The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 28 - Say What Now?

**Tasmine's Pov**

“You gave that boy your virginity, didn’t you?” She snapped at me. “What?” I stumbled out. I froze doing my best to void all of my emotions. How the hell can she tell? Is there a sign on my head saying no longer a virgin? “Am I correct kitten?” She asked me.

I look at her in shock when she said that. “The pair of you were so wrapped up in each other that you failed to notice when I had opened my door, heard him call you that.” She said. “Oh, um his always calls me that. It’s his nickname for me has been since I had arrived here.” I said. “I would believe that if you weren’t wearing a cat shirt and what I believe has happened during the time I had last seen you.” She said. “Why aren’t you yelling at me?” I asked.

“Why? I cannot yell at you for the past, it won’t bring back what you gave away. I’m just sad, was hoping you would have waited.” She said, she sounded so disappointed, but why did she want me to wait? What wait for when it’s my wedding night? I don’t think I could do that, I had never wanted to do that either. I don’t think I would ever get married either, not after how my parent’s marriage turned out. “Are you going to be telling dad?” I asked.

Grandma starts laughing but it’s not her funny laugh either. “I would like to, but I also understand what it’s like to be a female and a teenager. I see the way he looks at you, the way he treats you I see my boys in him. No, you are not like your mother that is for sure.” She said, I nearly wanted to vomit when she said he was like my dad and uncle. “He loves you but it’s young love, not true love. I just don’t want him to trap you in this small town that isn’t going anywhere.” She said we are setting up the salon as she talks to me. “What do you mean by trapping?” I asked.

She just looks at me with a sad smile on her face, oh. “Oh, you mean getting pregnant,” I said, she nods her head. “Do you think my mum had trapped my dad?” I asked. “Yes. She made it worse by taking off with you, she couldn’t let him have you at all. Would have been better if she had just left you here. Do not get me wrong they both love you, it was young love. I believe she may even have cheated on him a few times I don’t want that for you, it’s hard enough watching your dad live through it.” She said. “Oh,” I whispered, she walks up to me hugging me then looking down at me, with a small smile.

“But he’s living with me now, so next to no visits Missy. I do not want to become a great-grandma just yet.” She snapped. “I do not plan on it Gran,” I said. Why don’t these adults get it, I don’t want kids until I have checked off my to-do list in life, after happy to have a few kids. “No one does. I know you have had the depo shot make sure you keep it up and make sure next time he uses something as well.” She ordered. “We are safe, no safe items are a no-go, we both agree on that,” I said. “Good that boy has his head screwed on.”

She goes and shows me what I will be doing for the next half hour. I was left to my own thoughts, she’s ok with me being with him? Or is she waiting for me to stuff up and get caught by my father? Half an hour later Gran was getting ready to do her next client, I look over at her she nods her head. “Thank you,” I said. “Before you go here,” She said, she races towards the back of the salon pulling money out of her wallet, and hands me sixty-five dollars, I look up at her in shock.

“Take it, kid, use it if you need be otherwise it’s yours.” She said. “Thank you, grandma,” I said.

I put the money into my purse and threw my handbag over my shoulder, putting my hat and sunglasses on, and made my way towards the creek. I turn the corner to the creek, I see his car parked off hidden by the bushes, he has the radio playing laying down in the passenger seat.

I slowly walk up to the open door and popped my head in screaming boo, he jumped so high. “Argh, fucking hell Tasmine!” He screamed out, I start laughing, as I never get the chance to scare him like that, ever. “I couldn’t help myself,” I said. “Hmm, need to cut your time with Jackson you’re becoming way too much like him. Come here” He said, he grabs my hand pulling me onto his lap, kissing me hard. “Hmmm so how was your morning with your Gran?” He asked.

“She knows,” I said, he pulls away in shock, “What?” He asked. “Yes, she worked it all out Oliver,” I stated. “Oh... When will Lee know?” He asked, he looks like he was going to cry, I don’t like that look on his face at all. “She’s not going to be telling him,” I said. “You believe her?” He asked not sure if he wants to believe me. “Yes, she is waiting for us to stuff up and get caught by him,” I said. “Oh, I really do not like the sound of that.” He said. “Meh what can I do? Apparently, it’s noticeable to her, unsure how” I said. “I don’t know either.” He said.

Still sitting on his lap, I turn around, so my back is pressed against him and he cuddles into me, kissing the back of my neck. “What are we doing today?” I asked. “Chilling, did you pack anything?” He askes as he bites my earlobe. “Yes, I have packed my togs, towel, a book, and my tablet with portable charger and Wi-Fi,” I said. “Why did you bring your tablet?” He asks as he starts laughing. “In case we wanted to watch a movie,” I said, he leans over kissing my nose, “oh so dam cute kitten.” He whispered.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked. “Can you guess?” He whispers, he moves his hips into my ass, I can feel how hard he is. “So, my kitten what do you want to do first?” He said loudly in my ear. God his voice filled with authority, never thought it would turn me on but wow it did. “hmmm” I moan out, I wrap my arms around him, meeting up to his lips kissing him hard. “Hmmm, good choice.” He said in my mouth.

He lifts me up turning me around in his arms, moving his seat so it is laying down a little, and moves it back to give me more legroom. He unclips my overalls, pulling them down, I move up so I can pull them off taking my undies with them. He lets out a groan as I undo his pants freeing him. “aghhh, hold up Tasmine.” He whispers, he reaches over to his bag pulling out a condom. Once he is ready, I lift up my body as he lines himself up and helps me to lower myself down onto him, I moan out, it hurts a little still, but I don’t want to tell him as I want to try again with him.

Oliver moans out, gripping my hips moving me slowly I put my hands up on the roof of the car. Not enjoying that I place them onto his chest. “You ok? Not hurting?” He asked sounding concerned, I smiled at him shaking my head, “Hmmm no aghh” I moaned out. “I need to go harder and faster Tas.” He moans out, I nod my head he quickly flips us so he’s on top, I let out a laugh as it took a few goes. Griping my ass he slams harder into me, sending my body nearly over the edge. “Arghh fuck Ollie yes! mmmm can go harder if you like.” I screamed out.

“Ok, let me know” I cut him off, “hmm I will.” he goes harder, my body starts clenching around him. “OLIVER! YES! ARGHH OOOO HMMM OLIVER!” I screamed out so loudly. “Fuck Tasmine you feel amazing. aghhh yes! Arh mmmm.” He screamed out, he collapses onto me, catching his breath, my body still wrapped around his body, that was much better than last night in that position. He moves off of me to take off his condom and dispose of it in the bin, shirt still on nothing else, I sat watching him walk off, smiling back at him as he made his way back to me.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked. “Oh yes, I sure am,” I smirked at him playing coy with him. “Swim with me naked Kitten.” He ordered. “Ok.” I stand up and fully stripped off he reaches back into the car pulling out another condom, I shake my head at him to put it back. “You sore?” He asked. “A little,” I said quietly.

“Tasmine why didn’t you tell me?” He asked worriedly. “It felt really good,” I said, I started walking into the water and froze, he stopped right behind me wrapping an arm around me. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Water is cold, but why is there no one else here using it?” I asked. “I don’t know.” He said.

I turned back around at him, with a little sad smile, walking out of his grip heading back to the car getting into my togs instead. He watched me the whole time, I want to scream out to the world that I enjoy him watching me. “Why?” he asked quietly. “Just in case someone turns up, nothing worst than being stuck in a creek naked when someone rocks up,” I said he starts laughing, “Ok.” He walks up to me, giving my bum a little tap before pulling out his board shorts.

“You should wear those togs more often.” He said, eyeing my body. “You like them,” I asked. “Yes.” His eyes racking over my body again, as I smirk at him, “The last one in is a rotten egg!” I yelled out. “This again kitten?” He asked, I managed four steps away from him before he caught me at my waist and threw me over his shoulders, slapping my bum lightly, screaming and laughing.

“Put me down!” I screamed out, he starts laughing too, “Nope” He walks into the creek, until it was waist high for me not him, and slaps my bum again, and then dropped me gently into the water. I came back up ready to fight him, but he’s bending over laughing himself silly, it was really nice seeing him happy. I walk right up to him, wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him down into a hot make-out session, only breaking away for us to catch our breaths. “Should I dunk you more often kitten, to get a kiss like that again?” He asked.

“No, it was because you looked so dam happy,” I said. “I did? Well, kitten probably because around you I am.” He said, hearing him saying that did something to me, turned on my love for him even more, over people telling me it’s young love it doesn’t feel like young love to me. “Fuck it,” I said.

I jumped up he caught me as we start making out again, he walks into the water deeper, one hand gripping my ass the other roaming over my body. “Hmmm, Oliver.” I moaned out into his mouth. “Hmmm kitten want me to go back and get a”

“Wow, she really does move on fast!” Courtney cuts Oliver off. “Yes, clearly Noah means nothing to her now,” Danika added her bit to the mix. “Zoey?” Danika asked softly, but loud enough for us to hear her.

Oliver stood there holding onto me, Zoey walks right up to us, with no care that she is getting wet. I climb down from him, looking at her oddly, she is glaring at Oliver, pushing me out of the way to only then she slaps him in the face.

“You are a fucking asshole! What was I to you?! Nothing clearly!” She screamed out.

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