an evil smirk on my face. “Yes Kitten,” He said, we playfully splash each other for a few minutes before I put my hands up to surrender. “I give up, you win!” I said. “Are you giving up that easily?” He asked shocked, “Well you seem to be a master at that.” I said. “Do I?” He asked.

I swam closer to him, his hand grips my tog bottoms pulling me towards him. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist, his hands go to gripping my ass. “This week was hard,” I whispered. “I know kitten, a lot harder than I thought.” He whispered. “What does this mean? Are we still trying to stay away from each other?” I asked, I don’t think I could do that. “God no I am not doing that again. Just keep doing what we are doing, hanging out, let them think we are just friends and just have make out sessions?” He asked. “So, what just friends with benefits? Cause I don’t” He cuts me off, “No Tasmine, you’re my girlfriend.” He said.

“I am?” I asked shocked. “You are,” He said, sounding very proud of himself. “You’re my boyfriend?” I asked shocked. “Yes.” He said I smiled at him before slamming my lips into his kissing him hard. “Hmmm, I really like the sound of that,” I said, I like seeing him smiling, “You became my girl the minute you gave me that kiss in my bathroom.” He said, I looked at him shocked, but a little proud of myself. “Really?” I asked, he nods his head. “Yes, also I really like you in this.” He whispered, His hands roaming my body, I watched his face as his hands roam around, I moan out at his touches.

“Do you like me touching you like this?” He asked, I like that smug smirk on his face, “Yes.” I moaned out. “Oh crap, what time is it?” I asked panicked, he looks at his watch, “It’s five fifteen, why?” He asked. “I got to be home by five-thirty,” I said, he looked at me shocked, as he knows dad normally lets me stay out until six. “That’s early, Lee wouldn’t let you stay out until six?” He asked. I shake my head, “No he has a date tonight.” I said.

His face lights up with joy, “You going to be home by yourself?” he asked hopeful. “Unsure he never said,” I said, his hands roaming over my body still. “Text me if you’re by yourself we can watch Supernatural,” He said, I cut him off with my own enjoyment, “Really?” I asked, he chuckles, “Yes” He said.

He throws me over his shoulder and walks us over to our towels, giving my ass a few hits, I start laughing so hard. “Keep laughing like that, it’s great to hear.” He said, I wrap my towel around my body, he does a pouty look at me. “What is wrong with you?” I chuckle. “Your body is now covered.” He pouted, I smirked at him. “Oh, you’ll see it again, unsure when but you will,” I said. “Not playing nice kitten.” He whispered, I thoroughly enjoy playing games with him, it’s so much fun. “With you always,” I said, quickly picking up my bag and taking off laughing as he gives chase.

“I will catch you Tasmine Kelly!” he laughs behind me, I start laughing because I know he doesn’t know I can run. “Catch me if you can Oliver Brown!” I sang out. “It’s on!” He yells out, I picked up my pace and laughing as I hear his shocking surprise that I can run fast. I make it back to my house laughing I see dad’s car out the front and a few lights on in the house. “You cheated.” He said when he caught up to me. “Nah mate that was fair,” I said laughing. “You never told me you could run.” He panted out, I looked at him oddly, “I play competitive hockey?” I told him.

He shacks his head, “Yeah and?” I felt like saying boys but held back. “Argh, I’ll tell you later, bye Ollie thank you.”

“Bye kitten.” He whispered, he quickly walks up to me giving me a quick kiss before taking off down the street. I race upstairs heading towards the bathroom, dad steps out of his room. He looks ok all dressed up, in his dark grey long pants, with a button-down light or fake denim shirt, long sleeves are rolled up. “Hey kiddo, cleared your head?” he asked. “Yeah, it was good,” I said.

He gave me a quick hug. “Jump in the shower, your dinner is in the fridge. Do I need to get your grandma to babysit you?” He asked, as much as I want her here, but I want Oliver over more than her. “Nah unless you’re sleeping over at her place. I should be fine, might get Jackie and Oliver to come over to watch the rest of Supernatural.” I said, the look dad is giving me is telling me a big fat no. “Um” Is all he said, “What? Fine, I’ll stay by myself, enjoy yourself.” I said, could only be asked right? So, I make my way towards the bathroom. “Wait,” He said, I turn back around to him. “Jackson only Miss, no Oliver unless his Uncle comes too.” He said.

I could work around that. “Ok, I’ll see what Jackie is doing. Thanks, dad.” I smiled at him. “Behave miss.” He said, I know I should feel guilty for going behind his back with Oliver but right now I am not feeling like that at all. “Always” I lied, I had the quickest shower ever, and getting into my PJs fast, I raced out to dad still here. “Ok, I am now off. I’ll be home by ten I’ll text you if I’m going to be early or late ok.” He said. “Ok dad, bye dad,” I said. “Night sweetie.” He said as he gives me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head. I watch him leave the house, once I heard his car leave the street, I instantly send a text off to Oliver and one to Jackie. Jackie got back to me saying he is at work, Oliver said he is on his way over, and the butterflies are back and that big dorky smile on my face.

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