The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 26 - Should Have Stayed

**Tasmine's Pov**

“Then don’t,” I replied, he leans down kissing me softly, before pulling away brushing some of my hair off my face. “I wish I can, my Uncle knows I am here. Best not to bring down the rain of hell just yet.” He whispered. “Rain of hell?” I asked while I giggled. “Yeah, your dad.” He whispered.

Standing up making his way towards the front door, I follow him, he stops and turns around towards me, I smile up at him as I wrap my arms around his stomach, he pulls me into a hug. “Please don’t break my heart, Oliver,” I whispered. “Tasmine, I wouldn’t dream of hurting you. I would rather hurt myself than you, my little kitten.” He whispered. “Ok,” I whispered.

His finger lifted my chin up causing me to look right into his face. “I love you Tasmine.” He said, he leans down kissing me softly, he pulls away as soon as I start kissing back. “I don’t” I cut him off, “I love you too Oliver,” I said. “You do?” He asked shocked. “Yes, yes I do Oliver,” I said, he has a big goofy smile on his face, before gripping my face in his hands kissing me softly.

“I’ll call you first thing in the morning.” He whispered. “Care to join me on a run?” I asked. “As long as I park my car and wait for you?” He asked, I smiled I like the sound of that. “Sure,” I said, we go back to kissing; I push him up against the door. “I need to get more condoms Tas.” He growls out. “hmm ok” I moaned. “So, fucken happy you want to try again, it gets better with each time.” He said. “I like the sound of that,” I whispered, smiling up at him, he gives me one last kiss as he leaves. I watch him leave, and all I want to do is cuddle up to him in bed.

Closing the door, locking it behind me now I don’t want to be alone. Turning off the lights in the house heading into my room, checking over my room making sure dad cannot spot anything. I see some blood on my bedding, I pulled it off and put it to the side, taking the set down to the washing machine and putting a load on. All I want to do is lay down with Oliver in my bed I pick up my pillow, sniffing it, I can smell him on it. I want to tell someone, what just happened, but I know she won’t answer her phone hasn’t since I had moved up here. I go to put it down when it starts ringing again.

**Phone Call**

**Tasmine** hmmm heellooo?
**Oliver** Kitten you drunk?
**Tasmine** No sorry tired very tired, what’s up?
**Oliver** I want to hang out with you tomorrow just you, I know I said a day trip with friends after we have our run.
**Tasmine** Sounds good.
**Oliver** Your falling asleep kitten?
**Tasmine** hmm but I need to stay awake.
**Oliver** Why? I am happy to let you sleep if you’re tired.
**Tasmine** Had to wash my sheets.
**Oliver** I’m sorry
**Tasmine** Why? I enjoyed it and took part in it too you know. Besides, it was my blood on the bed couldn’t see anything from you.
**Oliver** Ok.
**Tasmine** Iwant
**Oliver** What was that?
**Tasmine** I wanted you to stay. I wanted to cuddle you naked until I fall asleep.
**Oliver** So, do I Kitten.

“BOY! Who the fuck are you talking to at this time of night?!” Charles screamed out, I can hear some odd sounds over the phone like they are fighting over the phone, Oliver sounds like he lost the phone. “Hang up sweetheart! Fuck off it’s my phone! It’s in my name and I pay for it out of my own wage!” Oliver was yelling out, I hang up the phone thinking fuck! I hope he has my name saved under a different name.

I head down to the washing machine, it’s finished so I put it into the dryer. Headed back up to my room I had four missed calls from Oliver, but I have no idea if it’s from him or his Uncle, so I just ignore it. I turned the TV on, too worried about Oliver to even try and get any sleep, nothing is getting my attention at all. I can hear the dryer is finished as it’s no longer making the banging sounds it does when in use, I am slowly falling asleep when a knock on the front door bought me awake.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

I stand up and walk towards the front door, I peep through the looking hole, as soon as I did that, I slammed the door open. “Can I crash here tonight Kitten?” Oliver asked. Oliver is standing on my front patio with an exceptionally large bag in his hands, wearing a black eye and a busted lip. I reached out to his face, with worry written all over my face. “Did your Uncle do this to you?” I asked. “Yes, you should see what I had done to him,” Oliver said.

That is when I noticed his knuckles, I grab his shirt pulling him inside. “Sit down on that couch right now!” I snapped. “Yes, my bossy kitten.” He said with his playful smirk, which I was not having a bar of. “Be quiet.” I snapped at him, I raced into the kitchen getting a few ice packs, then headed into the bathroom for the first aid kit. “Now are you hurt in any other place?” I asked. “Keen to see me naked again kitten?” He asked. “Shh about sex for a few minutes. Are you” I snapped at him. “No Tasmine I’m not, but really I’m” He started to say but I cut him off. “Don’t you dare say fine!” I snapped at him. “Ok,” he whispered.

I start wiping his opened cuts with cleaning wipes, he let out a hiss each time I touch his cuts, I added tape and bandages to his hand before putting an icepack onto it. I put a band-aid small strip onto his cut lip to try and bring it to close then got him to hold an icepack to his lip, then I held the one to his eye, the band-aid stripped fell off, picking it up and putting it into the rubbish pile.

“I like this.” He whispered, I arch an eyebrow up at him, “What you getting beaten up?” I snapped. “No, you taking care of me.” He whispered, “Oh.” I whispered, “I’m so sorry Tasmine.” he whispered. “For what? I am just glad you’re ok. Does he know it’s me?” I asked. “No, thank God for that, I have you saved as My Kitten.” He said. “Good. Did he kick you out?” I asked. “No, I walked out, hoping my dad would let me back in, but that was a big fat no. Please do not ask Lee to let me live here, because I know he won’t let me but also he’ll find out about us sooner if that is the case because I won’t be able to keep my hands off you,” he said.

“Then where are you going to live?” I asked. “I’m going to crash at Mason’s.” He mumbles, as I looked at him in shock, is he for real right now. “Thought you guys aren’t talking?” I asked. “We talk when she’s not around, it’s just her I really dislike, him I can withstand.” He said. “That doesn’t sound like a friend,” I said. “Well I doubt Vincent will like me living with him, and the other people I know I don’t know well enough to ask them to let me live with them unless I ask Sam or Dean but I can barely handle them as they don’t like me.” He said. “Fair point,” I said.

So, angry at him for fighting, he knows my views on violence. I am also angry at his Uncle no need for this type of treatment, it’s child abuse I am sure of it. I turn the TV off stand up pulling him up with me, I hold onto two of his ice packs as he picks up his bag and headed into my room, he looks at my stripped-down bed. “Keen.” He asked. “Don’t even finish that, you are hurt. Put your stuff here I’m going to check on the dryer, where did you park your car?” I asked sounding harsher than I had wanted. “A few streets over in bushland,” he said, looking me over trying to gauge my mood. “Ok,” I said.

I headed downstairs, I can hear him following me, I reached the dryer and checked my items they are nearly done turning it back on for a few more minutes, turning around he was right behind me, I froze but smiled up at him. “Tasmine?” He asked. “Yes, Oliver?” I snapped. “I know you are angry with me.” He said. “What gave me away?” I asked. “The huffing and puffing as you walk down here, plus the silence, not even laughing at my jokes, snapping at me since you opened the front door.” He said. “You think it’s funny?” I asked.

“No, I do not. Please how can I get you not to be angry at me anymore?” He begged. “Don’t fight with people.” I snapped at him. “Tas, you don’t know what you’re asking.” He said. “Then fill me in here, what happened? Because I cannot lose another person I love to fighting Oliver.” I snapped. “I didn’t think he was near my room, he heard me on the phone, he started a new rule no phones after eight after Max raked up a massive phone bill. As you heard he managed to get the phone off of me, he did try to talk to you seeing who it was, he still has my phone so if he calls don’t answer or reply, also be very careful with Jackie’s and Maxi Pad’s messages and call’s it could be from him. Also, I know my love I understand Kitten.” He said.

“Wow, what the hell? Why is he so angry?” I asked, he steps forward wrapping me up in a hug as he spoke again. “Unsure to be honest, but he has asked us about the rumors that had hit him at work that one of us has a girl pregnant.” He said, I stepped out of his arms hurt. “Oh,” I whispered, please don’t be him, I don’t think I can handle an ex of his being pregnant. “Tasmine, it’s not me. Trust me on that please.” He said I look at him, he looks like he’s telling the truth. “Ok,” I said.

“We got into a fight because he thought it was me. I made it fucking clear it wasn’t me, I’m not proud of it but I had punched him first, well this is the outcome.” He said waving his hand around his face. “Oh, Oliver,” I whispered, I wrap my arms around him, he wrapped his around me smelling my hair. “I love the scent of your shampoo.” He whispered. “Hmmm, you do?” I asked. “Yes, mixed with your body smell it’s so fucking intoxicating.” He groaned out.

His kissing just behind my ear sends a shiver down my whole body, I can feel him flinching every time he kisses me, I put my hands on his chest pushing him away just a little. “Stop Ollie please, it’s hurting you,” I demanded. “Kitten,” He said. “No Oliver, I don’t want to cause you more pain,” I said.

I turned back to my dryer and yes, the load was ready, pulling it out I head upstairs turning off the lights and locking up. I started to put my quilt cover on with his help, once done I looked up at him smiling. “You going to have a shower?” He asked. “Only if you join me?” I said. “Ok.” He said.

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