The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 34 - Can Time Really Heal This Mess?

**Tasmine's Pov**

It’s now near the end of November, Oliver and Jackson are only days away from finishing high school, and my birthday is coming up. I am still grounded only had seen Oliver at school and that is it, as dad is now running with me. He’s gotten better at running however his body cannot handle every day, which is annoying me as he won’t let me out by myself. Still fighting but not as much, he has been working on the car by himself every chance he gets. My Uncle James has been visiting more often with and without the girls.

Jackson is also no longer allowed over, dad worked out he knew about me and Oliver too so he’s no longer welcome.

This weekend they leave to go to Schoolies in Airlie Beach, I cannot join them as I need to have finished year twelve this year, I do want to go parting with them, by tagging along and doing the things that didn’t involve the Schoolies activities, however, dad will never allow me to join them. They are yet to have their graduation parties, plus formal which Oliver has invited me to be his partner, still hoping dad says yes to it. Not holding onto hope any form of it, but it won’t stop me from asking every chance I can get.

School hasn’t changed much, my friends have all seem to have taken Vincent’s side in the fight so they no longer talk to me when he’s around. However, when he’s not they talk to me, which hurts as it’s all because he is jealous of us, he’s just angry he didn’t get to fulfill his and my mum’s wish, which is fucking nuts to try and fulfill that wish.

Now that Jackson and Oliver are close to finishing, they aren’t at school when they don’t have any exams on, so I am sitting by myself in the library as it’s so hot outside, I have gone from having heaps of friends to nearly no friends, some days I like it others I hate it.

Dad has just gotten home from work, I waited until he sat down after cleaning up and has opened his beer. Dad hasn’t seen nor spoken about Shelley with me, so I take it he had ended it. He no longer looks as sad as he did at first. Which is good, he needs to move on maybe stay single or do a background check on anyone that wants to date him.

Oliver has now moved back in with his Uncle, but I’ve been banned from going over to his house by his Uncle too. “Dad please,” I begged. “The answer is still no.” He said. “Dad please just this once can you let me join in on my two best friend’s graduation, please!” I yelled out. “Why are you so keen on going to all of this? You’re going next year isn’t that enough?” He asked. “Dad they are my only friends, I don’t have anyone in year eleven, not anymore. Please, you can drive me, pick me up as well, please dad please!” I begged. “You’re not going to stop asking?” He complained, “Nope, pretty please dad!” I begged again. “Ok fine, you can go to the dance. The rest I will think about.” He said.

I looked at him in shock, did he just say what I think he just said? He did he is giving me a small smile as a massive one spreads over my face. “OMG! THANK YOU, DAD!” I screamed out. “Do we need to go dress shopping and all that?” He asked, sounding like he doesn’t go shopping. “Want me to go with Grandma?” I asked. “Please!” He said, I ran into his arms giving him a hug, before racing to the landline to call up Grandma to see if she would take me dress shopping tomorrow after school. She agreed as long as I can leave school early, so we get to the shops with some time to actually look for something. I quickly finish up with her, before dialing Oliver’s number.


**Oliver** What’s up my little kitten?

**Tasmine** HE SAID YES!

**Oliver** Yes, to what babe?

**Tasmine** I’m joining you at your formal!

**Oliver** Really?!

**Tasmine** Yes!

**Oliver** Fuck yes! The after-party?

**Tasmine** Unsure on that he’s still thinking about it.

**Oliver** Amazing so glad I’ve already bought you a ticket.

**Tasmine** Oh, wow thank you.

**Oliver** Now when are you going dress shopping? The formal is on this Thursday night.

**Tasmine** Gran is taking me tomorrow near the end of school time.

**Oliver** Care if I tag along?

**Tasmine** Go for it, might need to ask her though.

**Oliver** I’ll talk to her tomorrow about it when she cuts my hair.

**Tasmine** Ok, I miss you.

**Oliver** I miss you too. Up for a run, would you be able to ditch Lee on the run?

**Tasmine** Could try, any spots in town you know that he won’t know about?

**Oliver** I know one.

He goes on to tell me how to get to it.

**Oliver** Now you think your dad would let us over for your birthday?

**Tasmine** Doubt it, I’m supposed to be heading to my Uncle’s place for the rest of the holidays.

**Oliver** I want to give you something special.

**Tasmine** Hmm do you now?

“That is long enough get off it please!” Dad yells out.

**Tasmine** Sorry Ollie I got to go, I love you.

**Oliver** It’s ok, bye my kitten I love you too.

I hung up my phone dad was looking at me from my door arms crossed over his chest. “Should I rethink my rules Tasmine?” He asked me. “Yes, please let me stay in this town during my birthday,” I said, he smiled at me, “That I can change, then maybe a little bit of them.” He said. “Let me know what you have come up with I’ll go jump into the shower,” I said, he just nods his head, I grab a clean set of PJs and undies and head into the shower, once done I head into the kitchen to start dinner as it’s my turn tonight. Once dinner was cooked, we ate in silence he seemed to be in deep thought. I quickly cleaned up and headed to the lounge room to watch Home and Away. He sits back down next to me, still not impressed with this show he looks at me.

“I’ve been thinking, seeing as you have been very well behaved for the last few weeks, I could ease up on the rules,” he said. “Ok,” I said. “For one, you can start running on your own again, my knees are not used to all that running. You can have all your devices back, I’ll still be checking them. I will allow Oliver over for you two to have a date or go out on a date, but I will be joining you.” Did he say, yes, I can date Oliver, but really does dad really need to be joining us on them? “Arghh really dad?” I groaned out. “Yes, I won’t be at the table with you just safely away but can still see.” He said. “Fine, whatever!” I grumbled picking my fights, “You can go to the after-party after the dance, but if you come home drunk or late lookout.” He said. “Ok, thank you!” I said. “But still no sleepovers with him, miss.” He said. “Ok,” I said.

“That’s it so far, but please always use protection, keep up on your birth control too, no drugs and only one or two drinks at the most miss please.” He said. “Ok, thanks, Dad,” I said. “This is me trying to trust the adult you are about to become please don’t make me regret it,” he said. “I’ll do my best not to,” I said. “Good.” He whispered.

He started reading a book while I watched TV, it’s so weird watching TV with him compared to mum she would talk to me and get into the show with me, him it’s like he’s waiting for it to finish.

Standing just outside of the change room with one of the many dresses that my Gran had picked out for me, Oliver looking over my body, I am thoroughly enjoying him looking over me like that. “What do you think of this Grandma?” I asked. “Mmm it’s nice but it’s not you sweetie.” She said. I go back into the dressing room grabbing my last dress out of ten dresses this was my favourite let’s hope it looks good on me, as good on the hanger. I stepped out and Oliver’s eyes lit up, my Gran had a big smile on her face, I am loving the look on Oliver’s face right now, fuck we haven’t been alone for so long now.

“That’s the dress sweetie!” Grandma said just about jumping up and down. “You look fucking beautiful Tasmine,” Oliver said with a smoldering look on his face. “Thank you,” I said blushing. “Ok, we are going to need shoes, purse, jewelry, and maybe hair and makeup stuff,” Gran said, I smiled at her saying sure, as I head back into the change room to get back into my school clothes. “And you boy will need a suit to match the colour of her dress.” She said.

I can hear the confused look from Oliver in here, I giggle I know he heard me too. “I do?” he asked sounding lost. “Yes,” She snapped at him, I stepped out of the change room, looking at them both with a big grin on my face. “Your turn Oliver,” I said, my Gran, takes him to the men’s section of the shop finding things for him to try on, ten minutes later his stepped out in suit number one, it looks nice on him. “No, next.” Grandma snapped at him. “I liked it though,” I said feeling lost. Grandma looked at me, she smiled. “It didn’t sit too good on him, yes it looked nice on him but that’s it.” She said.

He stepped out again and yuk was not a fan of that colour, he looked at my face his now trying not to laugh at me. “No, that colour doesn’t do you any favors boy,” Grandma said I love how honest she is. “Ok,” He said the look on his face is saying he never liked it, we are now up to the last suit, he steps out and I nearly moaned out loud holy he looks amazing. “That’s the one babe,” I said, is it bad that I want to push him back into the change room and have my way with him not caring that my Grandma can hear us?

“Yes! That is it, alright let’s get a matching tie, hankie, shoes and socks, and cuff links and yes you do need all of that boy, don’t give me that look.” She said. “I’m paying for it all though!” he said my grandma looks like she wants to laugh. “For yours yes,” She said, he shakes his head, “No for Tas items as well.” He said. “Oh no son myself and her dad are paying for that part.” She said.

We dropped Oliver off at his Uncle’s house he gives me a light kiss before heading out of the car, on our way back to my place my Gran looks at me. “I know your dad is going to kill me for saying this, but you two are good together.” She said, I couldn’t take the big goofy smile off my face at her words, “I know thank you, and yes he would.” I said then started laughing, as it seems that my family is warming up to the idea of me being with him, fucking over the moon about that.

We arrived home Dad was in the kitchen he sang out to us. “You staying for tea mum?!” He yelled out. “Yeah, why not.” She said. “So, you got everything?” He asked. “Yes,” She said. “Good, take how much I owe you out of my wallet to mum.” He said. Grandma hands me the bags and the dress bag I quickly place them all in my room as she spoke loud enough for me to hear her from my room. “Now I’ll be doing your hair and makeup ok, I will work around you and Amanda ok.” She said I smiled I love that idea and I cannot wait for what she comes up with. “Sure,” I said loudly out to her. I head into the kitchen, dad keeps working on dinner. “What’s up kiddo?” He asked.

“Can I ask why you changed the rules and stuff?” I said as I climbed up onto the kitchen bench, he tapped my leg to get back down so I sat in the chair at the island. “I finally realized I didn’t want to lose my daughter again. Tasmine I am terribly sorry for how I have behaved, I let my fear and anger take over. Boys come and go but I will always be here, you are stuck with me until I die. So, I rather live my life with you in it than you not and yes, I know you don’t want to hear this but yes boys will come and go Oliver is just the first.” He said, I smiled at him as I raced around the counter wrapping my arms around him for a tight hug, “Oh Dad!”

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