The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 21 - Clandestinely

**Tasmine's Pov**

I head into the kitchen to see what dad bought me, hmmm yum he got me sushi he must have known I really wanted some. I pull my coke out and sat down at the table with my dinner when my phone went off.


**OLIVER** Kitten, want me to pick up some food?
**TASMINE** Nah I’m good. I have this for tea.

I take a photo of my large sushi assorted tray that my dad had gotten me.

**OLIVER** Argh, yuk nah I’m good. I’ll bring something for myself.
**TASMINE** Suit yourself

I let out a laugh and continue to eat my dinner, only having half left when there was a knock on my front door, I open the door with a big grin on my face. “Hi Kitten, keep smiling like that it’s fucking beautiful.” He greeted me with a big smile, leaning over giving me a quick peck on the lips. “Ahh thank you, Ollie, you bring it out,” I said softly. “Good.” He said with a smirk on his face.

He walks in with a paper bag of food from the corner shop, he sees my dinner and scrunches up his face, then turns to me. “How can you eat that?” He asked. “Quite easy you open your mouth and start chewing,” I said in a smart ass tone. “Smartass,” He said I giggle, “It’s what my mum would buy for tea or any time I was hungry. I am yet to find ones that great this is close. Come on have a try.” I said hopeful, the look he gives me is priceless, “Tasmine no” He said.

Not having it, he should try it first before hating it. “Oh, I’m not going to give you the raw stuff here this one is just cooked egg,” I said kindly, he sat down next to me and looks at me like I asked him to eat dog shit. “Fine, I’ll take a bite.” He grumbles, I use my chopsticks had already put soy sauce, mayo, wasabi, and pickled ginger on it, he opens his mouth and takes a small bite of it, he chews and swallows the food. “Mmm put the rest of that in my mouth Kitten.” He said, I nod my head and did what he asked, he took the rest of that in his mouth. “Ok, that one wasn’t as bad as I thought.” He said sounding surprised. “Good, one of these days I’ll have you loving sushi,” I said. “Not going to happen kitten.” He said.

He opens his bag pulling out all the works beef burger. “Wow, you hungry?” I asked. “Yeah,” He said, we ate the rest of our food in silence, with him it’s not uncomfortable silence, we cleaned up he took the rubbish out to the outside bin so dad wouldn’t notice.

“Want to watch the rest of Supernatural?” I asked. “I want to, but is it worth the hell Jackie will rain down on us because he wasn’t here?” He said he has a point, “Nah not really is it?” I asked. “Want to watch a movie?” He asked. “Sure,” I replied, for some reason, we just stood in the lounge room looking at each other, his eyes never leaving my lips, I bite my bottom lip feeling incredibly nervous suddenly. “Kitten.” He whispered, that is all he says before he is walking up to me leaning down kissing me. My hands go to wrap around the back of his head, his hands grip my ass pulling me into him, Oliver pulls away only to lean his forehead onto mine. “Hmmm man, I cannot get your lips out of my head.” He whispered, I smiled at him, “Then don’t.” I whispered.

The sound he makes now sounds like a growl, hearing him do that did something to my body I enjoyed it. Lifting me up taking us to the couch, him laying on top of me, we have a smoking hot make-out session. He pulls away to lay his head down onto my chest cuddling into me, I wrap my arms around him. “I wished I had known you sooner kitten.” He whispered. “You do?” I asked. “Yeah, think you would have grounded me during the hard times.” He said, my heart picked up speed then. “Hmmm maybe, who knows I could be completely different if I had grown up here and not with just my mum,” I said. “Yeah maybe. Do you know who your dad is seeing?” He asked. “He never told me her name,” I said. “Ok,” he replied.

He has the TV remote flicking around until he found a movie and looks down at me. “Jason Bourne?” he asked as I massive grin spread over my face. “Fuck yeah!” I yelled out, he chuckles, “Wow you’re like the perfect girl, do you know that?” He said, I looked at the proud look on his face while I looked at him in surprise. “No, I’m no were near perfect Ol.” I started, but he cut me off. “You are, you love woodwork, working on cars, listening to heavy metal music, playing the PlayStation, rather watch a movie like Jason Bourne instead of a girl’s movie, and loves Supernatural. Plus, you are kind, extremely sweet, smart, and fucking hot as hell. Now I just need to see you playing hockey and my wet dreams are set for life.” He said I start to giggle, “Does that line work on every girl?” I asked.

He gives me an unusual look, “No, you’re the first person I had said that to.” He stated my mouth drops open, “Really?” I asked shocked. “Yes, only you kitten.” He whispers, he leans down gently kisses me; this is a different type of kiss. I still have no idea what it means but it’s good, I let out a moan. “Does my kitten enjoy my kisses?” He asks. “Yes, Ol I do.” I moan out.

His hand has gone under my top, moving up to my breasts, he lets out a groan. “No bra kitten?” he softly asked. “No, I can’t wear one to bed,” I said, letting out a giggle. “I’m trying my best not to rip your clothes off and have my way with you.” He said, I cock an eyebrow up at him with a smirk on my face, “What’s stopping you, Oliver?” I asked. “I want to do the right thing by you Tasmine.” He said he gives me a sweet smile is what I would call it, “And what is the right thing, Oliver?” I asked tilting my head, biting my thumbnail. “Waiting for when you are really ready.” He murmurs. “What if it’s now?” I asked.

He bites his bottom lip, “If you have to ask me that question, it’s not.” He whispered, I looked down, “Oh” I whispered. “Oh but my kitten we may not have sex tonight but there are other things I am happy to do to you.” He said he is now kissing behind my ear, causing me to let out a moan. “hmm, and what is that?” I asked. “Let me show you.” He whispered, his hands roaming over my breast as he pinches and pulls at my nipples. “Ow aghh hm” As I said ow, he pulls my top further up and starts sucking on the one he just pinched, causing me to moan. His hands lightly run over my stomach before reaching my boxer shorts. “Give me permission kitten, I promise you there is no one filming us.” He whispered.

I sat up so fast hitting him in the head. “Ow, what the hell!” He yelled out in pain. “Ouch is your head made of bricks!” I yelled back at him. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He asked worriedly. “You didn’t do anything, but why would you say that? Say, oh God did you watch it too?” I whispered yelled out, just when I had forgotten about that video going around. I fully moved away from him covering my hands over my face. He sat up letting me move but he still was close to me, looking worried. “Yes, I had seen it, was forced to watch it if I’m being honest.” He said, looking over my hands at him in shock. “What do you mean by forced?” I whispered. “Jamie took it upon herself to show myself and Jackson what she did to you and Noah. It hurt seeing you with another person, but then I was angry at what they had done to you both. Kitten, I would never do what those two did to you. Ever! If you’re not ready, then I’m ok with what we’ve been doing. I also know I have more experience, I hope you don’t hold it” He said, I cut him off, “Oliver I would never hold your past against you.” I whispered.

He looks at me in skepticism, “Even when they find out about us and they start talking to you?” He asked, I smile at him, “If they have an issue that’s their problem.” I said. “You sure? I” he said not sounding like he believed me, I quickly cut him off. “I know how I acted when people talked about Noah. I’m not proud of it, but also know you’re not him. Most people would rather talk about something else instead of having your anger aimed at them.” I said.

He lets out a laugh, I look at his happy face, knowing I’m the one that makes him smile like this made my day. I stand up he looks at me oddly, I give him a big smile as I pull my top off, his eyes go right to my chest he bites his bottom lip. “Tasmine,” He said. “Shhh,” I put my thumbs into my boxers and shimmy my way out of them, his eyes roaming over my whole body, sending shivers over my body, his hand reaching out pulling my bonds undies down exposing me. “Oh, my kitten you’re so fucking beautiful.” He whispered.

His hands went to my hips pulling me onto his lap, him kissing any part of my body he can reach. “I want you, Oliver,” I whispered, he looks up at me, his hand reaches my face. “I know, so do I, but my statement earlier still stands.” He said, I looked away from his eyes, “Ok.” I said quietly, his thumb lifts up my chin so I’m looking back at him. “Trust me on this kitten, it will happen.” He growled out, I lean down kissing him hard, my hands pulling his shirt up only breaking away to fully take it off. My hands run along his chest, he moans, I still cannot believe I can do this to him, he lets out another moan. “Kitten?” He softly asked. “Yeah Ol?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything instead he grips my hips lifting me up with him as he stood bending down to pick up our clothes taking me into my room. Laying me down on my bed he spreads my legs as he gets down onto the ground, smiling up at me, he grabs a hold of my left leg kissing all the way up to my inner thigh. “Agh mmm oh my” I moan out.

“Mm, you like this kitten?” He smirked. “Y e s .....” I breathe out as he starts doing the same thing to my right leg. “Mmm, I can see how wet you are for me kitten.” He growls out, I half sit up looking at him with an eyebrow raised, not sure on how to take what he just said to me, he just smiles and he starts kissing my clit.... oh crap... “ahhh oooo hmmmm holy hell Ollie!” I scream out, his thumb starts rubbing hard circles on my throbbing clit, he looks up at my face as I cannot hold it back anymore. “That’s it my kitten purr for me.” He said. “Arghhh Yes OLIVER! OLIVER AHHHH! OOOOH!” I screamed out.

Pulling at his hair, my whole body started to shake as I exploded from his touch, he leans down and starts sucking my juices up, my body still vibrating from what he had just done to me. He stands up wiping his face with his hand before moving me further onto the bed leaning over me kissing me, I wasn’t sure what to do I thought I can taste myself on his lips. “Hmm yes, that is yourself you can taste, too fast for you?” He asked, I shrugged my shoulders, “unsure” I said he keeps kissing me, I start kissing him back, he groans into the kiss. I can feel his hardness on my belly all I keep thinking of is I want him. I grab at his pants pulling them down, he helps me get them off him. My hand goes down and grips his hard dick.

“hmmm oh, my kitten.” He moans out in my mouth. “I” He cuts me off, “Tasmine I didn’t bring any condoms, please not tonight sweetie.” He moaned out, I push him up, moving him into a seated position on the edge of the bed, moving in between his legs looking up at him, slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft. “That’s it kitten, just like that... hmmm” He moans out, I smirked up at him, “Want my mouth on you?” I asked. “Oh, my yes please my Tasmine.” He said, hearing him calling me ‘his’ did something to me deep down. I have no idea what it means but I know I’ll do anything to protect him. I lean down and softly kiss his tip, he throws his head back groaning. “aghhh fuck kitten.” He moans out loudly, I start doing what Noah had taught me in giving a blowjob, Oliver’s hand grabs at my ponytail pulling my head further down on him.

“Grip it harder with your hand kitten, yes like that and twist...Mmmmm that’s it...” he growls out, I follow what he says to do, his hips start bucking up as I go down on him. “Oh Tasmine, oh FUCK. AHHHH TASMINE YES!” He screamed out, I feel his cock twitching and he starts unloading into my mouth, not wanting to spit it out I swallow, that was weird, he tastes a little different to Noah but, I might get used to swallowing it. I looked up at him as he catches his breath, he gives me a smile. Pulling me up onto his lap, kissing me hard, he pulls away a few minutes later holding my face. “Kitten that was fucking hot.” He said. “Was it?” I asked. “Yes, sweetheart” He whispered, I just smiled at him as I have no idea what to say to him.

“Promise me one thing kitten.” He whispered. “What’s that?” I asked softly. “No other boy is to touch you, you are my girl and my girl only.” He said I smiled broadly at him, “Always Oliver, same thing for you no other girl’s please.” I said, he smiles at me; I think this boy has just stolen the healed part of my heart.

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