The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 25 - Something Special Is About To Happen

**Tasmine's Pov**

We stood in my room kissing, I put my legs down stand up, my hands run up under his shirt, he let out a moan. I grab at his shirt pulling it up, he broke away from the kiss to help me pull it off him. I look at his body, biting my lip as I run my hands over his body. His eyes never leave mine, he’s enjoying what I am doing to him. “My turn.” He whispered, he pulls at the bottom of my shirt pulling it up over my head throwing it to the floor, his eyes racking over my body and bra. “I like this.” He says as he touches my bra, before leaning down releasing one of my breasts out of its cups and putting it in his mouth. “Oh, fuck Ollie.” I moaned out.

“Mmmm” His hand goes to my back unclipping it and taking it off of me. The other hand playing with my other breast. My hands go to his pants pulling them down all at once freeing his hard erection. I didn’t wait for him I start pulling my own pants down, we just stood in front of each other looking over the other person. “Please say something Tasmine.” He said sounding nervous.

“What do I say?” I asked. “Please tell me you like what you see.” He whispered. “I do like what I see, you’re handsome Oliver,” I said confidently. “Good cause you’re fucking beautiful Tasmine.” He said with a big smile on his face, he walks towards me, kissed me, and turned me around until the back of my legs hit the bed, I climb up onto my bed pulling him with me we are laying down on my pillows. He lays down on his side next to me kissing me, his hand roaming down my stomach reaching my very wet clit, he stops and looks at me. “Your so wet for me.” He said shocked.

“Hmm, please... Don’t stop” I moaned out. “I won’t.” He whispered with a playful smirk on his face, his fingers start rubbing soft slow circles, my whole body feels like it is on fire and cannot stay still. “Hmm, that’s it my girl moan for me.” He whispered. “Hmm ah, Oliver.” I moaned out, he starts going harder and faster, I’m panting now, my hips bucking up towards his hands. “Oh, aghhh Ollie!” Yelling out. “Cum for me Tasmine.” He said. “Ooooo Oliver yes! oh fuck! OLIVER!” I screamed out, I cum around his fingers, as I am catching my breath, he starts kissing me, still rubbing my clit slowly as I’m coming down from my high.

“That sound is beautiful.” He whispered, he brings his finger to his lips and starts sucking my juices off it, he kisses my breast as he gets up, walking towards his pants pulling out a condom. He looks at me, then smiles. “Are you one hundred sure you want to do this?” He asked. “Yes, Oliver I want you, and only you,” I whispered. “Alright Tasmine, please let me know when it hurts too much ok.” He said. “Ok, how much is it going to hurt?” I asked. “It can hurt a little from what I have been told.” He said. “Ok,” I whispered.

He opens the condom and rolls it down onto himself, once on he walks over to me. Laying down in between my legs his arms holding his body weight, he leans down kissing me softly, one of his knees moves my legs further apart, he reaches down slowly enters his tip into me. He looks at my face the whole time as he slowly pushes further in, oh fuck that hurts a lot. “Ow,” I whispered. “You ok?” He asked softly. “Please keep going,” I said kindly, he looks like he doesn’t want to, he moves my legs further apart as he pushes further into me, I feel a popping feeling which hurts so much, then he keeps going into me further started to feel better. “How is it now Tas?” He asked. “That hurt a lot, but now it’s ok,” I whispered.

“Ok, I need to move ok tell me if it keeps hurting.” He whispered, “Ok.” He starts moving nearly out of me then slowly moving back in, feels so odd still hurts. “God Tasmine you’re so tight, are you sure you ok?” He asked sounding worried. “Oliver stop asking me,” I whispered, he started moving faster rocking me, I have an idea to wrap my legs around his waist, his hand grips my hip as his other hand is holding himself half up. “Hmmm ooo Tasmine.” He moans.

I’m not feeling like I did when his finger was touching me, I move my hand down towards me he slowly sits up seeing what I am doing he stops me. His thumb finds my clit as he sits up a little pushing me up a little higher. He rubs faster with his thumb and his thrusting, the room is filled with his grunts and the sound of the bed moving. “Ohhh Tasmine yes! oooohhhh fuck! TASMINE!” He screamed, his body goes stiff, then he collapses on top of me.

I’m left thinking is that it?

Is this what sex is like?

How can that be, everything before this was so good? As he gets his breath back, he pulls out of me, then looks at me with a question on his face. “Tasmine did you not enjoy yourself?” He asked softly. “If you mean did I cum, umm no I didn’t. Is that normal?” I asked quietly I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Unsure I bought some more condoms if you want to try again?” He said with a smirk on his face. “Ok,” I said, don’t cry Tas. “Hey hey hey, please don’t cry.” He whispered. “I’m not,” I whispered, he looks at me knowing I am about to start crying, I made a special moment not so special. “Come here.” I moved closer to him as he wraps his arms around me. “Let me try again, but in a different position and see how we go.” He said sounding so sweet, “Ok.” I whispered, he reaches over picking up a new condom, rolling it down onto himself. He looks at me he grabs my arm moving me, so I am riding on top of him. He lifts me up and slowly enters me slowly, it still hurts but not as much, once he was fully inside of me, I let out a moan.

“That’s it my Tasmine, now let me show you what you need to do.” He said, gripping my hips rocking me at the pace he wants me at, and it feels so much different than before. I place my hands onto his chest as he moves faster, I start understanding what type of movement he’s after and I start helping him out rocking my hips. “hmmm oooo hmmmm Ollie.” I moaned out. “Hmmm, that’s it Tasmine.” He whispers, he moves us towards the end of the bed, him staying sitting up as he pushes himself up into me as I rock on top of him, gripping his shoulders as I lean back his thumb found my clit. “Oh, fuck Oliver I think I’m cumming.” I pant out. “hmmm me too Tasmine aghh” He moans.

Nothing like I have ever felt before, my body tightening up around him as I scream out his name. “Oh, OLIVER FUCK YES OLIVER!” I screamed. “YES, TASMINE FUCK ARGHHHH!” He yells out, I collapsed into his arms trying to catch my breath. “Hmm, that was much better.” I pant out. “Oh, yes Tas that sure was.” He whispers we stayed holding onto each other. He lifts me up a little so he can pull himself out of me, still hugging me though, rubbing his hands up my back. “Up for a feed?” I asked him. “Sure kitten.” He chuckles.

He ties the condom up in a knot picking up all of his rubbish and putting them onto my desk as he walked to my bathroom to clean himself up. When he came back, he started getting dressed, I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. I found blood when I had cleaned up, he was standing in the bathroom doorway looking at me holding my clothes. “That is normal for your first time. How are you feeling?” He asked full of care in his voice. “Tired, sore, happy, complete, and hungry,” I said with a smile on my face. “Ok put these on I’ll put my rubbish into my car, then heat up some food for us, also I feel just as happy and complete as you do.” He said.

He has the biggest smile on his face as he hands me back my clothes. “Ok, thank you,” I said, he raced out of the house to his car, he made it back to the kitchen just as I walked out of the bathroom, he had a big grin on his face. “Someone is proud of themselves,” I stated. “Of course, I am, gave my girl two earth shattering orgasms.” He said proud as punch. “Hmmm that you did,” I said at him, I had walked up to him giving him a soft kiss, which turned into a hot pash. “Hmm, those dam kissable lips.” He whispered.

Pulling apart, I headed towards the fridge, he grabs my hand, shaking his head. “No, I was going to do that Kitten, go sit down get comfortable.” He whispered. “Ok,” I said, wasn’t going to fight him on it, as he was doing that look that Jackson does when he has made up his mind. Fifteen minutes later he walks into the lounge room with two plates of food and two bottles of water.

“Jackie made this?” He asked. “Yep, Ollie,” I said. “Wasting himself in the wrong career.” He stated. “I know, but that’s on him, babe,” I said around a mouth full of food. “What are you doing tomorrow Kitten?” He asked. “Nothing, aren’t you working?” I asked. “Day off.” He said with a big grin on his face, he grabs my hand giving it a soft kiss, “Really?” I asked, he nods his head as kissed my neck, “Want to do a day trip?” He asked, oh, that sounds amazing. “If my dad will let me,” I said.

“I wouldn’t text him about it until morning.” He said I arch my eyebrows up at him, “Really, you think I want to be talking to him while he’s with her?” I asked. “No.” He starts laughing, it was lovely just sitting next to each other laughing and just talking, he really is my best friend and lover, “I don’t want to go home.” He complained. “Then don’t,” I said.

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