The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 36 - Getting Ready

**Tasmine's Pov**

We walk into my Grandma’s salon hand in hand, she comes rushing over towards us with her arms up in the air and the biggest smile on her face, “Ahh my baby girl, hey Oliver.”

“Grandma!” I yelled out, I wrap my arms around her, hugging her tight she whispers. “Take it your dad doesn’t know you’ve been home with him most of the morning?” She asked. “Yes,” I said, we pulled out of the hug, before she hugged Oliver, she whispered something to him I heard him saying always. He turned to me giving me a big hug before giving me a breath-taking kiss. “See you soon beautiful.” He whispered. “Ummmm mmm, Cya Oliver” I whispered, he let out a soft giggle at the effect he had on me and headed off out to his car.

“Girl I am so glad your dad is not here to see that. Now let’s get you ready.” She said, her coworker’s giggles, I did notice the youngest one checking out Oliver’s ass, but I wasn’t going to pull her up on it as I know he only has eyes for me. “I don’t care what he thinks at the moment,” I said with an upset tone to my voice, she pauses mind setting up, “I do not like the sound of that.” She said. “He’s still making it hard for Oliver at work,” I said.

She looked back at me in shock, “Really?” She asked. “Yes,” I said. “Well,” She didn’t say anything after that just worked on my hair quietly, and my makeup. Before I knew it she had finished and dropped me back home. “Hey, aren’t you staying until Dad gets here?” I asked. “I’ll be back before he gets here, I just have to finish up at the shop and close.”

“Oh.” She gives me that mum smile that she does all of the time, “Get dressed and I’ll be back before you know it.” I smiled at her, “Ok.”

“You look stunning by the way.” I headed upstairs and into my room to get dressed, also packing an overnight back for the after-party.

Grandma had curled my hair, wrapping a cute messy style plait around the back of my head, on the side she created a messy but cute style flower bun with a messy plait around it, my makeup is a dark blue smokey eye, with natural lips I really love her work, I also have a pair of gold diamond earings in that my dad had bought my mum that I kept when I moved up here. My dress is gold and diamond gems in a halter style bodice the gems are in a lace style pattern that stops just above my waist then flowing dark blue fabric falls loosely to the ground.

Someone knocking on the door, I answer it and it’s my Gran nicely dressed up, smiling at me. “Wow, you look amazing Grandma!” I said, she looks smoking hot! “So, do you sweetheart.” She replied. We walked into the lounge room just talking about nothing big. Grandma has on a dark blue dress that is lace that gathers just at her waist and flares down with a nude colour fabric under the lace, the blue matches my dress and it looks amazing on her.

“Wow.” Dad said as he walked into the house, “Sweetheart stand up.” I do as he said and his face lit up as I did a little spin, then it hit me mum’s not here for this. “Oh, sweetie what’s wrong?” My gran asked, “Mum’s not here for this.” I whispered. “Oh, Tassie,” Dad said, he goes to hug me I put my hands up to him to stop him. “No! Don’t,” I yelled out. “Lee you’re covered in crap we don’t want our dresses destroyed!” Grandma snapped at him, “Ok, I’ll get cleaned up and dressed.” Twenty minutes later and dad walks out of his room dressed. He walks out in denim coloured dress long pants, with a tight-fitting dark blue dress shirt that matches my dress with a brown belt and shoes.

“What? Why are you both wearing blue for?” I asked confused. “I wanted everyone to match for the photos.” She said right photos forgot about that part, “Ok” I responded to her. Gran had taken a lot of photos of just me, then her and me, and then her and dad. We had just finished when Oliver rocked up, getting out of the car I nearly came in my pants just looking at him, I notice he had taken in a deep breath, “Wow Tasmine.” he whispered. Oliver is wearing black fitted suit pants, with a black vest on over the top of a white button-up shirt with a blue bow in the same colour as my dress, his jacket is a mixture of blue and black splash style patter with gold thrown into the mix which matches my dress to a tee.

He walks up to me putting a hand on my cheek leaning down a little to me as I’m in heels, planting a soft but quick kiss. I can hear my Gran taking pictures, so can Oliver so he quickly moved so we are standing next to each other with his arm around me smiling at her. “Ahh just lovely, Lee get in there for a photo.” She ordered around, once all the photos are done dad and grandma got into the car as we got into Oliver’s and all headed to the sports club for our formal.

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