The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 29 - This Cannot Be True!

**Tasmine's Pov**

My mouth has dropped open in sheer shock, what the hell is going on here?

Zoey looks hurt as she continues to scream at him. “What you only call me up when you need someone to ride your dick! But don’t bother with them when someone else is willing to open up to you?!” She screamed, then she turns to me, oh man what did I do? “Tasmine I know you hate me, but I bloody hope you didn’t give him your virginity that you let Noah take it. That one collects girl’s virginity like it’s a big game!” She screamed.

I stood in shock like everyone else was, Zoey ran off crying as her friends followed her. What the actual fuck just happened?!

Is this all true?

He is still standing there in shock or something, I can feel my heart shattering by the seconds of him being quiet. I closed my eyes and turned towards him, before saying as quietly as I can be. “Please tell me it isn’t true?” I asked, he stayed quiet, I opened my eyes up to look at him he’s not even making eye contact with me, I feel so stupid and used right about now.

Why is he not talking to me?

I made my way to his car grabbing my things putting my clothes on over my wet togs no longer caring what I look like as the tears fall freely down my face. “Tasmine please.” He begged. “Please what Oliver?” I asked. “Please let me explain?” He said, so, it’s true, was she his side piece, or was I? “Well, is it true what she said?” I asked, he looks guilty, why does he look so guilty, what has he done? “Half is, yes I used to call her up for sex, I’m not proud of it.” He said.

He looks down at the ground, so she is an ex then, but that is not what is worrying me. “I don’t care about that part! Is what she said true?” I asked, I didn’t mean to, but I screamed that at him as I was crying. “It used to be before I had met you.” He said.


Is this some sort of lie, that doesn’t make any sense why tell me that he loves me if he is after one thing, but he looks guilty right now, which hurts so much? “Fuck you, Oliver!” I yelled, I packed up my items and stormed off down the street him yelling at me. “TASMINE IT’S THE FUCKEN TRUTH PLEASE BELIEVE ME!” He screamed. “How when someone I truly hate says that to me! You look guilty as hell doesn’t help! I no longer know who to trust! Did Jackson and Max know all of this?!” I asked. “Yes,” He said. “Was I just the next girl to give you my virginity?” I asked, I had stopped when I said that, spinning around I really want to push him.

“Oh GOD no please Tasmine you’re not, never have been! Please!” He said begging me. This hurts so much, he looks in just as much pain as I am, how can I know he’s telling me the truth? “How can I believe you?” I asked. “Please don’t let what that hateful girl said destroy what we have going here.” He said begging me, his now crying too, is he telling the truth? Everyone has told me to not go there with him, and I did, I let out a sigh as I run my hand through my wet hair.

“It’s over is it not? The town will know by the end of the day with those three cows telling people.” I snapped. “No! We are not over please!” He said, he runs up to me hugging me, gripping my face in his hands kissing me hard, my body betrayed me, and kissed him back instead of fighting him, pulling apart leaning his forehead onto mine, we both still crying.

“Please, Tasmine Rose Kelly I have fallen madly in love with you!” He whispered, he kept on repeating that line over and over, his telling the truth, that is what it feels like in my heart. Pulling away enough so I could look at his face, which is full of emotions. “When did you last call her?” I asked. “When you screamed at me, we are just friends a few days after that, I needed to see if I could be with another person while I was falling hard for you.” He said. “And?” I asked. “I couldn’t Tasmine, it felt weird, she wasn’t you, felt like I was cheating on you even though we weren’t anything at the time,” he said letting out a sigh, I believe him, now that he’s talking to me I can tell now, or my gut is anyways. “Is she the one that is pregnant?” I asked, “What? No!” He snapped at me. “How are you sure?” I asked.

“Because I couldn’t even finish Tasmine, I never came and I used a condom, I always use protection no matter what, always use the ones I buy never the girls encase they have put holes in them.” He said. “Wow, do girls do that? What do you mean you couldn’t finish?” I asked. “Yes, some do that. She wasn’t you, sleeping with her didn’t make me forget about you at all made me want you even more. Wanted you to be my girl and my girl only. As in I didn’t cum Tasmine.” He said. “You really are telling me the truth?” I asked. “I wouldn’t lie to the best thing that has happened to me. I know your hurting right now, but please” he said.

I put my hand over his mouth, shushing him. “Shh Oliver. Yes, I am hurt, really. But once my dad hears about it from the town’s gossips, how would we make it work?” I asked. “We will make it work, keep going on our runs and seeing each other at school.” He said. “School is nearly finished for you,” I said. “So? It won’t stop me from seeing my girl, are you still my girl?” He asked. “Yes, still your girl,” I said with a smile on my face, he picked me up smiling spinning me around, I lean down kissing him. Still at the back of my head, I’m thinking how many other girls are going to come forward. “I don’t ever want to fucking lose you, Tasmine Rose Kelly.” He whispered. “Don’t sleep with other girl’s and you’ll be fine,” I said. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said quickly. “Ok,” I said.

“Are you still going home?” He asked me, I smiled at him sadly, “Yes, seems like fate wants us getting busted. I would rather be at home and have him yell at me there than out here.” I said. “Ok, I have a new phone and new number.” He said, I hand over my phone and he put his number into it. He hands it back to me I read the name he put it under and arching one eyebrow up at him. “Loverboy, really?” I asked, he starts laughing, “Yes really.” He walks us over to his car sitting me down on the boot of it, he steps back a little looking at me. “I don’t ever want to see that amount of tears going down your face over me.” He said. “Same,” I whispered.

I started wiping his face, he does the same to me, I start giggling no idea why. “Mmmm” He moans out as he steps back in between my legs, kissing me softly. I push him away just enough so I could jump down. Pulling him into a hug, leaning up I gave him a quick kiss. Then headed off towards my house. “See you, Oliver, be good at my Gran’s house,” I said, “I will, bye Tasmine.” He said.

I walked backward for a few steps just looking at him, he had a big grin on his face, his eyes still shining with tears. Turning back around I started a light jog I know he’s watching me can feel his eyes burning through me. I was now walking through the town center when I heard my name being called, I look around and let out a groan. “Tasmine?” Zoey said sheepishly. “What is it, Zoey?” I asked using my best bitchy voice. “I’m not going to tell anyone about you, if I do will have to tell them about me and I don’t want that.” She said, I want to laugh at her, not wanting the good town to know that she sleeps around, which we all know.

“Good to know, but your two friends will still talk so what’s the point?” I asked. “They won’t.” I raised one eyebrow up. “I find that awfully hard to believe,” I said. “They will do anything I say so yeah believe it.” She snapped. “So, no apology about what you said?” I asked, she gives me her best resting bitch face that I know so well. “No cause once a player always a player sweetie. No matter what they say he will get bored of your tight virgin ass and move on, they always do.” She said looking me up and down. “Wow, you really do not know him then, the real him,” I said, I just turned and left her, don’t know why I thought she was going to be nice for once.

I made it back home, no one was home Dad must be still at work. I headed upstairs and started opening things up and turning fans on as it’s cool today not hot. By night time I heard dad walking up the front steps, I had already cooked dinner, had a bath, and was just about ready for bed. I am unsure why dad took his time getting home, but I am dreading it. I am in my room finishing off the last book that I own of my favorite Arthur. Oliver has texted me a few times but said all was good at Gran’s house.

“Tasmine! You awake!” Dad yelled out. “Hi, Dad, If I wasn’t am now. What’s up?” I asked, he walks into my room, not looking happy. “You seen Oliver?” He snaps out, does he know about us? He isn’t coming across as angry as I thought he would be. “Yes,” I whispered. “Did you know what he did to his Uncle?” He asked.

Ok wow, so that is what he’s pissed off about. “Wow please tell me you haven’t picked sides dad!” I snapped at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked. “He hit Oliver too dad his pretty beaten up. He’s at Grandma’s house until one of the men in his life lets him move back in!” I yelled at him. “What? Are you sure? His at mum’s, did he come here last night after the fight Tasmine!?” He asked.

Wow, so he didn’t know that bit, nice way to put your foot into it Tasmine. “One hundred percent sure dad, seen his face myself. Yes, he stayed in the spare room.” I said. “I DON’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS, FIRST NIGHT OUT AND YOU HAVE A BOY STAY OVER!” He roared at me, I flinched away from him. “THAT IS NOT FAIR DAD! HE CAME OVER BECAUSE HE HAD NO OTHER PLACE TO GO! IT WAS SLEEP IN HIS CAR OR COME HERE!” I roared back at him. “HIS CAR IS THE BEST OPTION! THE RUMOURS BETTER NOT BE ABOUT YOU MISS!” He screamed at me.

I froze at his words, why do the men in my family think I will turn out like them?! “The pregnancy one? No! It is not me dad! Do you think so little of me?! Got to have sex to get pregnant dad! Just because you had me at a young age doesn’t mean I am going to repeat the same mistakes you and Uncle James did!” I screamed, wow I have never screamed that loudly at him before. “Tasmine” I cut him off, “No! Get out of my room! I’m sick of this dad! Stop comparing me to her! I am not her! I hate her!” I screamed at him.

“I know you are not sweetie.” He said. “Doesn’t feel it” I snapped at him. “Why didn’t Oliver go to his girlfriend’s house?” He asked. “Don’t know ask him.” I snapped. “You didn’t ask?” Dad said sounding surprised. “No was too busy trying to get his face patched back up,” I said, besides dad, I am his girlfriend I’m madly in love with him, I wanted to tell him so badly, but I know how it would go. “That bad?” He asked. “Yeah,” I mumbled, standing up next to my door, trying to get him to leave.

“Your acting odd Miss, I will get to the bottom of this.” He said. “You do that, while you at it start seeing me as Tasmine and not her!” I snapped. “Tas” He started. “Please I just want to go to sleep, dinner is in the fridge,” I said, he leaves, I am hoping he doesn’t work out what is going on with myself and Oliver. It didn’t take Grandma long to work it out, wonder when it will take him to work it out? Hopefully, after I have finished year twelve and moved in with him, wishful thinking I know, but a girl can dream.

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