The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 33 - Oh It Can.

**Tasmine's Pov**

“Hope you both have said your goodbyes because this is the last time you will be seeing each other!” My dad snapped, he had a tight hold on my arm, it was starting to hurt. “Let go of me you’re hurting me!” I screamed. “Let go of her!” Oliver yelled out as he rushes at my dad pulling his hands off my arm, as soon as that happens the two of them start fighting, this is not what I want!

“Stop it the pair of you!” I yelled, I rushed at them and they both saw me running at them that they pulled apart. “You feel better now bashing up a teenager!? You’re no different than his Uncle and Noah’s Dad! Do you feel better now bashing up your father-in-law!? Good because I am sick of this! You both need to move on and deal with this cause it’s not going away! You push Oliver out of town, and you’ll lose me forever!” I screamed. “Tasmine I am nothing” Dad snapped. “From my point of view, you are! Now I know you don’t want me to be with him, but too late it’s happened. I love him and I’m not going to leave him for anyone! I don’t care if you think it’s young love or whatever, I have my head screwed on! I know what I want in life and it’s not the life you and mum had! So, I am not going to make the same mistakes as you two did!” I screamed cutting him off.

Dad went to say something. “Shh, I am not done! Also, you make it so it’s more friendly at work or you will open yourself up for legal action because you know it yourself it’s not a sackable offense dating the boss’s daughter!” I yelled. “Tasmine.” Oliver started but I had cut him off too, “Oliver quit your fighting you need to finish school! You’re both good now?!” I asked, they both stared at me in shock nodding their heads yes. “Good!” I yelled.

Turning on my heels picking up my dad’s car keys on the ground and raced to the car. “HEY, YOU NEED A LICENSED DRIVER WITH YOU!” My Dad yelled out, as I start the car up Oliver jumped into the front seat as I take off laughing at the look on my dad’s face. “Babe you are just as scary as your dad you know that?” he said. “Yeah, I know. You left your keys for your car, didn’t you?” I asked. “Yeah, it’s on the seat, but it’s next to the used condom,” Oliver said groaning. “Oh... oh well he knows we are being safe,” I said, I start laughing, he just groans out, “If you say so, argh change the gears a bit cleaner babe.” Oliver groans out. “Oh, shh he won’t know!” I said.

He laughs, “Yeah he will know he is driving behind us he can most likely hear you miss treating his poor baby.” He said he starts laughing. “You’re enjoying this way too much?” I asked. he keeps on laughing, “Of course I am kitten, never thought you would steal his car.” He said sounding proud, I pull into the driveway, once the car was parked, turned off, and locked up, I raced up to the house, I hear dad pull up behind his car, he comes flying out.

“Don’t you dare pull a stunt like that again!” He yelled at me. “Give it a rest your baby is still alive old man!” I snapped. “Here is your stuff Tasmine, go home now Oliver!” Dad snapped. “Bye Tass.” Oliver said trying not to laugh, “CYA Ollie!” I’m on the top of the steps glaring down at my dad on the bottom step. “Your spending time at your Uncle Jimmy’s house!” He said he sounded so angry. “You cannot do that I have school!” I snapped at him. “During the school holidays, you will be at his house as soon as you finish your exams you are off!” My dad snapped.

“So, I won’t be home for my Birthday!” I yelled. “It seems that way.” He said. “NICE SO MY FIRST BIRTHDAY WITHOUT MUM IS AWAY FROM HOME?! WHAT A DICK MOVE LEE!” I screamed at him, storming off to my room, he is following behind me. “Best you have a shower young lady, clean up your act Shelley is coming over for dinner tonight.” He stated. “Think that is the best thing to be doing? Having your girlfriend come into this house while we are still fighting?!” I snapped.

Really? Is he for real right now? He wants to expose her to what we are like with each other right now. Does he want his relationship to end? “She knows what is going on, and she’s the one to push to meet you.” He said. Oh, fuck she wants to be my mum! Nope, I so do not want that one is enough she has caused enough damage. “Oh, let me guess she thinks I need a woman’s point of view or a mother?!” I snapped at him. “Yes, I believe that’s kind of what she said.” He said. “News flash dad lost that when mum died! Shelley is not my mum and I don’t want her to be! I don’t need another mother! All they do is cause shit tones of pain who wants more than one?!” I was expecting him to yell back at me instead he just gives me a sad smile. “Neither do I, no one can replace her Tasmine. Not what I am doing here.” He said. “Seems it.” Stormed off into my room grabbing some clean clothes and having a shower. I stepped out of the bathroom and stopped when dad came out of the kitchen shaking his head. Wearing a mint green button up singlet tucked into short white lace shorts.

“No, go and get shorts that are longer on, now.” He snapped, like hell I am. Little does he know Oliver was the one that bought me this outfit I’m not going to change. “No! Nothing wrong with it, besides they could be as short as Kylie Minogue’s Gold Shorts!” I snapped at him. “They are so dam close to being that short girl! Is this what life is going to be like?” He asked. “At this point yes.” I said as I walked back towards my room, “Change your attitude Tasmine!” He snapped at me. “Change yours!” I yelled at him. “Room now!” he yelled out. “Fine by me! Was heading that way anyway!” I yelled at him.

He storms into the kitchen, I quickly take my phone and tablet off his nightstand and race back into my room. An hour later I hear a knock on the front door I groan, really not keen on meeting this lady. But seems I need to keep the peace, I won’t hold my tongue back if he does anything or says anything I dislike, same with her. I hear them softly talking, I think I’ve heard that voice before, where have I heard that voice before.

No, it cannot be her?!

A soft knock on my door I look up Dad is looking at me, then notices my devices. “Fine, for tonight only miss. Want to join us in the lounge room?” He asks. “Do I?” I asked. “Tasmine please, you do.” He stated. “Aghh fine.” I snapped.

I stand up and follow him into the lounge room and freeze when I see who it is, was hoping I was wrong why is she here and why is she dating him for?! “Auntie Shelley? Why are you here?” I said shocked as Dad looked at us both shocked. “Tasmine that’s not nice at all.” He said, why did he say that instead of turning to her and asking her why I had called her Auntie? Fine I will have to point that bit out to him the idiot now I understand why my Grandma calls him that. “Did you know she was best friends with mum?” I said as I looked at her, tilting my head to the side seeing if she would say anything.

“What?” Dad snapped, we both looked at her in shock, she stands there smiling. Well, I’m just going to see what she has to say for herself, she has picked the worse time to come here when I am in this mood. “Oh, umm didn’t realize it was the same Tasmine. Hi sweetie, how are you?” She asked, wow can she sound any more fake? “Oh bullshit, you knew who he and I was! Why are you this far north?” I asked, sounding upset. “I got transferred up here.” She said. “What two months before mum died? You didn’t even come to her funeral, some best friend you are!” I yelled at her. “Your mum knew I was here, we had kept in contact. She also knew I couldn’t get time off being so close to arriving and not having any time in the bank to take time off. They still wouldn’t let me because she wasn’t blood family sweetie please believe me.” She faked begging.

“All I am hearing is bullshit! You knew I was looking after her by myself! Why would you leave a dam good job at the Women’s hospital to take up a job in that small ass hospital?! And if they had transferred you, you would have the same amount as sick and holiday leave available!” I snapped at her. “Tassie sweetie please claim down.” My dad whispered, oh I am far from ever calming down. “No sorry dad, I’m sorry that you seem to have fallen for her, but I don’t trust her nor should you!” I yelled at him. “Tassie please I am telling the truth.” She said. “Enjoy your dinner but let me make this clear to you! You knew mum was from here and that dad was still living here, you knew!” I screamed. “Yes, I knew your mum was from here, but nothing about her ex.” She said.

“Pfft, I heard you both talking about dad quite a few times! I may not be that young child anymore, but I wasn’t stupid then nor am I now. Did my mother tell you the full reason why she took me and left my father?!” I snapped, she just shakes her head at me, is that a no or is that I’m telling you? “Is what my daughter saying, is it true?” Dad asked. “Which bit?” She asked, then my dad let out a laugh, oh I know that one he is about to explode. Yep, I am going to get my dinner and go into my room. I quickly do this and just as I get into my room they start fighting.

I just want to know why she is really up here, did my mum force her to move up here? Why would she do that? Why is she dating my dad? God, I hope he ends it with her. The yelling keeps going long after I had finished eating, then I hear the front door slamming and a car taking off. A few seconds later dad is at my door looking at me heartbroken. I know I am angry at him for what he’s done to me, but he looks so sad. “Tas can I please come in?” he asked. “Sure,” I said.

He sits on my bed, not saying anything. He looks at my TV stands up turning it on and sets up the PlayStation, throwing a remote at me with a small smile on his face. “Want to see if you can beat your old man’s ass?” He asked. “I could do it in my sleep,” I said. “Bet you could. If I let you,” he said, we start playing a few minutes in he looks at me.

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” He said so quietly that I wasn’t sure if I had heard him correctly, “Say what earlier?” I asked. “That you knew Shelley?” He said. “You never gave me her last name dad, besides, I didn’t know where she had gone. Thought her and mum had a fight again, she was helping me with looking after mum’s health.” I said. “Did they fight a lot?” He asked. “A few times it was either about a man or money, or me,” I said. “Ok, well I cannot be with someone that my own child doesn’t trust, and there are a few holes in her story that I don’t like,” he said. “You’re sure dad?” I asked. “Yes, I am sure. You are still grounded though, hey you cheater!” He yells out. “Nope, you took your eyes off the prize! Fair game old man!” I yelled out. “Oh, you are going down!” He gloated. We played for an hour before he told me to get to bed. It was nice playing video games with him again, maybe there is hope that we could get back from this mess.

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