The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 30 - School Halloween Dance Night

**Four Months Later**

**Tasmine's Pov**

No one has said who’s pregnant, I’m starting to think the rumor is not true. Oliver and I still haven’t been busted by anyone else yet. We’ve kept it pretty much on the down-low, which is hard because every time I see him at school, I just want to hold his hand or kiss him. Only really catching up on my runs and at school, every time dad goes on a date, I am at one of my Uncle’s house’s Gran has band me staying at hers while Oliver is living with her.

Dad seems to be believing the lie Oliver told him about his girlfriend, he had given Lee a name of some girl he said not many people know who she is in year 12. Unsure how Oliver managed to get my dad to believe it, but he has for now. Year 12s are nearly finished and today is the school disco. I know it was a Halloween theme, but I really want to wear a nice dress, so I am still working on my costume, Jackson is picking me up we are meeting the rest at the school hall.

I have also managed to get my Ls, Oliver, and Jackson has only just let me drive their cars. Something to do with myself needed to get at least twenty-five hours up under my belt before they would even dream of me being behind the wheel of their cars. Dad on the other hand seems to have a heart attack every time I get into his car. It’s getting easier to change the gears, thank God thought I would never get it.

Mason and Jamie have been charged for what they had done to myself and Noah, however, they got off lightly in my opinion as I have that video online for the rest of my life when they just get a tap on their wrist and off you go. Fifty hours of community services for Mason and Jamie have two hundred and fifty hours of community services and she has been put down as a child sex offender. Don’t care about their views on it either, I did get a thrill out of what the judge had said to Jamie after she had an outburst in the courthouse that what she did was not child pornographic in nature. ‘Taking or distributing photos or videos of someone’s private parts or private activities without their consent regardless of how old they are is a criminal offense Miss Simone the maximum penalty for this type of offense is up to two years imprisonment, if I were you, I would keep that in mind.’ She was going to fight him over it but her own parents shut her down. It has been a good quiet couple of months from her now, but I can tell she is steaming to burst out at me.

Noah’s dad’s court case had been postponed due to him receiving some incredibly special treatment in jail. To say that I care is an understatement he is getting everything he deserved and then some. Mark’s court case was a lot harder to deal with than the rest, his lawyers were worst than sharks, that whole week I thought dad would have found out about myself and Oliver as he wouldn’t leave my side throughout it all, think dad just summed it up as friends supporting each other as the case was also including Monica. We didn’t win as it came down to, he says and one of the victims wasn’t alive, and not enough evidence from both of us. Let’s just say that month was one of the worse months of my life, but I am so grateful for Oliver I doubt I would have made it through it all without him by my side.

I race into the lounge room; dad stands in front of me stopping me. “That is not a Halloween costume Tasmine.” Dad snapped out. I'm wearing a red checker dress with a green jacket that goes to my elbows, with combat boots hair out straight, and dark eye makeup but natural lip colour, also wearing the necklace Oliver had bought me which is gold with supernatural pendents on it, it matches the supernatural charm bracelet that I had bought myself. “It is, I’m going as Dean Winchester, just wanted to wear a dress,” I said, he doesn’t seem to like my idea that much, “Odd take on it, so who’s going as Case and Sam?” He asked. “Um think Jackson is going as Dean and Oliver as Sam,” I said, he just nods his head, I am incredibly happy that he’s allowing me to go out to this thing.

“Ok, be home by one the latest Miss.” He said, he points a finger at me with that stern look on his face, “Ok Dad.” I said, heading outside to Jackson who looked hot, myself and Oliver have bets on him asking Josephine or Justine out, Oliver thinks it’s Justine, but I have a gut feeling it will be Josephine, but we just don’t know when. He is wearing dark jeans, black shirt with a green long sleeve shirt over the top that is open with the God necklace on.

“Hmm, should I call you Dean or Jackson tonight?” He has a big grin on his face, “Man you look good in that, also just call me Jack tonight” He said, he winks at me, I laugh, “Right.” We got into the car and headed to the school.

The school is fully decked out in a haunted house theme, it looks so cool, never been one for Halloween but in this Town, I'm loving it. Loud rock music is blasting from the stage that I like, I walk over to where Oliver told me to wait for him. As I got closer, I see him, he’s looking right at me, saw his eyes roaming over my whole body, he had a smirk on his face. I doubt I would be able to keep my hands off him tonight, and I am starting to think I don’t care who finds out about us, I’m madly in love with him.

“Fuck you are one hot kitten right now.” He said, I smiled brightly up at him, “Hi Ollie, so are you.” I said, he walks up to me, not even caring about onlookers, and kisses me so softly. “I’ve missed you.” He whispers into the kiss, “Same.” I moaned out into his mouth, he chuckles. “Dance with me?” He asked. “Yes.” I smiled at him as he holds onto my hand, walking further into the crowd while dancing to the song Dance Monkey.

As we got further into the crowd Teeth by 5SOS came on, which is one of my favorite songs right now.

I screamed and jumped up and down smiling at him, he smiled back at me, we both danced to the beat of the music. Oliver had confessed that he would have never had gone to this if I wasn’t here with him. We danced together for three more songs than a love song came on. He grabs my hips pulling me into him swaying to the music, I wrap an arm around his back the other placed on his chest along with my head, he has one hand on my ass the other on my back. It felt so bloody good to just dance with him like this, I looked up at him and whispered in his ear so only he could hear. “I love you, Ollie.” He holds onto me tighter, kissing my neck whispering. “I love you too Tasmine”

He kisses me right after he said it, it felt like he was putting his emotions into the kiss as well. I pull away to get my breath when I noticed he was looking off behind me with an evil type of smirk on his face. “Hey what’s up?” I asked. “I’m sorry, we are about to find out.” He said. “What.” As I say this Oliver moves me to the side and behind him.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Vincent screamed at us over the top of the music, he is looking at me, he looks so angry. I have no idea what has gotten into him right now, had seen him early kissing and dancing with Danika. “Vincent, what is your problem?” I snapped at him, “You’re with him?! After how he treated you?!” He snapped, is he for real? “You shouldn’t be angry either not after the way you’ve been treating me!” I snapped.

“Back off Vincent.” Oliver snapped at him. “Oh, please you only went after her when you found out I had feelings for her too!” Vincent snapped. “That’s not true and you know it! You are just pissed she chose me over you!” Oliver said, I know what was said and Vincent is lying his ass off. “Ok guys please stop! You’re making a scene!” I said I don’t like that people around us have stopped dancing and started watching us and forming a circle around the three of us, I grabbed Oliver’s hand trying to pull him away.

“Oh, what too much drama for the Queen of Drama herself!” Vincent said throwing his arms up in the air and waving them around like an idiot. “Enough Mate!” Oliver snapped, I can tell he’s trying to keep his anger at bay, “We aren’t mates! We stopped being mates the minute you jammed your tongue down her throat!” Vincent screamed at him. “Just get over it Vincent, please Oliver let’s go,” I said, Oliver’s whole body was tenses, he was having an inner battle, Vincent starts laughing at Oliver. “Oh man, you are whipped the famous angry Oliver has gone soft!” As he says this, he steps closer to Oliver throwing a punch at him, that it was free for all.

The two of them going at it, I try breaking them up unsure on who it was, but I got hit sending me flying to the ground screaming and crying, Jackson racing towards me, “You ok Tas?” he asked. “No,” I said crying. “Where does it hurt?” he asked quietly. “The side of my face, but my arm hurts too,” I said, he looked worried now, “You landed on it?” He asked, fuck I hope I haven’t broken it again. I nod my head, I was going to say something else, but Mr. Hope and Mr. Warren had raced over yelling trying to break up the fight.

“You two break it up!” Mr. Hope yelled out. “Come on break it up!” Mr. Warren snapped, Mr. Hope and Mr. Warren have finally broken up the fight, Vincent was now yelling at his father, Oliver had finally noticed me on the ground with Jackson, he looks shattered, Oliver broke out of Mr. Hope’s hold racing towards me, with worry over his face. “Tas! Babe are you ok? What happened?” He asked worriedly. “One of you two did it!” I yelled at him. “What?! Oh God, I bloody hope it wasn’t me, where are you hurt?” He asked.

He took me in his arm’s looking over me trying to see if I had any other injuries. Mr. Hope cleared his throat, glaring at all three of us. “You three follow me now!” He snapped, Jackson and Oliver helped me up, Oliver never leaving my side, we had been taken to the front of the hall, both the Warren’s are there too. They are still yelling at each other, but now it’s about something from home. “You two good?” Mr. Hope had asked the pair of them. “Peachy.” Mr. Warren mumbles.

“You two are suspended, and you two were you in the fight Miss Kelly?” Mr. Hope snapped his teacher’s voice. “I tried to break them up,” I mumbled. “Oh, What hurts?” He asked, told him about my wrist he looks at Jackson telling him to go get some ice packs for me from the tuck-shop ladies, Oliver wouldn’t leave my side, Vincent kept on glaring at me. “I’m sorry boy’s but you cannot go back into the building.” Mr. Hope said.

When Oliver looked like he was going to get up. “WHAT THE HELL!” Oliver screamed out. “You are suspended Oliver you know what that means.” Mr. Hope said. “HE PUNCHED ME FIRST! HIS ONLY PISSED OFF THAT TASMINE DIDN’T WANT TO DATE HIM! HE’S THE ONE THAT WANTED TO CAUSE ALL THE EXTRA DRAMA!” Oliver screamed out. “Is this true Vincent?” Mr. Hope asked sounded shocked. “I don’t know what he’s talking about” He didn’t get to finish as Oliver cuts him off from his lies, “THAT IS BULLSHIT!” Oliver screamed out. “Mr. Hope he is not telling the truth, I was getting Oliver to leave the verbal abuse from Vincent when he punched Oliver in the face,” I said.

“Really now you’re lying to teachers. It’s like you’re a completely different son!” Mr. Warren snapped. “Like you even care! Your only home when she forces you to be!” Vincent snapped at his dad. “Follow me now, you’re going home!” Mr. Warren said the two of them left, Mr. Hope looks at us three. “I’ll have to inform all of your guardians about this.” He said, I was hoping he wouldn’t do this, Jackson handed me the icepack it felt much better, I looked up at Oliver, with a sad face. “I want to go home.” I whispered, he gave me a sad smile back, “Sure Tas.” He whispered. “I best go with you two seeing as Lee thinks I’m dropping her off.” Jackson lets out a loud sigh. “Jack give us at least ten minutes before you leave,” I said, Oliver, leaned over to his cousin, whispers. “Half an hour please bro.” Jackson just nods his head, I follow Oliver to the car in silence, once we reached it, I just stood there looking at the door. Not wanting to get in as I know what it means when I do, going home to Lee who knows about us.

“Tasmine please talk to me.” He asked quietly. “I feel like he now knows, I’m scared,” I whispered. “Yes, it’s bound to happen. No matter what I am not leaving you or breaking up with you. Are you hearing me? I fucking love you Tasmine, I’m not going anywhere.” He said. “Yes. I fucking love you too Oliver.” I said he turns me around pressing me onto the car, kissing me softly hands roaming my body. “Hmmm, I’m sorry kitten so dam sorry.” He whispers. “I know,” I said.

“Want to jump in my back seat?” He asked, I start laughing at the face his pulling. “As much as I would like that, I really don’t want Jackson to see it,” I said. “He won’t be here until half an hour.” He whispered, he starts kissing my neck, causing a moan to escape, my willpower with this boy is next to none lately. “hmmm aghh Ollie.” I moaned. “Mmm, that’s it say my name kitten.” He whispers. “uhmmms” I mumble a yes around a moan as he kisses that spot on my neck that sends me nuts. “What was that.” He spoke against my neck causing a shiver to run down my body. “Yes,” I yelled out.

“I like that answer” He chuckles. “Of course, you do” I laugh as we get into the back seat of his car, he sits down pulling his pants open putting a condom on quickly, he grabs me pulling me on top of him moving my undies over as he slides himself into me. “Hmm you are always so wet for me kitten, hmm fuck you feel good.” He moans out. “Hmm hmm.” I moan out.

I wrap my arms around his head as we move slowly then pick up our pace. As I feel myself not far from exploding, I arch my back moaning out his name as he loses all control of his movements. “Argh fuck yes Oliver!” I screamed out. “That’s it baby cum with me.” Oliver coxes me. “Arghh yes, Oliver yes! ooo aghh mmmm” I screamed out. “Yes, Tasmine yes! arghhhhh hmmm aoooo” Oliver moaned out, I collapsed into him wrapping his arms around me, I look at him he had a big smile on his face. “I love you.” He whispers. “I love you,” I whispered. We say at the same time, we both giggle, quickly softly kissing before coming apart and fixing ourselves up. We both got out of the car, to fully fix ourselves up, he stood against the car hugging me from behind kissing the side of my head.

“You two look happy seeing as your driving into your funeral,” Jackson said shaking his head. “Why not? He can yell, hit and scream at us all he likes but we will still find a way to go behind his back.” Oliver said with a big smile on his face. “That I do believe.” Jackson started laughing, Jackson got into his car, myself and Oliver got into the other car.

The drive was quick, but Oliver stopped near the end of the street getting out and getting into Jackson’s car, we all pulled up to my house. As soon as the car had been turned off, I see my dad come flying down the stairs, racing towards the car. “Oh Fuck.” I whispered.

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