The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 3 - Back At It

The weekend went by so fast; the house is so quiet and empty now. It’s just myself and Dad, Grandma has gone back to her place. Trying to get dad to let me stay home and not go back to school. I haven’t been at school since it happened, I just couldn’t walk into the school without him.

“Come on Tas we are going to be late!” He yelled out from near the front door. “Arghh do I have to” He cuts me off, “Yes, you bloody do!” He yelled back at me. “Fine, I’m dressed! Is my lunch made?” I asked.

“Today it is, tomorrow you need to start doing it.” He said. “Ok, when do I start getting tuckshop money?” I asked. “When you get your own job to pay for it.” He snapped.

“I see you’ve gone back to your old self,” I said, which had upset me as I was enjoying the dad I had lately. “Didn’t know I had lost my old self. If you’re not in the car in five minutes your walking to school.” He said as he made his way outside.

“Ok ok ok ok! I’m coming!” I yelled out at him, I race down to the car, soon he was pulling up to the school. I just sit there looking at the school.

“You gonna have to get out soon kiddo.” My dad said, I kept looking out the window, “I don’t want to dad.” I complained.

“I know you don’t, but you need to go. Also, you ok to walk home?” He asked.

“Yes, fine I’ll get out. Bye, dad.” I said. “Bye Tas see you tonight,” Dad said.

I get out, as soon as the door is closed dad has taken off. Students are looking at me but I no longer care, I head towards my normal table hoping some of my friends are here this early, I wished this cast was off, it’s so itchy it’s driving me nuts.

“Hey, Tasmine wait up!” Someone yells out to me. “Uh? Hey Oliver, what’s up?” I said when I had turned around to him, I smiled at him, feel no need to be a bitch to him today.

“How are you? And don’t be like that.” He said I had given a stop asking me that question look.

“Ok sorry Oliver, I feel numb if you must know.” I snapped.

“I am here if you ever want to talk to me.” He said.

He looked over me worried, “Can I ask you something?” I asked, “Sure.” He said.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you being so kind to me and not trying to get into my pants or pissing me off?” I asked quietly, it’s odd him being kind to me. “I may enjoy annoying you and flirting with you, but right now I can see you don’t need it,” he said.

He has a glint in his eyes, that I cannot read. “Really?” I asked shocked.

“I know, Mr. Bad boy can be kind every now and then.” He said using a funny voice as he waves his hands in the air, pulling a funny face at me. “Right,” I said holding back my laughter.

“You know why I and Noah were not best friends anymore?” He asked quietly. “Yes, found out that night actually,” I said looking down.

Trying not to remember it. “Oh...” He said looking just as sad as I felt.

“Don’t worry it is not my place to judge, but letting you know no matter how nice you are towards me we will only be friends. I don’t have that type of feelings for you, sorry.” I stated.

He starts laughing, “Wow that’s the most you have ever said to me, did it hurt saying that much to me? All good in that department I have feelings for someone else, but I am not going to lie to you, you are a very beautiful girl, so I do enjoy flirting with you. And no, I am not going to tell you who that is.” He finished, with a small smile on his face. “Wasn’t going to ask.” That is what I said to him, but deep down I really wanted to know who he was talking about.

“Good, have you been eating and sleeping?” He asked, “Agh you sound like my dad.” I said loudly, we are now sitting at my normal table just us, no one else has rocked up yet.

“Sorry to say but you don’t have much weight to lose in the first place.” He said looking over my body as I squint at him. “Sshh old man, not really Oliver. Why are you being so dam nice?” I snapped.

He lets out a loud sigh, “I don’t know Tasmine, can you drop it please.” He snapped.

“Fine, I will ask you later,” I said, he smirked at me. “I bet you will.”

“You no longer sitting with us Oliver?” Jamie yelled out to him, I see he rolls his eyes, he clearly doesn’t like her at all. “I sit wherever I want to.” Oliver snapped.

“Do you now? Or are you just after Tasmine now that Noah is out of the picture? And you know she is easy!” She said looking over at me. I hear Oliver let out a loud scoff, “Oh fuck me, Jamie, really? Fuck off I’m like that, stop projecting your sluty views onto everyone. Also, I’m not your friend you’re just sleeping around with the males in my group! Also, Tasmine is not easy, your easy learn to look in a mirror before judging others!” He snapped at her; I try to hide my smile at what he just said.

“wo” Oh, I have had enough of this bitch I no longer care what happens to me. I cut her off screaming at her. “FUCKING PISS OFF JAMIE BEFORE I KNOCK YOU OUT BITCH!” I screamed at her. I even went to stand up but Oliver had grabbed my arm stopping me.

“Rude” She goes to say but Oliver cuts her off, “Don’t even fucking finish that, piss off now!” Oliver yelled at her.

She takes off crying and running towards Mason as he will ever hear the truth. The pair of them kept on looking up at us, I wanted to go over and punch them both out, but Oliver’s grip on my arm stopped me. “Tassie do not need you getting into trouble again.” He whispered.

“I no longer care, Oliver, I have had enough of her being bitchy to me,” I said, he just gives me a look that I would say is proud. “Hey please tell me you two are the reason why the dirty mole is crying?” Jackson said with a bright smile on his face, as Oliver started laughing.

“Yes, it was both of us,” Oliver said as Jackson raced over and sat on the other side of me. “Wicked fill me in.” He said joyfully, after Oliver filled him in on what happened, Sam and Dean, and Max showed up. “I’m off, see you around Tas. Boys.” He said, his voice even sounding different, which is reminding me of that skater boy song.

He leaves and I’m left thinking why is he being nice to me, please tell me it has nothing to do with Noah’s death. “Why was he here?” Jackson asked me.

“No idea, his being way too nice to me. It’s very weird.” I said giving Jackson a side look.

As he looks like he’s thinking hard, “A little, oh hey I found the book for you.” He said, in Jackson’s fashion, he goes from being all serious to a loveable idiot, as I smile brightly at him. “What! Really?” I screamed out.

He nods his head at me, “Yes” He hands me an art book, I am too scared to open it. I open the cover with shaky hands and burst into tears. Very realistic drawing of myself sound asleep, did he sneak into my room when he lived with me?

I turn the next page another drawing of me but wide awake smiling at him, I recognized the shirt I was wearing it was that night I had snuck into his room and we got busy, my heart breaks looking at this, every page is of me doing different things. He had also thrown in the photos of us in the pages too. I love it so much; I am going to cherish this book.

“Thank you, Jack, I love it,” I said through my tears. “Your welcome, I know.” He said as he leans over giving my hand a squeeze. “Hey bro since when does Oliver want to hang out with my friends?” Max asked as Jackson shrugged his shoulders, “Ask him yourself.” He snapped.

“Isn’t it clear for you all, he wants to get to know our little Tassie, you’re on the open market Tasmine and the wolves are circling you,” Sam said laughing. “Oh, fuck off! Nope no and no! I may not be with someone right now, but I am not moving on.” I snapped at Sam.

While my whole body started shaking, “shh Tas I meant it in a way that we will keep you safe. We all know you’re not moving on any time soon. It is way too early.” Sam said leaning over giving my hand a squeeze, as I smiled at him.

“Well, Jack and Max think you need to let your cousin know that shit,” Dean said. “He does, I told him too. Why are the girls never at school before the first bell?” I asked.

“Ok and do not know, might ask them that when you see them next,” Dean said.

The bell ran, better head to English, like I really want to go to it. Once again teacher is late, I paid next to no attention to my classmates nor the teacher. “Hey, you ok?” Vincent asked me quietly. “What?” I said louder than I meant to. “Tasmine Kelly, are you paying any attention?” Miss Adam’s had said.

Standing at the front of the class while now the whole class was looking at me. “Um, no Sorry Miss Adam,” I said. “When the bell goes can I please see you.” I nod my head, ah crap again.

’Ok Miss.” I mumbled, she goes back to her desk, Vincent is sitting behind me and Mich is sitting next to me at the same desk. I looked at Mich. “Hey what are we supposed to be doing?” I whispered.

“Reading from chapters seven to eleven, then doing the quiz on them. Tasmine, I am so sorry about Noah. I know you’re overhearing that but I really am.” He whispered he sounded like he was telling the truth, “Thanks, Mich.” I managed to read a chapter before the bell rings, getting my gear I head towards the teacher’s desk.

“Hi Tasmine, I know you are dealing with a lot of emotional stuff right now, but I do expect you to at least pay attention in class. If it happens again, I will have to give you a detention and I don’t want to do that as you are a good student.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Ok, I’m sorry Miss, I try not to let it happen again,” I said, “Thank you, you better get going or you’ll be late for your next class.” She said.

I start running towards my next class man cannot be late for this class. I get closer to the classroom and run full speed into the locker room slamming right into someone, screaming as I land on the ground on top of the poor person I just knocked over, thinking I may have kneed him in the balls.

“Argh! Fuck! Shit man, I am so sorry!” I screamed out. “Argh! Jesus fucking Christ Tasmine! I may want children when I’m older!” Oliver screamed out in pain.

I climb off him, looking at him as he holds his bits in his hands crying out in pain. Man, I feel so bad for doing this to him, on my knees next to him covering my mouth in shock. “Oh, my Oliver I am so sorry, here let me help you up,” I asked.

“aghhm mmm uhhm ah nah it’s ok Tasmine.” He groans out. “Here let me help the pair of you up,” Vincent said trying not to laugh, Vincent helps Oliver up first, then picks me up with ease.

“Stop Tas you’ve done enough,” Oliver said, I had gone up to him to see if he was ok, he said his bit and walked off funny.

Then I noticed the rest of the class watching us some laughing others holding their bits in sympathy. I feel a pair of arms over my shoulder, I look up hoping it was, my face dropped when I notice who it was, it wasn’t Noah. “Oh, hey Vinnie,” I said sounding disappointed. “Really? Are you ok sweet pea?” He asked. “Yep fine.” I snapped at him.

The rest of the day went by a lot better than my entrance into that class. I was really looking forward to walking home and checking out some parts of the town. Poor Oliver has been walking around funny all day, I really didn’t mean to hit him that hard, wish Noah was here to have seen that.

The end of school bell rang out, I quickly grabbed my bags and bolted towards the exit of the school. I’m not sticking around to talk to anyone, have had enough sympathy looks and comments all day. “Oi Tas wait up!” Jackson yelled out.

“Hey Jack, what’s up? I gotta get home.” I said, he smiled at me, “I’ll walk with you, your place is on the way to mine.” He stated. “Isn’t your dad picking you up?” I asked.

“Nah mate he never picks us up in the avo.” He said. “Ok, fine but blame yourself when Lee rips you a new asshole for walking with me,” I said.

He starts laughing, “Ok” After a few minutes of small talk we arrive at my house. This feels weird why does this feel weird, maybe I want it to be Noah walking me home and not Jackson.

“See you tomorrow Jack,” I said. “See you little thing.” He replied with a big grin on his face.

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