The New Girl Next Door: Part Two

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Chapter 37 - Formal Time

**Tasmine’s Pov**

On the drive over Oliver couldn’t take his hand off of me. If I didn’t have my Dad and Grandma following us, I would have made him pull over in a parking lot, and that is most likely why they are following us. We parked next to my dad’s car, I looked at Oliver. “Babe think I need new underpants.” I moaned out. “Fuck babe you tell me this just as your dad gets out of his car next to me?” he asked sounding upset.

My dad taps on his window telling him to come on out, Oliver looks at me with smoldering eyes whispering low before opening the door. “When they have gone lookout kitten.” He snapped. I laugh as I get out of the car, he walks around the car to grab my hand as we make our way inside, my Dad spots his brother, and we all head on over towards him. “Hey Lee, what are you guys doing here?” Uncle James asked, he seemed a little hurt, but I don’t understand why?

“Tasmine is Oliver’s date, come here my girls, had told you that this afternoon when I was doing the girl’s hair and makeup and family photos.” Grandma snapped at her son. Opens her arms out for a big group hug from the girls, Uncle James didn’t look happy about me being Oliver’s date, Oliver said his hello’s to him and the girl’s. I smiled at my cousins who only smiled back at me. “I want group family photos!” Grandma said loudly.

Uncle James is wearing the same pants as my dad, however, he has on a white dress shirt with a dark blue jacket on and a very dark brown belt and shoes, wow they dress the same without even meaning to. Amanda is wearing a dark red dress with the top part of it filled in a pretty pattern of pearls and gems the dress is flowing out, her hair and makeup are close to what I have too.

Ava is wearing a cute little red cocktail dress that matches her sister’s dress, Emma is wearing a nineties dark blue dress with daisies on it, the blue matches my dress.

“Tasmine,” Amanda said softly, I give her a smile, “You look really beautiful in that dress.” I said to her as she smiles at me, “Thanks, so do you, both of you do.” She smiles at both me and Oliver, Grandma takes heaps of photos of us all, before I managed to pull myself away from them, I spot Jackson talking to a group of other students. “Who are all they?” I asked Oliver, who looked where I was pointing, and smiled, “His class friends.” Oliver said, I looked back at him, “Not yours?” I asked. “Nope” He snapped at me, “You ok?” I asked, why is he angry at me?

“I have a raging hard-on Tasmine and your dad and Uncle keep watching me.” He whispers as he brings me closer to his body, Jackson finally noticed us and started walking over to us, I broke away from Oliver running towards Jackson for a hug. “Jackie! Man, you’re a sight for sore eyes!” I screamed out. “Fuck Tassie your stunning tonight!” He yelled out, he picks me up spinning me around we are both laughing, he puts me down I step back motioning him to give me a spin so I can see his wicked suit.

Jackson is wearing a very loud an in your face type of suit. It’s black and very shiny, with embroidered flowers in bright colours, with the same thing for his vest, a nice blight blue dress shirt with a marron bow which all matches colour sin the suit.

“Bro you look great, how did you get your dad to buy this?” Oliver asked as they bro-hug each other. “Thanks, Ollie, sad to say I played the mum card,” Jackson said, I knew what he meant to, I would have played that card too if I knew it would work. A girl who I have seen around town but not at our school comes up to Jackson looking at me oddly like she’s jealous of me, must have been how I had greeted him. Both I and Oliver looked at Jackson as the girl wraps an arm around his waist, Oliver has one eyebrow up I just had a smile on my face.

Tia is wearing a sleeveless dress in black with the same coloured flower combo that is on Jackson’s suit that has been embroidered onto it.

“Well, Jackie spill who’s this lovely girl?” Oliver said trying not to tease his cousin, Jackson smiles at us then at her. “Oliver, Tasmine would like you to meet my girlfriend Tia,” he said, she is a pretty blonde, looks shy which doesn’t make much sense considering how loud and, in your face, Jackson is but then again it might be good for him. “Umm hi.” We can barely hear her. “What Girlfriend? How long man you holding out on us!” I said loudly, I walked up to her pulling her into a hug smiling, as I whisper. “Welcome to the group hun.”

“Wait your Tas right?” She asked I smiled at her, “Yeah” I whispered, I see her taking a sigh of relief, “Oh thank God thought” I cut her off. “Nah sorry, Tia his all yours, gross his like a brother, and besides I’m madly in love with his cousin.” I smiled back at Oliver, who gave me a big smile in return. “Hi Tia, I’m the cousin Oliver about time he starts dating again,” Oliver said. “Yeah, not fun being your third wheel all the time,” Jackson mumbles. “So I notice you don’t go to our school, so how do you know each other?” I asked this as Oliver wraps his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. “Oh, I go to the Catholic school, and we work together.” She said. “Cool.” Oliver’s hand rubs a soft circle on my hip as he leans down to whisper in my ear, “Six o’clock incoming, don’t look.”

“Why say don’t look, cause now I want” Didn’t get to finish what I was saying as I was cut off. “Wow seems like you all chose to shop at the clown shop,” Jamie said loudly. “Oh, sweetheart is that the best you can do?” Tia said loudly for the whole group to hear, we all snickered now I see why Jackson likes her she has a mouth on her like him. “Jamie be nice for once.” Mason snapped. “For once listen to him.” Jackson snapped at her, “Pfft whatever.” She storms off again, but Mason stays. “Why are you still with her man?” Jackson asked. “I don’t know, we break up and then a few days later we are back together,” Mason mumbled. “I know I’ve just met some of you but if your friends dislike your partner that’s telling you something,” Tia said, I like her so far. “Tia it’s a long history and I’m sure Jack will fill you in on it later, want to go grab a drink?” I asked her. “Sure.” She said.

I look back at both Oliver and Jackson as they both mouthed the words thank you to me. I get the feeling the boys wanted to chat with each other. I don’t blame them either seeing as you walk into the greeting room near the bar you see a big photo of Noah’s face smiling back at you, it hurts knowing he never got to finish high school, he is not here with us. “Did you know him?” She asked. “Noah? Yeah, I did, he was my boyfriend, he was the boy’s best friend.” I said quietly. “Oh really.” She said sounding like she wants to know more, which is surprising me.

“Jackson never told you?” I asked. Oh, for fuck sake Jackson why haven’t you bloody told your girlfriend about this? “He wouldn’t talk about it and I wasn’t going to push it.” She mumbles. “Oh, well then he should be telling you this, not me.” I snapped. “Please tell me what happened.” She begged, ignoring her I got the bartender's attention, “Hi can I please get five cans of cokes don’t open them please, thank you.” I smiled at the bartender, before turning towards her trying not to sound and look bitchy. “I’m sorry, I won’t be filling you in then, just give him time ok,” I said. “Tasmine please” She begged.

Why does she want to know so badly? Tears in my eyes, “It wasn’t nice ok, we both were there when it happened. Ok now drop it!” I snapped at her, I paid for the drinks giving her, hers and stormed off back to the boys. “Tas wait I’m sorry.” She called out to me. “Tia you seem nice but please don’t call me Tas just yet I don’t know you.” I snapped then stormed off, I know I was harsh, but she wouldn’t drop it, today is hard enough as it is.

“There you are kid” Dad called out to me. “Oh, Hi Dad,” I said. “We are off, we’ve been told to all leave now. Be home by one please and sober.” He ordered. “Bye Dad, but not going to happen Dad I’m going to an after party. I’ll be home when I want to be.” I snapped at him, I went to leave he grabbed my arm, I glared back at him. “Don’t you dare” I snapped at him. “Enough the both of you!” Grandma whispered yelled at us both. “Stay out of this mum” Dad snapped at her. “No drop it right now Lee, I will tell you what’s going on in the car. She’ll be safe with Oliver trust me on that. He’ll make sure she is home safely.” She said, she pulls his arm off mine and drags him towards the exit, he looks pissed off at me I just smiled and waved.

Heading off towards the boys, they seem to be in deep conversation. Oliver spotted me and gave me a big smile, I raced towards him handing each boy their drink, he automatically put an arm around me. “Tia not with you?” Jackson asked. “I’m here.” She whispered, but kept on looking at me, Oliver noticed leaning down. “What happened?” He whispered, “I’ll fill you in later.” I whispered back.

They announced for us to head into the function room and take our seats, he grabs my hand and leads us to our table, my seat is in the between Oliver and Jackson, along with Mason and Jamie are at our table, God a whole night with her near me, who did the table placings?

I took a sip of my drink as Jackson leans over and whispers to me. “What happened between you and Tia?” He whispered. “Nothing.” I snapped at him. “Bull Tas what happened.” He begged. “She kept on pushing about the information on Noah’s death and I may have snapped her head off about it.” I snapped at him, his face drops, “Oh, I’m sorry about that, I just, too hard” He whispered back. “I know,” I whispered, he holds onto my hand giving it a good squeeze.

“Oh, Tia was it, hope you enjoy sharing your man with the town’s slut.” Jamie said loudly so everyone at the table stops and looks at us. “Jamie piss the hell off now if you are so keen on cursing so much drama!” Mason snapped at her. “Mason?” She asked. “Go sit with your friends.” He snapped. “Ma” He cuts her off. “Enough over all of your shit! LEAVE!” He yells out, people at other tables are now looking at us. She stands up crying, but before she left, she started to yell at us. “FUCK YOU, MASON! YOU ARE CRAP AT SEX NO IDEA WHY I STAYED WITH YOU FOR THIS LONG! THE REST OF” Mason cuts her off, “I’M CRAP?! FOUR HOURS AGO, I REMEMBER YOU SAYING OH MASON YES THAT’S IT HARDER BEFORE CUMMING ALL OVER MY FACE! QUIT YOUR LIES BITCH!” He screamed at her.

The rest of the table tries to hold their laughs in as she storms off shocked. “Mason about fucking time you had seen the light with that one!” Oliver yelled out over the laughter. “Sorry wished I had seen it much sooner,” Mason said. “We know mate,” Jackson said. “Is she always like that?” Tia asked. “Yes, you’re not missing much with that one,” I answered her. “I’ll take your word for it.” She said. Mason, Jackson, and Tia are talking about something while Oliver moves his hand over my leg getting close to my center. I put my hand down stopping him, he looks up at me mouthing the words what.

“No, wait,” I whispered back, Jackson being the eagle eye he is spotting what we had been up to. “Fuck me Oliver keep it PG for a few more hours mate,” Jackson said loudly. “Tasmine,” Oliver said. “Oliver,” I said, we were all interrupted with dinner arriving at the table, it smelt yum. I dug in not paying attention to Oliver and the others at the table. “Hungry babe?” Oliver asked. “Yes very, someone kept me busy most of the day,” I said. “Jackson are they like this all of the time?” Mason asked. “Unfortunately, yes Mason all of the time,” Jackson answered.

“Good his back to his old self but” I cut Mason off, “But what Mason? Better than being a bitch to his mates or wait to cyberbully.” I snapped, his face dropped, and then I realized I went too far, oh man what is with me tonight. “Wow, babe you ok? We all know what has happened” I cut Oliver off, “Oliver please, I’m sorry Mason” I stood up and raced off towards the toilets, doing my best not to cry hope this is waterproof makeup.

I entered the toilets no one was in here thank God, I didn’t want to deal with the looks. Man, I didn’t think it would be this hard, after seeing his face blown up out the front like that hurt so bloody much. I feel like I’ve cheated on him by being here with Oliver, just breath Tasmine, breath. “Tassie you in here?” Oliver’s worried voice came from the door. “Please, go away Oliver,” I said. “No babe, I’m coming in.” He said loudly, the door slowly opened, and he steps in seeing me crying, he raced in wrapping me up in a hug.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Seeing his face... didn’t think it would be this hard...” I whispered. “Oh, babe I know, I know it hurts not having him being here, but you’re not doing anything wrong by moving on.” He said. “I know,” I whispered. I pulled out of the hug to try and fix my eye make-up somewhat. He moves behind me wrapping his arms around me from behind me, I can feel him dig into the back of me. “Ollie please not in here.” I snapped at him. “I know, but man you are so fucking sexy right now.” He whispered.

He is now kissing my neck just under my earlobe, then the door opens, and a female student that he knows walks in. She just an eye’s him up and down in anger before going into the loo to do what she needs to do. “Let’s go back to our table,” I said. “You ok?” He asked quietly, knowing we have someone else in here. “Are you ok? I’m ok at the moment.” I said. “Half ok, I really need you.” He whispered I open the door smiling back at him he gives me the fake angry look that he does, that only his very close friends and family know it’s his fake one. “Kitten you better not be about to quote P!nk at me.” He snapped at me. I start laughing, “Oh well.” I started. “Kitten”

He was cut off by my English teacher Miss. Adams, who doesn’t look impressed finding him coming out of the girl’s toilets. “What’s the reason you’re walking out of the girl’s toilets Mr. Brown?” She snapped. “I was seeing if Miss Kelly was ok, she ran off crying.” He said. “I’m sure she is ok, but you didn’t need to follow her in.” Miss. Adams said. “Really Miss. Adams nothing happened, he really did come in checking on me.” I said. “I see you miss behaving again Oliver and I’ll have to ask you to leave.” She said. “Yes, Miss.” We both said.

We bolted back to our table holding hands laughing, he quickly gives me a kiss on the lips before heading to the bar. I sat down, Jackson turned to me with worry in his eyes. “Little thing you ok?” He asked. “Doing ok now” I whispered. “What happened?” he asked.

I look back over at his photo, and Jackson followed my eyes then nodded his head in understanding, he reaches over holding my hand. It felt odd at the table with extra people I didn’t know but are part of the group of friends of the boy’s, they had been the group that Mason sat with, so I never got the chance to know them and they do not seem to care to get to know me right now either. “Tasmine please you didn’t have to apologize to me, I’ve done a lot of shit to you,” Mason said I held up my hand to stop him. “Please stop,” I said. “Ok,” He said. “Here babe,” Oliver said. He hands me a very colourful drink, I look up at him. “Don’t worry it’s a mocktail.” He said with a smile on his face. “Ok thank you,” I said.

Taking a sip and it's overly sweet but yum. “Yum.” He sits down and I can smell the rum, he has a rum and coke in a glass. “Dude you’re drinking now?” Jackson asked, “Only having one.” He said to him. “Good cause you’re driving remember?” Jackson said. “I know that Jackie, that’s why I’m only having one,” Oliver said. “Arghh better and stop calling me Jackie, but also remember you are supposed to have zero alcohol in your blood when you drive!” Jackson snapped at him. “Never going to happen, mate, she may have but I won’t. I know!” He snapped at his cousin.

I let go of Jackson’s hand as Tia kept on glaring at me it was odd, but I understood. I turned to Ollie taking his glass out of his hand he was about to complain when I lean up kissing him, he groaned in the kiss, I can taste the rum on his tongue which I liked, I quickly pull away leaving him breathless. “Want to hit the dance floor?” I whispered. “...y..esss” He moans out.

He stands up, I can see he had to fix himself up again, he throws back his drink, I quickly drink half of my drink. Holding his hand out to me I take it he leans in whispering. “Kitten you are playing a dangerous game, my love.” I must confess I’m loving being out in the open with him, “So are you,” I whispered back.

I skip off to the dance floor dragging him along with me laughing. We both stopped when the school captain got up on stage announcing that they wanted everyone up on the dance floor to watch a slideshow. A few minutes later I was in between Oliver and Jackson, Tia was in front of Jackson and Mason was on the other side of Jackson. Oliver wrapped an arm around my lower back pulling me closer to him and whispering. “Do you want to leave now?” He asked.

“No, I want to see what this is,” I said. He just nods his head, it’s like he knows what it is. Jackson has grabbed my hand is also holding Mason’s hand, Oliver has placed his hand over the top of mine and Jackson’s hands. I didn’t understand until I hear that song started playing and I whipped my head to the screen. It’s the one song I cannot listen to, it’s the song they played at his funeral...

As the screen turns on photos of him pop up and the school captain is talking about how he’s not here with us so let’s bring him to the party with photos. Meanwhile everyone is watching us four, instead of the photos. I have tears building up as the younger Noah is hanging out with these three boys, Oliver’s grip on me tightened. But a photo of him when he was around five got my attention it was a photo with me, he and a younger Oliver were hugging me in my back yard than the next one was of all of us swimming in a paddling pool myself with a big grin on my face wearing floaties on my arms. The next photo had everyone laughing, it’s my bathtub all the boys in the tub, and myself in between Oliver and Noah all our body parts are covered in stars.

Do they all remember this? I definitely didn’t remember it at all. The rest of the photos are of him with his friends and or around the school, at parties, and at work, the last lot of photos had me in them. The last two had me balling my eyes out it was the last time I was with him he had his arms around me kissing my forehead, we looked so happy no fear of what was about to happen next. Along with a group photo of everyone at that party no Oliver though, then the final photo of the slide was the one out near the bar with his birthday date and his death date.

When it was finished all three boys turned around wrapping each other in a big group hug, we all had tears falling down our faces. Both Oliver and Jackson pulled me into the hug too. We didn’t care about others looking at us. I finally managed to stop crying, I sadly smiled at the boys before racing off to the bathroom to see if I can save my make-up.

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