The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 22 - Mending A Broken Heart

**Tasmine's Pov**

I stayed on his lap for a bit longer kissing and hugging him, I don’t want to get out of his hold. “Kitten we need to get dressed.” He whispers in my ear. “I know,” I whispered, we got dressed, he watched me the whole time, I kept on smiling at him. “Kitten.” He whispered, he walks right up to me, wrapping me up in a hug, kissing the top of my head. “I have never been this happy Tasmine.” He said, I look up at him, I smile right back at him. “Same, it’s been a long while since I’ve been happy,” I whispered.

He grabs my hand leading me out to my lounge room, he sits down I check my phone no messages from dad, so I hug into Oliver’s side, his arm goes around my body. We watch the movie for a bit, kissing during the ad breaks. “Hmmm, I could get used to this.” He whispered. “Same,” I said, I received a text, I quickly read it, I look up at Oliver. “Lee’s on his way home?” He asked, “Yes.” I said. “How long do I have?” He looked worried. “About half an hour,” I said.

He gave me a small smile, “Alright I’ll facetime you in the morning. I’ll go before he gets here.” He said, he stands up, I follow him to the front door, he leans down I stand up on my tippy toes giving him a kiss back pushing him against the door, he lets out a laugh, he grips my ass. “Ooh, I like this little kitten.” He says as he bites my bottom lip, “I like you.” I said. “I’ll see you soon sweetie.” He said he brushes his thumb over my bottom lip, “Ok, bye Ollie” I whispered, he leans down kissing me hard, before leaving. I stood out the front watching him run down the street towards his car.

I close the door, for the first time since being here my heart doesn’t feel so empty. I race around the house cleaning up making sure there is no trace of Oliver ever being here. I leave the light outside above the front door on and turn everything off, closing my bedroom door putting my radio on for background noise. I get into my bed my phone starts pinning away. I look at it then, grinning like a real idiot, he got me to use a messaging app and to always delete my messages often.

**Text Message**

**OLIVER** Thank you Kitten xo
**TASMINE** You’re welcome, also thank you too.
**OLIVER** I don’t want to wait, I want to facetime you now.
**TASMINE** LOL I’m in bed.
**OLIVER** Even better, what do you have on?
**TASMINE** You know what I have on.
**OLIVER** Do I?
**TASMINE** What I had on when you had been over.
**OLIVER** Mmmm, you’re making me hard again kitten.
**TASMINE** Good, goodnight Ollie xo
**OLIVER** Oi that’s not nice.
**TASMINE** What’s not nice?
**OLIVER** Oh, you’re being an evil little kitten.
**TASMINE** Next time you see me punish me then! lol
**OLIVER** Oh with pleasure my little kitten.
**TASMINE** Now who sounds evil?
**OLIVER** You? lol

I put my phone down and rolled over closing my eyes, with a big grin on my face. Just as I was starting to fall asleep my phone went off.

**OLIVER** Hey are you still there?
**TASMINE** ghh what Ollie was sleeping.
**OLIVER** No you’re awake as your texting me.
**TASMINE** Good night Ollie xo

Dropping my phone down to the floor passing out tired as hell, I didn’t even hear dad coming home either. I got woken up by my phone ringing, arghh it’s too early.


**TASMINE** hmm hello...
**OLIVER** Kitten did I just wake you?
**TASMINE** hmmm
**OLIVER** Are you going back to sleep?
**TASMINE** hmm what’s up?
**OLIVER** Tasmine sweetie it’s seven in the morning.
**TASMINE** Sooo it’s Sunday.
**OLIVER** Want to meet up on a run?
**TASMINE** Too late it will be too hot.
**OLIVER** Around me always
**TASMINE** Arghh you’re not going to let me sleep in, are you?
**OLIVER** Nope
**TASMINE** Arghhh fine I’m up. Give me half an hour and the name of the street we are meeting up on?
**OLIVER** Wicked my little kitten

He tells me which street and how to get to it, I hang up and head into the shower to wake myself up. I walk past my dad’s room his door is wide open, he looks like he just face-planted the bed, his out of it. Wonder what time he got home. I quickly grab the house key, phone, my arm strap, headphones, water, after getting myself set up I leave a note for dad letting him know that I’ve gone for a run.

Off I go, it’s lightly raining again, glad my arm strap is waterproof. By the time I reached the street that Oliver told me to meet him at, was looking like a drowned rat. I found him leaning over trying to catch his breath. I started laughing, he spots me, stands up leaning against a tree watching me. “Hello, you ok?” I asked. “Kitten wanted to beat you here.” He puffed out, as I giggle at him. “Congratulations you look like you nearly killed yourself,” I said, he glares at me, “Thanks.” He mumbles he walks right up to me, taking one of my earbuds out and putting it in his ear looking at me in shock horror. “Fuck really, you’re a Nickelback fan?” He asked.

“Yeah, is it a deal breaker for you?” I asked. “If I didn’t know you as well as I do yeah it would have been.” He stated. “Are you joking right now?” I asked. “Nope never do jokes you know that.” He said, he leans down giving me a soft kiss, with the earbud still in his ear. “Hmm think you like them too, but don’t want anyone to know,” I said twisting around on the spot playing with the earbud cord. “Think whatever you like kitten.” He said, his telling me a lie can tell by the tone of his voice.

“Ready to go?” I asked. “With you always.” He said. “Catch me if you can!” I yelled out laughing. “Hey, your cheater!” He yelled at me, taking off towards the town center and to the other side, I can hear him getting closer. I pick up my pace seeing a sign saying something creek that way, so I turned didn’t read the sing properly either. I heard Oliver running faster I slowed down, it didn’t take him long to catch up, breathing heavy. “Fucking hell kitten, you need to run slower!” He puffed out. “Sorry,” I whispered.

We stopped at the edge of the creek catching our breaths, I looked up at him. “Are you ok? Do I need to call triple zero?” I asked worriedly. “Nah I’m good just let me catch my breath, come sit with me.” He said he sits down tapping the spot next to him, I sit next to him, his arm drapes over me. “You know going for a run was just a code word.” He said I can hear the smirk in his voice. “Oh was it?” I asked looking up at his laughing face. “Yes, was hoping to sit in my car as the rain falls making out, not watching your tight ass take off through town in the rain, Am I going to be able to walk after this?” He groans.

“Thought you were fit? Oh, we can still do that, yes just remember to stretch.” I said. “Gym and playing footy are different to cross country running.” He groans out. “Ok,” I said, I looked at him, he seemed to have his breath back, I moved so that I am riding his lap, Oliver has a big grin on his face as his hands grip my hips. “Hmmm, I like this better.” He said. “So do I,” I whispered, leaning down kissing him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders rocking in his lap, he grips my hips tightly, moaning in the kiss. “Hmmm keep doing that and I’ll cum in my pants.” He growls out.

“Did you remember” I started to say as he cuts me off. “No kitten, I didn’t” He groans out. “hmmm” I moan. “Come on let’s get back to my car, it’s going to rain heavily soon.” He said, I looked at him oddly, “Are you ok to get back?” I asked. “No other choice kitten, you cannot drive.” He said, I smiled up at him, “Hoping to sort that out soon.” I said, he looked at me shocked than surprised, then I saw the pride on his face. “Ooo are you going for your Ls?” he asked. “Yes, once I convince Dad why I need them,” I said, he starts laughing, “Lee being controlling again?” He asked. “When is he not?” I said.

We are now walking back hand in hand. “How was he last night?” He asked. “Unsure had crashed before he got home,” I said. “Wow did I make you tired?” He asked, I looked down at our joined hands, “Maybe...” I mumbled. “Good, I did my job correctly.” He said sounding proud of himself. “Job?” I asked, he looks at me with an eyebrow raised and a small smirk on his face, then its dawns on me what he meant. “Oh, the dumbass award goes to me,” I said pulling a silly face.

“Hey, do not ever call yourself that. You are not dumb fair from it.” He said I couldn’t answer him as I had no idea how to reply to that I just gave him a smile. “What was he like this morning?” He asked. “Don’t know, was sound asleep when I had left,” I said he stopped looking at me worried. “It’s ok I had left him a note that I went for a run and to call my phone if it’s past ten-thirty as I probably found a creek and lost track of time,” I said. “Wow.” He mumbles. “Ready to run back to your car?” I said. “Jog it please kitten.” He groans out as I looked at him shocked.

“I was the first time,” I said, he mocked, “You called that jogging?!” He said shocked with a hint of mocking in his voice. I smiled at him still holding his hand pulling him along as I jogged off, he kept up, once I notice him slowing down so did I. Just as we reach the car the sky got darker, he quickly unlocks it and just as we both closed the door it buckets down, I started laughing and looked at him. “How the hell did you know that was going to happen?” I asked shocked.

“Lived here long enough start noticing things like that.” He said, he starts his car and drove us off to a bushland location, putting the car into park leaning over towards me cupping my face in his hands before softly kissing me. It was a different type of kiss never been kissed like that before, I want more of it, he pulls away leaning his forehead on mine. “I am falling for you Tasmine, hard.” He whispered. “Oliver so am I,” I whispered back.

He smiled at me, was about to say something I put a finger to his lips stopping him. “Since you had first kissed me, my thoughts about Noah have lessened a lot. Part of me still loves him, maybe that’s probably because we never got to finish our relationship or move forward, etc.” I said, he sits there listening with a small smile on his face. “If I am being honest with myself, I should be with you,” I said, reaching over holding my hand giving it a light squeeze.

“I know when I had arrived, I was a mess over the loss of my mum, then him, but my heart was broken well and truly before my mum had died. It was broken the minute my mum had taken me away from my dad. I never fully understood that until I was standing in my mum’s lounge room with a man calming to be my father, but I have only just admitted that to myself. Being with you seems to be healing my heart. I don’t know how to put it but it’s like being with you, you’re putting all the puzzle pieces back together, I never thought someone could do that for someone else.” I said trying to not get emotional, the look he’s giving me is full of emotions whatever they are I want him to always look at me like that. He takes my hand to his mouth giving it a kiss then pulling me towards him kissing me hard.

“I am dam proud of that, of what I am doing to you. You’re doing that to me too Tasmine.” He said. “Oliver?” I asked. “Yes?” He said. “I’m sick of hiding,” I whispered. “So, am I, but is it worth the added drama just yet?” He asked quietly. “No,” I said we kissed some more, but we just sat and talked and laughed more than anything, it was lovely, then my phone started ringing.

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