The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 24 - Time To Catch Up

**Tasmine's Pov**

It’s now the first week of the school holidays, I have told dad I won’t be helping him out at the shop until he lets me help out on the car, we are at a stalemate now. Either that or he has fired me, unsure on how that works when I wasn’t a staff member, nor had he paid me. Would think those few shifts I did were purely helping him out. He’s gone on four more dates with this lady, still don’t know her name. I do enjoy seeing him happy, it’s a different type of happiness.

Oliver and I are still at the same spot we have been in nearly two months ago. We’ve been texting and face timing as much as we can, when he has spare time he is at my place helping dad out with the car. I get that feeling dad knows something has changed between myself and Oliver. Then again, he’s not yelling at me so he might just really want his help.

It’s morning and I’m home alone and want to do something I send off text messages to my friends. Both Justine and Jose are away on family holidays, Dean and Oliver have shifts at their works, the rest are free. Them knowing my dad is out at work they are happy to all hang out at my house. I quickly asked dad if they could come over, he said it was ok. He’ll come by during his lunch break, I sent texts back to them saying he agreed, I also said to Oliver when dad leaves on his lunch break to join him too.

**Text Message**

**Oliver** Kitten, I do that, and he’ll know something is up.
**Tasmine** Ok, I just miss you.
**Oliver** I know babe so do I.
**Tasmine** Are you and dad working on the car tonight?
**Oliver** Unsure he hasn’t said anything.
**Tasmine** Ok
**Oliver** Have fun and let me know if Vincent oversteps.
**Tasmine** Ok, I will also Maxi pad and Jackie will be here too.
**Oliver** Good, I got to get back to work. CYA soon xo
**Tasmine** Bye Ollie xo

“Am I interrupting something?” Vincent said loudly from the lounge room. “Argh! Fucking hell Vincent! Heard of fucking knocking?!” I screamed at him. “Yeah, no one answered.” He said. “So, what you thought it was a great idea to just walk in?” I snapped at him. “Yeah, I knew you were home. Why are you being so dam bitchy Tasmine?” He asked, I want to slap him right now. “I’m not a fan of people just walking into my house, besides your bloody early and fast, only just sent the texts out.” I snapped at him.

He shrugs his shoulders at me, my gut is telling me something is off. “Was already in the car, when you had texted me plus bought some drinks.” I looked at him like he was stupid. “No alcohol please, my dad will be checking in on us on his lunch break.” I snapped, and when did he get his P plates? “Soft drinks Tas, no alcohol. Not old enough remember.” He said sounding like an asshole. “Right this way, seeing as it’s raining and cool enough let’s play some pool while we wait for the others to get here,” I said I need to stay out in the open as much as I can with this boy, that is what my gut is telling me. “Sure.” He said agreed.

On our third game, I heard a car pull up in my yard, but still paying close attention to the game. “I will beat you, Tassie.” He said sounding so smug, I did my best not to laugh at him as he hasn’t won against me yet. “I doubt it, Vincent,” I say this after sinking another ball, was about to line up when I hear my best friend’s voice booming out from his car. “Oi where are you at little thing?!” Jackson called out. “Under here Jack!” I called out to him.

He walks in, in a happy mood but his face drops when he notices I had been alone with Vincent. “There you are, oh hi Vincent,” Jackson mumbles, Max came in behind him not even noticing the look between the three of us. “Hi guys, finish this game off so we can play doubles,” Max said. “If that’s the case I bag Tas for my teammate!” Jackson yelled out throwing his hands up in the air. “Ok let me finish this game off,” I said laughing. After that I managed to sink two more balls, we had another ten minutes of playing before we finished and started the doubles game.

“Thought I could hear them down here. Oi Rach, babe they are all here.” Sam yells out, I looked at Max and mouthed babe at him. “Yep been like that for months Tas, maybe get out of your head more and you would notice more,” Max said sounding upset at me. “Little brother that was a little harsh.” Jackson snapped at him. “Oh, your friends with benefits will live.” Max snapped back at his brother, I arch my eyebrow up at him at the friends with benefits comment. “Pfft Maxi Pad really, him. I’m sorry but Jackie is like a brother. Is that why you are upset I’m closer to him than you?” I snapped at him. “um.” He stuttered out.

He looked at me shocked and stunned that I had worked it out, of course, that is what is going on here it’s cause I am close to Jackson and Oliver but not him. “Really?” I asked. “Well tell us why are so dam close to him but not us?” He yelled. “I get along with you all, I just click with him more,” I said sounding upset that I had to defend my friendship with my best mate. “Or the fact that all of you didn’t seem to understand why she didn’t want to join you in on any of your sleep-over parties that you have been having.” Jackson snapped.

“What’s wrong with the sleepover parties that we do?” Sam asked confused. “My point right there!” Jackson yelled out as he looked at them all. “I don’t want to fight please,” I whispered, doing my best not to cry. Why the hell am I having the big need to cry for? “It’s because of him isn’t it?” Vincent asked, “Who?” Rach asked confused, “Yeah who?” Max asked. “Wow and here is my point, being made very clearly. Do you all have short-term memory loss? Noah was murdered at the only sleepover party I was at!” I screamed so loudly, I didn’t mean to be that loud, but I was. They all looked at me stunned, I just couldn’t deal with this crap, I walked to the exit and turned back around. “You all can leave now.” I snapped, I left them all stunned and headed up to my room.

How could they forget about that?

About him?

“Hey, Tas you ok? We aren’t leaving by the way.” Vincent said behind me. “Really? Do I look ok to you! Why would you want to stay?!” I yelled at him. “Because we are your friends.” He said. “We?” I asked lost, I looked behind Vincent and they are all standing in the lounge room looking at me. Max walks up to me, he looks like a naughty little boy who got yelled out to say sorry. “Tasmine, I’m sorry.” He whispered, he wraps an arm around me, it’s a very awkward type of hug. “Jackson made you all do this?” I asked. “Yeah, he did, why didn’t you tell us right away?” asked Rachel softly.

“Didn’t think I had to,” I said. “It makes so much sense now,” Rachel mumbled. “Does it?” I asked softly. “Yes, it sure does,” Sam said with a small smile on his face. “Still keen on playing pool, who else is?” Jackson asked, the rest agreed and made their way down to the pool table Jackson stayed back looking at me with a soft smile on his face. “Got your back sis.” He whispered. “Thanks, bro,” I said, laughing, as I hug him, we joined the rest in a team doubles game, rotating teams.

We played for a few hours it was fun, but I had been getting a weird feeling every time it was my turn to take a turn. Jackson was on my team again and I turned towards him when it was Sam’s turn, whispering. “Jackson is someone watching me when it’s my turn?” I asked quietly. “Uh, unsure. Want me to see when it’s your turn next?” He asked. “Please,” I said. In no time it was my turn, I took my shot sinking the number six-ball, so I had another turn, sinking the second last ball the number 2 ball leaving the 8th ball the black one. Lining up hitting the white ball with the cue but hadn’t added enough power to it just missed sinking it. I handed the cue to Sam as it’s his turn now I walk up to Jackson, he wraps an arm over my shoulders and whispers.

“Vincent is watching your ass every chance he can get little thing. He has got it bad for you.” He whispered. “Crap was hoping he wasn’t, I know Jacky thank you.” I groaned out. “Oliver is going to kill him,” Jackson whispered back, seeing as he is the only one in this group that knows that I and Oliver are an item, I know Oliver is going to want to strangle him. “I know, does Maxi Pad know about us?” I asked, Jackson, shakes his head mouthing the word no. “Oi dipshit it’s your turn,” Sam said. “Who are you calling dipshit you little turd? I am about to smash you at the pool again.” Jackson said as he starts laughing hitting the white ball sinking the black ball that I had missed. He walks up to me high fiving me, then bending down to Vincent and whisper low enough for myself to hear, but not the others.

“When she’s around you eye’s up mate, the eye’s up.” Jackson snapped. “I have no” Vincent started but Jackson cut him off again. “Don’t bullshit me mate, I’ve seen it.” Jackson snapped. “Nothing wrong to look at someone,” Vincent said, I felt sick hearing this. “It is when she’s told you no. Don’t even bother saying she hasn’t said anything today, but she has told you she doesn’t feel that way.” Jackson snapped.

Jackson stormed off upstairs mumbling about food, as he passed me. I just stood there stunned, is he really going to make lunch for everyone. I go to follow him when Vincent grabs my arm. “What the fuck did you say to him?!” He yells at me. “I asked if you were checking me out as I was feeling awkward, he had seen it quite a few times. Don’t like being told off maybe back the hell off!” I yelled at him, by now the other three are watching us. “Fucking hell Tasmine!” He snapped at me. “Don’t you even start Vincent!” I yelled back. “You’re the one who started this!” He screamed. “Started what? I SAID BACK OFF AND THIS WAS YOUR IDEA OF BACKING OFF? Go and take a hike!” I yelled back at him, storming off towards upstairs when I ran right into my dad.

“What have I missed Tasmine?” He asked looking very worried. “WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GET OFF IN SAYING THAT TASMINE?!” He yells back at me, he comes around the corner stopping when he sees my dad. “Oh, um Hi Lee,” He said in that teacher’s pet voice of his. “Oh, don’t Hi Lee me, why are you yelling at my daughter?” Dad said crossing his arms over his chest looking like he could kill Vincent. “Don’t worry about it, Dad he is leaving.” I snapped. “Am I?” Vincent asked shocked. “Yeah you are, do I need to call your dad up?” Lee snapped back at him. “No, I’m good thanks.” He runs towards his car; dad looks down at me.

“You talking to me now?” He asked. “In a way, I am” I mumbled. “Right, hold on a second.” He said, he heads under the house; I follow him, and we walked in on Rach and Sam nearly getting it on while Max was playing pool by himself. “You three out now, head home. Thank you for spending some time with Tasmine.” Dad said. “Ok, Hi Lee, thanks and bye Tasmine,” Sam said. “Hi Lee, bye Tas, and Lee,” Rach said just as fast as Sam. “Max, why aren’t you moving?” My dad asked. “I came here with Jackson.” He said. “Ok, let me guess he is up in the kitchen?” Lee said. “Yes,” both I and Max said at the same time.

We all head up to the kitchen, find Jackson cooking up something, he smiled at us all. “Hi Lee, up for some chicken pasta?” He said cheerfully. “Sure kid, need a hand?” Dad asked. “Nah Max can help, Tasmine go talk to your dad. I’ll sing out when it’s ready.” Jackson said, the two boys go into the kitchen, dad looks at me and told me to follow him into the lounge room.

“What you just walked in on is nothing, I put him in his place.” He cuts me off, “Yeah but he chose to follow you, what would have happened if I wasn’t here?” He asked. “Don’t know” I mumbled as he has me there on that. “Let’s hope it won’t ever go that far, but his never to be over without an adult around Tas. Now, are you over this no talking to dad business?” He asked. “Who said I was over it?” I snapped. “Tasmine please, once all the harder stuff is done you can help out.” He said with a loud sigh.

“Really? Cause you know you could have just taught me those hard things!” I snapped at him. “Enough Tasmine, yes really you will be helping. I should have asked you, is it hard for you to have Oliver around?” He asked, I looked up at him in disbelief what the hell is he talking about. “Hard? Why would it be hard?” I asked lost. “He’s moved on, seems to have himself a girl. Every time his phone goes off his face lights up.” My dad said.

Oh, crap dad has noticed, let’s hope he never finds out it's me that is making him smile like that. “Oh, nah not hard dad remember he was the one that had feelings for me not the other way around,” I said. “Has he said anything to you about her?” He asked. “Nope, we tend to talk about Supernatural, PlayStation, etc,” I said, Kissing, touching, wanting to do so many things to him and with him. “Tonight, I have a date,” Dad said with that goofy smile that he gets when he talks about her.

“Ok, are you planning on telling me her name?” I asked, I know why he has kept all the info to himself, but it’s been a few months now I should be able to know some info about her. “Her name is Shelley.” His acting odd again. “What is it, dad?” I asked. “Would like to have a sleepover at” I cut him off. “Ok, go for it Dad. I’ll be fine home by myself.” I said, please let me stay home by myself, I want to hang out with Oliver! “Oliver will be coming over this afternoon to work on the car, I guess it could be ok for him to stay for dinner then go back home.” He said.

What the hell?

Need to not act stunned at what my dad just said. But the voice inside of my head is jumping up and down doing a happy dance right now! “Sure, why not,” I said trying to sound unaffected by this, I am still stunned at what my dad just agreed to. I want to jump up and down and scream, but I am unsure if dad is playing dumb or really doesn’t know. “Dad?” I asked. “What’s up kiddo?” He said. “Are you and Uncle James fighting?” I asked. “Yes,” He said quietly. “Over what?” I asked. “Nothing for you to worry about sweetie.” He said.

“Dad, what really happened with you and mum?” I asked, now that he is in a talking state let's milk this for all its worth. “I have told you everything.” He said I know he has not, “Then why did she leave her car behind?” I asked. “Sorry if she didn’t tell you I cannot as I do not know.” He said I think he does but doesn’t want to tell me, maybe he bought it for her, and she didn’t want to keep it. “Oh,” I mumbled, I was going to ask dad another question, but Jackson yelled out from the kitchen.

“Lunch is ready,” Jackson yelled out. “Good it smells so dam good,” I said, we all sat down at the dining room table and ate our lunch, man it was yummy. Dad stood up taking everyone’s plates with him, I go to help him he said no all good. As Jackson and Max were leaving Jackson wrapped me up in a hug and whispered. “Did I hear your dad right? He thinks Oliver has moved on with another girl?” He asked. “Yes,” I whispered. “Can I tell Oliver?” He asked. “Sure,” I said we broke away, he yelled out to my dad saying bye.

Dad finished cleaning up then let me know he will be back at four to start on the car with Oliver before getting ready for his date at six-thirty. I had a few hours of just being by myself. I cleaned up my room, put a load of washing on cleaning the rest of the house. I had checked the fridge and Jackson had made that much we had leftovers, I sat down just as my phone went off.

**Text Message **

**Oliver** Kitten please tell me it’s true?
**Tasmine** Is what true my Ollie?
**Oliver** Hmmm keep saying ‘my’ I enjoy it. About myself staying over working on the car while he goes out.
**Tasmine** Oh yes that is true.
**Oliver** He really thinks it is another girl?
**Tasmine** That is what he said, I am unsure if his setting us up or not.
**Oliver** Play it by ear hey. I’ll see you soon my kitten xo
**Tasmine** CYA Ollie xo

I headed to my room grabbing the book that I am reading, my phone, and headed down to the hammock. An hour later I hear two cars pulling up one is my dad’s and the other is Oliver’s. They are laughing about something that had happened at work today, they both walking in the car is to the left of me. Ollie had noticed me right away, he gave me a small smile, I smiled back at him.

“Hi, Dad and Oliver,” I said. “Hey Sweetie, a good book?” Dad asked. “Yes, dad it is a dam good one, you can read it when I’m done dad,” I said. “Hi Tassie,” Oliver said, I smiled at him as he smiled back at me, dad didn’t notice. “Sure sweetie I would love to. Don’t mind us working on the car with the music on?” Dad asked. “No dad go for it,” I said.

An hour had passed, and I was over reading, so I started playing some pool. Dad had just left to go get ready, I hear a moan and something dropping and Oliver cursing. “You right over there?” I called out to him. “Fuck, yes I’m ok Tas.” He said sounding in pain. “Ok,” I said. I go back to playing pool a few shots in I feel his hands on my hips, causing a moan to escape my lips. “Keep it down kitten.” He whispered. “Hmm cannot help it, but really you should wait until my dad has gone, go back to work on the car,” I said. “As you wish my kitten.” He whispered.

He has gone back to the car, I keep playing, a good twenty minutes later dad comes down with an overnight bag, his dressed up really nicely. Still makes me wonder what had really happened between my parents, I get the feeling dad will never tell me the full story either. “Ok I am ready kiddo, you're good I see Jackson had cooked enough for you for tea tonight. Oliver stays over there with those hands mister I am wearing white. I will call if I am coming home, if not I’ll be home when I finish work ok. Call or text if you need anything. Did you want me to get Grandma to pop in on her way to work to check on you?” He asked. “What time?” I asked. “Before nine.” He said. “Ok if you want to,” I said. “Ok, bye sweetie behave please.” He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead before turning to Oliver.

“You boy best be gone by seven-thirty the latest.” He snapped. “I will Lee,” Oliver said. “Good, don’t you make me regret this Tas.” He said. “I won’t,” I said, big fucking lie Tasmine, he turns and makes his way to his car, once he drove down the street Oliver had gone to the sink and started cleaning his hands. I kept on playing pool watching him clean up, once he was done, he made a beeline towards me. Pulling the pool cue out of my hands and placed it onto the table. Pressing himself hard into me, kissing me, hands roaming my body. “Hmmm oh, God Ollie.” I moaned out.

Oliver had started kissing under my ear, his hand gripping my ass pulling me closer to him, I can feel how hard he is. “Kitten hmmm.” He moans out, “I want you, Oliver, I need you.” I pant out. “God so do I.” He nearly yelled it out. “Not down here,” I whispered. “Your bedroom?” He asked, “Yes.” I pant out, I quickly went around turning things off, as we headed upstairs. As soon as I closed and lock the front door, he picked me up, my legs and arms wrap around him as we kissed passionately, his hands gripping my ass. We walked into my room, he closes and locks my door as he walks me towards my bed.

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