The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 31 - The Shit Has Hit The Fan!

**Tasmine's Pov**

“Oh fuck.” I whispered. “You got that one right. I don’t have a good feeling leaving you here Tas.” Jackson said sounding very concerned. “No choice mate his, my dad,” I replied. “Doesn’t mean jack shit babe,” Oliver said sounding like he’s having a hard time trying to stay calm. “Bye guys thanks for the lift,” I said, I got out of the car closing the door, just as Dad makes it to the car, he looks pissed as hell.

“YOU HAVE FUCKING BEEN LYING TO ME, LIKE I’M THE TOWN’S IDIOT! DO NOT OPEN THAT MOUTH! THIS WHOLE TIME?!” He screamed, I couldn’t say anything, I have never seen him this angry it is scaring me. I didn’t know I had taken steps back that I am now leaning up on Jackson’s car, tears falling freely down my face. “OLIVER GET YOUR ASS BACK INTO THAT FUCKING CAR! BEFORE I DO SOMETHING, I’LL REGRET!” Dad snapped at him. “NO! NOT UNTIL YOU STOP SCARING THE HELL OUT OF HER!” Oliver yelled back at him. “Please stop” I whispered

“SHE IS NOT YOUR CONCERN OLIVER!” Dad snapped. “THE HELL SHE IS LEE!” Oliver yelled at him. “BOY GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER NOW!” Dad screamed. “YOU DON’T CONTROL ME OR HER!” Oliver yelled back. “STOP IT THE BOTH OF YOU!” I screamed over the pair of them. It’s like the pair of them are no longer listening to me, Oliver is now standing in front of me in between myself and my dad, dad has his hands in fists down beside him. Oh, this is not good, I turn to Jackson who had his window down handing him my phone whispering. “Jackie call my Uncle James please,” I said. “Right and say what?” He asked, he looked lost and wanted to get out and help his cousin out. “To come down to bring his brother down from this anger, he’ll know what you mean,” I whispered back at him trying to be as fast as I can trying to keep an eye on the other two men in my life. “Ok,” Jackson said.

“OLIVER YOU ARE OVERSTEPPING RIGHT NOW!” Dad snapped. “NO LEE I’M PROTECTING HER FROM YOU RIGHT NOW!” Oliver yelled. “IT’S NOT HER I WANT TO HURT RIGHT NOW! TASMINE HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON FOR?!” My dad asked me. “What?” I asked, drawing my attention away from what Jackson was doing, I looked at dad in confusion. “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SEEING OLIVER BEHIND MY BACK?!” He snapped at me. “Um,” I mumbled. “HOW FUCKING LONG!!!!!!” Yelled so bloody loudly, but that look on his face scared me so much hoping his brother comes here soon. Tears are now falling down my face, Oliver has taken a step back to holding my hand giving it a gentle squeeze, taking a shaky breath here goes nothing. “Nearly over six months,” I whispered.


I know he’s angry at what we have done but still, that was a low blow Oliver seemed to have thought so too. “Don’t you dare treat Tasmine like that!” Oliver snapped, my dad looked odd like something had clicked in his memory, storming towards Oliver grabbing his shirt glaring at him, Oliver is doing his best not to push or hit dad as dad’s grip on his shirt tightens. “THAT NIGHT YOU DIDN’T SLEEP IN THE SPARE ROOM DID YOU?!” He yelled, oh, crap his talking about the night Oliver had taken my virginity. “What night?” Oliver asked as he stops trying to be still, he is now trying to pull away from Lee.

“MY FIRST SLEEPOVER AT SHELL’S YOU SPENT THE NIGHT WITH MY DAUGHTER DIDN’T YOU?!” Dad asked. “STOP IT RIGHT NOW! LET HIM GO, DAD!” I screamed. “STAY OUT OF THIS!” He yelled at me. “NO!” I yelled back at him, Oliver tried to pull away again, it turns into a shoving match then they start throwing punches at each other, my dad yelling at Oliver still. “You took her to bed knowing how I would feel about it! Another knot on your belt of girls you have been with!” Dad yelled.

Wow, dad thinks that low of him? That low of me? “She is not another number Lee!” Oliver yelled at him. “Oh, don’t start saying the pair of you are in love! Neither of you is old enough to know what love really is!” He yelled as he would know! Mum left him and he has barely dated more than a year with someone. “Stop this the pair of you! Please!” I screamed, I shoved in between the pair of them standing in front of Oliver holding onto his arms glaring at my dad. “I know you’re not happy with this dad, but I’m not leaving him for you. I won’t leave him I wouldn’t even dream of it. You can either be on board with this or not. But get this clear your next step will judge if I stay in your life as an adult or not!” I yelled at him. “Really? No that is not going to happen.” Dad said.

“You being dead set against me finding someone is pushing me away! I am not that little girl anymore dad please stop this!” I screamed. “You! Did you even think about your own future at the shop?” He asked, he ignored what I had said and now is talking to Oliver. “Yes, being with Tasmine is not breaking any laws!” Oliver yelled.

“Lee back up now.” Uncle James said loudly over us all. “Piss off James!” My dad snapped at his brother, while dad was busy yelling at his brother, I whispered into Oliver’s ear that I was going to pack a bag. I raced past dad and up into my room packing as much stuff as I could and headed back down to Oliver throwing my bag in the back of the car. “Girl get that bag out of that car now!” Uncle James snapped at me, I did as I was told, why did I do what he just told me to do?

“You’re still under his care whether you like it or not.” Uncle James said. Wow, he sounded just as upset as my dad does right now. “I don’t want to live with him!” I yelled out. “Until you finish year twelve you are stuck with him.” My uncle said like his talking to a two-year-old, I glared right back at him. “I really dislike you James and I hate you, Lee!” I yelled. “You hate me?!” Lee asked socked.

“YES! Why did you bring me here to only cause more pain?! Can’t you see with your own eyes how happy we both are? I haven’t been this happy in a very long time! The last time I was this happy I was living here as a child! He hasn’t been this happy since his Auntie and Sister! I hate you because you rather see me in pain and depressed than happy!” I cried out.

“Welcome to the club kid its life! And news flash you’re bound to hate me sometime during your life, it means I’m doing my fucking job! IF SHE’S PREGNANT OLIVER YOUR FUCKING DEAD! YOU THINK I’M GOING LET YOU KEEP SEEING HER YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING! GET THE HELL OFF OF MY PROPERTY NOW! YOU YOUNG LADY HAND YOUR PHONE OVER AND GO TO YOUR ROOM!” He yelled out. “LIKE FUCK I AM! I AM NOT LIVING WITH YOU; YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” I screamed.

Grabbing my bag and bottle down the street, I see them both jumping into Uncle James’s car, crap. I pick up the pace and bottled into the bushes, watching their car go past. I race back towards Oliver’s car. “Kitten, what are you doing?” He asked. “Take me with you!” I begged, through tears. “I love you but that’s nuts babe, he’s going to rain more hell on us.” He said. “I don’t want to live with him,” I said through my crying. “Well, your Gran is not going to let you live with her while I’m still there.” Fuck he has a point, who else could I live with doubt his Uncle Charles is going to let me live with them. “Right now, I don’t care.” I snapped. “I do babe, come on I’m taking you back.” He said.

I looked at him in shock then anger took over, “Are you fucking kidding me!?” I yelled. “No, Tasmine if we have any chance of him coming around when we are older, we need to not piss him off even more.” He said, I glared at him, he just wraps an arm around me pulling me in close, as soon as my body touched his and smelt his body I softened and all my anger disappeared, he noticed it and wrapped both arms around me hugging me tighter kissing the top of my head.

“Come on let’s get going before they are home.” He whispered, we get into Oliver’s car and head back to my house, Uncle James’s car isn’t there, he leans over kissing me softly before pulling away, looking sad. “No run tomorrow he won’t let you, ok, I’m going to miss you, message me when and if you can. I love you so much Tas be safe please.” He whispered. “Ok, I’ll miss you too Oliver. I’ll try, and I will. I love you so much too Oliver.” I whispered.

I raced up to the house and into my room locking my door, slamming myself onto the bed groaning. I lost track of how long I was on my bed, I hear the front door slamming open, oh crap. “Lee we will find her, try her phone again she might pick up this time.” Uncle James said sounding hopeful. “James she is not going to pick up, we’ve been to all her friend’s houses, and the creeks she hangs out at, she’s disappeared.” My dad snapped. “Fine, I’ll call her.” Uncle James snapped at his brother, my phone starts ringing, loudly they can hear it too. “She’s home?” Dad said sounding shocked and relieved, it keeps ringing, and I can hear the door handle trying to be opened. “Tasmine open this door now,” Dad said. “No, go away, Lee!” I yelled out.

“Are you ok?” Uncle James asked. “What do you think?” I snapped at him. That just upset my dad even more, “Open up now young lady!” My dad yelled out, I scoffed, “Oh just go away already Lee and James!” I yelled out. “Lee I am not doing that for you, no she’s fine she will need to come out to eat, drink or use the bathroom just wait, mate.” Uncle James said. “Arghh why are you even here if you’re not going to help me?” Dad asked. “Because I know you very well and how easily you go from crazy to bat shit crazy ok. Come on, I’ll call mum to let her know she’s having the girl’s the whole night.” He said. “Fine.” He snapped, they walked off, I just want to cry, all I want to do is have Oliver’s arms wrapped around me keeping me safe.

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