The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 23 - I Was Happy Now I Want To Kill Someone

**Tasmine's Pov**

Oliver looks at me with a smirk on his face, “You going to answer that kitten?” He said sounding worried. “Yeah,” I said.


**Tasmine** Hello
**Lee** Young lady don’t hello me!

I roll my eyes, now what have I done this time?

**Tasmine** Well how would you like me to answer the phone?

**Lee** Are you really running in this weather?

**Tasmine** I was, undercover at the moment, it wasn’t raining when I had started.

**Lee** Want me to pick you up?

**Tasmine** No, I’m nearly home. See you soon, bye!

I hang the phone up, on him before he could respond, Oliver chuckles, “Smooth Kitten real smooth.” He said, I poked his chest, “Oh, Ollie shhh” I said. “Please call me that all of the time.” He whispered. “You like it?” I asked. “Yes.” He said as he starts the car up and drives me to the corner of the end of my street, leaning over kissing me softly, I didn’t want to stop kissing him. “I want to spend the rest of the day with you,” I whispered against his lips. “Same kitten same, but I need to be home later when my uncle comes home.” He said. “Ok,” I whispered. “Don’t worry I’ll text, call, and facetime you until we can sneak out again.” He whispered. “Ok,” I said.

Leaning over kissing him hard, my hand goes down to his erection rubbing him, while I keep kissing him, causing him to moan out, I lean away biting my bottom lip. “Bye Ollie, thank you for a great run. Also, don’t forget to warm down.” I ordered him. “I won’t, is it bad I want photos of you.” He whispered, his thumb brushes my bottom lip, “Not really, I understand, but unsure if I want to.” I whispered back.

I have no idea why we are whispering. “I know, also know I would never share it.” He said softly brushing my face. I also believe him, I know he won’t do it. “But with my luck, someone will see it on your phone and share it, just memorize it, Ollie,” I said quietly, leaning over giving him a soft but quick kiss. “I have.” He said.

I put my phone back into my arm pocket, taking one last look at him before racing out of the car slamming the door as I sprint down the road towards my house, Oliver doesn’t leave until I am running up my front stairs. Bursting into the front door dripping wet finding my dad near the front door with a large beach towel. “Hi, Dad,” I said. “Hi Tas, you better not get sick from this.” He stated. “I hope not,” I said, I take the towel heading into the bathroom, and having an awfully long hot shower while using my tablet and shower speaker listening to a book.


**Tasmine** Oliver?
**Oliver** Kitten are you naked right now?

His face is full of desire, we keep on whispering, so my dad doesn’t hear us.

**Tasmine** Yes

I said smirking at him as I bite my bottom lip.

**Oliver** Oh, hmmm please show me.

I lift my phone and showed him, he moaned over the phone, he shows me that he’s now naked and has a hard-on.

**Oliver** I wish I was in that shower with you right now.
**Tasmine** You are in a way.
**Oliver** Shhh kitten, I need a release, touch yourself my little kitten.

I move the phone so he can see better with my other hand I run it down to my clit, rubbing soft slow circles.

**Tasmine** Like this?
**Oliver** hhhmmm like that.

I have never done this before, never thought I would do this with a boy, but he makes me want to. God, it felt good watching him stroke himself, having him watch me. I hear him moaning louder then he whispers his cumming and with that I cum fast and hard trying to stand up, holding onto my phone and not dropping it in the shower was hard, I see him come all over his stomach, he puts the phone back to his face; I do the same.

**Oliver** Tas you bring a new meaning to phone sex my beautiful little kitten.
**Tasmine** So, do you.

I hear someone’s raised voice from his end, he looked worried.

**Oliver** I got to go thank your sweetheart bye!
**Tasmine** You’re welcome bye!

The call ends I quickly start deleting everything from him on my phone then cleaning myself up and finish off my shower. Turning off my speaker and tablet, wrapping a towel around myself, race towards my room with everything in my hands. Closing the door behind me, I didn’t see dad on my trip, thank God. Placing all my devices onto my desk and throwing myself onto the bed, holy molly that was hot.

Is it bad that I really want him?

Is it too soon to want him like this?

Man, I have no one to ask these questions to.

Groaning out I better get dressed before dad comes in here. As I feel cold, Dad wants the aircon on, I have chosen to wear black leggings with an oversize white t-shirt and a dark green jacket the summer style Dean Winchester look in my opinion, quickly taking a selfie sending it to both Jackie and Ollie saying Dean Winchester eat your heart out.

“Oi kid you dressed?” Dad called out to me. “Yeah, why?” I yelled back at him. “Good cause I’m coming in.” He said loudly near my door. “Ok,” I grumbled he walks into my room, I’m sitting on my bed with a book opened but not yet read, he sits down on my bed, he looks nervous. “Ok, we need to talk,” Dad said. “About sex really?” I groaned out. “Oh no, not that talk.” He said, now I am lost. “Then what one?” I asked. “This lady I went on the date with.” He started.

“Yeah what about it?” I asked, he is acting all weird, “I really like her Tas.” He whispered, wow is this what he’s like when he likes someone? “Ok... and?” I said. “I would like to keep seeing her.” He said, so why is he saying this to me for? I am not his keeper. “Well, what is stopping you?” I asked. “You,” He said. “Why me?” I asked sounding shocked. “I want to make sure you ok with me going on dates.” He asked.

“I am dad, you are allowed to move on.” I said, he gives me a big smile, “Thanks, sweetie.” He said. “Dad this is getting awkward,” I mumbled. “I know.” He says but he says seated still, “What is it, Dad?” I asked. “How was it last night? By yourself I mean.” He asked. “It was ok, so?” I said. “I would like to date more often, but I cannot dump you on grandma all of the time.” He said. “I’m good to staying home by myself dad. I am old enough to be left at home by myself.” I said matter of factly, holy hell I hope he has more date nights, I want Oliver over for each of them. “I know you are, I’m more worried about when it comes to myself staying at her place. What am I going to do with you? I could ask Grandma to sleep over or you” I cut him off, “Dad when that day comes, I can have a sleepover it’s ok.” I said.

“Good. Anything new happening in your life?” He asked, yes, Dad I am falling hard for Oliver and want him a lot, like all of the time, I cannot stop thinking about him, instead, I just smiled and shake my head no, “No nothing new at all.” I said. “Ok, have any plans for today?” He asked. “Unsure Jackie and Max are most likely not awake yet.” I said, dare not drop Oliver’s name into that mix, “Jackie hey does he even like that name you’ve given him?” He asked. “Nope who likes their nickname?” I asked, we both started laughing.

“Right, you hungry?” He asked softly, “Yes, I could eat a whole pig!” I yelled out. “Good cause I’ve made pancakes.” He said with a big smile on his face, I looked up at him in shock, “Really!?” I yelled out. “Yes,” He said, I wrap my arms around him hugging him tightly then jumping off the bed running into the kitchen for some pancakes. “You really love pancakes?” He asked. “Dad pancakes are my lifeblood, so it’s a big fat Yes!” I yelled out, he laughs as I smashed the pancakes down, grabbing my phone, book and heading towards the front door.

“Oi, where’s the fire?” My dad calls out to me. “No place, just heading down to read in the hammock,” I said. “Ok,” He said, the landline starts ringing, dad heads to answer it I just head down to my favorite spot. I lay down in it, smelling and hearing the rain is lovely, pulling my phone out have a message from Jackie.


**Jackson** Bitch you are wearing that to the dance! It’s so Dean! Plus it will go for our weather up here. Also, do you know why our Ollie is so fucking happy it’s kind of creepy?
**Tasmine** Our Ollie? LOL don’t let him hear you say that. Cool will wear that to the dance. No idea why he is so happy
**Jackson** Bull I have a feeling it’s to do with you.
**Tasmine** No idea.
**Jackson** Want to hang out and watch the rest of Supernatural?
**Tasmine** Hell yes!
**Jackson** I’ll see if Ollie and Max are free.
**Tasmine** Cool I’ll ask my dad

Oh, this is going to be fun and awkward as all hell, I see I still have a message I have not read yet.


**Oliver** Fuck kitten.
**Tasmine** Take it you like what you see?
**Oliver** Yes, Jackie just told me, I am keen as hell! But it cannot be here, my uncle just came home.
**Tasmine** Hold up I’ll ask dad
**Oliver** Good luck my little kitten.
**Tasmine** Thanks xo

I grabbed my things and headed upstairs, dad was sitting down at the table doing paperwork. “What’s up kiddo?” He asked, “Can Jackie, Max, and Oliver come over to watch the rest of Supernatural?” I asked. “Come here?” He asked sounding shocked, “Yes please?” I asked. “Sure,” he said, now I am shocked, “Really?” I asked trying not to sound too shock. “Yeah when they get here, I’ll head on off to the office, because I haven’t watched that yet.” He said. “Ok,” I said. “Do not make me regret this Tasmine.” He snapped at me. “Gez do you always think the worst?” I asked. “No,” He said. “Good, then stop please.” I snapped at him as I headed back into my room.

**Text Message**

**Tasmine** Dad said yes for you three to come over.
**Oliver** Really wow, never thought he would be ok with it.
**Tasmine** Think it’s because Jackie and Max will be coming over too.
**Oliver** Good, but no Max his out hanging out with Sam and Dean.
**Tasmine** There’s more.
**Oliver** More?
**Tasmine** His heading into the office
**Oliver** Hmm I feel like kicking Jackie out to have my wicked way with you Tasmine.
**Tasmine** Think I need to change my undies after that.
**Oliver** Really? Which part so I know for later?
**Tasmine** Have my wicked way with you TASMINE.
**Oliver** hmmmm I’m hard already.
**Tasmine** We are not going to last long.
**Oliver** No we are not. We will come in separate cars, so my uncle doesn’t notice I’m going to your house.
**Tasmine** Sure.

Half an hour later the boys had arrived, dad had just left. Once his car had gone down the street Jackie turned around to me with a big grin on his face. “You two spill now!” He snapped at us. “What? Why?” Oliver asked. “Last week you Ollie was an angry, crazy mess and you Miss was a crying mess and now the pair of you are happy?! Something has changed, tell me now please!?” He snapped as he was doing his I am angry move waving his arms around huffing and puffing.

“Um...” I mumbled, Oliver looks over at me. “It’s ok Kitten, yes Jackie something has changed. She’s now my girlfriend.” Oliver said grabbing my hand with a big smile on his face, Jackie looks between the pair of us like we are crazy. “You have both lost the plot! My dad and Lee will skin you both alive!” He screamed at us. “Yeah they will, but we no longer care,” I said with that silly goofy smile on my face. “I’m falling hard for her Jackie,” Oliver whispered, butterflies went nuts in my belly hearing him saying that.

“Please come up with a new nickname for me please, I hate it,” Jackson grumbled. “Ok, um Jackers?” I said and the look he’s giving me says he hates that one even more. “Wait up, is this why you and my dad keep fighting he knows too?” He asked. “He knows I like her, doesn’t know that we have gone further,” Oliver stated.

Over talking about us, I want to watch the next part of the show, clapping my hands causing both boys to look at me. “Ok, who is up for some catch-up?” I said loudly, they both smiled and yelled out yes at the same time. Jackson sat down on the bean bag, I had already set up the PlayStation. I sat down onto the couch Oliver sat next to me putting an arm around me pulling me in.

A few hours later we had finished watching the show, Jack jumps up yelling out. “I so cannot wait for the next and season to hit Australia! I need to pee you two behave now.” He said as he pointed at us, we both laughed at him, as he left to go into the bathroom. I quickly turned around in Oliver’s arms kissing him passionately. “Hmmm keep doing this to me kitten and we will have to ask Jackie to leave.” He said into my mouth. “Or while he’s here we go into my room.” I moaned out. “No.” He whispered, we stopped talking and went back to our make out session.

“Didn’t take you two long, I’ll go make the lunches hey.” He said as he heads into the kitchen, once he leaves the room, I climb on top of Oliver’s lap riding him as we kiss. “Hmmm, Fuck Tas.” He moans out. “Hmmm I want you, Ollie, so dam much.” I moaned out, our kissing picks up a notch, hands roaming over each other’s body’s, groans and moans can be heard. “Lunch is ready love birds!” Jackson yelled out from the kitchen.

We pull apart breathlessly, I head towards the kitchen as Jackson comes out and see’s Oliver standing up. “Mate fix that tent in your pants, we might be family but some things I really do not need to see.” He groans out, I laughed as I grab my plate of food, which is a chicken and salad sandwich, grabbing a can of soft drink heading into the dining room. Oliver goes into the bathroom to fix himself and Jackson sat down with his food. “It has been a long time since I have seen him like this,” Jackson said.

“Like what?” I asked. “Happy” He said. “Really?” I asked shocked. “Yes, last time he was this happy it was before” I cut him off, “His sister and your mum,” I answered for him. “Yes, please do not break his heart.” Jackson whispered, I looked at my best mate in shock, “I won’t, it would hurt me to even think of doing something that would hurt him.” I said, he smiles at me, “Good, and it’s good to see you happy too.” He said. “Thanks,” I said with a smile on my face.

The front door opens, my dad walks in looking around. “Where’s Oliver and Max?” He snapped. “Max is hanging out with Sam and Dean today Lee,” Jackson said around a mouth full of food, Oliver walks out of the bathroom, says hi to Lee grabbing his lunch, and sat down next to me at the table, Jackson had even made Lee some lunch, we all ate in silence. I cleaned up the mess as the boys played the PlayStation, I sat behind them watching them play.

Dad came in standing looking at the boys playing on the PlayStation. “Oliver care to help me out on the Monaro?” Dad asked, Oliver, drops the controller spinning around with a big grin on his face up at dad. “Hell fucking yes!” Oliver yelled out. I jumped up and stood glaring at my dad, so bloody angry, that is my mum’s car and ever since he bought me here I have asked and asked for him to show me the ropes on that car as I wanted to get it started and become my first car, just like mum.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!” I roared. “Tasmine,” My dad said. “DON’T! I HAVE ASKED AND ASKED TO HELP YOU OUT WITH MUM’S HOLDEN MONARO AND YOU NEVER AGREED, BUT HE GETS TOO?!” I said pointing to Oliver who now looks lost and hurt. “Tasmine please you’re a first-year, I never get the first year to help me out on this, besides the things that need doing first Oliver knows and can help me out with.” I glared at my dad. “SO! IT’S MY MUM’S CAR! THEN TEACH ME THOSE FUCKING BITS!” I roared.

Dad steps closer to me, both boys have looks of sympathy plastered on their faces. “Sorry Oliver not angry at you, FUCK OFF DAD! I’M OUT THIS IS SO UNFAIR!” I screamed, I bolted out of the house, no longer caring about the rain. I can hear people screaming my name, I kept on running until I stopped at the creek I was at before, crying the whole time.

“Fuck Kitten when I yell stop please bloody stop!” Oliver yelled at me. “Are you insane!” I yelled at him. “All good your dad sent me out after you, knowing Jackson cannot run for shit.” He said. “Right you ok?” I asked as he hunches over panting out. “No, man your bloody fast.” He panted out. “Thanks,” I said.

We stood looking at each other, ahh fuck this, I walked right up to him wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him hard. He picks me up slamming my back into a tree, my legs wrap around his waist, my hands go up his shirt feeling his body. “Hmmm do you?” I pant out. “Hmmm no I don’t.” He pants out, his now kissing my neck sending my body into shivers. “hmmm ohhh Oliver.” I moaned out. “hmmm love hearing my name on your lips.” He whispered.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “Don’t be, you have every right to be upset, but the work that needs to be done first no first year would be able to help out.” He said. “Are you on his side?” I snapped at him. “Would never pick sides Kitten.” He said. “Sure, sounds it,” I said sounding hurt. “I promise you once the harder stuff is done, he will get you to help out.” He whispered. “You think, it’s not that hard to teach me the harder stuff to while he was at it?” I asked. “Hmmm yes it would be easier to teach you this stuff, but not my car nor my rules babe.” He said.

Kissing me passionately, his hands gripping my ass mine reach for his pushing into me more. “Is this normal?” I pant out. “Is what normal?” He asked. “Wanting you so dam much?” I asked. “I’m feeling the same too, never have I felt like this before.” He whispered we kissed a little bit more before pulling away. “Better get home before he comes looking.” He whispered against my ear.

We arrived home to my dad handing us both towels, I am mad as hell at him over this. “Thank you, boys, you may go home now.” He said I stopped what I was doing looking upset, “Why? Why can’t they stay?” I asked. “Because I just said so!” Dad snapped at me, the boys taking the hint made their way towards the front door, “Bye Tass.” Oliver said softly. “Bye Tassie see you soon,” Jackson said. “Bye,” I said to them both, as soon as they left, I turned on dad.

“You know I have always wanted to work on my mum’s 1969 Holden HT Monaro GTS 350! And what now your giving that job to Oliver!” I yelled at him, “I’m not giving the job to Oliver! He’s helping out on the bits that need more knowledge more skills, I promise you to love that once we are up to the bits you can help on you will be.” He said not sounding too angry at me, “I better be!” I snapped at him.

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