The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 32 - Can It Get Any Worse?

**Tasmine's Pov**

The next morning, I woke up early to go to the bathroom, as I walked in a pregnancy test with a note was on the sink, really? Is he trying to have his only child hate him? My mum wouldn’t have gone to this length, only worry when you miss a period is what she has always told me, but always use protection and we have been. Lifting the box wonder if I should prank him on this? No Tasmine it is not worth it, lets see what he has to say for himself.


Tasmine Rose Kelly,

Take this we need to make sure you are NOT PREGNANT!

Love Dad and Uncle James.

Fucking hell dad! Like really? Reading the box and following the instructions, while I awaited the results, I washed my hands, face, and teeth, I am now shaking because I am scared that I could be with the way those two adults are acting, I hope I am not. Maybe if I’m still with Oliver long in the future could see him being the father of my children but not right now, we are not ready. I look at the test, a massive smile spreads over my face, never been so fucking happy to see one line, I leave the test where it is stuffed him, he can find it himself. I cannot believe he made me do this, like telling him I’m not wasn’t enough for him.

I open the door and found him standing there with his arms crossed over his chest looking not impressed at all. I waved for him to use the bathroom, I go to walk away but the look he gives me stopped me. “I’m extremely disappointed in you Tasmine.” He said. “Good, I am with you too, hope you are happy your test is in there waiting for you.” I snapped, making sure I used my best bitch voice that my mum hated when I used it, seems that he does too. I stormed past him heading into the kitchen fixing up some breakfast. I go to go eat in my room when Uncle James blocked me from getting into my room. “Come on James!” I screamed out.

“Nope, we are removing your door. Go eat in the dining room.” Right then he sounded like my dad, “Arghhh.” I yelled out, my phone has gone off while I was eating, Dad came storming into the room with my phone in his hand. “Unlock it please.” He said. “Why? You already know about us, got nothing else to hide.” I retorted back at him. “Well then unlock it and let me see for myself.” Rolling my eyes at him, “Fine whatever!” I screamed out.

Lucky, I had deleted every message from Oliver, and saved all the photos to my laptop, and deleted them from my phone before the dance I had a feeling to do that. I unlocked it seeing the message is indeed from Oliver I opened it, read it, it just says morning thank God. Handing over the phone he goes through it then heads to his room pulling out the laptop and setting it up on the table. He works away I know he’s trying to recover the deleted item’s doubt he will be able to.

“You are grounded, no leaving the house. The only time you are allowed to leave is to go to school. The only device you can have is your laptop and you must work on it where you can see the screen all the time. No door, no TV, no PlayStation, and definitely no working on the car, no driving either.” He rattled off. “You sound like a broken record but yeah whatever, but you are not stopping me from my runs!” I snapped at him. “Well then stop breaking the rules of this fucking household child! I’m not I’ll be running with you.” He yelled out at me.

I looked at him like he was dropped on his head, “Arghh really? I won’t be able to go fast or far with an old man like you trying to keep up!” I yelled at him, his mouth dropped open in shock, “I am not that old!” He said shocked. “Yeah, you are, you have a sixteen-year-old daughter your old!” I snapped, I stood up putting my dirty dishes into the sink and storming into my bedroom. Laying down on my bed grabbing a book doubt I’ll be able to read right now. Stuff this I need a run to get rid of this pent-up anger. I got dressed in my running gear, I headed into the lounge room Uncle James has gone home to his girl’s, Dad looks up at me in shock. “No! You are not running today.” He snapped out.

“Too bad old man I am! I need to train so deal with it!” I snapped it. “You run every day your fit enough kid! Also, drop the old man crap I am in my mid-thirties!” He yells out. “If I don’t go for my run my anger will explode!” I yelled at him. “Seems like it already has.” He said. “PISS OFF!” I screamed at him as I tried to walk past him to get to the front door which he is now blocking.

“IN YOUR ROOM NOW!” He yelled right back at me, I want mum right now! “NO FUCK YOU! YOU ASSHOLE!” I yelled at him, he walks up to me grabbing my arm dragging me back to my room throwing me onto my bed. “You are staying in your room! And that is that! So, deal with it!” He snapped. “NO, I AM NOT! YOU CANNOT MAKE ME!” I yelled back at him. “WATCH ME!” He yells.

He pulls me off the bed and starts slapping my ass hard. “Argh! Fucking hell! THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!” I cried out in pain. “NO THIS IS DISCIPLINE!” He snapped at me, he pushed me back onto the bed glaring at me before he turns and leaves the room. “You are staying in your room or you will get another round!” He snapped.

I was crying now as my ass hurts like hell, I got off my bed and sat into my bean bag found my tablet hiding behind it. I have WhatsApp on it I quickly message Oliver from it, telling him what just happened and that our runs are now a no-go. I’ll see him tomorrow at school anyways. I quickly deleted my message after he had read it. “Hand that over now!” He snapped. “Fine!” I yelled at him.

The rest of the day and night went by very slowly, neither of us talking to each other. Unsure if he found anything on my phone and tablet as he never said anything. I went to bed without any food I could not sit at a table with him right now, would rather have one of mum’s many partners over him right now. The next day was just as bad, I managed to get up early as he woke me up to make so much noise around the house, so I quickly jumped into the shower and got ready, seeing as he has yet to take my music off me, I put on my new CD while I was doing my hair in my room.

I cranked it up loud, seeing how that goes down he has his music up loud all the time. I chose to do the Amy Shark hair look that I normally do thanks to my Grandma for showing me how to do it, quickly putting on some lip gloss, and was about to put on my shoes when I noticed dad was standing in the doorway looking at me pissed off. “I bloody hope you are not putting this much effort into looking good for him as you have forgotten he most likely won’t be at school. Also, turn your shit music off and hand it over!” he snapped, I glared at him, “No I always do this to my hair! What the hell! You have their CDs! I am not handing that over it has my alarm clock added to it!” I yelled, he just smiles at me, and it’s like an evil one if I want to put a label onto it.

“Right and I am Santa, don’t care right now hand it over. Also, you have five minutes to get into my car!” He growled out, I growled at him as I stormed past him to grab some food but seeing as he left his wallet on the kitchen bench, I took four five-dollar notes out of his wallet and quickly put my shoes on as I raced down to meet him at his car. The car ride to school was filled with silence and not the good kind either, just before I stepped out of the car he snaps. “My friends at this school will tell me if you two get up to anything.” He said.

I rolled my eyes at him like I really don’t give a fuck what his friends think of me right now. “Whatever asshole!” I snapped. “HEY!” He yelled out, I had gotten out of the car and given him the finger before slamming the door shut storming off. I heard his door opening up and closing. “GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” He yelled, I spun around throwing my hands up in the air like I don’t care, “NO SORRY LEE I HAVE SCHOOL TO GET TOO!” I yelled he glared at me, “FINE! YOU BETTER BE HERE AT PICK UP AND LOOK OUT YOUNG LADY!” He yells. “LIKE I GIVE A SHIT LEE! GO FUCK YOURSELF LEE!” Throwing up both my middle fingers up at him, we glared at each other I know he’s going to be worse when I get home, but I really couldn’t care less right now, I spun around and came face to face to goldfish herself, ah for fuck sake I don’t want to deal with her today.

“Trouble in paradise?” She said with a big smirk on her face. “OH, FUCK OFF GOLDFISH!” I screamed at her. “Oh, what did you expect would happen fucking around with Oliver.” She started laughing, I laughed at her. “You’re only saying that because he always turns your disease-ridden pussy down, and you cannot handle that he is with me and not you!” I screamed at her, I laughed at her stunned face, oh looks like I was right. I stormed off towards my normal table but saw Vincent was already sitting at the table with a smug look on his face. Oh, shit I forgot they both got suspended, but how is he here?

“Little thing don’t,” Jackson said, I look over at my best mate who had grabbed my arm. “How is he here?” I asked he shrugged his shoulders, “Unsure” I looked around him, “Is Ollie here?” I asked, he looked upset and angry, is it aimed at Oliver and me or just Vincent? “No, he’s pretty close to getting kicked out of school Tas.” He whispered. “What why?” I asked, we walk over to the oval, sitting under a tree. “His history is going against him.” He said. “Shit,” I said.

He did that look he does when he is about to grill me, “Also thought he told you not to piss Lee off?” He asked, I was correct, “He’s not living with him, is he?” I said, he shakes his head, “So what I had just seen at the school drop-off zone is what it’s like at home?” He asked, I laughed and it’s not a good one, “Oh Tass.” He wrapped an arm around me. “How long is he off school for?” I asked. “He told me four days,” Jackson said.

Oh man four days away from him? Life is going to be hard, “Ok so he’s back Friday?” I quietly asked, “Yes, also I am so telling him what you had said to Jamie that was fucking gold babe!” He said I laughed, “Well I had no idea why it had taken me so long to work it out, it was right there. Wait has she asked you too?” I asked he starts laughing so hard, “Yes after Noah and he said no she looked at me and I said what I was your last choice, I say no to that crap!” He said I laughed so hard, “Oh, thank you brother I so needed that laugh.” He smiled at me.

“I know you do, so did I, you’re not the only one that misses him too.” He said, I let out a sigh, “Will your dad ever let him move back in?” I asked he gives me that look that says when pigs fly, “I doubt it, but now that you and Oliver are out in the open, he might let him back in, but his anger over that maybe not be as angry as Lee but give him time.” He said.

The bell went off, we said our goodbyes as we head off towards our class, the rest of the school was just filled with me and Jackson keeping each other company during the lunch breaks as everyone is sitting with Vincent and if I go over to him right now I would punch him and wouldn’t care if I got kicked out of school that is how angry I am at him, so pissed that they are all believing everything he is saying to them and not even bothering to find out mine or Oliver’s side in the story. Besides I needed Jackson today with the rumor mill going nuts about the dance and what is going on with myself, Oliver, and Vincent, all I wanted to do was see Oliver, hear his voice, have his hands touch me, I miss him so much didn’t think I would, but I have.

Knowing how angry dad is going to be, I chose to walk home really didn’t want to be dealing with him right now, that can wait. A car came along me as I was on my way home, I turned and smiled. “Hey,” I said. “Hey, kitten need a lift?” He asked. “Sure” I get into the car, as soon as I was in, I looked at him, he looks sad. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked. “Had a horrible day, it seems better now that you’re here.” He said giving me a sad smile, “Same, what happened?” I asked. “Hold up, I’m not taking you back home just yet.” He said.

“Fine by me,” I said, he drove north out of the town, ten minutes later we stopped in an off-road just before some farms. I looked at him in shock as to how far we had traveled. “Why are we all the way out here?” I asked. “Can never be too careful.” He said, putting my legs up on the chair as I turned to him, “What happened?” I asked. “Well, he got off with a slap on his hand due to his cleaner record even though he had started it. One more suspension and they will not let me graduate, and he fucking knows that too!” He snapped. “Oh, Ollie” I whispered.

“That was the better part of my day.” He said groaning out. “Really?” I asked. “Yes, got called into work.” He said. “Oh,” I mumbled as I looked down at my hands. “He knew I have time off from school, so he had me start my shift. His making it hell to work there for him Tas.” He groans out. “Oh Ollie”

“Shh it’s ok, I am looking for a new job, but I need to let you know it won’t be in Tully babe.” He whispered, my heart is creaking right now, my dad is going to get his way I can see it. “Oh, where?” I asked, he leans over grabbing my hand holding my hand tightly. “Looking all over Queensland.” He said, and right there my dad has won, I hate him right now for doing this to Oliver. “Oh...” I whispered, I looked at him with tears filling my eyes. “No... your leaving?” I managed to get out trying to hold it all together. “No not yet, but I can’t keep working for him if he’s going to keep treating me like this.” He said quietly, I climbed over into his lap and hugged onto him tightly. “Please try and stay close by, please” I whispered.

I couldn’t finish what I was going to say as I started crying, he wraps his arms around me, crying as well. “I’m so sorry, I said I would never hurt you, in the end, I still am hurting you.” He whispered. “Are we breaking up?” I whispered as I had sat up looking at him. “Good God no! But doing long distance is going to be hard.” He said. “I know, but we will make it work,” I said, I know I was the one that just asked it, but I don’t want it to happen, he pulls me in closer for a soft passionate kiss, can taste both our tears as well. “I fucking love you so fucking much Tasmine Kelly,” Oliver whispered. “I love you too Oliver Brown,” I said.

His hands have now traveled up my school skirt gripping my ass as he rocks us, we both moaned out. “Fuck me hard Ollie” I whispered in his mouth, I stayed in his arms after we had finished, I have a feeling I won’t be seeing him again, but I hope I am wrong. His phone starts ringing, he moves me to the side a little so he can read his phone he looks at me. “It’s your dad.” He answers the phone putting it on loudspeaker.


Oliver: Hello?

Lee: Where are you? I know you have picked her up from school!

He tells me to shh by putting a finger to his lips.

Oliver: Yes, I did pick her up, I dropped her off at her house. She not home?

Lee: Stop the lies, Oliver, where is my daughter?

Oliver: How should I know where she is

As Oliver said that the car door opens up and my arm gets pulled on, I am being dragged out of the car, screaming. “Because I can see the both of you!” My dad screamed out loudly.

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