The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 27 - The Kids Are Busted

**Tasmine's Pov**

“You going to have a shower?” He asked quietly. “Only if you join me,” I said. “Ok.” He said, he grabs a set of PJs, I grab a set too. We head into the bathroom, I went to the loo as he got the water going. By the time I joined him in the bathroom was all steamy. I stripped off, putting my clothes into the basket, stepping into the bathtub closing the curtain behind me. Oliver’s back is facing me, his standing under the water letting it run down. I can see some bruises on his side, I step closer running my hand along his back, he flinches at my touch.

“Please don’t kitten.” He whispered. “Ollie please turn around,” I whispered back, his arm is on the wall he dips his head lower, I wrap my arms around him hugging him tightly, his other arm lays on top of my arms, it hurts seeing him like this, I hate how his family treats him. “No one should have this happen to them, this is wrong, it’s a form of child abuse Ollie.” He scoffs, “I’m eighteen kitten no longer a child.” He snapped. “Please, Ollie turn around,” I whispered.

He lets out a loud sigh, before slowly turning around, his eyes locking onto mine the whole time. I only look down once he stopped, I can see fresh bruises on the side of his body. I wrap my arms around him as tears spill down my face. “I’m so sorry Oliver.” I cried out, he wraps an arm around me. “Tasmine you have nothing to apologize for.” He whispered.

We held onto each other for a little longer before I looked up at him. “Would you like me to wash you?” I asked, Oliver, laughs, “Get one thing clear kitten I will always want you to touch me.” he whispered, I smiled blushing so much, “Ok.” I said I reach around him grabbing my loofah soaping it up with my body wash, starting slowly and gently I work my way around his body. He closes his eyes with a smile on his face, groaning once I reached towards his already hard cock. He puts his hands out to stop me from washing his hard cock. “I’ll do that bit.” He said, I looked up at him in question. “I’ll cum all over your loofah if you touch me there kitten.” He growls out.

“Ok, what if I want you too?” I asked. “Tasmine please, I have no condoms in here.” He whispered. “Ok,” I whispered, he takes the loofah out of my hand quickly washing himself before slowly washing me, his hands sending pools of need down below. Is it bad that I want him in me up on the wall without a condom? Do I really want to risk it? Seems like my body does but my mind does not. I pushed him under the water to rinse him off, he gives me a cheeky grin pulling me into him under the water too.

“Hmmm, a girl could get used to this,” I said. “Good cause my girl will be well used to a lot of things,” he said sounding cocky as hell, and I loved it. “Would I now?” I asked with a smirk on my face. “Yes.” He leans down kissing me softly, pushing me up against the wall, his hands roaming my body, one stopping just before my throbbing bud. “Hmmm aghhh.” I moaned out. “Hmm does my little kitten want me to?” He asked. “Please.” I pleaded.

He smiles at me as his thumb starts rubbing hard, I arch my back moaning loudly. “arghhhh, hmmmmm. Ollie!” I screamed out. “That’s it cum for me kitten.” He whispers. “Oh God yes Oliver!..... aghhh... Oliver!” I screamed out, cumming hard on his fingers, resting my head on his chest catching my breath, his arms wrap around me. “Come on let’s get dried and dressed.” He whispered with a smirk on his face. “Ok,” I said nodding my head.

A few minutes later we are in my bed in clean clothes, cuddling up to each other. “I see you got your wish.” He starts laughing. “Maybe, I wanted you in my bed yes, but not hurt Oliver,” I said. “I know. Think we have too many clothes on.” He whispered. “No, we have the right amount of clothes on,” I said. “Really?” He asked shocked as he half sits up looking at me with an eyebrow raised. “You need your rest to heal, besides I’m sore,” I said. “Oh, are you ok?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I whispered.

“Tasmine.” He said. “Yeah, it hurts ok,” I said. “I’m” I hold a finger to his lips. “Don’t you remember it takes two to have sex?” I said while blushing again after thinking of what we had just done. “Oh, please keep blushing your so fucken cute when you do that.” He whispered. “Stop that,” I said. “Nope, never going to stop making you blush.” He said. “I’m never going to win with you, am I?” I asked. “Depends on the subject but this nope you won’t.” He said.

He kisses my forehead, pulling me closer to him. “I’m not hurting you?” I asked softly. “No, you’re not.” He whispered, I kiss his chest as I hug into him. Leaning over to set my phone setting my alarm for five-thirty for our run, well my run.

Need to keep in shape if I want to get back into hockey, so pissed I’ve missed out on playing for Brisbane and Queensland need to get back to that level, and because I wasn’t on the Queensland team I couldn’t be able to go for a spot on the Australian team. Will ask Grandma to take me to Townsville to see what club I could join. “Goodnight my kitten, I love you.” He whispered kiss's the top of my head. “Goodnight Oliver, I love you too,” I whispered, I move my head up so he can kiss me, we kiss for a little bit before I pulled away needed to catch my breath, I cuddle into him some more before falling asleep. I slept so well, who knew being in his arms would give me such peace in my sleep.

I woke up to my phone alarm going off, and Oliver groaning. “Bloody hell Tasmine it’s still dark outside!” He snapped. “So? I’m going for a run. If you are planning on staying please move all your stuff to the spare room if you are still here when my gran comes to check up on me before her shift starts, who knows what type of hell it could cause.” I said. “Arghh I’m up.” He groans out, I lean down to him giving him a soft kiss.

“Oliver, babe go back to sleep in the spare room I’ll help get your stuff,” I whispered. “hmmm right.” He said I grab his bag and his keys and phone and wallet, he climbs out of bed groaning slowly following me into the spare room. I put all his stuff to the side, I pull the sheets down for him he cuddles into me slamming me to the bed groaning. “Stay with me in my arms.” He groans out.

“Come for a run with me and pack some condoms, just in case,” I whispered, his eyes flying open, looking at me with excitement. “Really?” He asked. “Maybe, it all depends on how far you can run,” I said. “Argh you know I can barely keep up with you.” He groans, he brushes the hair off my face looking down at me with love in his eyes. I finally worked out what that looked mean. I lean up giving him a kiss, I can see his still tired. “Go back to sleep and after my gran leaves, I’ll let you enjoy yourself,” I whispered. “How so?” He asked. “I’ll tell you later,” I whispered.

I made us roll over, so I was on top, sliding myself off of him I stood up, giving him a big grin, I left to go get dressed in my running gear, I go into my room making my bed making my room look as tidy as I normally have it. Once I was ready, I headed out for my run, I just stuck to the streets close to the house and didn’t go as long as I normally do. I arrived home to see my Grans car out the front, wow she’s early.

I head upstairs, I didn’t see her so headed into the kitchen for some water. “Care to fill me in on the first night your dad leaves you by yourself and a boy stayed the night?” My grandma cracked at me. “He had left, he had gotten into a bad fight with his Uncle and his dad wouldn’t let him come back home, he had asked to stay the night here,” I replied, she gives me that look that she doesn’t believe me at all. “Really that boy is madly in love with you and nothing happened?” She said sounding like she is about to lose her shit at me.

“Nope, he has a girlfriend grandma,” I said after drinking some more water. “Is it you?” She asked, doing my best to lie to her, “Nope not me.” I said, she scoffs at me, “You better not be lying to me girl.” She snapped. “She’s not” Oliver whispered, she spun around taking a good look at Oliver, she sucks in her breath, as she walks up to Oliver checking out his face that now looks worse than it had last night. “Your bloody Uncle did that to you?” She asked. “Yes Mrs. Kelly, you should see him I got a few into him too.” Oliver snapped. “I bet you did, don’t worry I’ll have a few words with him. But also I don’t believe the pair of you didn’t do anything last night either.” She said he looked shocked at her, “Please don’t, I don’t want any more drama from it. Also, nothing happened last night Mrs. Kelly.” He begged her, “Fine, but he does that again to you or your cousin’s lookout.” She said pointing a finger at him. “Ok.” He said.

“Tasmine go get in the shower you stink, Oliver pack your gear up you’re staying at my place until one of the men in your family let you back in. Meanwhile, who’s hungry?” She said we both had let her know that we are hungry, I raced into my room, I believe this could be very bad for us, my grandma is more clued on than dad at the moment. I grabbed a set of clean clothes and head into the bathroom, passing Oliver on the way he gave me a shrug of his shoulders and a small smile. Telling me we cannot fight this, I know once my Gran says something you cannot get her to change her mind. Once clean I got dressed this is what I had chosen to wear today, I know Oliver is going to get a kick out of it.

Oliver was sitting at the table, when he looked up, he started choking on his drink. My gran walked up to him slapping him on the back. “You good?” She asked him. “Yes thank you.” He said. The smoldering look he’s giving me is an understatement of the year, I try not to laugh as I sit down helping myself to the food grandma had put onto the table. “Tas you want to hang out with me at the salon today?” Grandma asked. “Am I allowed to walk around the town center too?” I asked. “Sure” She gives me a smile that I am unsure of, it’s like she is up to something.

“Not all day though?” I asked. “Nah I only have a few clients this morning.” She said. “Ok,” I whispered. I want to spend some part of the day with Oliver alone. “Alright, Oliver you have everything?” Grandma said after she had cleaned up the table. “Sure,” He said as he takes, his stuff down to her car, I climb into the back seat wondering why he isn’t getting into his own car. As Oliver is putting his gear in the back seat, he whispers to me. “Are you trying to kill me with that outfit kitten?” He whispered. “No, but I do like this shirt,” I whispered.

He starts laughing, “Of course you do.” He whispers, he gets out and hops into the front just as my gran gets into the front. “Right, I’ll drop you off at my place Oliver, the spare key is under the laughing frog on your left.” She says this as she pulls up to the front of her house. “Ok, thank you, Mrs. Kelly, bye Tassie see you around,” Oliver said. “See you, Oliver,” I whispered back.

He gets out of the car, grabs his bag, and off he goes looking for the laughing frog, which will be fun as she has quite a few frog statues and about five of them are laughing. As we drive off my Grandma is looking at me through the mirror. “You’re in love with him too.” She said.

My stomach dropped to the floor, “Grandma I am not in love with him.” I said trying to convince her. “Yes, well next time try and say that without blushing.” She snapped. “I’m” She cuts me off, “Tasmine let me give you some advice. Stop telling lies, I am of age and a woman so I can tell when things have changed. Something has changed in you, I cannot quite put my finger on it. But when I do, I do hope my idiot of a son is next to me to hear it. I haven’t finished, I know the pair of you have told me he has a girlfriend until I see him with her, I’ll believe it’s you. Next time your dad is going on an overnight date you will be at my house if Oliver is no longer there or one of your Uncle’s houses.” She snapped out.

“Ok, Grandma why is my dad an idiot?” I asked. “Really, to think it’s ok to leave you by yourself for a whole night, that’s what makes him an Idiot. Come on best we head into the salon before my first client has a field day cause I’m late.” She said. “I’m sorry if your late grandma,” I whispered. “Don’t be, this lady thinks it’s ok to rock up at eight for her nine appointments and gets upset why no one is in yet.” She said.

We get out of the car she locks it, then heads to the salon front door, someone is waiting outside, my Gran just smiles at her. We both enter the salon locking the door behind us, so she doesn’t follow. She disarms the alarm turning on the lights and aircon. She looks up at me, with a sad smile handing me her bag. “Put the bags in the back, please, Tasmine.” She said. I did what she asked, on the way back she looked sad, unsure why, but she was watching me.

“You gave that boy your virginity, didn’t you?”

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